Kakuchou Hitto

Every great leader needs to have a reliable right-hand man. Just like Mikey and Draken who go hand-in-hand when it comes to controlling the Tokyo Manji Gang. This man, in particular, became the second authority of most of the gangs he joined. Let’s get to know more about the man that can be called the hand of the king, Kakuchou Hitto.

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Kakuchou has a total of 4 different appearances throughout the Tokyo Revengers Series. These range from his time in Tenjiku up to when he joined Rokuhara Tandai. However, in all of these appearances, Kakuchou always has a scar that runs from his forehead to his left eye. As well as red-colored eyes and black or dark blue hair.

Kakuchou’s first appearance was when he was a Heavenly King of Tenjiku. He wore the Tenjiku Executive uniform which included a long collared jacket with black outlines in the middle and matching pants. The jacket also had engravings on the sleeves and the Tenjiku logo on the back. Kakuchou wore nothing inside of it, which exposed his muscular physique (Chapter 128).

The next appearance of Kakuchou is on the Cover of Volume 20 of the Manga. Kakuchou wore a zip-up turtle neck that had similar designs to the pants. He also paired this with a fashionable gray trench coat (Manga Cover Vol. 20).

Kakuchou’s other appearance was when Takemichi time-leaped back into the future, before and after the Kanto Incident. This was his only appearance where he had a different hairstyle. Kakuchou had medium-long hair that was parted in the middle. Kakuchou wore a gray-colored three-piece suit with white lines along the edges and his signature earring was missing (Chapter 134, Chapter 199).

His last appearance is when he was recruited by South Terano to join Rokuhara Tandai. Kakuchou wore the standard Rokuhara Tandai uniform just like South and the others (Chapter 212).

Kakuchou Hitto

Character Info


Nickname: Kaku-chan (Takemichi)

 Birth: Unknown

Age: 15-16 (Final Arc)

26 (Present)

More Information

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black (Past)

                           Dark Blue (Present)

Eye Color: Red (Right Eye)

White (Left Eye/Blind)


Tenjiku– Four Heavenly Kings (Former) 

Bonten – Executive

Rokuhara Tandai – 1st Seat

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga: Chapter 128


Kakuchou is a more serious person and has a strong sense of justice during his time in Tenjiku. When Izana was on board with Kisaki’s plan to kill Emma so that they can break Mikey, Kakuchou aggressively disagreed with Izana and shouted that he doesn’t like the idea of murder (Chapter 144)He even told Takemichi that he shouldn’t have fought Tenjiku so that there should have been no more conflict (Chapter 157).

Despite having a better moral compass than the other delinquents in the series, Kakuchou is so loyal to Izana that he’ll follow him even if Izana’s methods go against his values. When Izana told Kakuchou that they will go with Kisaki’s plans, he stopped opposing him and just stayed silent (Chapter 147)His loyalty towards him is so strong to the point where he asked Takemichi to save Izana from Kisaki (Chapter 129).

Kakuchou also has a more childish side to him. When Takemichi first realized that they were childhood friends, they kept teasing each other while remembering the things they’ve done (Chapter 129).

Strengths and Skills

kakucho tokyo revengers


Kakuchou Hitto has the second-highest rank in most of the gangs he joined, excluding Bonten. During his time in Tenjiku, he was the right-hand man of Izana Kurokawa and the top member of all the Heavenly Kings (Chapter 164). While he was in Bonten in an alternate timeline, he was the Number 3 of the gang (Chapter 196)And Lastly, Kakuchou became the Top Dog of Rokuhara Tandai and as always, their strongest member (Chapter 212).

With all this taken into account, Kakuchou is consistent when it comes to his influence over every gang he joins. All of the gangs listed above controlled Tokyo or a part of it. With his massive influence, Kakuchou can have a say in how these gangs operate and what actions they take.

Fighting Prowess

Kakuchou’s influence and fighting prowess go hand-in-hand. He was given those high positions because of his immense skills when it comes to fighting. This was proven when he knocked out Angry in his Crying Blue Ogre Form, along with the other vice-captains of Toman in one swoop (Chapter 164)

Kakuchou even had the power to send Benkei flying with one punch (Chapter 213). This was an amazing feat as Benkei was one of the Living Legends of the Black Dragons and Kakuchou was able to stand up to his level. Izana even remarked that Kakuchou was the strongest member of Tenjiku and all the other Heavenly Kings were useless (Chapter 164).



During his time in 2nd Year of Elementary School, Kakuchou met Takemichi and the two went on to have some childish fun (Chapter 129). After this, however, Kakuchou’s family got into an accident that claimed the lives of both his parents and gave him his scar. He met Izana at an orphanage and devoted his life to serving him so that he’ll have a purpose (Chapter 175). 

Izana and Kakuchou formed a bond. The two had a dream where they will create a great era and a kingdom. This place which they called Tenjiku, will be a paradise where orphans just like them can seek shelter. Izana will also be the king and Kakuchou will be his servant. They will make this dream come true, together (Chapter 178).



Tenjiku/S62 Generation

Izana Kurkawa

Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa was the leader of Tenjiku and Kakuchou’s hero. He was extremely powerful where he defeated the bosses of several strong gangs in Tokyo during the Kanto Incident (Chapter 153). Izana passed away after he saved Kakuchou (Chapter 176).

ran tokyo revengers

Ran Haitani

Ran Haitani was a member of Tenjiku’s Four Heavenly Kings but later on, joined Rokuhara Tandai and eventually Bonten in an alternate timeline. Ran became Rokuhara Tandai’s 2nd Seat while he was an executive at Bonten.

rindo tokyo revengers

Rindo Haitani

Rindo followed Ran wherever he went and the two stayed as a duo. Rindo also joined Rokuhara Tandai and Bonten where got the rank of 3rd Seat and executive.

kanji tokyo revengers

Kanji Mochizuki

As part of the worst generation, Kanji followed Izana’s call and joined Tenjiku. When Tenjiku was defeated, he joined Rokuhara Tandai along with the others and was also an executive of Bonten in an alternate timeline.

shion tokyo revengers

Shion Madarame

Shion Madarame also met Kakuchou and the others at the Juvenile Detention Center when they were 13. He was called Mad Dog and joined Tenjiku as a member of the Four Heavenly Kings. He joined Rokuhara Tandai and Bonten as well.

Yasuhiro Muto - tokyo revengers

Yasuhiro Muto

Before joining Tenjiku, Yasuhiro Muto was the 5th Division Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He betrayed Toman and followed Izana. However, his life was cut short as he was killed after his release from the Juvenile Detention Center (Chapter 206).

Rokuhara Tandai

south tokyo revengers

South Terano

South Terano recruited the S62 Generation including Kakuchou into Rokuhara Tandai. He made Kakuchou his trump card and gave him the second-most highest rank in the gang, only below him. 


Manjiro tokyo revengers

Manjiro Sano "Mikey"

After he disbanded the Tokyo Manji Gang and Takemichi changed the future, Mikey turned to crime once more and created Bonten. Kakuchou was an executive of Bonten and worked under Mikey (Chapter 196).


Kakuchou first appeared during the start of the Kanto Incident. After Tenjiku launched a surprise attack against the different Divisions of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Smiley, Takemichi, Angry, and Chifuyu decided to attack Tenjiku’s main hideout while it was unguarded. When they arrived, Smiley and Kakuchou fought which resulted in Kakuchou’s defeat. While the others were going on their way, Kakuchou had a conversation with Takemichi and said that Takemichi must save Izana (Chapter 129).

As Toman announced its arrival, Tenjiku prepared to fight. While Toman was at a disadvantage at the beginning, Angry turned into the Crying Blue Ogre and decimated Tenjiku’s ranks (Chapter 163)Kakuchou then charged at Angry and defeated him along with the other top members of Toman, leaving only Takemichi standing (Chapter 164).

Kakuchou punched Takemichi until blood can be seen in every part of his body, but Takemichi stood strong. Izana ordered Kakuchou to kill Takemichi but he paused for a moment. This led to Kisaki pointing a gun at Takemichi’s head (Chapter 166). Amid this intense stand-off, Mikey arrives and Izana fights against him. While on the verge of defeat, Izana whips out a pistol and points it at Mikey but Kakuchou slaps it out of his hand (Chapter 174).

Kisaki then shot Kakuchou due to frustration with his plans getting ruined. As he fired more bullets, Izana jumps in to save Kakuchou and the two lay bloodied on the ground. Izana then tells him that he saved him because Kakuchou was all he had left (Chapter 175, Chapter 176). Luckily enough, Kakuchou survived and was admitted to a hospital (Chapter 185).

In a surprising turn of events, Kakuchou showed himself during Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai’s confrontation. After a quick showdown of the executives, he withdrew along with the other members of Rokuhara Tandai (Chapter 213, Chapter 214).

Voice Actor

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Final Verdict

His presence not only strikes fear into the heart of his enemies but increases the morale of his allies. Kakuchou has superhuman strength that is fit for someone in his position. The only things that stop him from fully committing to his strong sense of justice are the leaders he chooses to follow.


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