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Several gangs are present in the Tokyo Revengers series but none are as iconic as the Tokyo Manji Gang. They aim to start a new age for delinquents which differentiates them from other groups.

This time, we’ll get to know the Tokyo Manji Gang from head to toe, knowing their history and each member that they have. Enough of the chitchat, this is the Tokyo Manji Gang Wiki.

“Throughout The Heavens, I Alone Am The Honored One”

Tokyo Manji Gang Slogan

Tokyo Manji Gang

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Tokyo Manji Gang

The Tokyo Manji Gang or Toman for short is a gang mainly comprised of Middle-schoolers whose territory is in Shibuya. In the original timeline, Toman was corrupted by several individuals where it became a ruthless criminal syndicate involved in murder, illegal drugs, and other heinous crimes (Chapter 1). 

The Tokyo Manji Gang was under the leadership of Manjiro Sano, a very strong individual who created several gangs that conquered Tokyo across numerous timelines. Its members, especially the captains and vice-captains of each division, were also powerful and had abilities that made them worthy of their title.

Before the gang was corrupted and became evil, Toman greatly emphasizes the honor of its members and the whole gang will get involved if one of them will get attacked. Takemichi became friends with all of the Division Captains and Vice-Captains, except those in the 5th Division. 

Tokyo Revengers

They formed a bond that lasted through the years. They also fought together and went to hell and back just to make sure that everyone was safe. Throughout the series, Toman will have various changes, for better or worse. It is one of Takemichi’s goals to make Toman run through the right path

The Tokyo Manji Gang was once considered the strongest gang in Tokyo after defeating Tenjiku (Chapter 185). It disbanded following the Kanto Incident, where the event left 3 dead and Mikey decided that it was needed to ensure the best future possible (Chapter 189).


tokyo manji logo

Character Info



1. Manjiro Sano

2. Draken (Ken)

3. Takemichi Hanagaki

Hideout: Shibuya


Manga: Chapter 1

Anime: Episode 1

Continue Background

Tokyo Revengers

The gang’s uniform consisted of a black button-up jacket and pants that resembled a mechanic’s outfit. The uniform also had engravings that were colored gold. They paired it with white boots and belts. The captains, however, wore white sashes that made them stand out. Takemichi wore the sashes when he represented Toman during the Kanto Incident (Chapter 153).

There is also a tradition within the gang. The tradition involves having pre-battle and post-battle meetings that are attended by every member and led by Mikey and Draken. The Tokyo Manji Gang also upholds values similar to the 1st Generation of the Black Dragons, such as comradery and treating each other as family. Where even if Baji betrayed them, Mikey wanted to defeat Valhalla and get him back (Chapter 50).


Tokyo Revengers Founding members

When Manjiro Sano, Ken Ryuguji, Keisuke Baji, Takashi Mitsuya, Haruki Hayashida, and Kazutora Hanemiya were all in elementary school, they formed the Tokyo Manji Gang to fight against the Black Dragons who occupied Tokyo and which was the top gang during its glory days. 

At first, Toman was a bunch of middle-schoolers who rode their bikes while doing harmless pranks to each other and the neighborhood of Shibuya. Although they were kids, they were capable of fending for themselves in the cruel world of delinquents. When Mikey was ridiculed because of his scooter and Baji was attacked by a gang called The Shonan Mermaids, the two of them destroyed the entire gang by themselves (Chapter 43).

Everything changed on the day before Mikey’s birthday, Kazutora accidentally killed an owner of a bike that he stole to give to Mikey as a gift who turned out to be Mikey’s older brother, Shinichiro (Chapter 44-45). This initiated a drastic change in how the members of Toman viewed themselves.

In the aftermath of Toman’s second encounter against Moebius, Toman quickly grew in strength as Kisaki’s group became the 3rd Division (Chapter 37). Shuji Hanma then joined Toman after Valhalla was defeated, forming the 6th Division. Takemichi was also appointed as the new 1st Division Captain after the battle concluded (Chapter 69).

Black Dragons relation with Taiju Shiba

During the battle against the 10th Generation of the Black Dragons, Takemichi and other Toman members fought against Taiju Shiba. Takemichi then became the 11th Generation Leader of the Black Dragons and the gang was absorbed into Toman after they were defeated (Chapter 111, Chapter 142). At the same time, Kisaki and Shuji were exposed and they were fired by Mikey. This resulted in Toman getting smaller again (Chapter 112).

The Tokyo Manji Gang’s final struggle would be against Tenjiku. After Tenjiku launched a surprise attack against the Division Captains and killed Emma Sano, Mikey and Draken were devastated (Chapter 149). This left Takemichi as the only one who was capable of leading Toman. Takemichi fought against 400 members of Tenjiku with only 50 of Toman’s (Chapter 154). They emerged victorious because of Takemichi’s resolve and determination, as well as Mikey and Draken’s surprising arrival (Chapter 170).


Takemichi then revealed to Mikey that he was a time-leaper (Chapter 188). This prompted Mikey to make a shocking decision during Toman’s meeting. He shouted to everyone that Toman will disband, but they should keep in mind that Toman is always in their hearts (Chapter 189). Mikey’s declaration signaled the end of Toman’s era as the strongest gang in all of Tokyo.


Founders of Toman

Manjiro Sano - Mikey

Manjiro Sano “Mikey”

Manjiro Sano who also goes by the nickname Mikey is one of the founders and the president of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He is an overpowered fighter that defeats most of his opponents with one roundhouse kick that smashes them to the ground. Mikey has total control over Toman, ruling with fear and respect.

Ken Ryuguji Draken

Ken Ryuguji “Draken”

Ken Ryuguji who is also called Draken by the other members of Toman excluding Mikey who calls him Kenchin, is one of the founders and the vice-president of Toman. Draken has close bonds with Mikey and Takemichi and acts as their big brother.

Chifuyu's relation with Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji is the childhood friend of Mikey and a founder of Toman. Baji is also the former 1st Division Captain who would be replaced by Takemichi. When Toman was created he was designated as a leader of the Attack Unit. Baji loves to fight and is very wild.

Takashi Mitsuya

Takashi Mitsuya

Takashi Mitsuya is a founder of Toman and the 2nd Division Captain. When Toman was formed, he was given the role of Elite Guard Commander. He is a caring and positive person who looks out for his friends and loved ones. Takashi lives by the rule that violence should always be used to protect.

Pah Chin

Haruki Hayashida “Pah-Chin”

Haruki Hayashida who also goes by the nickname Pah-Chin is the Flag Bearer and one of the founders of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Pah-Chin is also the former 3rd Division Captain but lost his position when he turned himself in to the police after stabbing Osanai (Chapter 16).

Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutora Hanemiya

Kazutora Hanemiya is one of the founders of Toman and was designated as a leader of the Attack Unit and the former 1st Division Co-Captain. He would eventually leave Toman after he accidentally committed murder and was sent to reform school. Kazutora would later form the anti-Toman group and join Valhalla.

1st Division

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki who was given the nickname Takemitchy by Mikey is the current 1st Division Captain of Toman. He is the main protagonist of Tokyo Revengers and has the ability to Time Travel. 

When Toman defeated the Black Dragons, Takemichi would become the 11th Generation Leader of the Black Dragons (Chapter 142).

Kazutora's relation with Chifuyu

Chifuyu Matsuno

Chifuyu Matsuno is the current 1st Division Vice-Captain of Toman. He also has the role of Takemichi’s right-hand man. Chifuyu is a level-headed person who prefers not to show his emotions. He has a strong sense of justice and is willing to go against his allies’ opinions if they go too far. 

Seishu Inui

Seishu Inui

Seishu Inui is a member of the 1st Division and the former 10th Generation Attack Guard Captain of Toman’s rival gang, the Black Dragons. When the Black Dragons were defeated he would ally with Takemichi and become the Vice-Captain of the Black Dragons which is now under Toman (Chapter 142).

Atsushi Sendo Wiki

Atsushi Sendou “Akkun”

Atsushi Sendou or Akkun joined the 1st Division after Takemichi became the 1st Division Captain. He is Takemichi’s middle-school friend and he was the leader of their makeshift delinquent group.

Kazushi Yamagishi

Kazushi Yamagishi

Kazushi Yamagishi is another middle-school friend of Takemichi who was also part of their delinquent group. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to information about gangs and is known as “The Walking Delinquent Wikipedia” (Chapter 208).

Takuya Yamamoto

Takuya Yamamoto

Takuya Yamamoto is also a member of the 1st Division and Takemichi’s friend in his middle-school group. Takuya is a little sickly and a bit more fragile than the others, which affects his fighting abilities but not his determination to follow Takemichi.

Makoto Suzuki

Makoto Suzuki

Makoto Suzuki is the largest guy in Takemichi’s middle-school delinquent group and also became a member of the 1st Division with the others. He helps Takemichi along with Akkun and the others, where they even fought against Tenjiku.

2nd Division

Takashi Mitsuya Tokyo Revengers

Takashi Mitsuya

As a founder and the 2nd Division Captain, Takashi Mitsuya also has incredible fighting abilities. Takashi is also extremely loyal to Toman and sees most of the members as his friends. He is an incredibly caring individual that will do anything for them.

Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai Shiba is the 2nd Division Vice-Captain. He looks up to Takashi Mitsuya as the ideal older brother and has close bonds with Takemichi. He regards Takemichi as the person who saved him and devotes everything to him, making him more loyal to Takemichi than to Toman.

3rd Division

Pah Chin

Haruki Hayashida “Pah-Chin”

Pah-Chin, who is the Captain of the 3rd Division is an extremely hot-headed individual who even threatened Takemichi when they first met. He is also a very aggressive fighter who won’t back down until the very end.

Skills of Ryohei Hayashi

Ryohei Hayashi “Pehyan”

Ryohei Hayashi or also known by the members of Toman as Pehyan is the 3rd Division Vice-Captain. He is a very dumb individual but an incredibly strong fighter. Just like his captain, he is very hot-headed and quick to use violence. Pehyan is regarded as one of the strongest members of Toman.

4th Division

Nahoya Kawata - Tokyo Revengers

Nahoya Kawata “Smiley”

Nahoya Kawata or also known as Smiley for his never-ending smile is the 4th Division Captain of Toman. Smiley is a very strong fighter despite his small physique and loves to have a good fight. He is extremely protective of his younger brother especially when he cries.

Souta Kawata past

Souta Kawata “Angry”

Souta Kawata is opposite to his brother Smiley. He has the nickname Angry because he always looks mad even when everything is normal. Angry is the 4th Division Vice-Captain and is also called The Crying Blue Ogre because when he fights and cries his strength increases a hundredfold.

4th Division

Kisaki Tetta

Kisaki Tetta

Kisaki Tetta is the main antagonist of the series and was a former 3rd Division Captain of Toman in an alternate timeline. He is the man who is behind the operations of several anti-Toman gangs such as Moebius and Valhalla. Kisaki is also responsible for Hinata Tachibana, Takemichi’s girlfriend’s death in all timelines.

Yasuhiro Muto - tokyo revengers

Yasuhiro Muto

Yasuhiro Muto is the former 5th Division Captain or also known as the Public Morality Council which allowed infighting. He changed sides and joined Toman’s rival Tenjiku and has a role as a top executive. When Tenjiku and Toman fought, he would be defeated by Angry along with other members of Tenjiku (Chapter 163).

haruchiyo bonten

Haruchiyo Sanzu

Haruchiyo Sanzu is the former 5th Division Vice Captain and would join Tenjiku alongside Yasuhiro. Not much is known about Haruchiyo since he is a background character other than he wears his mask to hide his scars.

shuji hanma

Shuji Hanma

Shuji Hanma is the former 6th Division Captain of Toman in an alternate timeline. He is the right-hand man of Kisaki and was the temporary leader of Moebius and Valhalla. He is also an executive in other gangs with great reputations.

Hajime Kokonoi

Hajime Kokonoi

Hajime Kokonoi was the 10th Generation Elite Guard Captain of the Black Dragons but when they were defeated, he joined Toman as a 1st Division Member under Takemichi. Hajime would later leave Toman and join Tenjiku where he would fight his former ally, Seishu Inui (Chapter 157).


l  Toman’s symbol is the swastika symbol which has relevance in Japanese Buddhism, Jainism, and Indian Hinduism as well in other religions in Europe and Asia.

l  There are several versions of Toman each time Takemichi tries to change the past.

l  Toman had a 5th Division that allowed infighting and had the authority to punish traitors without Mikey’s permission.

l  Each Division consists of 25 members.

l  The 3rd Division, which was briefly under Kisaki, became the largest Division with 50 members before Kisaki was fired.

l  Toman was supposed to be named the “Tokyo Manjiro Gang” which was Mikey’s first choice, but it was rejected by the other founders (Chapter 63).


moebius vs toman 1

Toman Vs. Moebius 1

Toman’s first encounter with Moebius was when Mikey, Takemichi, Draken, Pehyan, and Pah-Chin were cornered by Nobutaka Osanai and his group within Moebius (Chapter 15). 

Toman emerged victorious when Mikey knocked out Osanai with one kick. Pah-Chin would stab Osanai while he was secured by Draken leading to his arrest when Pah-Chin turned himself in (Chapter 16). This fight would also create a rift in Toman.


Toman Vs. Moebius 2

Toman and Moebius would again fight but this time every member of both gangs would be present. Toman would emerge victorious in their second encounter.Kiyomasa also targeted Draken during this battle and successfully stabbed him. 

However, Takemichi knew about this and saved Draken from his undesirable fate (Chapter 28). 

This fight would result in Moebius splitting in half with Kisaki Tetta’s group who are born in 1990 forming Toman’s new 3rd Division and Osanai’s group who are born in 1998 joining Valhalla.

Toman vs. Valhalla

Toman Vs. Valhalla

Toman would win in their fight against Valhalla who is under the leadership of Shuji Hanma. The fight against Valhalla would result in Mikey’s former comrade, Baji’s death when he stabbed himself to show everyone that Kazutora didn’t kill him, but instead, he died by his own hands (Chapter 60). They would also have to fight another friend, Kazutora who is leading the anti-Toman group.

In an alternate timeline, Mikey beat Kazutora to death, but with Takemichi’s intervention, that didn’t happen and Baji left Toman’s fate on Takemichi’s hand before passing away (Chapter 61).

Black Dragons Vs. Toman

Toman Vs. The Black Dragons

Toman would go head to head with the Black Dragons and come out victorious. Takemichi, Mitsuya, Chifuyu, and Hakkai were on the verge of getting defeated by Taiju until Draken and Mikey showed up. Mikey beat Taiju and Draken took care of all the Black Dragons members outside the church (Chapter 106).

The Black Dragons would then appoint Takemichi as their new leader and join the 1st Division of Toman. Kokonoi, a captain of the Black Dragons, joined Tenjiku after Mucho threatened to torture Inui and Takemichi (Chapter 142).

Toman vs Tenjiku

Toman Vs. Tenjiku

Tenjiku, Toman’s rival gang ruled by Mikey’s half-brother, Izana, would fight Toman but the brawl would be interrupted when Kisaki Tetta killed Izana with a handgun (Chapter 176). 

The fight was leaning towards Toman’s favor with Angry being able to quickly dispose of a handful of their top executives easily (Chapter 163). However, Kakuchou, Tenjiku’s strongest of the Four Heavenly Kings, defeated all of the Toman members (Chapter 164)

Mikey and Draken weren’t present until the very end after Hinata convinced them to help Takemichi. This was later known as the Kanto Incident and the final push for Toman to be called the strongest (Chapter 170).

Final Verdict

You could say that the Tokyo Manji Gang are the good guys and the bad guys at the same time in Tokyo Revengers. When Takemichi goes to the past, they are a gang of middle-schoolers who love to ride bikes, have fun, and fight other delinquents but in the original timeline, they become ruthless individuals responsible for numerous deaths.

Toman’s rule which is to trust your friends and protect them at all costs is what made Takemichi want to protect the gang. Some of the members listed here have bad intentions but most of them just need a friend to rely on.


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