Dragon’s Dogma On Netflix: Stream Or Skip?

Dragon's Dogma review, Netflix Anime review, Dragon's Dogma

Netflix has really been going all in on their original anime series as of late. Most of the series that the streaming platform has made have been hits, producing shows like the newest seasons of Baki and Castlevania. It seems that Netflix is trying to capture the same kind of magic that they did with […]

Top 10 Waifus Of Summer 2020

Top 10 Waifus Summer 2020, anime quotes

With summer slowly coming to a close for most of the world and despite how different this summer was for most people it still brought us some amazing animes. While some people are going to miss the nice weather and heat that we had, at least we have some new anime to look forward to […]

10 Shocking Anime Moments That Fans Didn’t See Coming

Most animes tend to fall into genre norms when it comes to their characters and stories. In a shounen style anime you’re going to find that the protagonist is probably trash at whatever fighting style in the beginning and they need to get better. Every harem anime has a Tsundere type character and there’s almost always a […]

Top 10 Anime OPs To Workout To (Playlist Included)

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10. Fairy Tail OP 16 – Strike Back 9. Attack On Titan OP 1 – Guren No Yumiya 8. Demon Slayer/Kimetsu No Yaiba OP 1 – Gurenge 7. My Hero Academia OP 3 – Odd Future 6. Dragon Ball Z – Cha-La-Head-Cha-La 5. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind OP 1 – Fighting Gold 4. Mobile […]