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The word, Chifuyu means “thousand” and Matsuno means “pine tree”

Chifuyu Matsuno is the vice-captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Throughout the series, Chifuyu has been there for his gang members. All of the gang members think highly of Chifuyu which proves that he’s a significant person. He’s a self-sufficient person who doesn’t like relying on others, instead, he likes helping others. 

He made his first appearance on the ground of the broken-down arcade surrounded by the members of Valhalla. Chifuyu gets beaten up very badly by Keisuke Baji due to their personal beef. Throughout the interaction of Takemichi with Valhalla, Chifuyu remains unconscious

Chifuyu Matsuno Info

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Chifuyu's Appearance

Chifuyu Matsuno is a young boy with average height. His eye color is blue with pale skin. One of his ears is pierced with a silver earring hanging from it. Chifuyu has a choppy undercut hairstyle, with the top hair dyed blonde and the sides of his head are kept natural. 

In the past timeline, he was seen wearing Toman uniform, and outside the gang activities, he wore a white sweater, plain pants with tennis shoes. However, in the present timeline, he wears a pinstriped suit with the same old hairstyle. 

Chifuyu Matsuno

Chifuyu Matsuno status

Gang information

Current Status


Positions in Anime

1st Division vice-captain of Tokyo Manji Gang

Character Info




December 19, 1991




58 kg

Hair Color


Eye Color




Affiliations with

Tokyo Manji Gang

Appearances in ANIME

Manga Debut

Chapter 41


Loyal to his gang, Chifuyu can easily knock and get knocked. For the sake of his gang, he has rendered so many services, even if those included endangering his own life. 

Chifuyu wears very calm and warm expressions. He likes to think with his brain instead of his heart. So, he’s a very logical person. Although he can break down when the situation calls for it yet he likes to keep everything(his emotions) balanced

Whether he gets beaten up by his friends or for his friends’ sake, he still prefers to stick by them. Chifuyu is the type of person who tends to throw himself in dangerous situations without fearing anyone. He doesn’t even shy away from helping others. 

Being the best friend of Takemichi, he’s always advising him. They both make plans before taking any action. He’s composed even in the most dangerous situations. Even though he acts competent and level-headed yet sometimes he makes decisions impulsively, which results in unfortunate events. 

Even though he hates those people who take advantage of their powers, yet he used to be like that in middle school. But slowly, he changed and becomes compassionate. 

His mental health is fatal and he’s fifteen yet is super close to losing his sanity. The adventure with Keisuke Baji turned into a memory that always haunted him and it left such a deep impact on his brain. He remains very quiet and his emotions are well-managed after going to prison for the second time. 

Strengths and Skills

Immense Stamina

Despite having so much strength and stamina, Chifuyu never acted mighty. As a middle-schooler, he was able to conquer the whole school! However, he’s the person with so much stamina and strength. Not the strongest, but a competent fighter Chifuyu can easily hold his own strength during a fight. 

Chifuyu's​ abilities

Fighting strategy

Even though Chifuyu Matsuno is not the strongest yet his powers are not to be underestimated since his fighting style is very competent. He can easily knock the other person out.


  • Chifuyu Matsuno was the strongest student in his middle school.
  • He believes that everybody is scared to fight. 
  • Chifuyu knows about the secret of Takemichi’s time leaping. 


Kazutora's relation with Chifuyu

On the first day of middle school, he was called an infamous punk. Chifuyu beat up one of his “Sempais” as he was called up by the upperclassmen. He declared that he’s not very polite and has authority. But later on, he started to hate those who take advantage of power. Therefore, he stopped everyone from following him. Later that day, one of his friends told him about Baji. He walked up to Baji only out of curiosity and found out that he’s a delinquent but not a “point-dexter”, as he was reading and writing. Chifuyu left but came back again to help Baji to write a letter

At the end of the day, Chifuyu gets surrounded by a bunch of bikers from the Mandala gang. They start fighting against him but he gets shocked by the number of members. However, after some time Keisuke Baji shows up and helps him by declaring himself the captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang and Chifuyu his friend.


The Tokyo Manji Gang



Tokyo Manji Gang

Chifuyu Matsuno rendered great services for Tokyo Manji Gang. Since he has always been a loyal fellow who makes sure that no word comes out about the Tokyo Manji Gang. He’s such a kind and compassionate captain who leads other people on the clean path! 

Chifuyu's relation with Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji and Chifuyu met back in the days. When they both were 12 years old, Chifuyu was surrounded by one of the most dangerous biker gangs, Mandala. Since Chifuyu beats up their gang member they decide to take revenge. That’s when both of them became friends.

Earlier that day, Chifuyu went to see Keisuke Baji out of curiosity as one of his friends told him about Baji. He saw that Baji was reading and writing something and goes back. However, he comes back and helps Baji to write the letter. 

Then during the interaction of Takemichi and Valhalla, Keisuke Baji and Kazutora struggled on tackling the Tokyo Manji Gang. Chifuyu tries to stop the beef but fails. Keisuke Baji making the use of his last strength stabs himself to spread a certain message then falls. Chifuyu runs up to him and holds him with a blood pool around him. And indeed, Keisuke was very dear to Chifuyu. Baji speaks about “splitting Peyoung Yakisoba”. And after his death, Chifuyu completes the request of splitting Peyong Yakisoba

Kazutora's relation with Takemichi

Chifuyu Matsuno

Takemichi Hangaki and Chifuyu Matsuno become good partners in the future. Chifuyu believes that Takemichi can leap through time as he sees him struggling very hard for the sake of saving others.  

In the future timeline, Takemichi and Chifuyu go to an admin meeting at a restaurant with the members of Black Dragons. However, Tetta Kisaki buys some time of Takemichi and Chifuyu. Kisaki leads them to an office and apologizes for everything while offering them a drink. Both of them pass out as they were drugged by Kisaki. When they woke up, they were tied to two chairs, and Chifuyu was beaten up badly. Kisaki beats him up as he ratted out to the cops about the Toman Gang’s affairs. And aims for his head, before he gets killed he tells Takemichi about how things for Toman changed for the worst and leaves Keisuke Baji’s will up to him.

Voice Actors

There is no official voice actor for Ran Haitani since the anime is still in its early parts. Ran Haitani has not appeared in the anime adaptation.

Final Verdict

Chifuyu Matsuno is one of the most significant characters in Tokyo Revengers. He’s been supporting Takemichi (Main Character) all along. When Draken and Mikey seperated ways, Chifuyu stood by Takemichi’s side. Therefore, he’s one of the most important characters in the series.

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