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Tokyo Revengers is an anime known for having interesting characters. It is almost impossible to talk about the show without talking about Manjiro Sano, arguably the most popular character in the entire show.

Manjiro Sano is one of the main protagonists and the founder of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Manjiro is also the current leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang who’s also known as “Mikey.”

Manjiro Sano - Mikey

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If we talk about Leos, they're the most feisty zodiac signs. They tend to be warm-hearted but if someone harms them, they won't forgive that easily. Leos are very prideful and carry an unusual aura around them. Manjiro Sano is the president of Tokyo Manji Gang. He doesn't look very badass or wild but there's a reflection of insanity in his gaze. From his appearance, he looks like a normal high-schooler but when things get heated up, Sano can get crazy. Although this feisty guy loves pranking others and teasing them. He tends to joke around the people he actually cares about and is close to. So, if you're a Leo you're the funny and the feisty Manjiro Sano!

Mikey also has different personalities that he shows throughout the series. When with his close friends he tends to be relaxed and easygoing. Mikey frequently gives a childish aura where he can’t even eat his meal without a flag. He also shows great care for the ones he holds dear, being able to go to great lengths to protect them from danger. 

When Mikey is by himself, he is almost a normal kid. He has to act differently around his gang but there is always a side to him that he represses in front of them (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 39).

In contrast to that, as Mikey is the leader and founder of the Tokyo Manji Gang, he can change his aura with a snap of a finger. Mikey sends off this respectable and intimidating atmosphere around him that grabs the attention of his enemies and subordinates. 

He can be hot-headed sometimes and easily turn to violence when having disagreements. Mikey is confident in his fighting ability and is not afraid to fight against individuals who hurt his members and friends, no matter who they are (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 42).

Manjiro Sano Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey, is the leader and the founding member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He gets very close to Takemichi over time and sees the reflection of his deceased brother in Takemichi.

Mikey is the strongest character in the entire show but he is not invincible. While he is physically gifted, he is not as emotionally strong as he lets on. He is the kind of person that can be led astray if he does not have someone to fall back on in his time of need. 

He is often pressuring himself as he is the one that holds Toman together. He has times where he shows off his mature side but is in constant need of friends that support him so that he doesn’t stray away and lose his morals (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 12).

In fact, one of the first times Takemichi went back into the past was to save Draken. As without Draken, Mikey had gone down the wrong path and taken the rest of Toman with him. It is obvious that Mikey needs someone to help carry his burden with him.

Character Info


Nickname: Mikey

Alias: invincible Mikey

Birth: August 20, 1990

Weight: 56 kg

Eye Color: Black

Blood Type: O

Height: 162 cm


Affiliated with: 
Tokyo Manji Gang

Shinichiro Sano (older brother)
Izana Kurokawa (older step brother)
Emma Sano (half-sister)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Anime: Episode 3

Manga: Chapter 3

Voice Actors

Japanese: Yu Hayashi
English: –


Manjiro Sano

Many of the characters in Tokyo Revengers look very normal. Most of the cast are gang members but are otherwise completely normal humans. As such, their character designs are all fairly similar. However, even in this cast Manjiro manages to stand out.

For one thing, he is a lot smaller and shorter than you would expect from a gang member. If anything, he is just a young blond-haired kid. Even his body does not look very well developed or strong. Considering all of this, Mikey might be the most normal-looking character in the entire series. Over and over again people who don’t directly know he is the leader of the Toman gang don’t take him seriously because of his looks (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 2).

This is especially contrasted by him often being around Draken, who looks much more like a dangerous leader than Mikey himself does. Over the course of the show, we have seen Mikey in a few different outfits.

His youngest appearance was when he was in elementary school. Mikey wore a zip-on black track jacket with white stripes on the collar, middle, and bottom of the track jacket, messy bed-head blonde hair, and was sucking on a lollipop (Tokyo Revengers Episode 6).

When Takemichi went back to the past, we can see the second appearance of Mikey. Mikey has long blonde hair with the middle-top tied to the back. He can be seen wearing casual traditional Japanese and street clothing, the Tokyo Manji Gang uniform, and presumably a school uniform which includes a white button-up short-sleeve shirt, a black jacket that he slings upon his shoulders, and black loose pants. He prefers to wear slippers rather than shoes (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 3).

Mikey’s last appearance is when he is an adult and has two versions. In the first version, Mikey has short black hair in a middle part hairstyle and has a dragon-shaped tattoo, similar to the one Draken has that can be spotted on his neck, he can be seen wearing a black tank-top under a cardigan sweater. In the second version, Mikey has short blonde hair in a similar hairstyle as the first version but is now sporting an undercut. His eye bags are more defined and now has a Bonten tattoo on his nape (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 202).

Throughout the series, Mikey has below-average height and a thin but lean body structure. Lastly, Mikey has obsidian-like black eyes and a very threatening and friendly aura.

Strengths and Skills

Exceptional Fighting Abilities

Mikey doesn’t have the nickname “Invincible Mikey” just for show. In almost all of his fights, he knocks out his opponents with just one kick. Even though he has a smaller physique he has no equal when it comes to fighting ability and is feared by both his enemies and members. 

Even people who dismiss him because of his small stature are usually soon shown the error of their ways (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 2).

Mikey Kick

In the fight against Moebius, he was able to beat Osanai easily. Even when he was in elementary school he was able to beat the leader of the gang of middle-schoolers that just made Draken their slave (Tokyo Revengers Episode 6).

One of the only characters we ever see take one of Mikey’s kicks and survive was Hanma (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 22). Even Hanma could only do this when Mikey was not angry and using his full force. When he did, Hanma went down just as easily as every other opponent Mikey has ever faced.

This is all because Mikey had proper Martial Arts training since he was young. As the years went by, he was able to hone his skills fight after fight. In most of his fights, he uses a roundhouse kick that smashes the opponent’s head to the ground at an incredible speed, instantly knocking them out (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 59).

Manjiro Sano Perseverance

Exceptional Perseverance

Mikey also has above-average perseverance when fighting. His endurance when taking hits is excellent as he can be seen fighting on with all his strength even when he is bloodied and bruised. 

Mikey can take the hit and counterattack after taking punches and kicks that would have knocked any other normal fighter unconscious (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 58).

Manjiro Sano and Takemichi never met in the present timeline except for when Takemichi challenged Kiyomasa 1v1. Manjiro gets surprised by his bravery and says that Takemichi will be his "bitch" from now on. And just like that, they become close friends. Initially, Takemichi feared Manjiro Sano because of his fighting skills but slowly learning about his good nature, he started respecting Manjiro. Takemichi wants to save Mikey from corruption. It's his priority as Manjiro plays an important role in that field in the present timeline. Takemichi gains his trust, enough trust to become a guiding light of him.

Moreover, just like Draken, Mikey isn’t afraid to fight when he is outnumbered. He is more than willing to take on several people all by himself. 

Like his friend, Mikey hardly breaks a sweat and can both withstand the blows of a group working together and squash it effortlessly.

Manjiro Leadership


One of Mikey’s strongest skills is his outstanding leadership capabilities. While being paired with his amazing fighting prowess, Mikey can control and order around the strongest delinquents. He can become the one that glues together the Tokyo Manji Gang and inspire all those under him. 

When other members of Toman see him fight, they gain a boost in morale and will go everywhere with him. He not only instills fear in his enemies but becomes the reason why Toman can grow.


  • Mikey has a nickname for his beloved motorcycle which is a Honda CB250T, its “Babu”.
  • He is an expert mechanic where he gained the skills from his late brother Shinichiro.
  • Mikey gives childish nicknames to his close friends.
  • There are several timelines where Mikey kills every founding member of Toman.


Manjiro Sano Childhood

At a young age, Manjiro Sano was left to live with his grandfather with his brother. In his early childhood, with his grandfather being a martial arts grandmaster, he was trained to exhaustion. He became proficient in different types of martial arts and became a prodigy who was recognized even by professionals.

The way Mikey and Draken first became friends is very interesting. Draken was being bullied by Sameyama middle schoolers. Though he was strong, he could not stand up to them. They forced him to bring Mikey to them, wanting to teach him a lesson too. (Tokyo Revengers Episode 6).

Manjiro Childhood

He was more than a little confused when he finally found Mikey. Mikey had a strong reputation for being someone that no one would have wanted to mess with.

Draken was practically stunned when he finally found the Mikey all the rumors were about. He looked absolutely nothing like what Draken had been expecting. Mikey looked for all intents and purposes like a normal kid.

Draken and Mikey

If anything, this just made Draken feel bad for him. He figured he was just taking a defenseless kid somewhere to get beaten up. That expectation of his could not have been more wrong. Mikey was able to effortlessly beat up the Sameyama kids, hardly even breaking a sweat. That moment stuck out to Draken who thought Mikey was the coolest person he had ever seen.

After effortlessly beating his foes, Mikey wondered why someone who seemed as cool as Draken was wasting his time with trash like the ones he beat up. He asked Draken to be his friend, and the rest is history (Tokyo Revengers Episode 6)

When Mikey was 15-years old he formed the Tokyo Manji Gang with Draken and his other friends with his goal to start a new era of delinquents. Mikey is currently the President and leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang (Tokyo Revengers Episode 6).


Tokyo Manji Gang

Toman (Tokyo Manji Gang)


Ken Ryuguji Draken

Draken (Ken Ryuguji)

Also known as Draken, he and Mikey are best friends. He is Mikey’s right-hand man in running the Tokyo Manji Gang. As his close friend, he was given the nickname Kenchin by Mikey. The two met when Draken was ordered by older kids to bring Mikey so he could beat Mikey up. 

Ken Ryuguji Draken Quotes

Mikey quickly disposed of the group’s leader and took a liking to Draken thus starting their friendship (Tokyo Revengers Episode 6). They have a close bond with Draken being the only one to directly argue with Mikey and make him realize his mistakes.

Ken Ryuguji Draken Quotes

Draken plays an important role that hardly anyone else does. He is the heart behind many of Mikey’s actions, the one who keeps him from doing things he would regret later. Mikey is strong but he has a hard time understanding other people. Draken is the one who makes up for this weakness of his.

The most obvious example of this is when they both went to a hospital to check up on a girl who had been a victim of a gang-related attack. Draken made Mikey bow and apologize to the girl’s father even though it wasn’t their fault at all. It was simply the right thing to do. (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 12).

Takemichi Hanagaki


Takemichi is the main protagonist of the series. Hinata Tachibana, the only one who loved him, was killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang in the present timeline. After going back in time, he made it his mission to prevent Hinata’s death from ever happening. 

He met Mikey after Mikey took a liking to him and gave him the nickname Takemitchy when he was getting beaten up (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 2). One time, Mikey told me that he made Takemichi his friend because he resembled his late older brother.

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi becomes the one who helps Mikey go on the right path along with Draken. In the past timeline, Takemichi joins the Tokyo Manji Gang, becoming closer and closer with Mikey. 

Mikey relies on Takemichi for support just as much as he relies on Draken. Takemichi becomes the one who will fix everything and find a way to save everyone including Mikey, the one who became the world’s most notorious criminal.

Shinchiro Sano

Shinichiro Sano

Shinichiro Sano was Mikey’s older brother who passed away before the start of the series. He was someone Mikey deeply looked up to and Mikey took his death hard. 

Shinichiro seemed like a capable older brother and was even planning on gifting his younger brother the bike he had always dreamed of on his birthday. (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 45).

Shinichiro’s death was a big reason for the entire Valhalla conflict. This is because he was accidentally killed by Mikey’s own friends who later defected to Valhalla to get revenge on him.

Chifuyu's relation with Keisuke Baji


Keisuke Baji is one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang and was the Captain of the 1st Division.

He is one of Mikey’s oldest friends. He is also an exceptional fighter as he also trained with Mikey in Mikey’s grandfather’s dojo. They walked together through life and joked around like normal children. Sadly, Baji would pass away in the fight against Valhalla (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 62).


Mikey vs Kazutora Tokyo Revengers Manga

The first appearance of Mikey was when he met Takemichi in a fighting ring that was run by Masataka Kiyomizu, a former member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He took a liking to Takemichi because he would not give up no matter what it took and because he resembled Mikey’s late brother who will tell Takemichi later (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 2)

Takemichi was given the nickname Takemitchy by Mikey and declared that they would be friends from then on.

Draken and Mikey then storm Takemichi’s school where he was slapped by Hinata Tachibana after she had the wrong impression that they were bullying Takemichi. After a heated argument, Hinata let Takemichi join them. 

While they were biking and stopped by a river, Mikey told Takemichi that he would create a new generation of delinquents. An era where they were no longer thought of as lame (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 3).

Mikey would also bring Takemichi along with their fights against Moebius, the Black Dragon, Valhalla, and in the Tenjiku Arc. As time passed by, he would rely on Takemichi’s emotional and moral support.

Voice Actor

Japanese – Yu Hayashi

English – 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, in a series known for many of its interesting characters, Mikey still stands out as being someone who steals the spotlight in every scene he is in. There is a good reason why he is a fan-favorite character in the show.


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