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Tokyo Revengers is one of the more interesting shows in recent times and it introduces us to a brand of interesting characters. We are going to be looking at one of those today.

Ken Ryugji is also known as Draken which is pronounced as “Dorakon”. He’s one of the founding members and the vice-president of the Tokyo Manji Gang. 

Ken means, “hard” or “firm” and his surname, Ryuguji means “temple”. Draken means “dragon”, he’s called Draken by all of the gang members. Throughout the series, he plays an exceptional role in the existential safety of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He’s exceptionally tall for his age and his height is over 185 cm. 

Ken Ryuguji Draken

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Ken Ryuguji Appearance, Tokyo Revengers

Many of the character designs in Tokyo Revengers more or less follow the same formula. Most of them are stereotypical looking gang members. Draken is one of the few characters who does stand out from a crowd of similar-looking people.

Draken is a lean teenager with a height taller than most teens. His head is shaven from one side extending to the back that exposes his signature dragon tattoo. On the top, his blond hair is longer and he keeps them braided. Though, he keeps a few strands of his hair at the front. Draken has abs with a lean body.

Takemichi can’t believe his eyes and says that his body doesn’t seem like the body of a teenager. As far as his clothes are concerned, he wears the standard Toman uniform with his favorite patterned Black Jacket that is quite long. 

Draken Ken

Takemichi can’t believe his eyes and says that his body doesn’t seem like the body of a teenager (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 36). Like many of the other characters in the series, Ken seems to favor the same outfit all the time. He wears the standard Toman uniform with his favorite patterned Black Jacket that is quite long.

The few times we saw him in a flashback, he was seen wearing a similar jacket except the buttons were undone. Underneath, he had on a plain white shirt. In both of his outfits, he seems to be wearing the same black pants.

Ken Ryuguji

Draken Ken Ryuguji

Character Info


Nickname: Ken-chin, Kenny, Draken

Birth: May 10, 1990 

Blood Type: O

Height: 185 cm

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: 

Blonde (Past)
Black (Present)


Affiliated with: Tokyo Manji Gang

Friends: Manjiro Sano, Takemichi

Love Interest: Emma Sano

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga: Chapter 3

Anime: Episode 3

Voice Actors

Japanese: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

English: Sean Chiplock


Ken Ryuguji personality, Tokyo Revengers

Many of the cast members in Tokyo Revengers might look a lot more bland than they are. The show is great at having characters slowly show off more layers of themselves. Ken Ryuguji is no different. At the start, he might come across as your typical musclehead. The kind of guy who would be following the leader around as his number 1 minion. Indeed, this is almost exactly how he’s introduced, waking next to Mikey for the first time (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 2).

We need to look into his personality bit by bit. He’s a wild individual who loves witnessing good fights. He’s the kind of person who enjoys violence and taking revenge for the Tokyo Manji Gang. What I have just described for you sounds like the typical gang member in any generic action movie, hardly interesting.

Draken CHildhood

This first impression is immediately dispelled, however. Draken doesn’t just fight thoughtlessly fight or fight only for the sake of fighting. He is constantly thinking about his friends’ feelings and what might be best for them in any given situation (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 3). His empathy even extends to his enemies and he is always able to see past the most base layer of any fight taking place.

When Pah Chin decided to take the blame for Toman intentionally by getting arrested, Draken thought that he had done well while Mikey asked Pah Chin to run.

When you first see Draken in the series, he looks like the strongest character. Indeed he is the strongest when it comes to physical strength. Being taller than other people is his plus point, it makes everyone fear him before the fighting even starts. Everyone gets intimidated by him.

Draken Tattoo

The dragon tattoo at the side of Draken’s head left a strong impact on others. And when he went to school after getting the tattoo, everyone was impressed and scared at the same time. That’s how he made his first impression of intimidating everyone! Despite his young age and the warnings of the tattoo artist, he still decided to get it done. It was painful but as Draken himself would say, it was well worth it.

Ken Ryuguji is very loyal to his gang, especially Mikey! Whenever Mikey’s in danger, he runs towards him as fast as he can. It shows his respect and loving relationship with Mikey. Since they have been friends since childhood they can’t stand seeing one another in danger.

draken mikey tokyo revengers

Their relationship goes beyond being just friends. Draken is the heart behind Mikey’s brawn. Whenever Mikey might go down the wrong path, Draken is always there to make sure his friend does not do something he might regret. Mikey often has a hard time relating to other people and that is where Draken fills in for him. When they were at the hospital checking up on a gang attack victim, Draken was the one who could empathize with the girl’s father and apologize (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 12).

Draken is Mikey’s right hand man and except for him, is the single person who cares the most for Toman. Still, just like everyone else, Draken is willing to put Toman behind him when the time is right. At one point in the series, Toman disbands and all of its members go their own separate ways, intending to meet up years in the future. Draken, just like everyone else, shows some level of regret for having to do this but ultimately ends up agreeing to it. This only further points to him being a very mature person (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 190).

Strengths and Skills

Immense Strength

Although being taller than most people of his age group is benefitting for him, his strength is immense! He’s the second strongest person in the anime. Draken’s fighting skills are very fearsome, he beat up a whole gang all by himself.

And when he got hit in the head by a metal pole, he still had the stamina to get up and defeat 20 opponents! Draken prefers to fight like a brawler simple yet with powerful kicks and punches. It won’t be wrong to say that his strength is comparable with Manjiro. 

Hanma is one of the strongest antagonists in the show and Draken is easily able to keep up with him. The only reason Draken is not able to easily finish him off is that he has to contend with dozens and dozens of other gang members too (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 52). 

To say how serious of a threat Hanma is, he is one of the few people we ever see able to block one of Mikey’s kicks (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 22). Keeping up with such an enemy all the while keeping up with his cohort takes unreal strength.

Draken vs valhalla

When Draken was finally allowed to let loose in the fight against Valhalla, he was able to take out ten guys at once. 

This was a feat so incredible that it managed to stun his enemies and make them fear for their lives. The people he beat up were so strong that many of the other members of Toman could barely keep up with them, yet Draken was having no problem at all (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 53).

draken tokyo revengers

If anything, Draken’s feats only get more and more impressive as the series goes on. The Black Dragons are one of the strongest gangs in the entire story. In their heyday, they were the one gang capable of controlling all of Tokyo. They had the best fighters and the strongest leaders.

Draken almost single-handedly managed to wipe out the gang. This included most of the gang members as well as all of their officers. Save for three people, Draken easily managed to defeat close to a hundred strong gang members. When all was said and done, Draken didn’t even look too much worse for wear, indicating that he still had yet more strength left to fight (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 106). As of yet, we haven’t seen Draken pushed to his absolute limit yet. There’s a good reason he’s the second strongest character in the series after Mikey.

Ken Ryugji Abilities, Tokyo Revengers


Being the vice-president of the Toman Gang, Draken’s authority is second to none! He’s capable of leading the gang when Manjiro is not around.

He easily raises the morale of his gang members and freely commands them as well. You could easily say that he is as big of a force on any battlefield as Mikey himself is.

In the fight against Valhalla, it was said that Draken was that rare fighter that could change the course of a big battle all by himself (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 53).

Ken presence

His mere presence can give back morale to the rest of Toman, even though they were all outnumbered nearly two to one. Indeed, Toman would fan-favorite not be the same without him, as was seen in all of the futures where Toman was murdered or otherwise taken out of the picture (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 13).

Draken Willpower


Draken has insane stamina! Even he can’t control his powers at times which is how he defeated a gang all by himself. Despite being hit by a metal pole on his head, he still stood up and fought! which shows that his endurance is crazy!

His endurance is so insane that he was able to survive several minutes after taking on what should have been an otherwise fatal stab wound. 

Despite this, not only was he able to survive, but he was even capable of talking and seemed to be completely aware of his surroundings (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 23). 

ken endurance

Draken is almost definitely one of the toughest characters we meet in the entire series, let alone in the Toman gang.

Draken doesn’t give up very easily. He can sacrifice anything when it comes to the Toman Gang which he and Mikey built up with so much hard work.


  • Draken’s hobby is muscle training
  • Draken’s favorite food is a hot curry
  • The model of his bike is Kawasaki Zephyr 400
  •  Draken is currently the only person who has been shown to have the ability to take out an entire gang all by himself.

Quotes – Ken Ryuguji

“You can find guys good at fighting all over the place. But a guy who’ll stand up to anyone because there’s something he won’t give up, not many guys like you at all”


Draken Childhood

Draken was born in Shibuya’s red-light district. He never knew about his father nor that his mother was a prostitute, who ditched him and died when he was two years old.

Though getting a tattoo made him a bit famous and intimidating, he was no match for the Sameyama’s middle schoolers crew. They bullied Draken and asked them to bring Mikey.

He was more than a little confused when he finally found Mikey. Even by this point, Mikey had a reputation for being absurdly powerful. Draken thought he was going to be looking for someone very tough looking, maybe even someone who looked tougher than him.

Draken was practically stunned when he finally found the Mikey all the rumors were about. He looked absolutely nothing like what Draken had been expecting. Mikey looked for all intents and purposes like a normal kid.

Tokyo Revengers Draken and Manjiro

If anything, this just made Draken feel bad for him. He figured he was just taking a defenseless kid somewhere to get beaten up. That expectation of his could not have been more wrong. Mikey was able to effortlessly beat up the Sameyama kids, hardly even breaking a sweat. That moment stuck out to Draken who thought Mikey was the coolest person he had ever seen.

It was then that Mikey openly wondered why someone who seemed as strong as Draken was wasting his time with losers. He then asked if Draken wanted to be his friend, and that’s how their friendship started (Tokyo Revengers Episode 6). Meeting Mikey was pretty much the defining moment in Draken’s life, without which he would not be where he is today.


Mikey Disbans Toman

Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman)


Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki

Draken and Takemichi meet while Takemichi is getting beaten up by Kiyomasa. At that moment, it was decided that Takemichi will be Mikey’s “Bitch”. After a few time leaps, we get to see both of them getting along very nicely.

When Draken was on the verge of dying, Takemichi did his best to travel back and forth in time just to save him. It shows that Draken had become very dear to Takemichi.

This is even more apparent when Takemichi goes to visit Draken in the past when he’s on Death Row. Despite the fact that he hasn’t seen Takemichi for years, he still wants what’s best for him and urges him to stay as far away from Toman as he can (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 34).

Manjiro Sano - Mikey

Manjiro Sano

Being the best friend of Draken since childhood, the relationship between them is very sweet and bitter at times too! When they fight and suddenly come to know about one of them being in danger, they run up to each other! So, their fights are easily resolved as well.

Manjiro Sano and Draken have known each other ever since they were in fifth grade. And they both first met when Draken was being ordered by the Sameyama crew. 

The powerful kicks and punches of Manjiro created an everlasting impact on Draken. That’s how he started to become his best friend and respected him side by side too (Tokyo Revengers Episode 6).

mikey draken

What is important to know is that while Draken and Mikey share a strong bond, it isn’t an unbreakable one. They’re the kinds of friends who can easily get into heated arguments that even go so far as to threaten their friendship but they can also seem just as easily move past them.

Still, at some point, these two do stop seeing eye to eye. This is most obvious in one of the future timelines Takemichi visits, in which Mikey has single-handedly killed every single member of Toman. In this timeline, Mikey has killed his best friend Draken too. Moreover, there is no indication that Mikey feels all that much regret for what he did or that he regrets killing Draken more than anyone else he has killed (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 118).

Emma Sano

Emma Sano

Emma Sano is Izana’s blood-sister. Izana in his childhood loved Emma very deeply and protected her at all costs. When she was just 3 years old, Izana would leave her in the Sano household and go on his own. As the years went by, Izana would order Emma’s death while he was being manipulated. Emma would die because of Izana which lead to the war of Toman against Tenjiku.

Emma Sano is as far as we know, the only person that Draken is romantically involved within the show. Emma is Mikey’s sister and there was some confusion about their relationship but that was quickly cleared up. For most of the show, Emma is constantly trying to make Draken pay more attention to her, who spends most of his time worrying about Toman instead (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 140).

Still, there are more than a few instances of Draken showing that he really cares for Emma. Emma frequently tries to make Draken jealous by flirting and interacting with other guys. Draken pretends not to notice what she is doing but it is more than likely that he knows and is just doing what he can to try and keep her safe.

Voice Actor

Japanese – Tatsuhisa Suzuki

English – Sean Chiplock


Final Verdict

In conclusion, in a series known for many of its interesting characters, Draken still stands out for being even more nuanced than the rest of the cast. There is a good reason why he is a fan-favorite character in the show.


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