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Tokyo Revengers is getting huge day by day. With the increasing number of episodes, it’s growing on otakus. Time travel stories are usually trippy and their end is bad too. However, the presence of delinquents in the series makes everything much more interesting. Usually when we hear the word “delinquents” what comes to our minds is rascals or hooligans. 

But in anime, it refers to the cool bike gangs that are also known as “Bosozoku” in Japanese. They mess up with everyone and get into serious fights and stay loyal to their captains too! So, Tokyo Revengers is all about fighting for fun and loved ones. 

The story of Tokyo Revengers revolves around a boy named Takemichi Hanagaki who travels back in time to save his first love, Hinata Tachibanaand some of his friends. I won’t spoil it for you guys furthermore and will let you guys know most of the things related to the MC! So, let’s dip right into it! 

Takemichi Hanagaki

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Takemichi Hanagaki was born on June 25th, 1991. He has an average height of 165 cm with a 55 kg weight. As a teenager (back in the days) he had bleached hair and kept his hair in a faux hawk style wearing the Mizo Middle School uniform. Meanwhile, with the Toman gang, he wears the black toppoku with Toman’s logo. 

As an adult, he has tired expressions due to the stress in his life. Takemichi’s hair turned back Black as he grew up and he wears ordinary clothes as an adult too (Episode 1).

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi table

Character Info


Alias: Crybaby Hero (Akkun)

               Takemitchy (Draken and Mikey)

                Hanagaki-kun (Hinata)

                Takemichi-kun (Hinata)

Birth: June 25, 1991

Age: 14 (Past)

           26 (Present)

           17 (Final Arc)


Tokyo Manji Gang

– 1st Division Captain

Black Dragons

– 11th Generation Leader

More Information

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Bleached Blonde (Past)

                           Black (Present)

Eye Color: Blue

Blood Type: A

Height: 165cm

Weight: 55kg


Family: Hinata Tachibana (Girlfriend)

                  Masaru (Cousin)

                  Unnamed Mother

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga Debut: Chapter 1

Anime Debut: Episode 1

Voice Actors

Japanese: Yuuki Shin

English: A.J. Beckles

Live-ActionTakumi Kitamura


As for his personality, he has the attitude of “never giving up” even if that brings harm to himself. For instance, he had to go through so many tough situations whilst being a part of Toman. He had to stand the violence of Osanai (Moebius’ president) and this guy just got punched in his face by so many people! (Episode 7)

Takemichi Hanagaki is an individual who’s lost the sense of direction, and that’s why he’s got low self-esteem. He apologizes for the smallest things and cries easily. He’s called a “crybaby hero” by his best friend Akkun. 

As he’s not very financially stable, he badmouths the rich people (Episode 1). He’s the best version of a weak crybaby who’s empathetic and kind beyond his years and never gives up. Throughout the series, you’re able to feel his pain and his resilience isn’t cringy at all.

However, leaping back in time changed his personality completely. It turned him into an audacious young man who’d take a punch or kick in his abdomen just to feel things. He’s now a brave young man who takes risks for his loved ones. 

Knowing the deep dark secrets of different gangs and their bad deeds made Takemichi even more furious. And now he plays an important role in Toman along with Draken and Mikey. In fact, Takemichi is the guy who’s holding Toman together and wouldn’t let it break even if Mikey-kun tried to finish it up. 

Takemichi is the embodiment of “loyalty”. He’s very loyal to his friends and would make sure to have their backs. Risking his life, he tried to save Keisuke Baji and Chifuyu as well and that’s shown through his time leaping (Episode 18).

While fighting, he never backs down and would be beaten until unconscious but would try his best to save his friends. He’s brave because of never giving up! His shining and warm smile makes everyone’s hearts fill with joy. 

Strengths and Skills

Takemichi Endurance


His endurance is worth appreciating which lets him stand before the scary-looking gangsters. Although he’s not the strongest fighter in the series, yet his endurance is second to none! He could stand still against those punches that would have knocked cold anyone else. Even after taking so many blows, he decides to stand up and strike back his opponents. 

Takemichi Authority1


Takemichi can lead Toman as he wants, in addition to that, he can leap back and forth in past and present. He literally has the authority to destroy and grow Toman, as he wishes. His never-ending trials and excellent leadership skills are keeping Tokyo Manji Gang together. 

Takemichi Authority

Determination and Resilience

As a fighter, he’s surely not the strongest but when he’s with his team, he can literally knock people out. Rarely has he’s been seen knocking people out all by himself. But his resilience has surely helped him during fights and startled the enemies countless times. 

Takemichi time leaping

Time Leaping

Leaping back and forth in time, he can destroy the lives of people by just one single alternation in their lives. But since Takemichi is a good boy with empathy in him, he’ll make sure to give a taste of bitterness to those who have done him and his friends bad. 

He possesses a supernatural skill of time traveling by shaking hands with Naoto who’s the brother of Hina. In fact, he’s been helping Takemichi in saving his sister and friends. However, he time travels only 12 years back and the present timeline doesn’t stop. 


  • His favorite food is
  • He doesn’t like ghosts.
  • He can easily solve puzzles.
  • The only people he respects are Draken and Mikey.
  • He used to have beef with Pehyan and Kazutora.
  • He doesn’t have a specific dream.


  • “The moment I thought I was going to die, I didn’t remember my parents or friends, I remembered Tachibana Hinata.” 
  • “Even in my second life, a failure is still going to be a failure.” 
  • “I’m not finished yet. This isn’t nearly enough to fix 12 years of being a lazy good for nothing. I ran and ran. Ran and ran. I’m not going anywhere! I got a damn good reason not to, the Tokyo Manji Gang. Kiyomasa, if you wanna win, you got no choice but to kill me and I’m not gonna lose.” – Takemichi to Kiyomasa in their King vs Slave fight (Episode 3).


tokyo manji logo

Tokyo Manji Gang


Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana

Now let’s talk about Takemichi’s love life a bit. He’s head over heels for Hinata! Literally, he goes back and forth in time to save her, even if he fails he doesn’t back down whilst being tired and exhausted and that shows his endless love for Hinata.

Hinata Tachibana has been the one and only girl in the eyes of Takemichi which I think is very sweet of our gentleman. 

Hinata Determination

Although Hinata is the type of person who makes a move first on him and gets jealous very easily. She’s truly a waifu! 

In fact, whenever Takemichi loses hope or determination, Hinata is always there for him. She’s clapping for him and cheers him up with a warm smile and hugs as well! Hinata even stood up against Mikey and Draken before Takemichi became friends with them! (Episode 3)

Manjiro Sano - Mikey

Manjiro Sano

Manjiro Sano and Takemichi never met in the present timeline except for when Takemichi challenged Kiyomasa 1v1. Manjiro gets surprised by his bravery and says that Takemichi will be his “bitch” from now on  (Episode 3). 

And just like that, they become close friends. Initially, Takemichi feared Manjiro Sano because of his fighting skills but slowly learning about his good nature, he started respecting Manjiro (Episode 3).

Takemichi wants to save Mikey from corruption. It’s his priority as Manjiro plays an important role in that field in the present timeline. Takemichi gains his trust, enough trust to become a guiding light of him. 

Ken Ryuguji Draken

Ken Ryuguji

Ken Ryugji and Takemichi meet exactly when Manjiro and Takemichi meet. So, he feared Ken Ryugji aka Draken at first but after learning about his personality, he started respecting him as well. In fact, Takemichi saved Draken during the battle as well on 3rd August (Episode 10).

Voice Actor

Japanese – Yuuki Shin

English – A.J. Beckles

Live Action – Takumi Kitamura

Final Verdict

Take means “Military” or “Martial” and Michi means “road”. Takemichi Hanagaki or Takemitchy is a young time leaper. In order to save his first love and everyone dear to him, he decides to go back in time and become the captain of The Tokyo Manji Gang. 

Being a time leaper seems very cool and you all probably wish to have the same power. But trust me, being a time leaper isn’t easy at all. Imagine seeing the death of your loved ones again and again before your eyes. And knowing that you can fail again and again.

However, our MC, Takemichi is the type of person who doesn’t lose hope that easily. So, I respect him for that! 


  • Tokyo Revengers Anime: Episode 1
  • Tokyo Revengers Anime: Episode 3
  • Tokyo Revengers Anime: Episode 7
  • Tokyo Revengers Anime: Episode 10
  • Tokyo Revengers Anime: Episode 18

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