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Souta’s surname Kawata means “river”. Souta Kawata also known as “Angry” is the Twin brother of Nahoya Kawata (Smiley), and is the Fourth Division Vice-Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Despite being brothers, the two of them are completely different from one another. 

Nahoya is always smiling and cheering everybody up. Meanwhile, Souta wears fierce expressions, which makes everybody intimidated around him.

Souta Kawata Wiki

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Souta Kawata Appearance

Souta has curly teal hair unlike his brother Nahoya, who has peach hair. He has a fair skin tone with a little bit of tan. His eye color is similar to his hair color (Turquoise/Teal). He’s seen to be always angry and aggressive, with his veins popping out, unlike his brother who is always wearing a smile on his face. He is short and skinny just like his twin brother.

Souta Kawata

Twin Devils Gang

Gang information

Current Status


Positions in Anime

Tokyo Manji Gang, 4th Division Vice-Captain and Twin Devils Gang Leader (inactive)

Character Info




May 25th, 1989



Hair Color


Eye Color



Related To

Nahoya Kawata ( Twin Brother)

Affiliations with

Tokyo Manji Gang 
Twin Devils Gang

Appearance in Manga

Manga Debut

Chapter 126


Souta Kawata personality

Souta Kawata seems to be a very aggressive person. Unlike his brother who smiles all the time, Souta is always seen to be angry, wearing a snarl instead of a smile. His expressions are just like that all the time even when he is not angry or not in a bad mood. Despite his nasty temper, Souta cares deeply for his gang members. It is revealed by Nahoya that Souta does not enjoy hurting people without a cause. He is extremely loyal to Manjiro and the rest of the Toman gang members and will do anything to protect them. 

With such an unexpected personality, he shows up at the most unexpected times. Not only unexpected times but when he’s actually needed. Therefore, he plays an important role in the Tokyo Manji Gang. Souta and Nahoya are two essential people who always got Toman’s back. No matter how rough the situation is, they’ll always confront it bravely! 

Strengths and Skills

Souta Kawata Skills

Anger or Hatred

Nahoya explains that Souta goes into the phase called “The Crying Blue Ogre”. Under this state, Souta has been able to defeat a number of guys from some other gangs, proving his strength and making him one of the most powerful members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. 

As he uses his emotions during the combat, it gets really difficult to surpass him. In fact, he was easily able to confront the Tenjiku Gang Members when Tetta Kisaki betrayed The Tokyo Manji Gang and joined hands with the Tenjiku Gang. Therefore, he was already pissed due to Kisaki’s betrayal, so his emotions were seen during the combat. He came on a bike and saved Chifuyu Matsuno as well as Takemichi Hanagaki (1)

One of his skills includes crazy motorbike stunts (1), he’s very good at keeping the bike stable whilst crashing it in people. So, that everyone gets intimidated and distracted while he does his job.

Twin Devils Gang

Combat skills

Souta possesses above-average combat skills, unlike his twin brother who has exceptional combat skills. Though he stays under the shadow of his brother when it comes to fighting, if something happens that threatens his gang members or loved ones, Souta channels his anger into his strength and becomes extremely strong. 

Hate him all you want, but the voice captain of toman is no joke. The anger that resides inside Souta Kawata is dangerous.

Moreover, when you let this beast lose, he’s in it for destruction.

He’s not only good with the usual combat but our boy Souta does a lot of cool things as mentioned earlier. He’s an all in one vice captain that Toman needed!


  • Souta’s surname Kawata means “river, stream”. 
  • Souta uses his angry emotions during combats. 
  • He used to be a member of the “Twin Devils Gang” formed by both of the brothers. 


Souta Kawata past

Although we get to see Souta’s brother Nahoya in chapter 22 of Tokyo Revengers yet Souta makes his debut in chapter 126. He appears when Takemichi found out that Tetta Kisaki had betrayed The Tokyo Manji Gang after getting fired. Tetta Kisaki joins hands with the Tenjiku Gang which is one of the most dangerous gangs and includes very powerful figures too! 

Meanwhile, Chifuyu Matsuno was getting beaten up by Tetta Kisaki, he looked really injured. That’s exactly when Souta makes his appearance with his brother and bike. They both crash their bikes into the Tenjiku Gang and get Chifuyu and Takemichi to sit at the back of their bikes. And that’s how Souta and Nahoya saved both of the significant personalities in the Tokyo Revengers. Their journey to Yokohama starts and Chifuyu gets ready for the payback! 


The Tokyo Manji Gang

Twin Devils Gang

Twin Devils Gang

Twin Devils Gang

Initially, this gang was made by Nahoya and Souta. Nothing much is known about its background except for the fact that it was created by both of the twin brothers. 

However, this gang was involved in many fights including, “Kawasaki Gang” and “Jugem” which was led by Kanji Mochuziki. 


Tokyo Manji Gang

Souta Kawata or Angry is the Vice-Captain of the 4th division in the Toman gang. Souta is very loyal to his gang and makes sure to be there for everyone during rough times. 

He along with his brother has been supporting Toman very nicely. Whenever the other gang members are busy doing something else, these two would make sure that their activities aren’t exposed to anybody. 

Therefore, Souta Kawata fights vigorously through his emotions to succeed! 


Souta's brother Nahoya

Nahoya Kawata

Nahoya Kawata is the twin brother of Souta Kawata. He’s known for his cheerful attitude and smile. Both of them are completely different from each other since one is always in a good attitude and smiling, while the other is always angry

Nahoya Kawata is always rooting on for his brother. In fact, both of them spend the majority of their time together. And since they’re in the same gang it’s natural for them to spend time together. Nahoya and Souta are some of the strongest characters in the Tokyo Revengers as well! Therefore, their power is not to be underestimated. 

Final Verdict

We don’t really get to see a lot of their scenes in the manga or anime. But when they appear, your eyes are blessed. And their opposite personalities make the series even more fun and interesting. Do let us know in the comments below that which brother do you prefer? Nahoya, the always smiling guy, or Souta the grumpy guy? 

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