Rokuhara Tandai

This gang is similar to a clan of warriors where strength determines your rank and the hierarchy itself. When in battle, the gang charges head-on and overwhelms its opponents by using the immense might of its members. 

This group of brawlers also prefer to be in the spotlight which intimidates anyone who stands in their way. Let’s get to know more about the gang that is ruled by one of the 3 Deities, Rokuhara Tandai.

Rokuhara Tandai

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Rokuhara Tandai’s base of operations is in Minato Ward. The gang, more particularly, its leader, didn’t come from Tokyo, but went there in order to challenge the Tokyo Manji Gang (Chapter 211). Because of South Terano’s leadership and the massive power and influence Rokuhara Tandai gained, they now control 1/3rd of Tokyo and are looking forward to taking control of the entire city (Chapter 208).

Rokuhara Tandai is currently under South Terano. The Top Seats of the gang are composed of the former Four Heavenly Kings and an executive of Tenjiku (Chapter 212). These individuals are also part of the S62 Generation that pledged their loyalty to Izana Kurokawa during their time in the Juvenile Detention Center (Chapter 160).

When South recruited the S62 Generation, it greatly increased the overall strength of the gang, where they weren’t afraid to go head-to-head against Brahman, another powerhouse (Chapter 212).

Rokuhara Tandai’s official uniform looked similar to the Tokyo Manji Gang’s. It resembled much of a mechanic’s outfit which consisted of a brightly colored jacket and matching pants. The gang also wore white boots and a similarly colored belt. The gang’s logo is also present on the back. Some variations do exist, which can be seen when the Haitani brothers made their appearance, where they wore a darker version of the uniform (Chapter 212).

Rokuhara Tandai

Character Info


Leader: South Terano 

Territories:  Minato Ward

Appearances in ANIME/Manga


Rokuhara Tandai made its debut during Tokyo’s Sengoku Period. Just like Brahman and the Kantou Manji Gang, Rokuhara Tandai fought against gang after gang to secure its position as one of the 3 powerhouses at the end. South Terano became one of the 3 Deities, made his mark in the city, and established Minato Ward as his main territory (Chapter 208)

During Rokuhara Tandai’s conquest, South Terano managed to recruit the strongest members of Tenjiku and make them his subordinates (Chapter 212). The gang’s goal was then renewed. It was to recruit Draken and Takemichi into their ranks and make them help Rokuhara Tandai destroy Brahman and the Kantou Manji Gang. When this goal was secured, Rokuhara Tandai would become the strongest in all of Tokyo (Chapter 211).

Rokuhara Tandai History 2

Rokuhara Tandai along with every member South can bring, appeared when they cornered Draken, Takemichi, and Inui. South Terano punched Draken multiple times to convince him to join the gang. Unexpectedly, Brahman arrived and their leader, Senju Kawaragi performed a sneak attack against South (Chapter 212). This prompted the executives of each gang to show themselves. The top members of Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai then had a short exchange of fists, but were interrupted when Draken directly challenged South (Chapter 213).

Draken and South’s fight was put to a halt when police sirens were starting to come closer. Rokuhara Tandai then withdrew along with South Terano (Chapter 214).


south tokyo revengers

South Terano

South Terano has a lot of similarities to Taiju Shiba, even in terms of their personality. He is also the gang’s representative

Unlike the other members who already appeared in the previous parts of the manga, South is the only new character in Rokuhara Tandai that has debuted so far.

kakucho tokyo revengers


Kakuchou is consistent in being the strongest weapon in every gang he joins. During his time in Tenjiku, he was considered as the strongest of the Four Heavenly Kings and now he is South’s most powerful subordinate. Kakuchou is Rokuhara Tandai’s 1st Seat.

ran tokyo revengers

Ran Haitani

Ran Haitani is the more well-known among the Haitani brothers. He is not afraid to use dirty tricks such as using a metal baton when fighting and is always seen with his brother, Rindo. He also has the 2nd Seat (Chapter 161).

rindo tokyo revengers

Rindo Haitani

Rindo Haitani, unlike his brother, specializes in grappling techniques. Before they were popular, Rindo grappled a vice-captain of a gang that used to rule Roppongi on the ground, while Ran smashed his head until his face caved in (Chapter 160). Rindo is also the 3rd Seat.

kanji tokyo revengers

Kanji Mochizuki

Kanji Mochizuki was sent to the Juvenile Detention Center because he beat up a police officer. His punches are so strong that he sent Chifuyu flying away during the Kanto Incident (Chapter 160). Mochi is now the 4th Seat.

shion tokyo revengers

Shion Madarame

Shion Madarame is the weakest of the S62 Generation and the least powerful when it comes to the top executives in Rokuhara Tandai. Despite his incompetence and obnoxious behavior, he is in the 5th Seat.


Rokuhara Tandai Vs. Brahman

This was during Rokuhara Tandai’s first appearance in the series. The Top Seats of Rokuhara Tandai and the Executives of Brahman had a small clash. This also resulted in Shion Madarame getting defeated by Benkei (Chapter 213)The confrontation ended when the police showed up at the scene of the incident (Chapter 214).


  • Rokuhara Tandai is the flashiest gang among the 3 powerhouses.
  • The nameRokuhara Tandai has some significance to Japanese history, where it was the highest-ranking position in an agency called the  Rokuhara. It served as an intelligence bureau during the Kamakura Shogunate.
  • Rokuhara Tandai’s values emphasize strength more than anything else.
  • Rokuhara Tandai arrived when South Terano threw Inui towards Takemichi and Draken (Chapter 210).

Final Verdict

Just like the 10th Generation of the Black Dragons, Rokuhara Tandai operates like a pack of wolves, where every decision is based on the Alpha. The gang also relies on the brute strength of its members and is not afraid to take on battles where they are at a clear disadvantage. It is ruled by the Unparalleled, and because of their ability to face things head-on, they are considered as the gang with the greatest power and influence in all of Tokyo.


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