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Although they arrived late, this gang, in particular, didn’t gain power using the same methods as the others. It distances itself from face-to-face confrontations until it’s necessary. They stay in the shadows and also use tactics that don’t attract much attention. This time you’ll learn everything there is to know about one of the 3 powerhouses, Brahman.

Brahman Gang

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Brahman Background

Before Brahman came into the spotlight, the gang that controlled Shinjuku Ward was Moebius. Moebius was eventually defeated by the Tokyo Manji Gang. As Toman disbanded, several gangs fought to take control of the area until Brahman successfully climbed up the top and became the strongest gang that works in the shadows (Chapter 208).

 Brahman is currently under the leadership of Senju Kawaragi. The gang’s top brass is composed of the Living Legends, who were founders of the Black Dragons (Chapter 213). Brahman shifted their strength in a manner that suited Senju, where they resorted to surprise attacks and used tricks that caught their enemies off guard.

 Brahman’s uniform consisted of an oversized hooded cloak with puffy sleeves. The gang’s insignia can also be seen on the back of the cloak. Executives of the gang have different designs on the sides of their cloak, with each one having a unique pattern (Chapter 213).

Brahman Gang


Character Info

Status: Active

Leader: Senju Kawaragi 

Territories: Shinjuku Ward

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga: Chapter 208



Brahman first appeared during a time called Tokyo’s Sengoku Period. During this time, countless gangs tried their best to fill in the gap left by Toman. Brahman made its way to the top along with 2 others, which were the Kantou Manji Gang and Rokuhara Tandai. When the power struggle in Tokyo ended, this started the era of the 3 Deities (Chapter 208).

 The gang’s next appearance is during their brief confrontation with Rokuhara Tandai. At this time, Akashi Takemoi arrived with every member of Brahman to recruit Takemichi into their ranks (Chapter 212). However, Rokuhara Tandai wasn’t backing down and their top members appeared. In response to this, Senju made his debut at the front lines and managed to score a kick against South Terano (Chapter 212).

 As tensions were escalating, the Best Duo of the 1st Generation of the Black Dragons appeared and displayed the full strength of Brahman. Draken then stood up and taunted South Terano to finish what he started (Chapter 213). Before things reached the boiling point, the police arrived and everyone went away. While Takemichi and Draken were riding, Draken revealed he was a member of Brahman (Chapter 214).


Senju Kawaragi

Senju Kawaragi

Senju Kawaragi is the current boss of Brahman. His skills as a fighter are no joke, as he was able to step on the same level as Mikey and South. 

Senju has the nickname “Unrivaled” and is one of the 3 Deities (Chapter 208).

Akashi Takeomi

Akashi Takeomi

Akashi Takeomi is Senju’s right-hand man and becomes the face of Brahman due to Senju’s elusive nature. 

He is the one that appears first on the front lines and is the gang’s Number 2 member (Chapter 212).

Keizo Arashi

Keizo Arashi "Benkei"

Keizo Arashi or Benkei is one of the top executives of the gang. The 1st Generation of the Black Dragon’s Best Duo was him and Waka. Benkei has superhuman strength and endurance where he was able to take a direct punch from Kakuchou (Chapter 213).

Wakasa Imaushi

Wakasa Imaushi "Waka"

Wakasa Imaushi or Waka is another top executive. He has similarities with Senju because of his nonchalant attitude. Waka can hide his presence and strike his opponent before they can react (Chapter 213).

Ken Ryuguji Draken

Ken Ryuguji "Draken"

Draken joined Brahman after the Tokyo Manji Gang disbanded. Although he rejected any affiliation with the gang at first, he revealed it to Takemichi while they were alone (Chapter 214).


Brahman Vs Rokuhara Tandai

Brahman Vs Rokuhara Tandai

This is not a battle but rather a confrontation. The two gangs had a standoff and the executives had a brief exchange of fists (Chapter 213). It was cut short because the authorities arrived and everyone went their separate ways (Chapter 214).


l  Brahman prefers to lay low and handle their business in secret.

l  They have one of the most decorated and unique uniforms.

l  Brahman means “Supreme Self” in Hinduism.

Final Verdict

Brahman is a mysterious entity. Not much is known about how the gang started and how it managed to recruit the living legends into its ranks. As a gang that works in the shadows and is ruled by the Unrivaled, they are not afraid to consume all of Tokyo.


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