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I’m pretty sure that you know there are strong gangs in the Tokyo Revengers Series. Names such as the Tokyo Manji Gang, the Black Dragons, and Tenjiku signify groups that can take control of an entire prefecture and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. But have you heard about two brothers that not only defeated one of the strongest gangs that occupied Tokyo in the past but conquered an entire district filled with criminals? Well, let me introduce you to one of the brothers, Ran Haitani.

Ran Haitani​

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Ran Haitani has 3 official appearances in the Tokyo Revengers Series. Two in the official story of the manga and one in the cover of Volume 19 of the manga series.

His first appearance in the Tokyo Revengers series includes his iconic black Tenjiku uniform that matches his brother’s. The collar has white edges and skulls on the front as well as a white line on the middle of the coat. The uniform also includes white gloves and a similar colored belt. In addition, when he was spectating the fight of Valhalla and Toman he was wearing casual clothes (Chapter 51).

In his second appearance in the series, he is shown to be an adult and a Bonten Executive. Ran has short white hair with black highlights. He is wearing a suit and has a tattoo on the front of his neck with a similar design to that of Izana Kurokawa’s earrings (Chapter 196).

While in his third appearance in the 19th Volume cover, Ran is wearing apparel similar to that of a yukata that has a skeleton and flowers as its design. He also pairs it with a brightly colored purple and blue robe with flames that he wears on his waist.

In all of the different variations except in his adult version, Ran Haitani has a long black braided pigtail hairstyle with blonde highlights, blonde eyebrows, piercing violet eyes, and earrings on both of his ears. He is also known to have a tattoo on the left portion of his back which was revealed in the volume cover.

Ran Haitani

Ran Haitani

Gang information

Current Status


Positions in Anime

Bonten’s Executive
Tenjiku‘s 4 Heavenly Kings

Character Info






Hair Color

Black/Blonde (Young)
Black & White (Adult)

Eye Color



Related To

Rindo Haitani (Younger Brother)

Affiliations with


Appearances in ANIME

Manga Debut


Ran Haitani is known to be a ruthless fighter who is not afraid of using weapons to defeat his opponents which can be seen when he ambushed Mitsuya (Chapter 128) and in the fight of Toman against Tenjiku (Chapter 161). He is also not afraid to kill and is very confident in his fighting abilities as seen when he and his brother defeated the leader and second in command of a gang that ruled Tokyo in the past. However, even if he has amazing fighting abilities, he still respected the strongest members of Tenjiku even choosing to stay with Izana and Kakucho after their fight against Toman, even if it meant they would be arrested (Chapter 185).

Although violent, much like Smiley, he is very protective and supportive of his brother which can sometimes affect his fights, such as the case when they fought against Angry (Chapter 163). 

Strengths and Skills

Impressive Fighting Abilities

Ran Haitani along with his brother Rindo are known to be one of the strongest delinquents in the Tokyo Revengers Series. They made their case clear when at just the age of 13, they committed a serious crime in the incident known as the “Roppongi Battle of the Ashes”

When they went head-to-head with the captain and vice-captain of what was once the strongest gang in Tokyo called Roppongi “Kyougoku”, Ran immediately beat the captain with a single kick and obliterated the vice-captain with punches in the face while Rindo suppressed his ligaments. At the end of the fight, the vice-captain had a fractured skull, his face would cave in, and die (Chapter 160).

Ran Haitani Infuence


Ran Haitani along with his brother also had significant influence in the world of delinquents, especially in the Roppongi district

According to Chifuyu, while the brothers were spectating the fight of Toman and Valhalla, the brothers could instantly summon a hundred men in one shout (Chapter 51). 

They also increased their influence over the delinquents when Ran became one of the Four Heavenly Kings and Rindo was a top executive at Tenjiku (Chapter 155).


l  Ran and Rindo’s uniform was different because Tenjiku had red-colored jackets while theirs was black.

l  His first name Ran means “orchid” while Haitani means “ash valley”.

l  Ran used a steel baton in their fight against Toman and used a brick when he attacked Mitsuya.

l  When Toman disbanded, the Haitani brothers would become a part of a gang called Brahma.


The Haitani brothers started their journey as delinquents during the “Roppongi Battle of Ashes” where they defeated the Roppongi “Kyougoku”, the strongest gang in Tokyo at that time when they were just 13. This resulted in the death of the vice-captain of the gang, but Ran and Rindo didn’t stop there. They would continue their fighting spree and eventually rule over Roppongi even without the help of a gang. The brothers would be sent to a Juvenile Detention Center under the crime, “Inflicting Injury causing Death”. While in the juvenile detention center, they would meet the rest of the S-62 Generation which included Mucho, Mocchi, Izana, Kakucho, and Shion where they created chaos in the center (Chapter 160). 

Once they left, they formed Tenjiku under Izana’s leadership. Ran Haitani was named as one of the Four Heavenly Kings along with Mocchi, Kakucho, and Shion Madarame (Chapter 155).



Izana Kurkawa

Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa was the president, founder of Tenjiku, and the leader of the S-62 Generation. Izana was also the half-brother of Manjiro Sano. Izana was an amazing fighter that did not have overpowering hits like Mikey but had superhuman senses that allowed him to read and counter his opponent’s moves.

Hitto Kakucho

Hitto Kakucho

Hitto Kakucho was the second-in-command of Tenjiku, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, and part of the S-62 Generation. He was the only one who defeated Angry after he dominated 2 of the Four Heavenly Kings as well as 2 Tenjiku Executives. He was also very loyal to Izana Kurokawa.

Kanji Mochizuki

Kanji Mochizuki

Kanji Mochizuki was one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku and a part of the S-62 Generation. Mocchi is known for his brute strength and ruthlessness. In the fight of Toman and Tenjiku, he faced off against Chifuyu.

Shion Madarame

Shion Madarame

Shion Madarame was one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku and another member of the S-62 Generation which met up at the Juvenile Detention Center. He would prove to be the weakest of the top members of Tenjiku, losing to Peh-yan in just 1 punch (Chapter 154).

Yasuhiro Muto - tokyo revengers

Yasuhiro Muto

Yasuhiro Muto was the former 5th Division Captain of Toman and a top executive of Tenjiku after his betrayal. He is also a part of the S-62 Generation and betrayed Toman because of his connection with Izana.


Rindo Haitani - Tokyo Revengers

Rindo Haitani

Rindo Haitani is the brother of Ran and is the least famous of the two. Rindo’s specialty in fighting is tackling his opponent and targeting and breaking their joints. He usually fights together with Ran. Rindo is a top executive of Tenjiku and a member of the S-62 Generation.


Haitani Brothers

Ran Haitani along with his brother first appeared in Chapter 54 of the Tokyo Revengers Manga series where they watched the battle of Toman and Valhalla. 

They were next seen when Tenjiku finally launched ambushes on several members of Toman, and where Ran slammed a brick on Mitsuya’s head when he was trying to fight Mocchi (Chapter 128).

On the 22nd of February at the 7th Warf of Yokohama Bay, Toman led by Takemichi as their acting president would face-off against Tenjiku. With all of the Captains as well as Mikey and Draken gone except for Takemichi, Toman would valiantly charge at Tenjiku’s 400 members with only 50 of their own (Chapter 153, Chapter 154).

Ran and Rindo Haitani would face off against Hakkai and Angry which seemed to win in their favor at first since the Vice-Captains had no chemistry and Ran had a steel baton (Chapter 161). When they used their infamous tactic on Hakkai and continuously hit his face with the baton, Angry turned into the Crying Blue Ogre (Chapter 162). Rindo tried to subdue Angry but was instantly knocked out and while Ran was worried, Angry appeared behind him and smashed his head to the ground which signaled the defeat of the Haitani Brothers (Chapter 163).

After the fight, Ran along with the other Four Heavenly Kings and top executives would stay with Izana’s lifeless body and a severely wounded Kakucho. They would all be arrested when the police arrived (Chapter 185).

Voice Actors

There is no official voice actor for Ran Haitani since the anime is still in its early parts. Ran Haitani has not appeared in the anime adaptation.

Final Verdict

While the fight against Toman dictated the end of the Haitani brothers as well as Tenjiku itself, would this become Takemichi’s happy ending? There is still evil lurking around the corner and while Toman disbanded when they were at the top, there are still more problems awaiting Takemichi when he goes back to the present. Maybe there will come a time where the Haitani brothers will rise once more.


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