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We started Quote The Anime because we believe anime is a great source of inspiration. The Founding of Quote The Anime happened because Anime has brought many wins and successes to several team members of QuoteTheAnime, and specially the Founder-Ernie Mehra. We have, as a team experienced many wins, survived and mustered through so many life circumstances. And that’s all thanks to Anime. So we decided, that we would start a site that other Anime Lovers could come to anytime they wanted or needed a little motivation. We basically made this Repository of Anime Quotes selfishly for ourselves. But it turned out, people really liked it, so we started to make it better and better, and started providing Anime Quotes that anyone and everyone could appreciate, from Mainstream shows to not-so mainstream shows. If there are any specific Anime that you’d like us to make Quotes, just shoot us a message in the Contact Us form below, and we’ll try and make them for you. We do have a lot of requests already and of course, it’s all first come serve, so make sure to do it as soon as possible. So you’ll be put on the list right away.

We strive to provide you with the anime content that’s inspiring, and you’ll love. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us. We would truly appreciate it. We would love to talk!