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The world of Tokyo Revengers is filled with gangs, but what it excels is at showing how these gangs differ from the general perspective the world views them in. We are besieged by the media with perpetual news about gangs’ brutality and crimes, but Tokyo Revengers does a tremendous job at showing the human side of these gangs and how these kids are just a group of friends that would do anything for each other at the end of the day. Tenjiku is another gang that plays a vital role in the storyline of the show.


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What does Tenjiku mean?

The name Tenjiku is derived from the story of Journey of the West. If you don’t know what that is, then we have got you covered. “Journey of the West ” is perhaps the most popular work of literature in the eastern part of Asia. 

The story covers the journey of a Buddhist monk who travels to India with four of his students. The Tokyo Revengers gang is built upon the same idea and shares key characteristics like the four generals.


Tenjiku Gang

Gang information

Current Status

Disbanded (Inactive)




Manga Debut

Chapter 121 & 124


Tenjiku Background

Izana Kurokawa was the founder of the Tenjiku Gang due to suffering a really difficult childhood. The primary reason behind the creation of Tenjiku was to allow Izana to conquer everything in sight and make it a part of his kingdom, which resulted in him coming to a conflict with Tokyo Manji Gang and Mikey.

Hierarchy and members of the Tenjiku

Izana Kurkawa

Izana Kurokawa

Leader of Tenjiku Gang

Izana Kurokawa is the undisputed leader of the Tenjiku Gang and one of the most interesting characters we got in the show. Izana’s character is the perfect depiction of how a kind-hearted child could go down the wrong path due to this cruel world we live in. 

Izana is one of the most authoritative characters of the whole show and his “Undefeatable Sense” allows him to predict the attacks and moves of his opponent which allows him to outsmart his rivals despite not being physically as dominant as them.

The Four Heavenly Kings

The Four Heavenly Kings are the most dominant and powerful members of the gang after Izana. If for some reason Izana is not present, they have the right to act on their own with the help of their judgment. Their role is quite similar to the division commanders of Tokyo Manji Gang and each of the four kings have their squad underneath them that they can orchestrate.

Hitto Kakucho

Hitto Kakucho​

Tenjiku's Heavenly King

The first of the four kings and the right hand of Izana was a founding member of Tenjiku. Kakucho’s appearance might fool anyone into thinking that he is a maniac but he is one of the most emotionally driven characters in the world of Tokyo Revengers. 

Kakucho has a unique scar on his face which covers his left eye due to being in a car accident during childhood. He lost his parents due to that too but met Izana at their grave who convinced him to stop grieving for the deceased and conquer the world with him by being a part of Tenjiku.

Kanji Mochizuki

Kanji Mochizuki

Tenjiku's Heavenly King

 If you were wondering where the hot-headed brute of the gang was until now then you will love Kanji. The third king of the Tenjiku is one of the most violent members of the gang and it won’t be wrong to say that he is always looking for a fight. The reason you will fall in love with Kanji is how respectful he is when it comes to fighting as he prefers to trade blows with his opponent one to one rather than engage in a brawl with many people fighting.

 Kanji was able to get the better of Chifuyu Matsuno who is one of the strongest members of the Tokyo Manji Gang and that’s why earned the title of “Gorilla” from his opponents due to his amazing strength.

Ran Haitani​

Ran Haitani

Tenjiku's Heavenly King

Ran just might be the fashion icon of Tenjiku with his long braided hair. There is a strange aura around Ran that makes the other person around him feel uncomfortable.

As far as his personality is concerned, he might be one of the calmest people we have ever seen in our life but if something happens to his little brother who is also part of the gang, then be prepared to meet the other side of Ran which is a lot more sinister.

Shion Madarame

Shion Madarame

Tenjiku's Heavenly King

 Shion is the type of person you would want to avoid getting into an argument with at any cost. He is known as the bloodthirsty mad dog in the story and if we are being honest, his appearance will tell you that the first time you see him. 

The thing that stands out is the half-shaved hair with a tattoo going all the way down to his neck. There are certain scars on the bodies of so many characters but Shion’s scar looks like a tattoo near his lips which makes the other person think about how he might have gotten it.

 Although we should warn you, if you are planning to ask him about that, you should avoid it as he is one of the most arrogant and unpredictable characters in the series.

Other Members of Tenjiku Gang

Kisaki Tetta

Tetta Kisaki

Staff Officer (Main Antagonist)

Kisaki is one of the most hated characters of the series as he always causes trouble wherever he goes but one can’t deny that he is an extremely intelligent person who knows how to get what he wants. 

Kisaki was bestowed with the position of General Staff Officer which was specially created for him. He holds power over all of the gang members apart from Izana, the Four Heavenly Kings, and their Executive members.


Rindo Haitani

The younger brother of Ran Haitani, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku is one of the strongest members of his gang. The skill that he specializes in is wrestling and taking down his opponents to the ground.

Hajime Kokonoi

Hajime Kokonai

Hajime is one of the most selfish people in the entire series and only cares about himself. He has pretended to be loyal to so many gangs but in the end, pursued the more powerful one for his interests.

Haruchiyo Sanzu

Haruchiyo Sanzu

Haruchiyo is a character that one would often see in the background and think they are just there for the sake of filling the screen but eventually he will become one of the strongest characters in the show. He always wears a black mask to cover the scars at the end of his lips and also has some drug addiction problems to deal with.

Shuji Hanma

Shuji Hanma

Shuji “Zombie” Hanma is one of the most popular characters of the series and is one of the most skilled fighters. There aren’t many characters who can say that they held their own against Mikey or Draken but this guy came close to it. He has been part of so many gangs but Tenjiku also acquired his services thanks to their charismatic leader.

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