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Hakkai Shiba enters the fray in the 74th chapter of the manga, in the 2017 timeline. He was an admin of Toman at the time and seemed to be the reason the gang became corrupt. As Takemichi went back to the past once more, he immediately found Hakkai, playing bowling.

Hakkai is the main driving force of the story from Chapter 78 to 107, taking a very important role. He was in two gangs and was treated with caution due to his personal connection. One thing for sure, he was a sincere guy at heart. WARNING! This summary contains spoilers of the manga, chapters that won’t get animated in the Spring 2021 season. In fact, Hakkai won’t even appear in the first season of the anime, so stop right here if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Hakkai Shiba

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Hakkai is the younger brother of Taiju Shiba, the leader of the Black Dragons. This gang was known as the most powerful organization in Kanto during its prime. It was established by Mikey’s older brother, but the strongest leader was Taiju without a doubt. He reformed the gang and used it to gain wealth, serving as a mercenary army for the rich.

Hakkai was often abused by Taiju, but he didn’t stand up for himself. He had a more peaceful relationship with his older sister, Yuzuha, who he wanted to protect at all cost, but she also protected Hakkai. The way Taiju raised him, he used violence on strangers without an issue, but the interference of Mitsuya, the captain of Toman’s second division helped him to change for the better. He and Mitsuya developed a deep friendship.

Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai Shiba

Gang information




Tokyo Manji Gang Second Division Vice-Captain

Character Info




Semptermber 4, 1991




78 kg

Hair Color

Royal Blue

Eye Color




Yuzuha Shiba (older sister)
Taiju Shiba (older brother)
Takashi Mitsuya (one-sided crush)

Appearances in ANIME

Manga Debut

Chapter 71


Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai reached the vice-captain position in Toman due to his friendship with Mitsuya. He also met Takemitchi in the bowling alley and invited him to their place. Unlucky for them, Taiju came home[1], and as a captain in Toman, Takemichi was basically sentenced to death. Hakkai offered his brother an exchange: he will leave Toman and join the Black Dragons to save Takemichi. He had another intention though – he wanted to kill his brother.

His sister, Yuzuha was abused just like Hakkai, and he figured this was the way to free themselves. He left Toman and plotted to kill Taiju on Christmas. Takemichi didn’t want that to happen, as he already saw a future where Hakkai killed his brother and was manipulated by Kisaki. To prevent this from happening, Takemichi, Chifuya, and Mitsuya went to the church where the brothers would meet. A fight broke out, and even Yuzuha showed up to kill Taiju. This revealed that it was her who killed him in the future, but Hakkai took the blame. She later broke down and told them that Kisaki pulled the strings, to turn everyone against each other. After Mikey and Draken showed up and beat Taiju, the event ended with not a single person dying. Hakkai told his brother that he would never let him control their lives[2], and Taiju decided to leave the Black Dragons, and start a new life.


Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai is almost as tall as Draken with his 183 centimeters[3]. He has indigo eyes, and another shade of very short, blue hair. He has the left side of his head shaved in curvy lines. He also has two other things on the left side of his head, a unique earring, and a scar that cuts through his lips vertically. He has noticeable lower eyelashes as well.


Hakkai Shiba personality

Hakkai is a friendly, kind of reserved guy, who changed a lot during his childhood. His brother wanted to teach him discipline, so he was constantly put through physical abuse. He only experienced this wrathful perspective, he continued to beat up other kids himself. This attitude was changed by Mitsuya, who showed him the true way of using his strength. Mitsuya developed a calm personality in Hakkai, and their friendship, both in and outside of Toman grew to its fullest. Hakkai easily made friends, but he didn’t want to reach higher and higher positions. He lives in the present but has plans. He also kept secrets and wasn’t completely honest to his mates until the church fight.


yzuha and hakkai

He obviously hid the abusive behavior of his brother from Toman and his surroundings. But there was something else about his family issues he really didn’t want to share. When it was time to reveal some details about his situation, he decided to lie and told the others that he stood up against Taiju to protect Yuzuha. In reality, it was the other way around. Yuzuha told Taiju that he should hit her again instead of hurting Hakkai[4]. It was Yuzuha who did everything to protect her little brother, but Hakkai used this lie to bring all the attention to himself, and protect Yuzuha by taking the blame for the potential murder of Taiju, and everything that they went through during their childhood. Taiju revealed all of these secrets at the church fight, and Hakkai didn’t even try to cover up anything. At that point, he was just broken and wanted an escape route from all that[5].


Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai never was a top-tier fighter, but as a member of the Shiba family, he had some real power by nature. Taiju’s rough raising methods also taught Hakkai some techniques, and he was a regular bully at the local parks. Although we haven’t really seen him fight. He was probably strong enough to knock out a regular member of any gang, but he would have had a hard time fighting a captain.


Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai himself was a vice-captain of the Second Division in Toman. This was mostly due to the friendship with Mitsuya, who controlled the Second Division. With his rank, Hakkai was the acting leader of the division, and in the absence of Mitsuya, he would be able to order the whole squad without issues, although such actions weren’t shown.

He also was a member of the Black Dragons while Taiju was the leader, but in one timeline he became the leader of the gang after he killed his brother, making him the 11th leader. Takemichi figured that this action was the cause of him getting corrupted, and thus decided to stop Hakkai.

Gang affiliation

In Toman, Hakkai had been well respected before the Black Dragons beat up Takemichi, but this incident gave him a good reason to quit. Many Toman admins and members also lost their trust in Hakkai, but Mitsuya, Takemichi, and Chifuya acted by themselves to save him from his brother, as they knew the truth about them. Kisaki also took the opportunity to get involved, but his schemes weren’t impactful enough to ruin the plans of the rest. Hakkai later apologized for his actions, and his relationship with the gang was reassured.

The members of the Black Dragons also looked at him with distrust, as he, the brother of Taiju, joined Toman. He was alone in the group, and someone always kept an eye out for him. His respect was restored during and after the church fight.


Takashi Mitsuya Tokyo Revengers

Takashi Mitsuya

The other big factor in his life was the presence of Mitsuya. Once, when Hakkai was beating up some kid on the playground, Mitsuya approached him. He told Hakkai that he should only use violence to protect others[6]. They went back to Mitsuya’s place, where he told his background to Hakkai. He was moved by the kind words, and Mitsuya’s pacifism infected him. After this event, they developed a deep friendship and relied on each other whenever it was necessary. Mitsuya helped him change his life and placed down the foundations to break free from his brother’s control.

As for his personality, he has the attitude of "never giving up" even if that brings harm to himself. For instance, he had to go through so many tough situations whilst being a part of the Toman Gang. He had to stand the violence of Osanai (Moebius gang's president) and this guy just got punched in his face by so many people! Takemichi Hanagaki is an individual who's lost the sense of direction, and that's why he's got low self-esteem. He apologizes for the smallest things and cries easily. He's called a "crybaby hero" by his best friend Akkun. As he's not very financially stable, he badmouths the rich people. He's the best version of a weak crybaby who's empathetic and kind beyond his years and never gives up. Throughout the series, you're able to feel his pain and his resilience isn't cringy at all. However, leaping back in time changed his personality completely. It turned him into an audacious young man who'd take a punch or kick in his abdomen just to feel things. He's now a brave young man who takes risks for his loved ones. Knowing the deep dark secrets of different gangs and their bad deeds made Takemichi even more furious. And now he plays an important role in Toman Gang along with Draken and Mikey. In fact, Takemichi is the guy who's holding Toman together and wouldn't let it break even if Mikey-kun tried to finish it up. Takemichi is the embodiment of "loyalty". He's very loyal to his friends and would make sure to have their backs. Risking his life, he tried to save Keisuke Baji and Chifuyu as well and that's shown through his time leaping. While fighting, he never backs down and would be beaten until unconscious but would try his best to save his friends. He's brave because of never giving up! His shining and warm smile makes everyone's hearts fill with joy.

Takemichi Hanagaki


Taiju Shiba Tokyo Revengers

Taiju Shiba

His older brother, Taiju, at least from his perception, loved his siblings a lot. But this love, for some reason, came in a form of violence. he wanted to teach them discipline, and make them strong individually, as sometimes they won’t be able to get help. This approach made Hakkai hate his brother to his roots. It wasn’t unusual that they got into a fight in front of others. and Taiju made a name for himself as a rotten individual. Hakkai wanted to kill him to solve their issues, but after Takemichi sabotaged that, he was unable to act against his brother. He later decided to no longer stay quiet if anything happens, and that those things will never repeat. They didn’t get their conflict resolved, but as their paths split, Hakkai managed to find peace.

Shiba Yuzuha

Yuzuha Shiba

Yuzuha Shiba is the younger sister of Taiju Shiba and the older sister of Hakkai Shiba.


  • His name, hakkaimeans „eight commandments”, referring to the eight precepts from the Buddhist faith. This name can also be familiar from the anime My Hero Academia, in which the main antagonist of the 4th season, Chisaki led a yakuza organization under the name Shie Hassaikai, meaning „Eight Precepts of Death’’.
  • Hakkai actually has Mitsuya as his phone background, while his sister, Yuzuha has Hakkai as her wallpaper.


The center of attention during the Black Dragons ArcHakkai proved his innocence by staying true to his friends. He was an unstable person, and his lack of will almost caused a disaster, but he didn’t give in to Kisaki’s scheme. Whatever the future may bring, he will always be the timid and friendly guy that Mitsuya wanted him to be. If you liked this article, make sure to check out our collection of blogs on the Tokyo Revengers franchise!


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