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Hajime Kokonoi is a minor character during the Black Dragons and Tenjiku arcs but has a prominent role of having an indirect effect on the events. His nickname is Koko and has a cloudy friendship with Seishu Inui. He had the role of Elite Guard Captain during the 10th generation of Black Dragons

Hajime was also a member of Tenjiku, Toman for a short period, and currently, he is a member of the Kanto Manji in the past, and an executive of Bonten in the present timeline. Note, as this character likely won’t show up in the anime adaptation of this season, this article contains spoilers.

Hajime Kokonoi

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Hajime is a relatively tall and skinny character. He has black deathhawk hair, with lines shaved into the left side of his head. He also has a golden earring in his left ear. He has an angry face by default, which is reinforced by his arching eyebrows. He likes to keep his style revolving around the color black.

Hajime Kokonoi


Gang information

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Tokyo Manji (Toman) 1st Division Member
Former 10 Gen. Elite Guard Captain of Black Dragons (former)

Character Info




April 1st, 1989


174 cm



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Manga Debut

Chapter 71


Hajime is not really a physically gifted person, but his brain makes up for the fact. He has excellent business skills, no matter the legality of his actions. He was able to gather a large sum by leading a thief organization at a young age and was used many times by powerful people to serve as their ATMs.

He likes to be a lone wolf, but when he felt like carrying the burden of Akane’s death, he chose to stick around InupiHajime wants to act on his own, and he searches for strong mates to assure his position.

Strengths and Skills

Although Hajime excels at mental activities, he isn’t a great fighter. He is at the level of an average gang member. We haven’t witnessed him fighting at any point except with Inupi, which seemed to be a balanced fight. Knowing that Inupi only lost to Taiju before reforming the Black Dragons, Hajime may have some good fighting abilities, but he doesn’t care about brawling. He is fantastic at growing wealth and only focuses on said activity.

Hajime Kokonoi Influence


The highest position he held was the Elite Guard Captain in the Black Dragons, meaning he had control over around a hundred or more men in Taiju’s absence. He was treated as a regular member of other gangs, but he was nonetheless kept in high regard. Everyone feared him, not because he could defeat them in a fight, but if Hajime leaves their squad, their income will drop drastically. 


  • His first name, Hajime means one ().
  • He is the only character known to be a bookworm at a young age except for Tetta Kisaki.


Hajime and Seishu

Hajime was a classmate of Seishu, who had the nickname „Inupi”. Inupi had an older sister, Akane. Hajime had a crush on her and used every opportunity to talk to her. Once he tried to kiss her in the library, but Akane rejected him[1]. 

One time Hajime was walking home, he noticed how the Inui family house was in flames. He quickly entered the building to save Akane, but he mistakenly brought Seishu out[2]. He was broken by the dying state of Akane and swore to make enough money that he could cover her treatment expenses[3]

He started to form minor thief gangs, as he had a good sense of making money. Once he was told that Akane died in the hospital, Hajime blamed himself for the incident[4] and thought that his only redemption was to help others make money. Once he deliberately confused Inupi with her sister, or may have accidentally mistaken him for her as a daydream, and kissed him in the library window[5]




Hajime was forced to join Tenjiku by Muto. Hajime rather chose to defect from Toman, than to see his friends get killed. He was just a mere member there, but their captain, Izana, was flattered by the reputation Hajime had as a „businessman”. 

Despite being forced to join this squad, Hajime enjoyed his stay[6]. He was able to break loose from Inupi, but later they were drawn into a one-on-one fight during Tenjiku’s conflict with Toman. They didn’t resolve their issues and said farewells to each other after Tenjiku’s breakup.

Black Dragons

Black Dragons

Hajime served as an Elite Guard Captain during Taiju’s leadership. He was the bank man of the squad, just like anywhere else. He was the one who introduced Taiju Shiba to Inupi when the latter wanted to reform the squad, as they needed a new president. 

Taiju gave Hajime and Inupi prominent positions as they were already in the gang, but it wasn’t a relationship built on trust. He followed Inupi’s lead when he merged the remaining Black Dragons into Toman.


Kanto Manji / Bonten

Two years after Manjiro Sano disbanded Toman, he formed a new gang excluding his old friends. He invited many well-known delinquents, including Hajime. This gang later turned into the well-known criminal organization, Bonten, but Hajime kept his position.


Seishu Inui

Seishu Inui

Their relationship was the most important connection in Hajime’s life, as he wanted to atone for Akane’s death. Hajime and Inupi were only school friends before, but Hajime’s love for Inupi’s sister made them get closer to each other as well. Their kiss in the library window can be considered as a sane action of Hajime, but he was overwhelmed by his feelings towards Akane and made a brave choice. 

Hajime followed Inupi through everything, but they didn’t trust each other enough. When Tenjiku separated them, Hajime started viewing the situation rationally and decided to fight Inupi. During the battle between Tenjiku and Toman, they started reminiscing about Akane and where their relationship went wrong. 

After the conflict calmed down, they finally said goodbyes to each other[7]. Hajime told Inupi to not go down the wrong path again, but ironically, Hajime was the one to join the criminal organizations afterward.


Hajime Kokonoi Plot

Hajime always followed Inupi’s lead, as some sort of atonement. He joined the Black Dragons and introduced Inupi to Taiju Shiba. He was the money-making machine of the Black Dragons and was kept in high regard. Later, he was forced to join Tenjiku by the traitor from Toman, Yasuhiro Muto, as he threatened to otherwise torture Hajime’s friends. 

He served as the money man there as well, but he enjoyed his stay because he didn’t want to face Inupi. Hajime confronted Inupi during the battle against Toman, and they had an emotionally heated fight that revolved around Hajime’s feelings for Akane. They eventually calmed down, but their conflict was never resolved. 

Hajime later joined the newly formed gang of Kanto Manji and the present time number-one organization of Bonten.

Final Verdict

Although Hajime was a minor character, his actions made the gangs he was involved with as powerful as we know them to be. This comes down to his great skill at making money, but also his charisma. He didn’t let others exploit him and only helped them because he felt fulfilled when making a bank. If you liked this article, go check out our other summaries about Tokyo Revengers!


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