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    Probably one of the most mentioned characters even if he already passed away is Shinichiro. He inspired an entire generation of delinquents, became the ideal model of so many characters in the series, and is arguably the single most influential character of the Tokyo Revengers’ plot without even participating in the current story. Let’s get to know what I like to call, the epitome of delinquents, Shinichiro Sano.

Shinichiro Sano

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Shinichiro Sano has two different appearances in the Tokyo Revengers Series. One of his outfits was when he was the 1st Generation Leader of the Black Dragons and the other was when he was an adult.

His first appearance as the 1st Generation Leader of the Black Dragons includes slick-back hair and the Black Dragons’ uniform when they were under his control. The coat includes engravings on the back. He can also be seen having the same hairstyle when he was still living with his siblings in their grandfather’s dojo (Chapter 123).

Shinichiro’s second appearance was when he was an adult. He had similar hair to Chifuyu and Mikey in their adult versions which is a messy bedhead hairstyle minus the undercut. His facial features look similar to that of Mikey as an adult. This is what he looked like when Toman was just formed and he was running a bike shop (Chapter 44-45).

Shinchiro Sano


Current Status

Deceased (Kazutora Hanemiya)

Character Info




August 1st, 1980


182 cm



Hair Color



Related To

Emma Sano (younger sister)
Manjiro Sano 

Affiliations with

Black Dragons


Manga Debut

Chapter 44


Shinchiro Sano

Shinichiro has been mentioned throughout the series, especially by Mikey. When Takemichi went to the past there were several times where Mikey compared him to Shinichiro.

Opposite to other gangs, when Shinichiro founded the Black Dragons he didn’t immediately seek power but instead he focused on the morals and values of what a true delinquent should be. 

As a gang leader, Shinichiro was known to be very charismatic and would improve people not by fear or power but by inspiring them and gaining their trust. Just like Takemichi, he was known to not have superhuman fighting abilities but always fought with unbreakable resolve. When in a fight with his gang, he would stand on the front lines with them despite having average fighting capabilities. These actions made him the idol of many delinquents all across Tokyo, and many of the strongest followed him (Chapter 109).

Shinichiro also deeply cared about his siblings and guided them to a path that ensured they had a bright future. Even though Emma was only his half-sibling he raised her along with Mikey full of care and love. Emma adopted his habit of going to the shrine and praying every Christmas Eve (Chapter 108) while Mikey tried his best to follow in his brother’s footsteps throughout the series.

Strengths and Skills

Shinchiro Sano Personality


Even after he passed away, Shinichiro is still seen by many delinquents of the current generation as an inspiration especially by the Tokyo Manji Gang. With his ability to inspire and lead others he increased the morale of his gang members when fighting and can make them follow him through thick and thin.

As the founder and 1st Generation Leader of the Black Dragons, through his leadership, he was able to create the golden days of the group making them the most powerful in all of Tokyo. Despite his subpar skills in fighting, he can lead strong individuals by gaining their respect through his perseverance and charisma.

Shinchiro Sano Mechanic

Mechanic Expert

Just like his younger brother, Mikey, Shinichiro also had a lot of interest when it came to motorcycles. When he became an adult, Shinichiro opened his bike shop which welcomed anyone, even his old gang members. This shop would become his go-to when checking out his motorcycles and would even become the place where he drew his last breath (Chapter 44-45).

He passed this skill on to Mikey and would even give him 2 CB250T Engines he found in the Philippines. Draken and Mikey would finish assembling the motorcycle and give it to Takemichi after their fight with the Black Dragons (Chapter 113).


l  Shinichiro’s blood type is O.

l  His birthday is on August 1st, 1980.

l  He weighs 69kg and is 182cm tall.

l  Shinichiro would die at the age of 24 because of Kazutora and Baji.

l  The name Shinichiro means “genuine son”.


Shinchiro Sanoo

Not much is known about the life Shinichiro was living other than a few descriptions given by the characters in the timeline where Takemichi went to the past

In his early years, Shinichiro was the founder and lead of the 1st Generation of the Black Dragons which was said to be the time where the gang was at its peak. He was able to lead individuals who were more powerful than him and have the full loyalty of all the members. 

As mentioned by Mikey, Shinichiro was not as powerful as him but he was able to conquer all of Tokyo and make even the current generation of delinquents speak highly of his name as he was in his prime when leading his gang (Chapter 109).

As a brother, Shinichiro deeply cared about all his siblings, even Emma who recently joined the family. He even met Baji when Baji was training in their grandfather’s dojo. His grandfather always told Baji that he should never be like Shinichiro who doesn’t attend his training and unlike him, Mikey has a lot of potentials when it comes to martial arts (Chapter 123).


Black Dragons

There is not much information regarding who was with Shinichiro when he ruled the Black Dragons other than he was not as cruel and violent as the future generations. He leads his members with a just moral compass and guides them to a path that avoids crime.


Manjiro Sano - Mikey

Manjiro Sano

Manjiro Sano is the younger brother of Shinichiro Sano and the president and one of the founders of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Manjiro looks up to Shinichiro even after his death. 

Mikey even says that, unlike Shinichiro and Takemichi, he is weak even if he can knock down most opponents in one kick because Shinichiro and Takemichi can win against themselves (Chapter 109).

Shinichiro would influence much of Mikey’s decisions both in the original timeline and the past. Mikey would also inherit Shinichiro’s Honda CB250T motorcycle.

Emma Sano

Emma Sano

Emma Sano is Shinichiro’s younger half-sister. Emma would arrive at the dojo of Mikey and Shinichiro’s grandfather after she was left by her mother. Emma would meet both of them and would eventually be raised by both brothers (Chapter 123)

Emma even followed Shinichiro’s routine of praying on the shrine during Christmas Eve (Chapter 108). As they grew up all of Shinichiro’s younger siblings including Emma would look up to him and see him as their biggest inspiration.

Izana Kurkawa

Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa is the founder and president of Tenjiku as well as Shinichiro’s younger half-brother. He would leave the Shinichiro household eventually and go on to live on his own. His intense idolization of Shinichiro would lead him to hate his half-brother Mikey because of jealousy. He would fight Mikey and order the murder of Emma.


Tokyo Revengers Sanchiro Sano Plot

After retiring as the leader of the Black Dragons and ending the 1st Generation of the gang, Shinichiro would go on to open his bike shop. 

As Mikey and the newly-formed Toman ride on their bikes, they encounter a gang that ridiculed Mikey because he was just riding a beat-down Moped. Eventually, the gang would be beaten by Mikey and Baji (Chapter 43).

 As Mikey’s birthday was fast approaching, Kazutora and Baji would break into a bike shop in the hopes of stealing a motorcycle and giving it as a gift for Mikey. While Baji was hesitant with the plan, Kazutora insisted on going on. 

When they were caught and in the heat of the moment, Kazutora hit the owner in the head with a wrench, instantly killing him. Baji then soon realizes that the one they killed was Shinichiro Sano. This caused Kazutora to have a mental breakdown and blame it all on Mikey. Even as the cops arrived, Shinichiro, who was 24 years old, died on the spot (Chapter 44-45).

Voice Actor

Shinichiro still has not appeared in the anime since it is just in the Moebius Arc. Shinichiro’s first appearance in the manga was in the Valhalla Arc in the 6th Volume of the Manga series.

Final Verdict

Even a few years after his death, he would still be seen as a symbol of what a true delinquent should become. Kazutora would eventually apologize for killing Shinichiro (Chapter 64) and Shinichiro would be compared to Takemichi several times which was even acknowledged by Baji (Chapter 61). Shinichiro is one of the most impactful characters in the Tokyo Revengers Series where after he created an entire gang and brought it to its golden age, he continued to influence the decisions of major characters. Takemichi became the new Shinichiro and would become the pillar that holds Toman together.


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