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After the Tokyo Manji Gang disbanded, there was a power struggle between the countless gangs that occupied Tokyo. One of these wannabe conquerors was Brahman, which is ruled by the one they call the “Unrivaled”.  The leader of the strongest gang that dwells in the darkness. Let’s get to know more about the phantom that lurks in the shadows, Senju Kawaragi.

Senju Kawaragi

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Senju appearance 1

Senju Kawaragi first appeared wearing a variation of the Brahman standard uniform. The common variation features a large black hooded cloak that can be closed using a zipper in the middle and with white stripes on the bottom. The cloak’s sleeves are baggy and loose. The Kanji for “Brahman” is also engraved on the back of the cloak, as well as on the sleeves (Chapter 212).

Senju, on the other hand, has a similar cloak but with different designs on the sleeves. Senju has a wavy linear pattern with a small number of flower petals. She also pairs the cloak with black skinny jeans and high-top sneakers (Chapter 213).

When talking about her facial structure, Senju looks more feminine than what you might expect from the leader of a strong gang. Her hair color has not been revealed, but it looks to be on a lighter spectrum, similar to her eyes. Senju also has a short-medium undercut hairstyle and long eyelashes (Chapter 212).

Surprisingly, Senju has an unexpected appearance. Senju can be seen wearing a girl’s school uniform which resembled that of a sailor outfit. This included a cropped blouse with a ribbon and a skirt that completed the overall look (Chapter 215).

Senju Kawaragi


Character Info


Alias: Unrivaled


Blood Type: O

Height: 155cm

Weight: 49kg

Position: Brahman (Leader)

Gender: Female


Affiliated with:  Brahman

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Voice Actors

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Senju has a more laid-back and stoic personality. She prefers to stay on the sidelines and wait for the right moment to attack her enemy from behind. When somebody talks to her, she doesn’t have much of a reaction. 

Shion Madarame even yelled at her face and insulted her, but Senju just replied asking Shion who he was. Senju also doesn’t mind the attitude of his subordinates. Even Benkei shouted at her and she only gave a nonsensical reply (Chapter 213).

Despite her easy-going personality, Senju never backs down from a fight. After she kicked South, she was all fired up to start the battle (Chapter 212). On the other hand, Senju is also welcoming to other people such is the case when Takemichi joined Brahman. Senju immediately assigned Takemichi as her gofer with a joking face (Chapter 215).

Strengths and Skills

Senju Influence


Senju is one of the 3 Deities that brought peace to Tokyo during the city’s Sengoku Period. She is also the leader of the most powerful gang that works in the shadows, Brahman (Chapter 208).

Because of her massive influence on the world of delinquents after Toman disbanded, Senju was able to recruit well-known figures such as the living legends of the 1st Generation of the Black Dragons (Chapter 213)

Brahman also occupies 1/3rd of Tokyo which gives Senju as much power as the other 2 Deities (Chapter 208).

Senju Fighting Prowess

Fighting Prowess

Senju wasn’t given the nickname the “Unrivaled” for nothing. Senju’s fighting prowess shined when she had a brief fight against Rokuhara Tandai’s representative, South Terano (Chapter 212). Senju was able to surprise him by mixing in with the other members of Brahman.

She uses cunning tactics that ensure that she is at an advantage whenever she engages her opponents.

Senju is not afraid to use weapons and displayed excellent skills in fighting. When she fought, she showed abilities similar to Izana Kurokawa, where she has incredible speed and senses as well as powerful hits.


l Senju prefers to be on the sidelines and not in the spotlight.

l She even makes Akashi Takeomi handle almost everything, including running Brahman.

l Senju means Thousand Residence while Kawaragi is derived from Tile and Castle.

l Takemichi didn’t realize that the person he was handing the umbrella to was Senju, Brahman’s Boss (Chapter 212).

| Everyone thought Senju was a boy during her first appearance.


Senju Kawaragi first emerged during Tokyo’s Sengoku Period. During this time, Toman disbanded, leaving the title “The Strongest Gang in all of Tokyo” without an owner. This resulted in countless gangs fighting each other to be number one. 

Eventually, 3 gangs emerged from the chaos and brought peace to the world of delinquents. Senju Kawaragi is the leader of one of those 3 gangs, Brahman. Senju then declared Shinjuku Ward as Brahman’s territory. (Chapter 208).

To achieve this incredible feat, she recruited the Vice-President, Special Attack Unit Captain, and the Guard Captain of the legendary 1st Generation of the Black Dragons. All of these individuals were called the living legends and were the founders of a gang that was the most powerful in Tokyo during its prime (Chapter 213).





Akashi Takeomi

Akashi Takeomi is Brahman’s Number 2 member and was the Vice-President of the Black Dragons during its 1st Generation. He also serves as the representative of the gang and does all the talking.

keizo tokyo revengers

Keizo Arashi “Benkei”

Keizo Arashi is a top executive in Brahman and was the former Guard Captain of the 1st Generation of the Black Dragons. He is included in the 1st Generation’s Best Duo because of his amazing fighting prowess.

wakasa tokyo revengers

Wakasa Imaushi “Waka”

Wakasa Imaushi is a top executive in Brahman and was the former Special Attack Unit Captain of the 1st Generation of the Black Dragons. Much like Senju, he is quiet and stoic, while being very confident in his abilities when it comes to fighting. He is also the other piece of the 1st Generation’s Best Duo.

Ken Ryuguji Draken

Ken Ryuguji "Draken"

During his time riding alone with Takemichi, Draken revealed himself to be a member of Brahman. He threw his own series of punches against South Terano but it was cut short because of the police’s arrival (Chapter 214).

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki

After knowing that Draken was already a member of Brahman, Takemichi strengthened his resolve to defeat Mikey and end the Kantou Manji Gang. Takemichi joined Brahman because it was the fastest way he’ll achieve his goals (Chapter 215).


Senju Plot 1

After Senju Kawaragi took control of Shinjuku Ward and 1/3rd of Tokyo, she, along with the other executives of Brahman, made it their goal to recruit Hanagaki Takemichi into their ranks. However, Rokuhara Tandai had the same idea, and the 2 powerhouses went face-to-face (Chapter 212).

Executives of Rokuhara Tandai started appearing one after the other until Senju interrupted their introductions. Behind the crowd of Brahman thugs, Senju sprinted and threw an umbrella at South Terano. South quickly parried the umbrella, but ultimately received Senju’s roundhouse kick to the back of his head (Chapter 212).

Senju then told Takemichi to give her back her umbrella because she doesn’t want to get wet. After a short fight between the two gang’s top brass took place, it was later revealed that Senju recruited the Black Dragon’s living legends (Chapter 213).

Senju Plot 2

South Terano’s fuse lit off and he directly challenged Senju, to which Senju replied that her goal was only to recruit Takemichi before the Kantou Manji Gang arrives. Senju is shocked as Takemichi yells to everyone that he will defeat Mikey. She then left along with Brahman after they noticed the authorities were coming (Chapter 214).

Senju then showed up during a disagreement between Draken, Takemichi, and Akashi. She explained that Draken joined Brahman because he wanted to get Mikey back and Brahman’s goal was to destroy the Kantou Manji Gang, so they cooperated with each other. Senju told Takemichi to join Brahman but got pissed off when Draken disagreed for Takemichi’s sake (Chapter 215).

However, Takemichi agreed and Senju made him her gofer. Their next meeting left Takemichi shocked as he saw Senju in a girl’s school uniform (Chapter 215).

Voice Actor

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Final Verdict

Because of her talent in fighting that is unique among delinquents, Senju Kawaragi rose to the top and became a legendary figure in Tokyo. There is nothing more dangerous than a warrior who knows how to fight within the shadows. Senju is not only the leader of Brahman, she is the unrivaled phantom of Tokyo.


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