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Wakasa Imaushi was one of the founding member of Black Dragons. However, he’s an executive member of the Brahman Gang now.

Tokyo Revengers is a manga known for having interesting and creative characters. Imaushi Wakasa is the character we are going to be talking about today, using all of the information we have.

We are going to be talking about his personality and appearance before diving into what we know about his affiliations.

wakasa tokyo revengers

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Waqasa Imaushi

Many of the characters in Tokyo Revengers have very similar looking character designs. In a series like this, Imaushi still stands out for having a more unique look than many of his fellow cast members.

He is shorter than most of the other characters we meet in the show. Imaushi is also noted for looking particularly “feminine”. He has his long hair striped into interchanging patterns of yellow and black (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 213)

The few times we have seen him he always appears to be carrying around a stick in his mouth. He has piercings along both his ears, with chains of interlocking beads hanging off from his earrings.

So far, we have only ever seen him wearing the same outfit. He is usually seen wearing a Black Dragon uniform. However, unlike many of his fellow gang members his uniform is a lot more ornate -hinting at his high status in his gang.

Wakasa Imaushi

Wakasa Imaushi

Character Info


Birth: April 23

Age: 27

Blood Type: O

Height: 5’6 (168cm)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga


wakasa tokyo revengers

Unlike just about any other character in the Tokyo Revengers Manga, Imaushi is someone who does not seem too thrilled by the idea of fighting. One would think that this is because he knows he is too weak but that’s far from the truth. The reality is that Imaushi knows he is so strong that most people aren’t worth the effort of him directly fighting them (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 213).

Unfortunately, it appears that this personality trait of his extends to more than just his joy for fighting. He is usually seen being very carefree and bored of everything around him. This would likely annoy and antagonize his fellow members if he didn’t implicitly earn their respect with his abilities.

Strengths and Skills

Waqasa and gang

We have not directly seen Wakasa fight so far but we can assume that he has to be very strong. This is because he was one of the leaders in a gang that was the strongest in Tokyo at one point. 

More than that, he was the leader of the ‘Special Attack Unit’, a section of the gang particularly known for having some of the strongest members.

Moreover, from the way Wakasa acts bored at the idea of fighting most people, we can further surmise that at least he thinks most people aren’t worth the trouble of exerting himself.


Black Dragons Vs. Toman

Black Dragon is one of the strongest gangs we see in the entirety of Tokyo Revengers. Along with people like Shinichiro and Keizo, he is one of its founding members.

The Black Dragon gang works on the idea of ‘generations’ where every generation is defined by the gang having a new leader. Wakasa is part of the gang’s very first generation alongside the leader Shinichiro.


Black Dragons Gang Tokyo Revengers.

Black Dragon Gang

Wakasa is a founding member of a gang that was the strongest gang in the entirety of Tokyo during its prime (Tokyo Revengers Manga Chapter 79). The first generation was particularly known for being strong and reliable, and Wakasa was part of this generation.

Brahman Gang

Brahman Gang

 Waka is the executive of Brahman, and he’s a rather powerful one! 

Voice Actor

Japanese – To be announced

English – To be announced

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Wakasa is a great addition to an already well rounded and developed cast of characters. Many fans will doubtless be curious to see where his character arc takes him.


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