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There are a lot of characters in the Tokyo Revengers Series. With so many groups being involved in the plot, one of the most memorable characters albeit one of the few characters that had an exceptional fight against Mikey is, Izana. As one of the strongest characters in the series, take a look at the head of the gang that rules Yokohama, Izana Kurokawa.

Izana Kurkawa

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Izana Kurokawa



Birth: August 30, 1987

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Bleach Blonde

Eye Color: Orchid

Height: 165cm

Weight: 58kg


Manjiro Sano (Adoptive Younger Brother)

Shinichiro Sano (Adoptive Older Brother)

Emma Sano (Adoptive Sister)

Professional Status


Black Dragons

-Former 8th Generation Leader 



Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 121

Anime Debut: Coming Soon

Voice Actors


English: – 


Izana Kurokawa has 2 known outfits in the Tokyo Revengers Series. One is the Tenjiku uniform that he wears in the manga while the other can be seen on the cover of Volume 17 of the manga publications.

His first appearance or you could also call his official look is him wearing the red Tenjiku uniform which features a collared jacket and black outlines on the edge of the zipper lines. Izana usually leaves it open while wearing a black t-shirt inside. He pairs it with his iconic hanafuda-inspired earrings which match the color scheme of the Tenjiku uniform (Chapter 153).

His second appearance which is on the cover of the 17th volume of the manga series features a jacket whose structure is similar to the Tenjiku uniform but with a different design. It has a floral pattern with holes in between. Izana wears it with nothing on the inside emphasizing his build and black pants on the bottom. He also wears the same earrings (Manga Cover Vol. 17).

On both outfits, Izana has white-blond bleached hair and wide purple eyes and pupils. He has an undercut hairstyle with the top being parted from the center. He has a darker tanned skin tone and has the same body structure as Mikey but is a bit taller.


When Takemichi met Izana Kurokawa he was known to be a ruthless and feared leader of the Tenjiku Gang. Someone who would do anything to defeat his younger half-brother, Manjiro Sano “Mikey”. 

In contrast to that, Izana was known to be similar to Mikey even in terms of their personality. He was very protective of his younger blood-sister Emma Sano and looked up to the same person that Mikey also deemed as his inspiration, Shinichiro Sano. But this leads to him becoming jealous of Mikey when Shinichiro made Mikey inherit his gang. He left Emma at the Sano household and started to live on his own. 

While being alone he became the 8th Generation Leader of the Black Dragons and formed Tenjiku which further made his personality crueler (Chapter 132). Just like Mikey, Izana can also be easily manipulated and stray off the right path. His hate and jealousy for Mikey grew as the years go by, even to the point where he was willing to kill his family.

But there is a light in the darkened heart of Izana Kurokawa as he is willing to do anything to save those he considers his true friends. While dying, after he saved Kakuchou, he would learn what it meant to not be alone (Chapter 176).

Strength And Skills

Izana Influence


Izana Kurokawa has a vast pool of experience when it comes to being a leader and a symbol of authority. He became the 8th Generation Leader of the Black Dragons and the current president of Tenjiku.

Two very powerful groups which were composed of equally strong individuals and yet he reached the top.

Izana can control those under him with fear and absolute certainty. With his reputation, he can get strong fighters to fight for him and respect him. This is shown in their fight against Toman where all of Tenjiku stood by his side.

Izana Superhuman Senses

Superhuman Senses​

Unlike Mikey who has exceptional fighting abilities, Izana Kurokawa became the top dog because of his superhuman senses which were even recognized by Yasuhiro Muto, the former 5th Division Captain of Toman and now a Tenjiku Executive.

This means Izana can predict his enemies’ movements and set up a counterattack. This was proven when he was able to go up against Mikey in a drawn-out fight and was able to injure him severely (Chapter 171). 

Even if the fight between the two gangs was interrupted because of Kisaki Tetta, Izana’s skills are not a push-over.


  • Izana’s birthday is on August 30.
  • His height is 165cm and he weighs 58kg.
  • His surname, Kurokawa, means “black river”.
  • Izana is considered the sovereign king and backbone of Tenjiku.


Before he passed away, Izana revealed that he is not related by blood with the Sano family but both he and Emma were children from a mistress (Chapter 177). Despite this fact, when they were young, they were accepted into the Sano household by Mikey’s grandfather.

Izana became very close with Shinichiro Sano, his older half-brother and Shinichiro became the one he looked up to the most. Izana would later leave the Sano household and go on a journey of his own.

Shinichiro always visited Izana while he was in reform school. Izana and Shinichiro always took rides together on Shinichiro’s motorcycle. During one of their routine drive, Izana said that he wanted to inherit the next generation of the Black Dragons

Shinichiro happily agreed and even said that Mikey would go after Izana. When Izana realized that Shinichiro wasn’t his real brother, his world turned upside down (Chapter 172).

Izana wasn’t actually related to the Sano Family but instead, was the child of the Filipino mistress of Emma’s father. He knew all of this when he coincidentally met Emma’s mother when she was gambling. 

Izana confronted Shinichiro and Shinichiro admitted that he knew all along. Izana’s tears mixed with the rain as the only thing that he thought was the happiness that could make him escape this hell, turned out to be a lie (Chapter 177).

After committing several more crimes and getting sent to the Juvenile Detention Center, Izana Kurokawa met the rest of the S62 Generation. They gave their everything and wanted to serve Izana with full loyalty. This was 5 years before the Kanto Incident. They wrecked havoc on the Juvenile Institute, beating everyone who crossed their paths (Chapter 156).

Izana would also create a strong hatred and jealousy for his younger half-brother, Mikey which he deemed as his arch-nemesis. While Emma took on the Sano surname, it is unknown why Izana kept the surname Kurokawa, which may be his mother’s last name.

He met Kakuchou while Kakuchou was mourning the deaths of his parents in an orphanage. Izana destroyed the grave that Kakuchou made and told him to be his servant. This gave Kakuchou a sense of purpose and gladly took the offer. Both of them had a dream to create a kingdom where children like them could live happily. They called this Tenjiku (Chapter 178).


Tenjiku Gang


Tenjiku was created by Izana Kurokawa and it also died with him. Tenjiku is composed of the S62 Generation and almost 400 other members.

Black dragons

Black Dragons

Not much is known about Izana’s past with the Black Dragons other than he was their former 8th Generation Leader. He was also replaced by Shion Madarame as the 9th Generation Leader but Shion would also transfer to Tenjiku (Chapter 132).


S62 Generation

Kakuchou Hitto

Hitto Kakucho is regarded even by Izana Kurokawa as the strongest member in Tenjiku. He is one of the Four Heavenly Kings and is extremely loyal to Izana. After his parent’s death, he would stand side by side with Izana as his most trusted servant (Chapter 175). 

While the fight against Toman was ongoing, Kisaki Tetta who was told by Izana to kill Kakucho fires his handgun at him but Izana directly jumps in front of Kakuchou to save him. 

He is told by Izana to create the era they dreamed of together (Chapter 176). Kakuchou would live on to become Bonten’s Number 3.

Kanji Mochizuki

Kanji Mochizuki

Kanji Mochizuki was born in the S62 Generation and his position is one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku. In the brawl between Toman and Tenjiku, he would go against Chifuyu (Chapter 160).

Rindo Haitani - Tokyo Revengers

Rindo Haitani

Rindo Haitani is a member of Tenjiku and one of its top executives. He would participate in the battle versus Toman.

Ran Haitani​

Ran Haitani

Ran Haitani is yet another member of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku and the brother of Rindo Haitani.

Yasuhiro Muto - tokyo revengers

Yasuhiro Muto

Yasuhiro Muto was the former 5th Division Captain of Toman and is currently one of the top executives of Tenjiku.

Shion Madarame

Shion Madarame

Shion Madarame is another member of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku and Izana’s successor as he became the 9th Generation Leader of the Black Dragons.


Shinichiro Appearance 2

Shinichiro Sano

Shinichiro Sano is the older adoptive brother of Izana and the former leader and founder of the Black Dragons (Chapter 132). Shinichiro Sano is not an amazing fighter but is able to give the Black Dragons their golden days because of his compassion and inspirational leadership (Chapter 109). 

He is respected by the older and current generation of delinquents, especially by Izana. He would pass away when he was 24 years old which would result in Izana’s corruption.

Mikey Anime Manjiro Sano

Manjiro Sano

Manjiro Sano or also known as Mikey is the founder and president of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Mikey is Izana’s adoptive brother and enemy. Mikey is also a very powerful fighter capable of knocking out most of his opponents with one kick.

Izana has bitter feelings towards Mikey and they would later fight against each other. Izana would lose to Mikey in their fight and eventually lose his life in the next few moments (Chapter 174-177).

Emma Sano Past

Emma Sano

Emma Sano is Izana’s blood-sister. Izana in his childhood loved Emma very deeply and protected her at all costs. When she was just 3 years old, Izana would leave her in the Sano household and go on his own. 

As the years went by, Izana would order Emma’s death while he was being manipulated. Emma would die because of Izana which lead to the war of Toman against Tenjiku.


When Emma was just 3 years old, Izana would leave her and continue his life alone (Chapter 137). Emma would have a close bond with Mikey after Izana left. After the death of Shinichiro, Izana would slowly form a cruel personality. He would eventually become the 8th Generation Leader of the Black Dragons, the gang that Shinichiro Sano created.

While grieving after Shinichiro died, Izana fell into a state of depression. He sat in a bench and looked dead inside even as Kisaki approached him. After that, he would create Tenjiku, a gang whose territory is in Yokohama. He would become the sole authority in the gang and rule it with an iron fist (Chapter 172).

Although all this time when he was the president of Tenjiku, he did realize that he was being used by Kisaki Tetta, but didn’t mind because he was already empty inside (Chapter 149).

His first appearance in the manga is in Chapter 129 in the Tenjiku Arc. After Emma Sano was murdered through Izana’s orders (Chapter 147), Mikey’s gang, Toman and Tenjiku would have a war where he would have to face off against Mikey himself. In their fight, Izana and Kakuchou, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku were carrying Tenjiku.

A couple of the Four Heavenly Kings and a handful of Tenjiku’s top executives would instantly lose against the Division vice-captains of Toman (Chapter 163). Izana’s fight with Mikey was long and he was able to keep up for a significant amount of time (Chapter 171-174). This resulted in a loss for Tenjiku.

Kisaki Tetta would then attempt to kill Kakuchou with a handgun but instead hit Izana when he jumped in to save Kakucho (Chapter 176). While on his last breath, he would reveal his past with the Sano family, learn what it means to have a friend stick by you, and signal the end of Tenjiku’s reign (Chapter 177).

As Izana laid in a pool of blood, he told his backstory to Mikey. Mikey wanted to save Izana because he was the only sibling Mikey had left. It turns out that he wasn’t blood related to anyone at all. While Izana told Mikey everything, tears streamed out of his eyes and his final words were “There is no way to save me, right? Right? Emma” (Chapter 177).

Voice Actors


English – TBA


Although one of the main antagonists of the Tokyo Revengers Series, Izana Kurokawa is undoubtedly a very interesting character. It would come as a shock to some readers how sad and emotional Izana’s backstory was. He was just empty inside, searching for happiness in the hell he was born in. Izana Kurokawa has a substantial amount of influence on the series, especially in how Takemichi will try to fix the past.


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