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Let me introduce you to one of the oldest secret societies in the Shinobi world. It is Kara, a group of people who are doing shady stuff in the shadows and waiting for the moment when they can achieve their objective. Yes, this group can be Boruto’s generation of Akatsuki, so it already sounds like a good Arc.

A mysterious group whose objective at first is unknown, it has very strong core members and the leader of the group is insanely strong. But now this group happens to have strong political power and is also very rich which is needed for research purposes. So I said it may sound familiar to Akatsuki but it has its own quirks.

Kara Society

Kara's Objective


First, let’s see what the group’s objective is. In short, Kara’s objective is to make their wishes true. This can be made by locating the God of Tree and collecting its fruit which is called the Chakra Fruit.

This group believes that this chakra of fruit will make their wishes true, even though there is no real guarantee that this is true, but the group will never question its leader’s words.

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Character Info

Current status: Still active


Isshiki Ōtsutsuki

Code (current leader)


Amado, Boro, Code, Deepa (Anime only), Delta, Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, Jigen, Koji Kashin, Victor


Ao, Bug, Garashi Tōno (Anime only), Garō, Iwa Doctor (Anime only)

Other: Ada, Daemon

Hierarchy Inside the Group

In this group there are two types of people, there are the Inners who are the leaders of this group, and Outers who help the group from outside. That is why they are called Outers but seriously, they are individuals who help the group in various ways. 

They can be underlings who help them make small tasks or they can be spies or even researchers.



Inners are the core members of the group. It mean s that if even one Inner is killed or taken out that could affect the group in a very bad way, mostly because every Inner has a region which they are responsible for. 

So, if one was taken out then that region is one for. But Kara does not worry about that because to be an Inner you have to be insanely strong. For example, one member, Boro could easily stand against Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and Kawaki. (Chapter 41)

I think I should also mention that these Inners can be spotted very easily because of their appearances. Because all Inners have a facial tattoo that symbolizes one of the Roman numbers and has a metal pint on their right shoulder. 

Also, they usually wear a black cloak which may have some light color in them. So if you remember all this you can spot an Inner from miles away.



As I said an Outer is a volunteer helper of the group. There can be various types of Outers.  They can be an underling, a sleeper agent, a spy, but the group hired some scientists too, who help them invent various ways to make the group stronger or help them research the Scientific Ninja Tools. 

Also, they have a lot of Outers as a politician or a member of the Kage’s council or even as a small or big merchant so they can have either a lot of political power to do whatever they want and to have a lot of money for research.

All in all, this group has a lot of influential and strong members because they want to make sure that no one will ever stop this group from achieving their goal.

Boruto Ao

In the end, this group seems to be unbeatable because it has strong members, has the power of science to make members stronger, has a lot of political power too.  

Most people don’t even know about this group, and even those who know there is nothing they can do about it. Kara is also a rich rich group, so maybe some people may consider joining to group more than destroying it.



Isshiki Ōtsutsuki (Leader)

Isshiki is the oldest member of the group. To be exact, he is over 1000 years old. He came to the world with Kaguya and their object was to plan the God of Three and then harvest its fruit, the Chakra Fruit. 

But then Kaguya betrayed him by destroying the lower parts of his body making him basically bleed to death but before that Isshiki found a young monk and in his last moment, he successfully shrink himself enough to enter his ears so then he can absorb his life energy and nutrients that will make Isshiki survive, but later he found a way to take full control of this body.


After he regained full control over the monk’s body, he went on his journey to harvest the chakra fruit, but unfortunately, he realized that this body can’t bear this amount of chakra so the only thing he can do is to find a way to make his current body acceptable for this amount of chakra or find another vessel. 

That is why he made a secret society, a group that helps him to find a solution to his problems. So, in the end, he can make a God Tree that will absorb all life from this world. That is Isshiki’s true ultimate goal.


Jigen (Leader's Vessel)

First of all, I can say that he is not a member of Kara because he is the only vessel for Ishiki to live in. So yes, Jigen is the monk who was used by Isshiki. But I can say his body is really important because he is the vessel of the leader, in short, the strongest member of the Kara.

He has an insane amount of chakra and power. He also has Scientific Ninja Tools implanted into his body, also Kāma marks on his chin, which can make him stronger even though his normal state is already strong enough. 

He is so strong that he could beat two of the strongest shinobi in the whole shinobi world: Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki. They were the only ones though who were able to make him use all of his power. (Chapter 37)

Jigen Amado Deepa Boruto

Amado (Inner)

He is the head of the research and development division inside Kara. Amado is the reason why a lot of people can use Scientific Ninja Tools inside this group. The main idea was his idea but he is also the one who made those Shinobi-wares and fearsome cyborgs. He is a very useful member of Kara so it is very unfortunate that his main goal was to kill Isshiki. 

But Isshiki didn’t know his intent and he is a very helpful member by making helpful gadgets, and even a virus that can heal most injuries, so he hasn’t done anything about Amado.

Amado made one plan to kill Isshiki. He made two strong cyborgs whose power can extend Jigen. These are Ada and Daemon. But when Isshiki found this out he ordered the destruction of these cyborgs. Fortunately for the cyborgs, they survived, and later they even joined the Kara.


Boro (Inner)

Boro is also a strong member of Kara who was responsible for spreading a cult all around the world. This cult is the Otsutsuki clan that wants to spread the idea that Infinite Tsukuyomi can make the salvation of the world. 

But now let’s see how strong he is. He has a very strong body that could withstand Boruto’s Rasengan, and to top it all, he has regeneration jutsus. Also, he can use all water, fire, and water types Jutsus, and of course, their combinations too. 

Lastly, I hope no one is surprised by this but he also has Scientific Ninja Tools implanted inside his body just to make this enemy stronger like he is not already strong enough.


Delta (Inner)

Delta is a member who was enchanted so much by Shinobi-ware by Amado that she became a full cyborg. By making her a cyborg she can modify her body as she wants, also she can put her consciousness into a computer or a droid meaning she can be everywhere even in a small drone for spying or discovering invisible enemies.

She is the one who discovered Kawaki for Isshiki, the new vessel for Isshiki.

Koji Kashin

Koji Kashin (Inner)

Koji is a clone of non-other than the famous Jiraiya. Meaning, he can use every Jutsu that Jiraya used, and then an extra layer he can use some more because he is also implanted with Scientific Ninja Tools. In the end, I can say he is probably stronger than Jiraya was.

He was made by Amado in the hope that one day Koji can kill Isshiki for him after her plan failed.

Victor Boruto

Victor (Inner)

He may seem an expectation in the Inner section because, in reality, he is just an old man with a lot of money, but this is just the looks. He is also a strong member of the Kara. Even without the Scientific Ninja Tools, he can use a lot of different types of jutsus, can use natural transformation, and also he is very fast. He might be old and handicapped because one of his eyes is missing, he can fight equally against Orochimaru. (Episode 175)

He has joined the group because he hopes that the Chakra Fruit will heal his eyes and give them immortality. That is why he gave so much money to this group and even recruited Ao for them.


Code (Inner, Later Leader)

Code was one of the candidates for Isshikis’s vessel, but unfortunately, he was not chosen. The chosen one was Kawaki, but at least he survived Isshiki and Amado’s ritual, unlike the other 13 participants. 

In the end, he even got the white Kāma, which made him stronger than Isshiki (to a certain extent) but Isshiki made an exception for him. The reason is that he showed so much loyalty to him that made Isshiki trust him.

In power, he seems unbeatable because he (of course) has Scientific Ninja Tools implanted inside his body, he has the power of White Kāma. But even though all this he said he can beat Naruto and Sasuke but he may have some difficulties if he needs to fight both of them at the same time. (Chapter 59)

SPOILER WARNING! (read-only if you finished Chapter 53)

After the death of Isshiki, he inherited his will, cult and finally he became the leader of Kara. His first job is to scout new members of the group, and then finish his ex-leader’s will and harvest the chakra fruit.


Ao (Outer)

One of the most surprising members can be Ao. He was a former shinobi, the right head of the Mizukage, and he also took a big part in the Fourth Ninja War.

But after all this, he was heavily injured and left the ninja life until Victor approached him and offered him some Scientific Ninja Tools and a new purpose to his life: be a member of Kara. So he started his new life as a spy to Kara.


Bug (Outer)

He was a member of Boro’s cult but later became a member of the group when Boro scouted him. His task is to look out for cyborgs in Boro’s hideout which were created by Amdo.


Garō (Outer)

He is a normal underling for the group who does some dirty work for the group. He tried to become an Isshiki vessel one time but he failed and it cost him an arm. At least, he survived.


Ada (Not Specified)

She joined the group after Code became a member. She is one of the cyborgs which was built to kill Isshiki. She decided to help Code on his journey with the help of her special skill which makes anyone unable to hurt her except if they are related to Ada or they have Ōtsutsuki blood in them.


Daemon (Not Specified)

She is Ada’s little brother who is also a cyborg. He was scouted by his big sister, Ada because she knows he is strong enough to make 3 member Kara strong enough. Fine, it can be 4 members if we count bugs, too.

He is also made by Amado in order to kill Isshiki so he is quite strong too. He can revert any attack to the caster.


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