27+ POWERFUL Tokyo Revengers Quotes [with Wallpapers]

Tokyo Revengers Quotes

No matter in which way we look, Tokyo Revengers has a twist unlike any other Anime. The MCs are great and stylist. And how can we forget them saggin’ some good ol’ pants, eh? Well, even though the Anime might seem funny in many ways, Tokyo Revenger took a whole different approach by making the storyline interesting.

Tokyo Revengers is an anime known for its intricate plot and detailed characters. It’s also a show that’s almost infinitely quotable. We thought there was little better way to celebrate the show than to take some of the series-defining quotes and explain the meaning and context behind them.

Hence, here are some of the most EMOTIONAL Tokyo Revengers Quotes that you’ll even see.

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Table of Contents

Tokyo Revengers Quotes Wallpapers

Sad Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes

#1. When we first encounter Takemichi, he is in a bad place. Embarrassed and humiliated from every side, he just can’t catch a break. His glory days are at least twelve years behind him at this point and it doesn’t look like anything will get better soon.

This is a stark contrast to who he used to be before, someone that people actually looked up to. That’s why he remarks about how unlikely it was that he grew up to become a loser.

“I never thought that my life would turn out like this.”

Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes

#2. The first day we find Takemichi seems rough to us but is probably completely normal for him. He gets berated by his landlord and is forced to apologize for turning the tv too loud. He is forced to apologize even more at his job, where his manager is someone years younger than him. 

His manager even remarks that all Takemichi seems to be good at is apologizing. Takemichi can’t help but wonder at his terrible life, and that’s where we get this quote from.

“Living in a crappy apartment with paper-thin walls. Treated like an absolute moron by my manager who’s younger than me.”

Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes

#3. This quote is from only moments before we have the first thrilling twist in Tokyo Revenger’s story, where Takemichi almost loses his life. 

He is at the lowest point where we perhaps ever see him, standing and waiting for the train to take him to yet another meaningless day. He can’t help but think that his best days are long behind him.

“I’ve only had one girlfriend in my entire life, and that was in middle school.To top it off, I’m still a damn virgin.”

Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes

#4. The very first episode sees Takemichi have his first brush with death when he almost gets hit by a train. At this moment, Takemichi does not remember anything about his current life as he has nothing at all to live for. 

Takemichi does not have a family or any good friends that will be waiting for him. He thinks back to the one thing he ever had that was any good, and that was his girlfriend in middle school.

“The moment I thought I was going to die, I didn’t remember my parents or friends, I remembered Tachibana Hinata.”

Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes

#5. Right when he is about to die, Takemichi gets shown a vision of what he used to be like in middle school. We as viewers of course know that this isn’t a vision and that Takemichi has actually gone to the past but he has no idea. 

He can’t help but think that he has died and now he is seeing his life flash before his eyes.

“Is this like… the thing when you see your life flash before your eyes?”

Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes

#6. Takemichi can’t help but be surprised and stunned the first time he goes back to the past. He is looking around everywhere, staring at all the friends he barely remembers in his future. That’s when he stares into a mirror and sees himself for the first time. He is shocked at what he used to look like. 

As viewers, we can’t help but be stunned too as the difference between Takemichi in the past and in the future is night and day. Takemichi can’t help but be a little disappointed at how uncool he looks compared to how he thought he did back then.

“Who the hell is this lame-looking punk? It’s me! It’s me from middle school!”

Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes

#7. Despite many things happening, Takemichi can’t help but think that he is seeing his middle school life as a flashback rather than reliving it.

After he and his friends get beat up by some third years, he thinks that this is all some cruel joke. Even at the end of his life -as he thinks this is a flashback- he is still forced to see the worst parts of his life.

“Damn it. This sucks. My life’s ending, and I’m reliving the worst part of it.”

Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes

#8. Normally on the verge of death, it is said that people will only end up seeing the good parts of the life they’ve lived. This is what Takemichi expects too in his ‘flashback’. Contrary to his expectations, the time he sees is anything but good. 

He and his friends get beaten up and it is as far from pleasant as you can imagine. This leads Takemichi to curse God himself and to accept that his life had no good moments to put in a flashback.

“I hear you loud and clear, God! You wanna say that my life was utter shit!”

Takemichi Hanagaki

Inspiration Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes

#9. In the past, Takemichi was more or less Kiyomasa’s slave, forced to fight and live according to his whims. Takemichi finally understands that he can’t change the past or the future if he continues to live like this and he challenges Kiyomasa to a one-on-one fight. This is despite him being many times weaker than him, a true display of courage.

“In the past and the present, I have to change, or nothing else will.”

Takemichi Hanagaki

#10. Just like we had all thought, Takemichi didn’t stand a chance in a straight fight against Kiyomasa. He was weaker and slower. The only thing he had was his own willpower and Takemichi bet everything on the fact that he could put more on the line than Kiyomasa.

That’s why he said this iconic line as if daring his opponent to one-up him and actually try to kill him.

“If you wanna win, you’re gonna have to actually kill me.”

Takemichi Hanagaki

#11. Despite trying to be a different person in the past and making some big strides for that, the truth was that Takemichi was just a more determined version of his middle school self. This was a harsh reminder that Takemichi needed brains as well as brawn if he was to save his girlfriend twelve years in the future.

“I had totally forgotten! I am just me”

Takemichi Hanagaki Quotes

#12. Takemichi is depressed AF! Someone help my dude.

“Even in my second life, a failure is still going to be a failure”

Takemichi Hanagaki

#13. Takemichi is on fire to be honest! He’s the single badass person in the series with no EXTRAORDINARY powers.

“I ain’t giving up!! To not give up, I have a reason.”

Takemichi Hanagaki

#14. YES! The inspiration! 

“I have to fight. I can’t run away.”

Takemichi Hanagaki

#15. The determination that Takemichi was fighting with was just crazy! 

“I don’t give up. Even if I die, I will not give up!”

Takemichi Hanagaki

Hinata Tachibana Quotes

#16. Over the course of Tokyo Revengers, we couldn’t help but wonder just who this Hinata girl that our protagonist was willing to go so far for. We also couldn’t help but wonder what was so special about her that he’d go through all the effort. 

In our first encounter with her, Hinata immediately took to worrying about Takemichi, something she seems to do often. This was a stark contrast to everyone else we had seen in the show so far, who didn’t seem to care all that much about the wellbeing of our protagonist.

“You can’t keep getting into fights like that! You just got into a fight over the dumbest thing last week”

Hinata Tachibana

#17. The best ship is here to stay!!!

“I hope I get to spend even more time like this with you!”

Hinata Tachibana Quotes

Naoto Tachibana Quotes

#18. It was only a chance conversation from Takemichi in the past, where he stumbled across Naoto getting bullied and saved him. For the younger kid, however, it was an instrumental moment that changed the entire course of his life. 

Naoto was originally meant to die alongside his sister, but this meeting made him become a detective and ended up saving his life. Naoto can’t help but be grateful when he meets his savior twelve years into the future.

“I’m Tachibana Naoto. That day, you changed my fate. That’s how I survived and saved you.”

Naoto Tachibana Quotes

Inspiration Manjiro Sano "Mikey" Quotes


Mikey has many qualities about him that are worth admiring. He is brave and strong and he seems to have a good heart. More than anything, there are hardly any limits he won’t break if it means protecting someone he considers a friend. 

This quote comes from just such an occasion, where some fool threatened someone that Mikey thought was precious. They were quickly shown their place, this is the fate of everyone that gets in Majiro’s way.

“Toman belongs to me. As long as I’m standing in the background, no one can lose.”

Manjiro Sano Quotes

#20. Mikey has many qualities about him that are worth admiring. He is brave and strong and he seems to have a good heart. More than anything, there are hardly any limits he won’t break if it means protecting someone he considers a friend. 

This quote comes from just such an occasion, where some fool threatened Mikey’s BIKE that was precious. They were quickly shown their place, this is the fate of everyone that gets in Manjiro’s way.

“Put one finger on my street hawk and I’ll kill you”

Manjiro Sano Quotes

#21. This was a crucially important scene in Tokyo Revengers as it was the first time that Manjiro and Draken met. Draken was being forced by some of his upperclassmen to bring Mikey to them, so they could show him their place. 

When Draken first saw Mikey, he didn’t seem nearly as strong as his reputation and he wondered if he would be able to fight. 

Mikey instantly took out the leader of the group when he saw them and remarked that they were all pathetic cowards who were nothing without their group. People like that had no right to try and talk to him.

“You guys can’t even act without a group. The hell do you want?”

Manjiro Sano Quotes

#22. This quote came in at one of the most emotional moments in the entire show. Draken was on the verge of death from his stab wounds and just about everyone thought he had no hopes of recovering. 

Mikey was the only one who continued to believe in his friend till the very end. He and Draken had talked about owning the whole country together, and Mikey knew there was no way Draken would die until that happened.

“He’d never be that dishonest cause he promised me that we’d won the whole country together.”


#23. Throw back to when Manjiro went dark mode!

“The difficulties of this world can be fixed with murder”

Manjiro Sano Quotes

Inspirational Draken "Ken Ryuguji" Quotes

#24. At one point, Takemichi commented that Draken was crucial to Mikey because he was the conscience that Mikey often had a harder time understanding. 

Nowhere is this more true than his scene, where both Draken and Manjiro bow their heads in front of a grieving father even though they weren’t the ones who did anything wrong. Draken is trying to teach his friend the value of caring for others.

“You don’t have to bow your head. Just have a heart that cares for others.”

Ken Ryuguji Draken Quotes

#25. Takemichi more than proved himself in his fight against Kiyomasa. He didn’t prove that he was strong or good at fighting but what he did prove was that he could put everything on the line if it was something he cared about. 

Draken found this quality admirable, and when asking Takemichi to join them, he brings it up. The Touma gang is one of the largest there is, and people like Takemichi were needed to make sure it doesn’t go off on the wrong path.

"There are plenty of guys who are good at fighting, but there aren’t many guys like you, Takemichi”

Draken Quotes

#27. One thing that Draken especially believes in is that the battle between gangs should stay between themselves. Their fighting should not bring harm to innocent people just passing by.

After he sees a girl brutally beaten unconscious, he can’t help but remark that he and Mikey will get revenge for her. Part of it is revenge, but another part is that they have to deal with every gang-related problem by themselves, as it is their own world.

“We’ll deal with our problems in our own world.”

Ken Ryuguji Draken Quotes

#28. This is definitely one of the more lighthearted quotes in the entire series. Takemichi can’t help but revel in his newfound fame and glory and acts like a bigshot to everyone he can get away with. 

When visiting Draken in the hospital, Draken can’t help but get annoyed at his act and instructs him to cut it out already. He doesn’t want things to get to his friend’s head quite so fast.

“When someone gives you an inch, don’t take a mile, you moron!”

Ken Ryuguji Draken Quotes

Chifuyu Matsuno Quotes

#29. Despite looking like a cute young boy, Chifuyu is a total badass!

“There isn’t a single person who’s not afraid of a fight. What’s important is how you handle it!!”

Chifuyu Matsuno Quotes


Tokyo Revengers is a brilliant anime with lots of intense moments. These intense moments give us a whole heap of noteworthy quotes. Fans of the show no doubt will like knowing the context behind some of these.

Which quote was your favorite? Less us know down in the comments below!

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