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Naoto Tachibana is one of the main characters who supported our hero Takemichi from the very beginning. He is the brother of  Hinata Tachibana and an investigator in the Yakuza Police Unit of Tokyo. He is the trigger for Takemichi’s time travel.

Naoto Tachibana

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Mangaka Wakui has done an amazing job designing characters. Each character has a specific personality and a unique design.

Tachibana Naoto has two appearances in the manga. First, when he was a child. At that time, he had a decent look on his face. He had black-colored hair parted to the right. 

He seemed a bit weak, and his height was a bit short as well. Furthermore, he is seen wearing his school uniform which comprises a formal white shirt, black trousers, and shoes.

His adult version looks a bit more serious, which befit his strenuous profession. His hairstyle is almost the same, although the hair is a bit longer. During his working hours, he rocks a suit.

Naoto Tachibana

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April 12, 1992


Past: 148 cm

Present: 175 cm


Past: 39 kg

Present:61 kg

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Chapter 1


Naoto Tachibana

Tokyo Revengers has some best-composed characters, with each character having his/her particular style and persona.

Tachibana Naoto also has a unique personality. He is an upright individual with a great sense of justice. He is also quite sensible and straightforward. Naoto is not interested in punny jokes and minds his own business. His imagination is also quite deep considering he believed Takemichi’s story of time travel.

Naoto was cool and calm from the beginning. As a child, he was able to withstand the news of his and Hinata’s death and promised Takemichi to save Hinata.

His sense of humor is quite dull, as depicted when Takemichi traveled back to his time and told him that he saved Hinata by being a “complete idiot”. Naoto was quite shocked to hear this, as he was unable to comprehend the humor behind it.


Naoto Tachibana and Takemichi

He was first introduced when Takemichi traveled back in time after being pushed in front of a train. He saw a bunch of thugs beating a boy. At that time, Takemichi didn’t know who he was but still saved him. He advised him to never back down and always be confident.

After that, he discovered that the boy was Hinata’s younger brother. He told him everything about his and Hinata’s demise and asked Naoto to take care of his sister. Naoto believed Takemichi and promised to save himself and protect his sister. After that, they shook hands and Takemichi went back to his time.


Naoto and Takemichi

After getting back to his time, Takemichi discovers that it was Naoto who saved him from getting crushed by the train. Naoto tells Takemichi that he changed his fate. 

He describes that, after his warning, he worked hard and was able to save himself but couldn’t save his sister. He was grieved and asked for Takemicchi’s cooperation to save Hinata.


With Naoto, Takemichi was able to discover the trigger to his time skip ability. With his deduction skill, Naoto was successfully able to deduce Takemicchi’s powers. He explains to Takemicchi that he can travel 12 years forward or backward to the same date with his time travel ability.

Naoto was able to gather all the information regarding the Tokyo Manji gang. He gives Takemichi all the information. After that, Takemicchi travels back in time. In the past Takemicchi befriends one of the leaders of the Toyo Manji Gang, Sano Manjiro aka Mikey, and his friend Draken. He discovers that they are not bad guys. After returning to his time, he tells Naoto everything. 

Naoto gets a bit angry as he tells Takemichi to kill them. They then decide to meet Sano Manjiro through Takemicchi’s old friend Akkun (one of Toman‘s leaders). 

Akkun was quite depressed and commits suicide in front of Takemicchi and tells him that Toman changed after Draken’s death. It was Tetta Kisaki who turned Toman evil. Takemichi then decides to save everyone and prevent Toman from changing.

Strengths and Skills

Naoto Tachibana Naoto Tachibana is the younger brother of Hinata Tachibana. In the future, he's a detective and is also the "Trigger" that transports Takemichi to the past

Detective Skills

Naoto, being a police officer, has great deduction skills. He was successfully able to figure out Takemicchi’s powers and the trigger behind them. He also gathered classified information about the Tokyo Manji Gang and its whereabouts. 

His information gathering and deduction skills have proved to be a great help for Takemicchi in his venture to save Hinata and others.

Naoto is also the stimulus for Takemichi’s time traveling. Whenever he shakes his hand with Takemichi, it allows Takemichi to travel either from the past into the future, or from the future into the past. Additionally, he was the first one to work out Takemichi’s special powers. Currently, only he and Chifuyu know about Takemichi’s time-traveling ability and the consequences of it.

Naoto Tachibana

Fighting Skills

As Naoto is a police officer, he has some fighting experience too. Later in the story, he is shown to be an expert user of weapons.

In past, Naoto’s was just a wholesome little kid who used to get bullied by thugs. That’s where Takemichi came in and saved the guy.

After Takemichi saved Naoto, he found out that Naoto was Hinata (his girlfriend’s brother.) 

Right after the incident, Takemichi swore to protect Hinata at any costs. 

Moving forward to the future, Naoto is a badass. Even though he might not be the best in his fighting skills, he’s more about strategizing and coming up with the best solutions.


Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana

Tachibana Hinata is one of the main characters. She is the girlfriend of Takemichi and the elder sister of Naoto. She deeply cares about Naoto and Takemichi. Naoto for the sake of his sister worked hard enough to become a detective and worked with Takemicchi to save her.

Kazutora's relation with Takemichi

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi is the main protagonist of the story. He is also the boyfriend of Hinata (Naoto’s elder sister). Naoto shares a deep bond with him, as shaking hands with him is the key to time-traveling. Naoto was the first person whom Takemicchi told about the time- traveling and Hinata’s demise. Naoto was able to save himself owing to Takemichi’s warning.


Here are some interesting facts regarding Naoto:

    • Naoto is not quite a fan of Karaoke.
    • The place he loves to visit is the Library.
    • He fears his angry sister.
    • His dream is to become a policeman like his father.
    • He is also an expert in Calligraphy.

Voice Actor

Naoto Tachibana Voice Actor

Tachibana Naoto is voiced by Ryouta Osaka. Ryouta has voice acted many famous main and side characters. He expresses the feelings and emotions of the characters efficiently.

The characters he has voice acted for include Keiji Akaashi from Haikyuu!, Eijen Sawamura from Diamond no Ace, and Nariyuki Yuiga from We never learn, etc.

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