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      When talking about the importance of a character, you might have not heard about Yuzuha. While she is mistaken as just another background character almost every time, Yuzuha became the key to one of the most crucial arcs in the Tokyo Revengers Series. Underrated, overlooked, and just considered as waifu material, this time, I’ll show you that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Yuzuha Shiba.

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When it comes to Yuzuha Shiba’s outfits, there is only 1 official appearance she had and can be seen both in the manga and in the Tokyo Revengers official art.

Yuzuha wore her somewhat altered school uniform which featured a black crop top shirt with oversized puffy sleeves paired with an over-the-knee skirt. Her uniform seemed to have white stripes on the collar and at the end of the sleeves, but the stripes are dark-gold in the official art. Yuzuha paired her uniform with loose knee socks and brown school shoes.

Yuzuha has long blonde hair, fox-like eyes, and a thin body structure. She is tall just like the other members of the Shiba family.

As a bonus, although not a permanent outfit, Yuzuha wore a yukata with a fur coat that had a floral design with black stripes after their fight against the Black Dragons (Chapter 110).

Yuzuha Shiba

Yuzuha Shiba

Gang information

Current Status


Positions in Anime

Hakkai Shiba’s Manager 

Character Info




November 5, 1990 (15 Years)



Hair Color

Eye Color



Related To

Taiju Shiba (older brother)
Hakkai Shiba (younger brother)

Affiliations with

Black Dragons


Manga Debut

Chapter 77


Yuzuha Shiba's relation with Taiju

Because of their family situation, Yuzuha was forced to mature at a much faster pace than girls of her age. She is often protective of her younger brother, Hakkai Shiba, and is not afraid to confront their abusive older brother, Taiju even if she already knows she’ll get hurt (Chapter 79).

Yuzuha is also not afraid to get into a fight even if it seems that the opponent is much stronger than her. When Seishu Inui pointed a knife at Hakkai for bringing Takemichi into Black Dragons territory, Yuzuha kicked him in the head without having second thoughts (Chapter 79). When Taiju was confronted by Takemichi on Christmas Eve, Yuzuha stabbed Taiju to protect Hakkai and Takemichi (Chapter 94).

Despite acting tough and having to act like an adult to protect her younger brother, Yuzuha is still just a teenage girl inside. She wishes to live life like a normal teenager and get rid of her current family situation. Yuzuha along with Hakkai looks up to Mitsuya as an older brother figure (Chapter 78). If it weren’t for Taiju, Yuzuha would have learned to have a boyfriend, have a group of friends, and become carefree. Her happier side came out when Taiju left their house after his defeat at the hands of Mikey and Toman. She developed a one-sided crush on Takemichi and became more energetic but never abandoned her caring nature.

Strengths and Skills

Yuzuha Shiba

Impressive Fighting Abilities

When their mother passed away, Taiju suddenly became abusive and would hurt his siblings as his form of love (Chapter 103). This led to Yuzuha having to protect Hakkai and even take his beatings for him. 

As both her siblings were part of a big gang, she also developed impressive fighting skills where she wasn’t even afraid to kick a Black Dragon commander. Even when she was repeatedly punched by Taiju, she showed perseverance and determination to protect her younger brother until she could no longer move. 

Yuzuha has the bravery to accompany her fighting abilities. She is not afraid to confront nor even resort to killing Taiju just to let her and Hakkai have a quiet family life (Chapter 79, Chapter 95).


l  Yuzuha was 15 years old when Takemichi first met her.

l  Just like her brothers, Yuzuha is tall at 165cm which is the same as Takemichi.

l  Yuzuha’s birthday is on November 5, 1990.

l  She is only 1 year older than Hakkai and a year younger than Taiju.

l  Her name Yuzuha means “grapefruit leaf” while Shiba means “firewood”.


Shiba Yuzuha Tokyo Revengers

Before their mother passed away, Yuzuha was in the hospital being comforted by their mother. Their mother also told her that she will do everything to protect her because Yuzuha doesn’t even properly know her father as he is never home. 

When their mother died, Yuzuha would visit her grave and tell her about how Hakkai is in elementary school and that her mother should leave the protection of their family to her even if she was doing it all alone

At the same time, when their mother died, Taiju started to resort to domestic violence when it came to treating his siblings. He often beat them for small things such as not turning the lights off the bathroom (Chapter 103).

As time went by, Yuzuha protected Hakkai from Taiju’s abuse and often caught the punches Taiju was about to inflict on Hakkai. This caused her to hate the situation at her house (Chapter 101).


Taiju Shiba

Taiju Shiba

Taiju Shiba is the eldest of the Shiba siblings and was the former 10th Generation Leader of the Black Dragons. In both ruling his gang and their house, Taiju was shown to resort to violence in every matter. 

He would beat both his siblings because of little nuisances. Taiju was also regarded as one of the strongest fighters in the series, knocking Mikey unconscious for a small amount of time. On Christmas Eve, he would lose to Mikey and would retire as the 10th Generation Leader of the Black Dragons as well as leave the Shiba household (Chapter 106, Chapter 107).

Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai Shiba

Hakkai Shiba is the youngest of the Shiba siblings and the Vice-Captain of the 2nd Division of Toman. Just like Yuzuha, Hakkai experienced the domestic abuse that Taiju was known for. Yuzuha loves Hakkai and is very loyal to him where she even sacrificed herself and protected Hakkai from Taiju’s beatings by claiming all his mistakes (Chapter 101). 

Despite that, she never left Hakkai’s side and would do anything for him. According to Hakkai, both he and Yuzuha see Mitsuya as an older brother figure as Mitsuya showed them the love they never found in Taiju (Chapter 78). Hakkai would face his fears and fight his brother along with Takemichi and Chifuyu and thank Takemichi for making him stronger (Chapter 103).


Yuzuha Shiba Plot

Yuzuha first appeared in Chapter 77 of the manga just as Takemichi went back to the past and marked the beginning of the Black Dragons Arc. After years and years of being abused by their brother, this would signal the end of Taiju’s reign both in the Black Dragons and in the Shiba household.

When Yuzuha first met Takemichi she even asked him how became the 1st Division Captain as he was a weak fighter. At the same time, they were walking towards their house after Hakkai invited Takemichi and Hina to visit. (Chapter 78). They would later encounter the Black Dragons resulting in Taiju hurting both Takemichi and Yuzuha, while Yuzuha even kicked Seishu Inui when he threatened Hakkai (Chapter 79).

Mitsuya would make a deal with Taiju telling him that Hakkai would join the Black Dragons and in return, Taiju would not hurt Yuzuha anymore. And all this time, everyone believed that Hakkai protected Yuzuha from Taiju’s abuse. To which Yuzuha replied that expectations have caused a lot of pain in the past (Chapter 84-86).

In the battle of Toman against the Black Dragons on Christmas Eve, Taiju was stabbed by Yuzuha while he was beating Takemichi. This happened because Kisaki manipulated Yuzuha and told her everything after he betrayed Takemichi and Chifuyu but she could not kill Taiju and was blown away (Chapter 95, Chapter 96).

As the battle went on, and Takemichi, Chifuyu, and Mitsuya went head to head with Inui, Kokonoi, and Taiju, Takemichi would make Hakkai realize his mistakes and make him admit that it was the opposite and Yuzuha was the one who protected him. This then resulted in Hakkai gaining the bravery to fight back. Yuzuha also realized that she is not alone anymore and people are willing to protect her and her brother (Chapter 101, Chapter 103).

When Taiju was defeated, both siblings found the resolve to not give in to Taiju’s beatings ever again (Chapter 107). And when all of Toman met at the shrine on New Year’s Eve, Yuzuha would fall for Takemichi even if it was a one-sided crush (Chapter 110). As time passed and when the Bonten Arc came, Yuzuha became the Hakkai’s modeling career manager.

Voice Actor

Yuzuha has still not appeared in the anime adaptation since it is still far from the Black Dragons Arc which is in the 9th Volume of the Manga series.

Final Verdict

When looking back at all that was given, Yuzuha Shiba was the key in the whole Black Dragons Arc. When she couldn’t kill Taiju, the future changed, avoiding the horrific scenes that Takemichi experienced. Through love, care, and compassion, Yuzuha along with Takemichi helped Hakkai become a better person.

Yuzuha is not just another background character who will be forgotten after an arc, instead, she became an instrument that pushed the plot forward and changed the flow of the Tokyo Revengers series.


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