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There are a lot of characters in the Tokyo Revengers Series. With so many groups being involved in the plot, one of the most memorable characters albeit one of the few characters that had an exceptional fight against Mikey is, Izana. As one of the strongest characters in the series, take a look at the head of the gang that rules Yokohama, Izana Kurokawa.

south tokyo revengers

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south tokyo revengers

South Terano appeared riding a CB250T motorcycle similar to the one Draken and Mikey rode. His motorcycle had designs inspired from his tattoos (Chapter 210).

 South wears the standard Rokuhara Tandai uniform which has similarities to the Tokyo Manji Gang outfit, but in a different color. The uniform featured a button-up collared jacket, pants, a white belt, and white boots. It has some Kanji engraved on the pockets and sleeves. Rokuhara Tandai’s logo can also be found on the back of the jacket (Chapter 210).

 South Terano is a rather massive individual when it comes to both his height and physique. He is taller than Draken and has a lot of resemblance with Taiju Shiba. He has a very muscular body structure and piercing bright eyes

South styles his hair similar to Draken, where the sides are shaved and the top part is tied into a small bun. He also has a tattoo that stretches from the right side of his temple, to his back and right shoulder (Chapter 210).

South Terano

south tokyo revengers

Character Info


Alias: Unparalleled

Birth: Unknown

Height: 210 cm

More Information

Gender: Male


Affiliated with: Rokuhara Tandai

Position: Representative of Rokuhara Tandai Gang

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 207


south tokyo revengers

With his appearance similar to that of Taiju Shiba, it’s safe to say that they have the same personality as well. South Terano is a very violent individual and chooses to solve everything with brute force. When Draken refused to join Rokuhara Tandai, South beat him into submission with a series of punches (Chapter 211). Even when he first appeared, he threw Inui towards Takemichi and Draken (Chapter 210).

South Terano is also very hot-headed, where if things don’t go according to his plans, he flips the switch, and veins start popping on his neck and forehead. He doesn’t let anyone go, and after he beats Draken, South sets his sights on Takemichi with a wide grin (Chapter 211).

 While in a fight and dishing out damage, South tends to say what appears to be Italian words or phrases every time he scores a hit. When he let out his last punch on Draken, he shouted the word “Fortissimo” which translates to “very loud” (Chapter 211).

Strengths and Skills

south 3


South is one of the 3 Deities that quenched the chaos that was brought by Toman’s disbandment. He is the representative of the gang with the most power and influence out of all the 3 powerhouses, Rokuhara Tandai (Chapter 208).

 There’s no doubt that his influence rivals that of Manjiro Sano and Senju Kawaragi, where he also took control of 1/3rd of Tokyo (Chapter 208). Because of his reputation, he had the ability to recruit the strongest members of Tenjiku. 

This included all of the Four Heavenly Kings and the executives which were members of the S62 Generation (Chapter 212).

south 4

Fighting Prowess

When it comes to his fighting abilities, South Terano seems to be on par with Draken. He was able to make Draken kneel after a series of punches which is an incredible feat in itself (Chapter 211). This is because Draken destroyed almost all of the members of the 10th Generation of the Black Dragons during their fight on Christmas Eve (Chapter 107).

 Unlike Senju Kawaragi, South prefers a head-on fight where fists clash and there are no surprises. Not only does he have powerful hits, but he also has amazing durability. 

He didn’t even look damaged after suffering a kick from Senju and a punch from Draken (Chapter 212, Chapter 214).


l  Terano translates to the phrase, South of the Temple.

l  South Terano isn’t originally from Tokyo, but came to the city to fight against the Tokyo Manji Gang (Chapter 211).

l  South also appears to ride a motorcycle similar to the CB250T model (Chapter 210).


Along with the other 3 Deities, South Terano gained his power during Tokyo’s Sengoku Period. He recruited the S62 Generation after they were released from the Juvenile Detention Center and went on to take control of 1/3rd of Tokyo. During this time, he established Minato Ward as Rokuhara Tandai’s base of operations (Chapter 208).

 After bringing an end to Tokyo’s Sengoku Period, he made it his mission to recruit Draken and Takemichi and use their skills to destroy Brahman. As well as rivaling the strength of the invincible Kantou Manji Gang (Chapter 214)




Hitto Kakuchou was present during the Kanto Incident, but later became a member of Rokuhara Tandai. Kakuchou became its strongest member and their trump card (Chapter 212).

Haitani Brothers

The Haitani Brothers

The Haitani Brothers are well known delinquents. Rindo and Ran Haitani even conquered Roppongi without needing a gang. Ran was given the 2nd Seat while Rindo had the 3rd Seat (Chapter 212).

Kanji Mochizuki

Kanji Mochizuki

Mochi can be called another brute. He uses overwhelming strength to overpower his opponents. Because of his ability in fighting, he was given the 4th Seat. (Chapter 212).

Shion Madarame

Shion Madarame

Shion is the one member of a group that brags about everything he does. He was a former leader of the Black Dragons and was eventually given the 5th Seat by South (Chapter 212).


south tokyo revengers

As Inui came flying into Draken and Takemichi, South Terano and Rokuhara Tandai arrived and surrounded them (Chapter 210). South then came up to Draken and tried to recruit him, but when he refused, South attacked him. He exclaimed that it is unforgivable for the strongest to retire (Chapter 211).

Out of nowhere, Brahman came to the scene and the  Kawaragi also appeared and kicked South in the back of his head. After that, the executives of the two gangs had a brief fight (Chapter 212, Chapter 213)top members of Rokuhara Tandai revealed themselves one by one. Senju.

Draken broke up the confrontation and fought against South, when the latter threatened Takemichi for interfering with the 3 Deities. Round 2 of their fight was short-lived as the police arrived and South along with Rokuhara Tandai drove away (Chapter 214).

Voice Actor

As South Terano hasn’t been animated yet, we do not know who will be playing the part of South Terano. We will be sure to update this section as soon as we find out.

Final Verdict

It’s unexpected that another Taiju Shiba would show up in the world of delinquents. South Terano is confident of his power and status in Tokyo. He fights face-to-face with his opponents, pummeling their skulls to the ground. South Terano controls the gang with the most power and influence, he is without a doubt, the unparalleled giant of Tokyo.


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