My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Unveils Six New Cast Members (LATEST)

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The official website for My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes’ Mission unveiled more cast members that are going to represent each of the characters and also voice them. It was revealed on Saturday that the Original Manga Creator has designed all the characters. This is supposed to be the third movie from the My Hero Academia Franchise.

The movie is supposed to release in Japan on August 6. The movie will be supervised by the original Manga Creator, Kohei Horikoshi. The filmgoers will receive a special copy of “Volume World Heroes”, limited to only one million copies. 


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Table of Contents

Characters Revealed


The characters revealed are as follows (From left to right in the image)

1- Mariya Ise (Belos)

2- Junya Enoki (Serpenters)

3- Yuichiro Umehara (Sidero)

4- Shogo Sakata (Leviathan)

5- Hirofumi Nojima (Alan Kay)

6- Youko Honna (Claire Boyans)

All the characters other than Claire Boyans are the members of an enemy organization named Humanize. Claire Voyance is a pro-hero who is going to research the Humanize organization along with Endeavor.


The movie’s story introduces us to a new evil organization by the name of “Humanize” who want to destroy everyone possessing quirks. They have threatened the heroes to plant bombs all around the world. It’s an emergency for our heroes who decide to take help from the interns working with them, searching for the bombs and defusing them. Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto decide to go to Oseon where they meet a boy named Rodi. Rodi decides to help them in finding the bombs. Our heroes, who are travelling all around the world, must find the bombs and defuse them for the sake of the protection of humanity.

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The first movie that My Hero Academia introduced was titled “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” and was released back in July 2018. It followed the original story after the “Final Exam Arc”

The second movie titled “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” was released in December 2019. The movie was ranked No.1 in the United States’ Box Office


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One of the top 3 strongest students of his class, Katsugi Bakugi is a haughty boy who takes too much pride in his power and explosive Quirk. We see him as an arrogant and selfish individual with a bit of a short-temper, of course (NOT A BIT BUT TOO MUCH). He's a childhood friend of Midoriya (The protagonist) and is always very competitive when it comes to him. We see a bit of a villainous strain in him at first but soon he mellows down and seriously thinks about becoming the No. 1 Hero (All thanks to Midoriya). Though he puts on a tough act at all times, we see him becoming vulnerable in some instances which makes us think that he's not really a jerk! Bakugo's Quirk Explosion literally lets him create explosions from the palms of his hands to attack his targets. His Quirk is one of the strongest among his classmates and he's very well aware of that. He can also control the size of his explosion depending on the opponent he's facing. Other than his fierce explosions, Bakugo's blessed with a keen intellect and natural leadership skills that make him one of the most formidable opponents for any enemy.
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