Tokyo Revengers released for free on Bonbon TV and others! (OFFICAL)

Releasing on July 24 on YouTube for Free!

Tokyo Revengers is absolutely hot right now. With the arrival of new characters, sick animation, and coupled with a unique storyline, it seems like the hype is here to stay. A lot of fans were waiting for the Bloody Halloween Arc which is finally here.

On the other hand, we have the Tokyo Revengers Manga. With the addition of new characters like Senju Kawaragi and other Brahman members, fans just want more and more. Well, to your surprise, folks at Tokyo Revengers heard y’all! So, what’s the tea here? 


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Table of Contents

Tokyo Revengers 1-12 Episode to be released for free

If you’re a fan, this one’s for you. From episode 1-12, Tokyo Revengers will be released for free on a couple of YouTube TV channels like Bonbon TV, Full Anime TV, and Ichinaru TV. So, if you haven’t watched the first 12 episodes, you’re in luck. You can watch all episodes for absolutely free on these channels. But, when is this change going to occur? 

From July 24, these YouTube channels will stream Tokyo Revengers for free. Below are the channels that you can stream Tokyo Revengers on:

Tokyo Revengers Bloody Halloween Arc Storyline

Bloody Halloween Arc incorporates the struggle between two gangs Valhalla and Tokyo Manji gang. Both gangs wanted to be in power, however, after the addition of Tetta Kisaki, the former 1st Division captain Keisuke Baji left Toman. He joined Valhalla and that’s where the main mission of Takemichi and the other members became furious. 

The result of the Bloody Halloween arc comprised the sentence of Kazutora Hanemiya, who’s the leader of Valhalla to serve 10 years in jail. On the other hand, Baji got furious with the whole fighting stuff and decided to kill himself. (Chapter 64)

After the fight, Valhalla became a part of Toman and Takemichi joined Toman as the 1st Division captain. (Chapter 69)

Bloody Halloween Arc


This is huge news for Tokyo Revengers fans. Which TV are you going to watch the episodes on? Let us know in the comments down below.


  1. Tokyo Revengers Official Anime Site
  2. Bonbon TV
  3. Full Anime TV
  4. Ichinaru TV


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