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Have you ever wondered why do we love anime? What is the biggest reason? You don’t? But it is easy. The answer is anime girls with black hair. If you don’t believe you will definitely change your mind after I show you these 21+ anime girls with black hair that make you love anime for sure.

24. Gokou Ruri "Kuroneko„

24. Gokou Ruri "Kuroneko„

Anime: Oreimo OR My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute

Ruri Gokou is the Queen of darkness who was sent to this world to fight … well not really, so she is a normal high school girl from “There is no way my sister can’t be this cute” anime. She does a lot of cosplay and when she does she likes to act as that character that’s why she has many nicknames like Kuroneko, Shironeko, Kamineko and etc.

She is an adorable little otaku and chunibyo who even though she hates moe, she is a moe character. She is one of the otakus who can’t make friends and is sociably awkward which makes her a really relatable and loveable character.

I was afraid at first if I could mention that she is the best girl in her anime but I checked her wiki page and on the Trivia, there is a line which says “Best girl” so who am I to argue with her wiki page. Kuroneko is the best girl.

I recommend her if you like chunibyo, moe characters, and also before you check this anime out just ask yourself a question: Are you okay with incest? Just good advice.

23. Sumireko "Pansy" Sanshokuin

Sumireko "Pansy" Sanshokuin

Anime: ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me?

Sumireko Sanshokuinis a mysterious high school student from “Are you the only one who loves me?” anime. She is a helper in the school library who hides there because in this way she will meet fewer people. And as an extra precaution she also hides her face with glasses and hides her breasts, too. She also has a nickname: Pansy.

When she was introduced we already knew she would be an interesting character. She seems to be a quiet, emotionless, polite character until she meets Amatsuyu Kisaragi, her loved one. She is sharp-tongued, impolite, and maybe a little thirsty for him.

But let’s talk about her looks a little, At first you would think she looks like a background character, maybe a certain character from a certain adult manga but moving on. This is until she reveals her true form and we and also Amatsuyu finds out her face is really pretty, but more surprisingly she also hides her breasts which are way bigger than we imagine.

From all the others she seems to be the most real and complex character so I personally would give her the best girl title from her anime but this is only my personal opinion. But yeah, I am probably right.

I recommend her for someone who likes complex, real characters, and some new type of romantic-comedy anime which you may have never experienced.

22. Ayuzawa Misaki

22. Ayuzawa Misaki

Anime: The Class President Is a Maid!

Misaki Ayuzawa is a high school student from “The Class President Is a Maid!” anime. She is a really harsh student council president but for unfortunate family reasons, she has to take a job in a maid cafe where one of her classmates finds her, Takumi Usui.

At first glance, she may look like a cold, strict student council president, but just wait until you enter Maid Latte, the maid cafe where Misaki works. You will see her in another way when she greets her with her big, cute smile in there. This whole situation makes her so cute when she is frustrated when Takumi is a guest in the cafe. She has to serve him because if she not, it would make the cafe look bad, and maybe Takumi will say some words to her friends about her interesting job.

It is a shoujo anime so, unfortunately for Misaki, there are no other girls who can fight for the best girl title. But there is no need for that either. Miyaki is enough to fill that cuteness meter.

I recommend her for those who like girls being frustrated or perhaps angry, for the rest just lie back and enjoy a romantic shoujo anime.

21. Yazawa Nico

21. Yazawa Nico

Anime: "Love Live!"

Nico Yazawa is a school idol from the “Love Live!” anime. She is part of the famous idol group named μ’s and also part of its sub-unit called BiBi.

She is the cutest idol in the world as she calls herself that, but yeah a big number of people agree with her. She is a cute little brat who doesn’t care how many times she brags about how cute she is. Even so, you’re not going to hate her, no matter what.

She just makes your heart Nico Nico Nii!

Of the nine girls from μ’s, she is among the popular ones. One of the reasons for that can be her stunning personality, but the other reason is her internet meme popularity. In the end, I can say one thing for sure: People recognize her the most from Love Live! anime.

I recommend her to idol fans, you won’t get annoyed by her. But if you think that previous sentence you just read: Nico Nico Nii! was not that cringe then you get a pass to this anime. If you thought it was cringy, you can still give it a try.

20. Chizuru Hishiro

20. Chizuru Hishiro

Chizuru Hishiro is a high school girl from the “ReLife” anime. Shei one of her classmates, later friend of the protagonist: Arata Kaizaki.

She is a cold, emotionless, kuudere, or I should say she falls into this type. You know the type who doesn’t really understand other people feeling and this why she has a hard time making friends. This anime perfectly shows the problematic life of these people and I know some of you fall into her type of people so you may learn something if you watch this anime and after it read the manga to see the end.

Even if she may sound like a boring character she is the most interesting one. She is the other main character of this story and the love interest of the real main character, Arata, but this love is a complicated one. The reason behind it is that in reality, Arata is 27-years-old. He may look like a 17-years-old but this only because of a special medicine that made him look older. So this relationship would never work, am I right?

I recommend her to you if you like the quiet type of girl, maybe a little cold who you have to teach  on how to make friends.

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19. Akemi Homura

19. Akemi Homura

Homura Akemi is a magical girl from the “Magical Girl Madoka Magica” anime. She seems to be a mysterious character whose only objective is to protect Madoka from becoming a magical girl throughout the story and she does whatever she needs, to attain this goal.

Unfortunately, her true potential will be revealed at the end of the anime, until then you may even hate her because she can appear as an irritating, annoying character. But in the end, you will understand every action she did, so you will love her in the end.

She seems to be the strongest magical girl but in reality, she is just the most experienced magical girl, but that makes her a good character which makes you love her, later.

I recommend her if you like well-written mysterious character and you won’t get too surprised when your magical high school anime make a dark turn. I just told you so don’t be surprised.

18. Ryuko Matoi

18. Ryuko Matoi

Ryūko Matoi is a very angry high school girl from the “Kill la Kill” anime. She was transferred to Honnōji Academy with the hope that she will find the other half of her red Scissor Blade and finally avenge her father’s death.

She is a strong-willed girl and it looks like she only cares about finishing her revenge. But of course, we will remember most of her body because of her clothing choices. Of course, you can concentrate on the fights, too. I let you decide.

She is the protagonist of her anime so we can see her personality and her power goes off the chart. You’re going to enjoy her fights for sure, even it is for the epic fight scenes or for Ryuko’s body.

I recommend her if you like the combination of epic fights and bold shoots.

17. Mikasa Ackerman

17. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman is a very strong soldier from the “Attack on Titan” anime. She lost her real parents and then she was adopted by Eren Yeager’s parents. She hoped to have a peaceful life but after Eren, she also joined the Training Corps and later she also became a part of the Survey Corps.

She is kind of unique in this list as we don’t like Mikasa because of her cuteness or beauty, which she also has, but we like her because of her strength. There is no other badass girl in the anime universe like Mikasa. Her skills to kill Titan is the second-best in the whole anime.

Her character is really important throughout the story even though we only see her say: “Eren” all the time. Let me just say this, Mikasa is just a sweet girl who wants to protect Eren at all cost.

I recommend her if you like over-powered woman characters (not in a bad way over-powered) and an action-filled and beautifully animated anime with very tall people.

16. Momo Yaoyorozu

16. Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu is a student from U.A. High School from the “My hero Academia” anime. She is studying to become a pro hero with her power named Creation. With this power, she can make everything out of her fat-cells if she knows its molecular structure and it is not a living thing.

She is a strong, clever girl who wants to help everyone with their studies but she can be a little overbearing sometimes with it. She comes from a rich family so she may not know some common knowledge, but when she looks confused it really shows her cute side.

I can say that if we take the girls in the first-year students, from U.A. We can say Momo is probably the strongest, but don’t worry her personality doesn’t end with her strangeness. She can be cute, pure, and girly if needed.

I recommend her to those who like action, shounen anime, and rich, clueless, strong women.

15. Nezuko Kamado

15. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado is a little demon girl from Demon slayer anime. She is mainly living in a basket, but sometimes she came out to help her brother, Tanjiro Kamado out with some demon hunting. They are currently on a journey to find some way to turn Nezuko back to a human.

If there is an award for the cutest anime little sister then Nezuko would have a high chance of winning that award. This may sound surprising after I tell you that Nezuko is a human-eating demon and have a very low vocabulary. And after all of this, the fans think she is the cutest little sister and they are not wrong.

I can say without any sweat that she is the cutest character in this anime. Even if she is not the main character which means she doesn’t get that much screen time, but we appreciate what we get.

I recommend her if you like action and beautiful animation and also if you like cute anime demon girls and their memes.

14. Celestia Ludenberg

Celestia Ludenberg is a student in Hope’s Peak Academy from the “Danganronpa” series. She is the Ultimate Gambler who participated in the Killing School Life game. It is a game where you must perform a perfect murder, meaning no one finds out it was you, or reveal to any other participant who tried to commit the perfect murder.

She is a gambler, so she is naturally a collected, cold person who also is also good at manipulating people. Her unique clothes and her very unique hairstyle seem to be outstanding. Even though in this anime where let me tell you, every character has very unique looks.

Sadly, if I compare to Danganronpa characters, her character may be not the most loveable but  certainly one of the most interesting characters from the franchise.

I recommend her character if you are into gambling and mystery-solving, which if you want you can solve them yourself. The only thing you have to do is to check out the game, too..

13. Rory Mercury

13. Rory Mercury

Rory Mercury is a demigoddess from the “Gate” anime. She is also the god of darkness, war, violence, and death and also the apostle of Emroy. In the story, she is helping the main protagonist’s team with her big halberd.

Her appearance is similar to a 13-year-old girl but her real age and knowledge are much older. At the start of the anime, she is 961-years-old, so we can say she is a legal loli.

In the story, she seems to be the most interesting character mainly due to her experience. But she is also famous because she is one of the most thirsty loli girls in the anime universe.

I recommend her if you want to enjoy some loli action without worrying about getting on the FBI watch list… Okay, I am just joking but if you want to see the Japanese army going against the middle age’s time fantasy castle, you will definitely need to check out this anime.

12. Yukinoshita Yukino

Yukinoshita Yukino

Yukino Yukinoshita is the president of the service club from the “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected” anime. She is quite popular even though at the start of the anime she doesn’t have any friends.

Yukino is a really cold character who doesn’t have any friends on top of that. One thing she is bad at, is making friends but she is also bad at keeping a friend.

Yes, she is cold but she has her sweet, cute moments and because of its rarity, you will remember these moments in your mind and heart.

There is a lot of best girt capable girl in this show and she is one of them, a really good competitor, but I don’t want to start a war by saying she is the one. I let you decide that.

I recommend her mostly to kuudere fans and for those like cold character types but her cute moments will still melt everyone’s hearts.

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11. Mitsuha Miyamizu

11. Mitsuha Miyamizu

Mitsuha Miyamizu is a village girl from the “Your Name” anime. She is just a normal high school girl who is really not satisfied with her little-village life. She always says she would rather be a boy in a big city like Tokyo.

She is a rather complex character, she can be sweet and cute but if needed she can also be harsh and brutal like every teenage girl in this world. This complex makes her character real and loveable for most people.

Her story makes her character more complex, I mean we don’t even know forsure that she’s in… okay I’ll stop that’s a spoiler, you should experience this romance, mystery anime movie for yourself.

I recommend her, if you want to see real girl behavior still in an anime and as a plus, you want some beautiful animation, complex story, mystery, unique romance story.

10. Ako Tamaki/Ako

10. Ako Tamaki/Ako

Ako Tamaki is a gamer girl from the “And You Never Thought There Was a Girl Online” anime. She is a shy, quiet girl. But when she is playing an online game she is a supportive, energetic girl, and she is also married to a Russian named player. But later when she meets the Russian in real life she can’t understand why they are not considered married in real life, too if they are married in the online game.

She is a good looking gamer girl who loves you because you are married to her to boost your stats. What else do you need in a girl? Oh yeah, she is also big curves. But basically, she is very cute, she is playing the support character, and she is also a yandere but a very low-level yandere so you may survive this.

Because she is the main character’s “wife” she gets the most screen time, but unfortunately, it is not enough. You will need more when you will finish this anime.

I recommend her if you ever wanted to experience what it’s like to have a yandere girlfriend in easy mode.



Akame is a famous sword-woman from the “Akame Ga Kill!” anime. She was originally sold to the Empire where she was trained to become an assassin but later she became the leader of Night Raid whose goal is to overthrow the corrupt monarchy.

She is a brutal assassin, who can show some of her cuteness sometimes, but her main scenes are the action in which she fights. She is a deadly swordsman who has a deadlier sword named Murasame. Even a little cut is enough to kill a person because of its curse power.

Even though her name is in the title, the sad news is Akame is not the main character of this anime. This is why her appearance makes a scene 80% more action-filled. If she fights, you know it will be epic.

I recommend her if you like fight scenes, maybe some blood with some plot twists.

8. Hestia

8. Hestia

Hestia is Goddess from the “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” anime. She is short, looks like a kid, and acts like a kid, but she is a goddess. She is a pretty poor goddess who has only one familia: Bell.

Her looks are pretty rare in the anime because she looks like a kid so we can call her a loli but she also has quite big curves. This kinda combination is hard to make look good but for Hestia, it works perfectly. She earned the name”Loli Big _____” from the fans. I will let you fill in the blanks, but I give you a hint: It is not related to her big brain.

Unfortunately, she is not always on the screen but when she is, she makes that scene memorable for the viewers. We are always waiting for her scenes when we are watching this anime, even if she is not the main character.

I recommend her for adventure searching individuals but if you just want to watch a goddess who is goofing around. I think Hestia is one of the best for that job.

7. Akiyama Mio

7. Akiyama Mio

Mio Akiyama is part of the Ho-kago Tea Time band from the “K-on” anime. She is quite mature both in mind and in body but she can be a scary-cat sometimes. She is the band bassist and second-vocalist.

She is the cutest bassist who came to this world. She is from an moe anime which gives her a basic cute factor but her actions and looks make her even cuter. I know you like strawberries but don’t steal hers because it will make her cry and  also you might start a war.

K-on is a kind of anime where you can’t decide which character is the most cutest. Mio is cute but she is equally cute to the other 4 characters.

I recommend her if you like cute music or/and girls. And you’ll probably like it. You are welcome.

6. Chitanda Eru

6. Chitanda Eru

Eru Chitanda is the president of the Classical Literature Club from the “Hyouka” anime. Maybe it sounds strange, but unless some attenders are on this list she is just a very curious high school girl, no mystical powers.

Okay, maybe I lied a little. She may have one strange power: brain manipulation. Because there is no other way she can make the world’s laziest man solve mysteries for her, only because she says “I am curious”. It is brain manipulation or her big, cute purple eyes. I don’t know I’ll let you choose.

She is the cutest creature in this anime and I wouldn’t want to open an argument about this, or I can but I will win.

I recommend her if you like a mystery without any murder involved, just normal life mysteries which most people just walk over unless someone is so curious about them.

5. Shiina Mayuri

5. Shiina Mayuri

Mayuri Shiina is Lab Member 002 of the Future Gadget Lab, a waitress in the May Queen Nyan-Nyan restaurant, and a really good cosplay maker but most importantly she is a hostage (childhood friend) of Hououin Kyouma (Rintaro Okabe) from the “Steins; Gate” anime

I think some of you must hear the famous lines from Mayuri: “Tutturu~!. She is a very cute, pure member of the group. She is the type of friend who doesn’t know what you are doing, but she supports you and that is why a lot of characters from the anime like her and also we, the viewers like her.

She may be not the most interesting character in this anime but she is definitely the  cutest character and I think this shouldn’t be debated

If you like cute, clueless characters, you will definitely like this character, and for the others, I think you should check her out and then tell me how right I was.

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4.Hanekawa Tsubasa

4.Hanekawa Tsubasa

Tsubasa Hanekawa Is a normal high school girl sometimes with an oddity from the “Bakemonogatari” series. She is a top student who is admired by all students and teachers but unfortunately, her only friend seems to be Koyomi Araragi.

She is admired by everyone and this includes the viewers too. She is so clever we think she knows everything but as she always says: “I don’t know everything, I only know what I know”. Of course, I should mention her looks too which is gorgeous. I like her and you will, too. (both form of course)

Unfortunately, I can’t say with confidence that she is the best girl from the series but she is definitely close, very close.

I recommend her to those who always like the class representatives in anime and the clever girl because it is hard to find any better character in those categories.



Megumin is an Arch Wizard from the “Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!” anime.  She is a very high-level wizard who only knows one spell: Explosion!!! This is why only Kazuma’s party accepted her as a member. But she finally becomes a somewhat useful member of this party.

Oh my, who doesn’t love this insane explosion girl?  No one, or you haven’t watched this anime because let me say Megumin is one of the funniest characters I have ever seen in anime. She is part of the Crimson Demon clan who is considered the strongest magician in that world. Somehow she is chuunibyou in the world of fantasy. She definitely is one of a kind.

There were, is, and will be fighting about who is the best girl in Konosuba but Megumin wins the most in these fights, so people must love her.

Basically, I recommend Megumin to anyone. She doesn’t have an exact character type who has one fandom, but everyone should be a fan of her. Maybe a loli but I won’t start an argument about that.

2. Tokisaki Kurumi

2. Tokisaki Kurumi

Kurumi Tokisaki is a spirit from the “Date a Live” series. She is considered the “Worst spirit” because of her brutal and evil behavior and that’s why her Spirit name is “Nightmare”. Her power is time-related so the main characters have a hard time dealing with her but even though she is considered as a villain character she helps Shido Itsuka (the main character) a number of times.

Kurumi is one of the best, if not the best, yandere girls in anime history. She is insane and may or may not kill you if she would meet you in real life. Her differently colored eyes, hair, and face are so godly made. I should mention her occasional very cute moments in the anime,  along with the fact that you may forget that you might have a knife which is sticking out of you.

She is not in the main cast, so she is not appearing in every episode but the fans still think she is a memorable character. There has to be a good reason why she is the most popular character in the anime.

I mostly recommend this character for the yandere lovers but I am sure everyone is going to enjoy her.

1. Himejima Akeno

Himejima Akeno is a demon from the “Highschool DxD” anime. She became a demon by Rias Gremory. She is a very strong magic-user. This is why she is Rias’ Queen chess piece and also her best friend. But most importantly she is part of Issei’s harem.

No one can defeat her as the Ultimate Ara-ara Onee-sama. She is perfect in this field. She is older than Issei (the main character), taller, has big portions ;). She has the perfect curves and when it needs to be, she is a supportive big sister character, and finally, I should mention her perfectly timed Ara-aras.

Even though she is a supportive character, she is as popular among fans as Rias Gremory and I should tell you Rias is definitely not a boring or bad character, the exact opposite if you ask me.

You will definitely remember this black hair, even 20 years later when you tell her stories to your kids. But, I mainly recommend this character to the onee-sama lovers because they will appreciate her the most but that doesn’t mean other people won’t. You will love her.

I hope you found that one anime girl with black hair who makes or made you love anime. If for some strange reason you answered no to all of them. Then I don’t mind if you want to search in the purple-haired girls category or maybe in the Best Female Anime Hairstyles but there is an anime girl for you, too. I am sure of it.


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