30+ Cute Anime Shows you can Cuddle to!

Cute Anime Shows you can Cuddle to!

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Everyone likes those chilly nights when you are lying on your bed and feeling comfy under your blanket. And do you know what makes these nights much better? A cute anime that you can enjoy while feeling comfy. So, let’s see 31 cute anime you can totally cuddle to!

31. D-Frag!

31. D-Frag!

So first let’s see some comedy anime. The story is about a Kazama Kenji who tries to act as a cool badass guy until he meets a certain cute little girl named: Roka Shibasaki. After this strange meeting, he somehow finds himself to be a part of a suspicious school club named Game development club.

The anime story is really chaotic so viewers are more focused on the characters who are funny, and some can be really cute. Mainly two characters are really cute in this anime: Roka who is for the loli lovers and Takao for those who like it bigger, but any other characters can have some cute moments.

I recommend this anime if you want a good laugh while cuddling but if you want those warm feelings from cuteness you may have to continue reading this article.

30. Denki-gai no Hon'ya-san

30. Denki-gai no Hon'ya-san

The story is about dojin shop named: Umanohone. The episodes contain short stories about the shop workers who happened to solve different problems happening in the shop.

This anime contains a lot of different types of cute anime girls that you can enjoy while also containing romance for those who like wholesome romance stories. But, the real focus is on the comedy in this anime, too.

I also recommend this anime if you want a good laugh while cuddling but also want some romantic aspects and also a little bit of cuteness on the top of it.

29. Love is Like a Cocktail

29. Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara

The story is about a married couple daily life. Where the wife is a serious office worker but she has a secret love for alcohol, mainly for alcoholic cocktails. So that’s why she married the perfect man: a bartender but that’s obviously not the only reason.

The anime has short episodes and every one of them shows one or more types of cocktails which you can try if you want to.

As I said the episodes are very short, so it is perfect before you go to bed. The wife Chisato Mizusawa is really cute when she is tipsy, you will definitely enjoy watching her cuteness and as an extra, you may learn some cocktails recipes which you can try someday.

I recommend this anime if you want that warm, cute feeling and are also interested in alcoholic drinks. Unfortunately, keep that in mind the anime won’t go deep in detail on how to make these cocktails.

If you want to check out more anime that focusing on alcoholic drinks you can check out Takunomi, too.

28. I don't have many friends

28.I Don't Have Many Friends

The story is about a boy named Kodaka Hasegawa who one day was transferred to a new school. Almost immediately he happened to be considered as a punk boy who everyone tries to avoid because they are afraid of him, so it is hard for him to find any friend. Until one day a girl named Yozora Mikazuki meets him and they make a new club named the Neighbors club and they dedicate this club to friendless students.

This anime contains a lot of cute girls that you can enjoy. A lot of funny stories and jokes just add to this anime. But be prepared sometimes this anime could be a little too romantic. But don’t worry these girls’ cuteness will be the compensation for that.

I recommend this anime if you don’t mind some ejokes in your cute anime because if you really don’t mind you gonna have a really good time while watching this anime.

27. This Art Club Has a Problem!

27. Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!

The story is about an art club and its unique members. A lazy club president, a troublemaker, a 2D girl lover, and a  normal high school girl. The story is a slice-of-life so it mainly contains daily stories with the characters solving different problems. But the main focus is on the normal high school girl, Mizuki Usami, and the 2D girl lover, Subaru Uchimaki relationship because Usami has fallen in love with Uchima, so she tries her best to show this to him.

Maybe this anime more on the wholesome side than the cute side, but Usami is both wholesome and cute when she is trying to get Uchimaki to fall in love with her while Uchimaki only cares about 2D waifus.

I recommend this anime if you want to watch a girl hopelessly try to get a boyfriend who doesn’t care about her because she has curves. Okay, I am just kidding but if you want some cute, wholesome, and funny slice-of-life anime this anime is one of the best.

26. Ao-chan Can't Study!

26. Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

The story is about a girl named Ao Horie whose father is an erotic novel writer. That is why she wants to escape from her father’s house. In order to escape from her father’s house, she has to learn a lot to get into an elite university college. Until one day, her classmate Takumi Kijima confesses his love to her. She rejects him, but the guy doesn’t want to give up and while Ao spends some time with Kijima she realize she inherited some of her father’s dirty thought patterns.

If you want to see a frustrated tsundere being cute and you don’t have much time in a day because it also has short episodes. This anime is for you. Ao can be so cute when she became frustrated because of Kijima but mostly because of her own dirty mind.

If you like tsundere this anime is for you, I guarantee. And you should not mind some romance part in the anime and the experience will be perfect on your comfy bed.

25. We Never Learn

25. Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

The story is about Yuiga Nariyuki who wants to get a scholarship to a university because of the poor family circumstances he can’t afford a university. His school offers him a good chance if he teaches two students in the field where they are weaker, they give him a scholarship. The only problem is that it sounds easier said than done.

The five girls who appear in this anime are very cute in their own way. You definitely found the one you can cuddle them (virtually).  There is a childhood friend, the tsundere, the yandere(???), and even a teacher, and trust you gonna love that teacher.

I recommend this anime if you want some cute girls while you want some comedy, too, and while you are searching for some motivations in your life.


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24. The World God Only Knows

24. The World God Only Knows

What if you are so good at something that even demons see your potential? This happened to Katsuragi Keima who is so good at conquering girls that a demon girl named Elucia de Lute Ima asks him to conquer a certain girl. The only problem comes when they both find out that Keima is only good at conquering 2D girls in the virtual world and Ima wants him to conquer a real 3D girl.

This anime’s main character is a boring-looking otaku who can be really funny sometimes but the main focus is on the bunch of cute girls you can select from. If we count all the three-season there are very different types of girls, you can consume. But Ima who appears in every episode “the little sister character” is the basic cuteness factor of the anime.

I recommend this anime if you can’t decide which kind of girl you like so you kind of want to experience every kind a little.

23. The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

23. The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

I hope you know this anime but for those who don’t know, I will try to summarize the story for you. The story is about an Idol group named “The Cinderella Girls” and their group producer who is trying to make this group popular.

This anime contains more than 14 different idols you can enjoy. I am sure everyone must have at least one or more favorite idol from this anime but I am not gonna lie if you say all of them are your favorite I would totally understand. The main focus is on producer-san, but doesn’t worry you are going to see a lot of idol action in the anime as well.

I recommend this if you are into the idol fandom which means do you like cute anime girls and cute anime music? But be ready because this anime sometimes too real so be prepared for some idol agency drama.

22. Sakura Trick

22. Sakura Trick

Yuu and Haruka are very good friends but when they start high school they suddenly find out the truth: They will never have underclassmen because the school will close after they graduate they decide to make the best of the time they have while they’re in school.

Okay, I won’t keep this in secret, but this is a very wholesome yuri anime, basically, girls love anime. But the two main girls are so cute when they are trying to keep their relationship secret and as a plus, we also get the other girl’s cuteness.

I recommend this anime if you are interested in yuri or if you want to try out this genre. You won’t regret it, trust me.

21. Love Live! School Idol Project

21. Love Live! School Idol Project

What do you do when your school is a little bit unpopular, so they want to close it? You make an idol group and make your school the most popular school in Tokyo. This idea came up in Kousaka Honoka while making the world-famous μ’s idol group.

I think you must’ve heard about this anime or at least its characters. It contains 9 idols and plus 3 rival idols with very different & unique features so everyone will have their own favorite idol. Just don’t share them online.. just good advice from a fellow fan.

I recommend this anime for an idol fan who wants to enjoy their favorite idol for a very long time which you can do in the rhythmic app games.

20. Miss caretaker of Sunohara-sou

20. Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san

Aki Shiina is a small, cute, girly boy but he wants to change that, he wants to become manlier, so he moves to Tokyo in a house full of cute girls. Mission failed.

I wanted to include an anime for girls too, but this anime could be enjoyed by both boys and girls. For girls, there is the cute shouta boy:  Aki. And for the boys, there is the ara-ara onee-san: Ayaka Sunohara.

I recommend this anime if you want to experience the famous shouta boy and ara-ara onee-san relationship in an wholesome anime form.

19. GJ-bu

19. GJ-bu

The story is about a school club name GJ-bu which is short for Good job club. But don’t let the name confuse you, it is a club for doing what you want, usually nothing productive.

The anime is really chill and relaxing and funny. You can find the typical tropes here. Like little sister, maid, kuudere, big sister type, so you will definitely find your favorite.

I recommend this anime if you want a silent, chill night while having some good laughs.

18. Comic Girls

18. Comic Girls

Kaoruko Moeta is a starter mangaka but her stories are not that great yet, so her editor advises her to move into a special house full of young mangaka whose she can get some inspiration from.

I think I could say this is the first proper moe anime on this list. So basically, cute anime girls are doing cute things daily but  in this case now, the cute things are drawing manga.

I recommend this anime for those who just want to watch cute girls on his screen and get some motivation for the next day.

17. The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!

17. The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!

The story is about a famous shogi player Yaichi Kuzuryuu who is so good that he got the famous “Ryuo” title. One day a little girl appears in his doorway Ai Hinatsuru who wants him to teach her shogi because he promised her some years ago which he forgets.

I don’t think of a better way to learn some shogi. I mean learning by watching cute, little girls are playing. But if you don’t really care about this game you will still enjoy this anime for cute lolis.

I recommend this anime for loli lovers and for those who want to start learning shogi. Of course, this anime won’t make you a professional shogi player, but it will make you get interested to learn.

16. Regardless of My Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur, I Want a Date!

16.Regardless of My Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur, I Want a Date!

The story is about a boy named Togashi Yuuta who happened to meet an interesting girl named Takanashi Rikka who is a chuunibyou. A chuunibyou is a teenager who still believes in child fantasy like magic and dragons is existing in real life.

Don’t you think it’s cute watching kids playing in their own imaginations? And do you think it is not cute if it is a teenager? You are wrong. It is very fun to watch these girls and boys playing in their imaginary world.

I recommend this anime for those who want to re-watch their childhood worlds while want to experience some jokes, cuteness, and romance.

15. Lucky Star

15. Lucky Star

The story is about four high school students’ daily life. A perfect slice-of-life anime about their school life and free-times activities which are sometimes surprisingly otaku stuff so we can see otaku girls in anime finally.

One of the first moe anime that came to the world and one of the first which showed the otaku culture in anime form kind of realistically. The anime contains short, funny stories about four main girls who you can totally cuddle with (virtually) in your bed because they are just so cute.

I recommend this anime if you want to be introduced to moe culture and also have good laugh.

14. Yuru Yuri

14. Yuru Yuri

The story is about four girls’ daily life in the Amusement club. Like playing games, fooling around, and making jokes.

This anime is kind of similar to the last but adding a bit extra as the title suggests Yuri. But only in a wholesome way, nothing serious. it is just a group of girls who really like to hang out with each other.

I recommend this anime for moe and yuri lovers. But if you only like one of these you should not worry, I am sure you will enjoy this anime as much as those who like both genres.

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13. New Game!

13. New Game!

The story is about a newbie game designer Suzukaze Aoba and her first time at a game development company. The anime tells the story of how a game starts from scratch to actually publish the game.

If you are interested in moe anime but want to watch working people’s life instead of high school life this anime is for you. It doesn’t actually teach you how to develop a game but you can learn some tips from it.

I recommend this anime if you like watching cute anime girls in a working environment and want to see game development in anime form.

12. Gabriel DropOut

12. Gabriel DropOut

The story is about an angel named: Gabriel White Tenma who gets corrupted by Earth video games. The anime contains small stories from her and her 3 friends,  one of them who is also an angel but her other two friends are demons.

The story is really funny for their unique own way which is that the angels behave like evil and demons behave like Gods. If you like me for only  Satania this anime is worth it.

I recommend this anime if you want comedy while watching cute girls doing cute things because here you will get that for sure.

11. Barakamon

11. Barakamon

The story is about a young calligraphic artist Seishuu Handa who was sent to an isolated island after he hit an important guy in the exhibition after some critic he said. So Handa has to live their new life on this island with its funny and active residents.

This anime’s main focus on cuteness is little boys and girls. But in a different way that you are used to. It shows the kids as kids, not in moe cute way. But don’t worry this makes the anime unique.

I recommend this anime for those who just want to turn off their brain and enjoy some quality funny anime.

10. Blend S

10. Blend S

The story is about Sakuranomiya Maika who starts her new job in a unique cafe which is unique because every waitress has a different characteristic like tsundere, little sister and behave like that in this cafe.

In this anime, you can satisfy your fetishes even if it is a trap. The girls are cute, and they even have a very cute doggo in it, so it must satisfy all cute needs. You see cute waitresses…. what else do you need? So, Smile, Sweet, sister.

I recommend this anime to you, who needs some fetish with their cute anime girl.



This story is happening in an alternative world which is pretty similar to ours except there are cute catgirls. Our main character Minadzuki Kashou finds himself in this world trying to work as a patisserie with the help of his catgirls maids.

Finally, some good catgirls anime for you guys. You can watch 7 cute catgirls who works in a cake shop while dressing as maids. What else do you need?

And if you like you can check out the visual novel on which the anime based on. But be careful which version you download if you want to keep the catgirls purity ;).

I recommend this anime for catgirls fans or even if you don’t really like them you will.

8. Non Non Biyori

8. Non Non Biyori

The story is about a bunch of little girls having fun daily in the countryside.

This anime tells the story of how kids having fun without the internet and console games. It is a really relaxing anime, perfect after a tiring day. Also, it has one of the best jokes in a moe anime.

I recommend this anime for those who don’t mind if the anime mainly contains under-age girls doing cute things and if your answer is no, you don’t mind…. then you will have 2 seasons of relaxing anime with which you can cuddle with.

7. Wataten! An Angel Flew Down to Me

7. Wataten! An Angel Flew Down to Me

The story is about a shy, cosplay lover, a college girl named Hoshino Miyako. One day her little sister Hinata brought back a friend Shirosaki Hana whom Miyako instantly saw the potential of as a cute, little cosplayer so she makes a deal with Hana. She makes candy for her so Miyako gets to dress her in cute cosplays while taking photos of her.

So this anime is also for the loli lovers but now you can see your favorite lolis in different outfits. But if lolis are not your type, for Miyako this anime is still worth it.

So basically I recommend this anime for the loli lovers, for the cosplay lovers, and for the college students lover. Even though you only get two, but those two are definitely worth the whole anime, but of course, the lolis are not bad either in cuteness.

6. If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord

6.If It's for My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord

In a fantasy world, one day an adventurer found a cute, little demon girl in the forest alone. When he discovers the unfortunate events which happened, he decides he will bring up this little girl.

This is a wholesome story of a dad and her daughter. Telling their daily life in a fantasy world. Unique story and it is working. The girl Latina is so cute that if you are at the age you will think about having a kid for yourself.

I recommend this anime for those who like these wholesome dad-daughter stories because if yes there are no better anime while you are cuddling in your bed.

5.Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

5. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

The story is about an office worker named Kobayashi who after one drinking night found a dragon and saved her life. So that dragon Tohru decided to live her life as Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid.

This is another one of those monster girls anime but now there are dragon girls in it on top. But it works so well because it contains everything you may need: Onee-san dragon, loli dragon, shouta boy, D-cup dragon. This anime made for filling your heart with warmness.

I recommend this anime for the monster girl lovers and moe anime lovers and also if you want to see beautiful animation in a moe anime this anime is for you.

4. K-ON!

4. K-ON!

The story is about a fresh new high schooler named Hirasawa Yui who wants to try out going to a club. Finally, she finds the Light Music club which accepts her because they think she can guitar.

The anime which made up the word moe anime, the first anime which was basically cute girls doing a cute thing for 20 minutes per episode and it worked so good that thousands of people watched this anime. But this anime gives you more than cute anime girls: good characters, funny stories, and the most important cool, good music.

I recommend this anime for moe lovers and for music lovers and don’t forget your tea while you are watching this anime.

3. Sweetness and Lightning

3. Sweetness and Lightning

Kouhei Inuzuka is a single-dad who is trying to bring her daughter, Tsumugi up. Uunfortunately, cooking is not his strong point. So one day he and his daughter go into a family restaurant where one of the Kouhei students welcome them.

This anime is again a dad-daughter anime that makes you want to have kids. But here, I know it sounds impossible to cuddle to but the kid, Tsumugi is both cute as hell and behaves like a real kid. So you know what to deal with when you make one.

The other good point of this anime is the food. Food looks great and it explains how to make the dishes in almost deep details.

I recommend this anime for daughter anime lovers and for those who eat something while watching this anime and maybe after watching you’ll crave yourself a hot meal.

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2. Engaged to the Unidentified

2. Engaged to the Unidentified

Kobeni Yonomori is a normal high schooler but on her 16th birthday, they told her that her grandpa chose her husband already. Later this boy, Hakuya Mitsumine, and her little sister, Mashiro went into the city to meet his wife.

This anime is the definition of a wholesome, cute, funny anime. It contains the now must-needed moe girls who’s doing things. But it also has a wholesome romance story.  Instead, as some of you expect this anime is not about “I am not following my family decision” because Kobeni is trying to get to know Hakuya, and then she may decide she wants him as husband or not. And this  is the cutest, wholesome thing I ever saw.

I recommend this anime for those who want to see loli action, yuri’s actions, jealousy arc, and wholesome romance.

1. Is the Order a Rabbit?

1. Is the Order a Rabbit?

Kokoa Hoto is moved from home into Kafuu family house where she gets a new cute little sister in Chino Kafuu and a bunch of new friends. So she is enjoying her new life here while living her daily life in a cafe shop where she occasionally works, too.

In my opinion, there is no cuter anime in the world than this. It contains the basic moe cliches but it works so well it will melt your heart. Every character is cute, the situations and stories just make them cuter and cuter so much so, that, in the end, your heart will just explode. If you don’t believe me, just watch the second season-ending.

I recommend this anime if you want the perfect cute anime which you can cuddle with, this is #1

I hope you find at least one anime that made you interested. And if you agree with even if you are not you can leave a comment under this post to see what you are thinking. See you next time!


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