30+ BEST My Hero Academia Ships that People Want!

My Hero Academia ships! It’s that time of the year, guys. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the top 31 Best My Hero Acadmia Ships that people want. Sit back and relax, while I show you the most anticipated ships, and what we think about these character being together.

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31. Bakugo x Deku

my hero academia ship

It’s really surprising how much people love the relationship between Bakugo and Deku. Both are close to each other. However, both are also the enemy of one another. A lot of fans love to ship both of them.

And guys, if you tell this to Bakugo, he’s going to come for you! While it’s true that both have feelings for each other, and value each other more than anything, Bakugo just can’t express it. Even though it’s impossible to happen in the anime, fans from all around the world love to ship them both.

Therefore, Boku and Bakugo is one of the best My Hero Academia ships on our list.

30. Kyoka x Mina

My hero academia ship

Kyoka and Mina are both best friends throughout the series. Their friendship only increased with time, and that’s the reason why people started to see them together. Both characters are always with each other, and they have each other’s back when it comes to any sort of trouble.

However, that’s not even the surprising part. The best thing about this My Hero Academia ship is that both Kyoka and Mina have the same vibe. Therefore, they can resonate to each other really well.

29. Katsuki Bakugou x Uraraka Ochako

Bakugo x Uraraka

At first, you may feel like both characters don’t really match each other. however, when it comes to the fans, Bakugo x Uraraka is one of the most anticipated ships in My Hero Academia. You wouldn’t believe how many fanarts you get to see. Just google it and you’ll get a rough idea.

Why do I think this is a great ship? Well, Bakugo is known to treat people badly. On the other hand, Uraraka is someone kind. They say that odd thing attract each other. And I’m sure that’s the case with Bakugo x Uraraka. But no matter how you see it, Bakugo always ends up helping others. Therefore, he has a soft side to him as well.

28. Deku x Uraraka

This one is surely ironic. The Uraraka x Deku ship is one of the most anticipated yet possible ships that might just happen in the future. The fans seem to love their relationship. Even if both are just good friends, we can see just by watching the anime that Deku cares for Uraraka from his heart.

But we all know that Uraraka’s crush on Deku is real. No one can change that fact! Even so, this might not be the most favorite ship when it comes to me. But on the other hand, Uraraka x Deku is one of the most highly possible My Hero Academia ships too.

27. Eraserhead and Midnight

My her academia ship

These teachers deserve love too! Aizawa or Eraserhead is always a little laid back and lazy. However, Midnight sense is the exact opposite. Aren’t they the different sides of the same coin?

When it comes to Mightnight, she’s always a flashing and cheerful teacher that is strong, and always help her students and even teachers too. While on the other hand, Aizawa is almost the same but not cheerful. Imagine Aizawa changing due to the love given by midnight. Oh Boy! I bet you can’t hate this ship. Aizawa x Midnight is one of the best My Hero Academia ships we’ve ever seen.

26. Deku x Mina

My Hero Academia Ship
By SonicExp626, Deviantart

Both characters give off the same vibe. Cute and interesting. Moreover, both are funny enough to make your day. Deku and Mina might have the least interaction in anime. However, Deku values her as a friend, and he’s always there for her whenever she’s in trouble.

Their ship name is ‘Flustered and Pink’ named by ‘The Top Tens’, and it makes perfect sense. Moreover, they are also the cutest couple when it comes to the anime, making them a perfect My Hero Acdemia ship on our list.

25. Bakugo & Kirishima

Both characters are very popular, and both have awesome chemistry in the anime. We have seen this several times in the anime that Bakugo thinks of Kirishima is his equal rival. Therefore, it’s quite a surprising thing as Bakugo is mostly proud of only himself. To think that he would cherish something like that, fans from all over the world are crazy for this ship.

So what does fan refer to this ship? It’s called ‘Kiribaku,’ and it’s really popular. Moreover, both characters have made it to multiple best ship lists a couple of times. 

24. Mt. Lady x Midnight

No one hates two girls playing together, do they? Mt.Lady and Midnight sensei is the perfect ship that we all want! Both are jealous of each other, and both hate each other till the moon and back. Always fighting each other for the spotlight, this ship is one of the best My Hero Academia ships ever!

23. Deku And Tsuyu

My hero academia ship

Tsuyu is one of the most unique characters in My Hero Academia. She has been loved, more like, she is getting huge love from fans from all around the globe. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see her being shipped with the main character ‘Deku.’ However, they do make a very good couple too.

Both have awesome leadership skills, strengths, and both are very unique. When it comes to saving each other’s lives, Tsuyu and Deku are overprotective when friends are involved. Therefore, they make a great ship in the series.

22. Kirishima x Mina

My Hero Academia

Kirishima and Mina have known each other since their elementary school days. A lot of fans think that this ship is most likely to happen at the end of the series. While both are good friends, Kirishima does have a crush on Mina. I can guarantee by the way they both talk. But let’s see where they stand years from now. 

This is one of the most popular My Hero Academia ships we’ve ever seen.

21. Momo x Jirou

My hero academia ship

Momo and Jirou have a beautiful friendship. Both can be easily shipped by the fans who are very much interested in both characters. Both are fun characters who are always enjoying each other. Moreover, both are very HOT too.

Even though their preferences might be a little too different, we can definitely see a level of understanding and attraction when it comes to Momo x Jirou. MAKE MOMO AND JIROU GREAT AGAIN! Is what all the fans say.

20. Deku & Todoroki

My Hero Academia Ship

For the fans who are against Deku x Bakugo, we all know that they want Todoroki x Deku. Damn, fans do love the main character with a lot of others on the list. While Todoroki wasn’t that popular in season one, this ship took place in the mid of the second season.

Moreover, the whole idea of this ship begun when both characters were fighting at the Sports Festival. It was such an awesome fight, and we got to find so much about Todoroki too. Therefore Todoroki x Deku is another popular My Hero Academia Ship that is increasing the following day by day.

19. Denki Kaminari x Kyoka Jiro

My Hero Academia Ship

Both Denki and Kyoka are one of the most highly developed characters we’ve seen in the anime. This is surely one of the most wholesome ships that fans are ear to get their hands on. Both characters have been together with each other in every thick and thing, and their relationship is something that we can’t describe in words.

Such a cute match of both of the cuties that are always uplifting each other, Denki x Kyoka is my personal favorite My Hero Academia ship of all time.

18. Momo & Todoroki

If it was a contest of hot couples, Todoroki and Momo would’ve won. Both are the hottest characters in this anime. Fans love the idea of both of these characters, and when we talk about the popularity, we can’t even compare both characters.

But what’s the idea of pairing these characters? Well, both are top in their class, and both can be ship together as they look like a heaven’s made match. 

17. Bakugou x Momo

Here we go again. For people who don’t like Todoroki x Momo, this ship was made by them. But in all honesty, I can see the potential of this being the real thing. Both characters are powerful, and both have the attitude of a king.

While Bakugo is always angry and does his thing. Momo is one of those characters who can control him. She is a great manipulator, and she can impress people like Bakugo too. Even though this ship is just an idea, I don’t think that it will ever become the real thing in anime. Well, who knows the future?

16. Deku x Toga

My Hero Academia Ship

We all know that Toga has a crush on Deku till the first date. Ever since that episode have aired, a lot of fans already started to ship them. Well, truth be told, after watching Deku  getting beaten up from Toga, there might be less changes of this ship happening in the actual anime.

Moreover, many fans would rather see her with other villains, but this ship was worth mentioning as it’s rather pleasing.

15. Urakara x Tsuyu

My Hero Academia Ship

Ochako and Tsuyu have a beautiful relationship, and fans just can’t get over it. Both might be a little awkward when it comes to the interaction, but both are too wholesome for any other ship.

The most common thing about Ochako and Tsuyu is that they both care about friendship and loyality the most . Both are also very heartwarming and pure. Moreover, they are also one of the most popular My Hero Academia ships on our list.

14. Eraserhead & Present Mic

My Hero Academia Ship

One of the most underrated ship on our list is Eraserhead x Present Mic. While most of the ships are with academy characters, both of these characters are very well known. Both have served a lot when it comes to the hero academy. However, fans tend to take things on an extreme level.

The most surprising thing about these characters is that Eraserhead hates loud volume but Present Mic is the only character he can tolerate when it comes to the loud volume.

13. Toru And Mashirao

When we talk about the weirdest possible ship, Toru and Mashiro have to make it on the list. The best thing that makes them compatible is that fact that both are weird. One has a huge tail, while the other one is invisible.

Toru’s wholesome personality is the perfect fit for Mashiro. Even though he’s always embarrassed in her presence, both of these cuties make a perfect couple when it comes to the ship, making it one of the strongest My Hero Academia Ship ever.

12. Lida X Momo

If we talk about compatibility, Lida x Momo is a must. Both of these characters are perfect in sync with each other. Lida and Momo are perfect for each other. If we put Todoroki aside for a while, Lida has some high level of intelligence, and when it comes to their teamwork, they made a great team too.

They are both tall and have the same vibes. This intellectual couple is one of the most popular My Hero Acdemia ship to ever exist.

11. Tamaka and Mirio

My Hero Academia Ship

Both characters are the smart ship for fans. Moreover, Tamaka and Mirio are most comfortable with each other. If we talk about their relation with any other character in the series, I don’t think they can be comfortable to anyone else. 

However, they are both very smart and intellectual. Fans are always fantasizing them, and thinking about how cute would they look with one another. Even though their personality is exact opposite of each other, they make something like Guy Sensei and Kakashi ship.

10. Eraserhead And Ms. Joke

One of my most favorite ships in My Hero Academia is Eraserhead and Ms Joke. While Ms Joke only came for a little time, her time with Eraserhead was mostly flirting. Unlike Eraserhead, she is cheerful and a fun person. But the most interesting thing about this ship is that Ms. Joke has openly asked eraserhead if he would marry her!

While most people thought that was joke, this ship is one of the best My Hero Academia ship we’ve ever seen.

9. Dabi x Himiko

by FateofDeath666 at DeviantArt

Our villains deserve love too! The main reason why most villains are evil is due to lack of love. Here, we have Himiko x Dabi which is one of the most popular My Hero Academia ships on the internet. They both want to show their awesome strength to the world, and Hikimko x Dabi is a real ship! What an awesome My Hero Academia ship that focuses on the villains.

8. Todoroki x Bakugou

You must have seen this one coming. Todoroki and Bakugo. Both are arrogant as hell! However, both are one of the ost beloved character in the series too. 

Todoroki and Bakugo are also super strong and this ship is something that fans from all over the world just love. It will always be a ship and nothing more. But this My Hero Academia ship is one of the most popular ones out there.

7. Mei Hatsume x Tenya Iida

One of the surprising yet popular ship we have on our list is Lida x Mei. Mei is very cunning and always do what she wants from others. On the other hand, Lida is somewhat of a nice guy who always helps other.Both of these make an awesome My Hero Academia ship.

6. Uraraka x Toga

Man, Toga is love with every character and Uraraka is not an exception. She’s already confessed that she loves Uraraka, and that’s where the craziness begun. Toga is also interested in girls along with boys, and this shit is one of the most popular My Hero Academia ship we’ve ever seen Fans seem to love it. I’m not even making it up.

5. Mineta x Tsuyu

Another super popular ship on our list is Mineta x Tsuyu. Both are very good friends of each other. However, Mineta is super perverted. He won’t let any chance to touch Tsuyu go away. This has been seen several times in the anime. 

Moreover, being so popular, this ship is one of the most highly anticipated ship that might just happen.

4. All Might x Inko

By Yukita Rain at Deviantart

Do you think that I was going to skip All might? YOU’RE WRONG! All Might deserves all the love in anime, and who’s the perfect candidate for that? Inko! Deku’s mother has to be with All Might. While there are a lot of other heroines, but All Might is more like a father to Deku. 

Therefore, a lot of fans started to see this as a real thing. Father figure? Nah! More like an actual father.

3. Denki x Shinso

By Yumake at DeviantArt

Odd things attract each other. Denki is stupid while Shinso is smart. They make an awesome couple. A lot of fans think that both of these characters are really cute, and they deserve each other.

They both fit each other like they’re different sides of one coin. Once again, one of my personal favorite My Hero Academia ship on our list is this one.

2. Deku x Mei

Another spicy My Hero Academia ship is Deku x Mei. Both have exact opposite personalities and therefore, they are best for each other (sorry uraraka). Deku also cares for her, and think that she’s a really good person.

This couple can be one destructive yet brainy one due to the fact that Mei is super brainy.

1. Kirishima x Todoroki

By ArthurTailorBird at Deviant Art

This leaves us to the final My Hero Academia ship for today. Kirishima x Todoroki. While most of the people prefer Kirishima with Bakugo, this one is a great fit. Both characters are smart and mostly overpowered. A lot of fans would also love to see some bromance between the two dudes. 

So what do you think? I have incorporates over 31 My Hero Academia ships that are worth dying for! If you have any ship in your mind, let me know in the comment section below. I’ll try to make another list specifically for your favorite characters in the future.

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10 thoughts on “30+ BEST My Hero Academia Ships that People Want!

  1. N
    Noob says:

    I ship
    Todoroki x Kirishima
    Bakugo x Izuku
    Jiro x kaminari
    Mina x Izuku
    Thats it!! sorry if those are bad ships

  2. A
    Ava says:

    i ship
    bakugo x me UwU
    bakugo x momo
    deku x uraraka

  3. s
    sakura says:


    • A
      Anna says:

      I ship
      Ochako x Mina x Tsuyu x Toga
      Shinsou x Kaminari
      Momo x Jirou
      Todoroki x Deku
      Kirishima x Bakugou
      Toru x Ojiro
      Sero x Iida x Aoyama
      Eraserhead x Present Mic
      Midnight x Mt. Lady x Ms. Joke
      Dabi x Hawks
      Shigaraki x Mirko
      Inko x All Might
      That’s really it

      • saaddhillon says:

        Inko x All Might! Man, that’s a dream. It’d be so cool if it actually happens.

        • A
          Anna says:

          Actually, I’ve changed ships a lot. Here are the changes.

          Mina x Toru
          Inko x Mitsuki
          Ochako x Tsuyu x Toga
          All might x Dave (the guy in america who helped him)
          and an add on
          Tokoyami x Shoji

  4. c
    cinnamontwist says:

    “Tamaka” is “Tamaki” “Shinso” is “Shinsou”

  5. D
    Dj says:

    I just want to let you know that proofreading and spell check are your friends.

    • Ernie says:

      which part is not correct grammar?

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