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Character design is vital in any visual media and for humans, hairstyles can be one of the biggest parts of that. A hairstyle can be what gets a character to stand out in a crowd, especially in anime. We just did a list of the top 10 best male anime hairstyles and it wouldn’t be fair if we did do one for the girls. 

So here it is, our list of the top 10 best female anime hairstyles! 


10. Rin Tohsaka - Fate/Stay Night

Rin Cosplay, Best Female Anime Hair, Top Female Anime Hair

Starting off the list of best female anime hairstyles with Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night. Rin is usually talked about for two reasons, her being a tsundere and her thighs but this time her hair gets the spotlight. 

Rin’s hair is kind of unique, having seemingly all of the basic anime girl hairstyles at once. long hair check, mid-part bangs check, some of it falls in front of her, check. She even somehow has room in all that to include weird bows that I have to think are staying their with some magic. Seriously, how does she get them there and how do they stay? 

9. Seras Victoria - Hellsing: Ultimate

Seras Victoria Cosplay, Best Female Anime Hair, Top Female Anime Hair

It looks like if you want to make a good female anime hairstyle, you’ll need to just add a bunch of different hairstyles together. That seems to be what’s going on with Seras Victoria from Hellsing. The front looks like a k-pop haircut but in the back, she has the shortest, spikiest ponytail that gives Shikamaru’s a run for its money. 

This look adds to the naive and somewhat childish nature of Seras, in contrast to Alucard’s confident nature. Being a vampire must also help your hair keep its shape because no matter what happens to Seras, it doesn’t change. Seriously Seras gets her arm ripped off and nearly killed but her hair, just fine. seriously this has to be one of the strongest female anime hairstyles ever.  

8. Kallen Stadtfeld - Code Geass

Kallen Code Geass, Best Female Anime Hair, Top Female Anime Hair

Kallen is one of the most important characters in Code Geass and she has the anime hair to prove it. It is also another hairstyle that doesn’t seem to be affected by the amount of damage that she takes. It just stays there. 

There’s also another weird contrast with the front and the back in this anime hairstyle. Kallen’s hair in the front just falls straight down meanwhile in the back it flares up. The hair color is also a good choice. Burgundy is a good color to slightly contrast with the more crimson color her clothes and headband have. 

7. Super Saiyan Kefla - Dragon Ball Super

Kefla Super Saiyan, Best Female Anime Hair, Top Female Anime Hair

And you thought the spikey super Saiyan hair was only for the guys. Nah bro it’s 2020 and girls can be super Saiyans too. I would have had trouble picking between Kale and Caulifa’s super Saiyan hair but luckily I didn’t have to. Their fusion, Kefla, not only combines their hair but makes it work.

Kefla’s super Saiyan hair is where it’s at though. The nice slight tint of green and the insane spikes that it has are great. It’s the over the top nature of Kale’s super saiyan form with the more standard style that Caulfia had. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. 

6. Yoruichi Shihōin - Bleach

Best Female Anime Hair, Top Female Anime Hair, Yoruichi Shihoin

This is the closest thing you’re getting to a catgirl on this list so you better enjoy it. There is an endless number of purple-haired anime girls, but for my money, Yoruichi has the best hairstyle. You have the tomboyish style in the front kind of similar to Seras Victoria’s hairstyle but it gets much much longer in the back. 

Once again the design premise of slapping two female anime hairstyles together works well here.  The ponytail is pretty basic but it works well with the overall style. Also the weird clothe hair tie is another good addition.


5. Jessie - Pokemon

Jessie Pokemon Hair, Jessie Hair, Best Female Anime Hair, Top Female Anime Hair

Now this female anime hairstyle right here is iconic and also impossible. Jessie has to have one of the most ridiculous anime hairstyles in history. It defies all logic and science how this hair stays like this. When Jessie’s running the hair doesn’t move and even after multiple thunderbolts, her hair only gets slightly frizzy. 

Just how much hair is in this hairstyle, easily 10 pounds. The fact that it is not only long but also looping is just insane. There must be so much weight on the top of Jessie’s head at all times that her neck must be in constant pain. I guess to Jessie having a top 10 anime hairstyle is worth it. 


4. Saber - Fate/Stay Night & Fate/Zero

Saber Fate/Stay Night Hair, Saber Hair, Best Female Anime Hair, Top Female Anime Hair

Next up on our female anime hairstyle list is Saber from both Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero. Saber has a few different variations on her hairstyle throughout both of these series but overall the base is the same. Like most of the other hairstyles on this list, there is a lot going on here. 

It kind of looks like a bob haircut (AKA the Karen one) but at the same time she has a messy band and a decent amount of hair pinned back by a braid. Overall, it’s a very pretty hairstyle for a character that somehow convinced everyone around her that she was a man for most of her life. 

3. Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill

Ryuko Matoi hair, Best Female Anime Hair, Top Female Anime Hair

This hairstyle shows that having a single highlight can really put a lot of work into changing a look. Seriously, the red highlight makes this female anime hairstyle, without it it’s just another medium messy tomboy style. 

Let’s be real here, most fans who watch Kill la Kill probably aren’t looking at the characters’ hair. That being said, it’s safe to say that Ryuko Matoi wouldn’t be the same without her signature hair. Seriously even fans who haven’t seen the series can probably still pick her out, with the hair doing a lot of work for that recognition. If you’re character is recognizable from their hair alone, you’ve made a great character design. 

2. Rem - Re:Zero

Rem: Re:Zero, Best Waifu summer 2020

Rem is a character that a ton of people has been cosplaying ever since Re:Zero came out. A big part of that is her very unique blue hairstyle. The other big part of that is the maid outfit but that is for another list entirely, you simps. 

This hairstyle is super unique and makes Rem one of the most easily recognizable characters in all of anime. The simplicity of this hairstyle is what makes it, it isn’t overly complicated and is something that wouldn’t be that weird to see in real life, in terms of the shape of course. The overall small change of making it blue is a great way to make simple standout. 

1. Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Best Female Anime Hairstyles, Top Female Anime Hairstyles

It has to be Sailor Moon at the top of this list, you can’t make a list about female anime hairstyles and not put her at the top. The Queen of anime deserves no lower spot than number one for the best female anime hairstyle. 

It’s both long and short somehow, which makes sense because she is literally one of the first magical girls. Its silhouette is easily recognizable by even the noobiest of anime fans. Even non-anime watching normies can recognize this hairstyle. What I’m saying is that if you don’t agree with this hairstyle being number one that’s fine, continue being wrong. 

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