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best purple hair anime girls

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Anime girls with purple hair always seem to carry a very mysterious yet charming vibe.  They have their own special superpowers, and some are even bad-tempered but I have to say they carry themselves better than any other character in the anime I am pretty sure you all will be dying to have one of them as your waifu. So, today I am going to talk about the best anime girls with purple hair
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42. Dorothy Unsworth

42 Dorothy

As compared to all of the squad’s captains, I think Dorothy has a soft appearance and unique magical spells. I see her sleeping most of the time in the anime but soon as she wakes up she seems to possess precious powers. I personally believe that she has that charm anyone would fall for which apparently makes her more special. As a matter of fact, she has the ability to get her hands on people to beat them. 

41. Motoko Kusanagi

41 Motoko Kusanagi

Kusanagi is a powerful and independent female protagonist that the anime community adores. To be honest, I am wowed by her retro appearance. She is basically a cyborg with some biomechanical parts. Her nature is not to depend on others and get her work done by herself.

She seldom relies on any of the men of her crew. Anyway, the first impression that she left on me was of a very cool and inspiring lady.

Sauce: Ghost in the shell

40. Shinoa Hiragi

40. Shinoa Hiragi ​

The action anime “Owari no seraph” has this female protagonist Shinoa who belongs to the Hiragi family, the family is quite rich with a royal background. She provided very good teamwork in the anime. She also has a cute side to her. Basically, she is very skilled with her scythe. You guys should definitely check out this anime, I am sure you will fall in love with this character.

Sauce: Owari no seraph

39. Reiko Tamura

39. Reiko Tamura

Moving on, we have Reiko who is a parasite despite the fact that she looks like a human. Like other parasites she is emotionless but the fact that after giving birth she becomes maternal and is willing to sacrifice her own life is just so beautiful which is tearing me up right now. She is one of the main antagonists in the parasyte anime. Reiko also has a red tattoo on her body which makes her appear mysterious and kind of intimidating as well.

Sauce: Parasyte

38. Sheele

38. Sheele ​

Sheele has two sides to her. One is awfully sweet and the other is pretty terrifying. I was captivated by the way she looked. As compared to the other characters in the anime she is willing to give a shoulder to cry on for her nakamas. She herself doesn’t rely on others.

She can also be very clumsy which is kind of cute, her physique is quite busty too making her look more feminine.

Sauce: Akame ga kill

37. Faye Valentine

37. Faye Valentine ​

Now she is the reason why I watched “Cowboy Bebop” . I’m just trying to be honest here! So, coming back to Faye, she appears very stiff and cold, she is the type to leave before being pushed away by somebody. She is all lonely and not the type to catch feelings. She also gambles, smokes, and is a pretty badass type of character which any guy would dig.

Sauce: Cowboy bebop

36. Blair

36. Blair

Blair is very hasty and likes to make things more fun and lively. She is a witch and is pretty wild for a witch. Out of all the other characters in this anime, Blair appears the most skittish. She likes to make quick decisions and also digs for surprises. She is rocking her character I would say.

Sauce: Soul eater

35. Anko Mitarashi

35. Anko Mitarashi

From the worldly popular anime, “Naruto” Anko is S-class tier with very badass vibes. She has got snake powers and was under the leadership of Orochimaru. On her first appearance, she had thrown a kunai at Naruto and then licked the blood from the blade, like duh. She is one of the bigger anime characters without a doubt.

Sauce: Naruto

34. Hifumi Takimoto

34. Hifumi Takimoto​

She is one of the anime characters with purple hair belonging to the modern age. She appears all innocent and shy when you first see her. When you give her a keypad she will write away anything. Her observing skills are respectable and she is also a good listener. She is quite bubbly and uses many emojis like most of us do these days. Isn’t that interesting?

Sauce: New game!

33. Izumi Kyouka

33. Izumi Kyouka

One of the anime characters with purple hair who will make you fall for them instantly! She falls in the category of child assassin archetype. Izumi often deals with self-esteem issues and is always doubting herself, and is indecisive. Yet, she plays her part very nicely. She has a lovable and harmless personality and she receives care just right.

Sauce: Bungou stray dogs

32. Moriko Morioka

32. Moriko Morioka

Kawai and clumsy, Tsukasa has a twin sister who is sort of different from her. She falls in the category of “Lolis”. She is not as reliable as her sister. Her eyes are so sparkly and she looks so full of life and sweet! Just because of her innocence she gets forgiven easily. Like, I would 10/10 need this ability.

Sauce: Lucky Star

31. Tsukasa Hiiragi

31.Tsukasa Hiragi

Kawai and clumsy, Tsukasa has a twin sister who is sort of different from her. She falls in the category of “Lolis”. She is not as reliable as her sister. Her eyes are so sparkly and she looks so full of life and sweet! Just because of her innocence she gets forgiven easily. Like, I would 10/10 need this ability.

Sauce: Lucky Star

30. Jirou kyouka

30. Jirou kyouka

All feisty and having a “get lost” expression anime girl with purple hair. She has been an extra character in the anime. She can perform as well as teach music too. How charming is that!

As for her voice, It is a melody to our ears definitely falls on the top of the list. I just hope that she gets more time on screen and I can see her in the battles as well because I am very curious about this one.

Sauce: Boku no hero academia

29. Konno Yuuki

29. Konno Yuuki​

Yuuki falls in the category of “Legends never die”. She is absolutely a fighter and would not bow down before just anyone. She is mentally strong too and is like a leader in the virtual world. The most interesting part of her character is she lives to her fullest and is emotionally very strong like a true warrior.

Sauce: Sword art online

28. Nana

Image Credits:https://wallpaperaccess.com/nana-elfen-lied


Now this fellow may appear as carefree in a different Sekai. And her destiny might not be all dreamy and sweet. The horns she has popping out of her cute short hair might symbolize unfavorable fate. She lets herself used and would not care about herself, yes that is the kind of girl we are talking about.

Sauce: Elfen lied

27. Kotomi Ichinose

A bookworm but pretty smart girl, who apparently has a secretive past which makes her much mysterious already. She can mostly be found at libraries as she truly cherishes books and I’m pretty sure she likes the smell of the pages of the book. I might not be book smart but I like the way pages smell. Anyway, she is the type of girl who relies on others in social situations. When we talk about anime girls with purple hair, she’s one of the most intellectual ones on our list.

Sauce: Clannad

26. Kuranosuke Koibuchi

26. Kuranosuke Koibuchi​

Koibuchi is a trap! She is not a girl and just wears a wig but she is definitely one of the most stylish purple-haired characters. Koibuchi fools most of the people around him. The moment he wears a wig everyone falls into that trap, it’s just too perfect to be true.

Sauce: Kuragehime

25. Akatsuki

25. Akatsuki

Ah, now this girl literally needs to write on her forehead, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I mean, everyone thinks that she is an innocent kid but she is fierce and a total badass. She has abilities lesser than no other assassin. When she is in love she appears like literally a middle scholar child, no offense.

Sauce: Log Horizon 


24. Yuuko Kanoe

24. Yuuko Kanoe

Purple-black haired Yuuko looks scary and blunt, but she is truly very humble and sweet.

She is basically a spirit who has lost her memories. At first glance, she gives mysterious vibes and seems kind of dark. She along with the help of Teiichi goes on a mission of finding her lost memories. So, just like that they go through many mysteries together.

Sauce: Tasogare otome x amnesia

23. Yuri Nakamura

23. Kuranosuke Koibuchi​

Yuri is one bright girl with purple hair. All abilities of a true leader are present in her, she is very determined and decisive. Of course, you have to be a good leader when you are going up against God, oh your Audacity Yuri. Take a moment and give her applause and I would like you all to check out this anime, “Angel beats”

Sauce: Angel beats

22. Frederica Berkanstel

22. Fredrica Berkanstel

Fredrica has matte purple hair. She is emotionless, if you take a look at her eyes you could sense that she has got no emotions too, so take a look! Also, it seems kind of suspicious how her eyes look and being emotionless might actually be a superpower! How cool. She might as well be hiding some sort of secretive power, who knows! So, check it out.

Sauce: Umineko no naku koro ni

21. Azusa Hamaoka

21. Azusa Hamaoka

Now unlike other girls, Azusa just won’t get shy by other boys and them being naked. She is living to the fullest and is living till she is alive, is not afraid to get wasted by a few drinks or wearing showy dresses. She is just very chill and calm. Of course, she is a genius and bisexual.

I would definitely want a drinking buddy like Azusa as she seems fun to hang out with.

Sauce: Grand blue

20. Mizore Shirayuki

20. Mizore

Mizore is a lovely girl with purple hair who basically becomes a part of a newspaper club. She is a stalker and is super possessive about Tsukune, she is simply head over heels for him. She is the main protagonist of Rosario+Vampire. She appears all fragile and sweet. She also has a good physique, making her a gorgeous anime girl with purple hair.

Sauce: Rosario+Vampire

19. Margaret Liones

19. Margaret Liones

She belongs to the Royal family and is the first princess of the Kingdom of Liones. By looking at her for the first time, she looks really sad and it is true that she is a very kind and gentle woman.She is pretty young with slightly wavy purple hair which makes her look gorgeous. She would not help her father but she can get imprisoned. Margaret at times, gets cowardly and surrenders.

Sauce: Nanatsu no taizai

18. Ultear Milkovich

18. Ultear Milkovich

She is a mage and daughter of Ur. She used to be a member of the Magic Council. She has pale skin and brown eyes with pretty purple hair. She wears a long revealing dress which converts into a tight fitting dress during battles.She is brave,quite inspiring and considerate when it comes to teamwork. Apparently, Ultear is determined to find out about something she has to from Zeref.

Sauce: Fairy Tail

17. Chisaki Hiradaira

17. Chisaki Hiradaira

Innocent and small, Chisaki cares for everyone. When she grows up her hair also grows into long purple wavy hair. She is the kind of friend we all need in our lives, adorable and kind. She is cheerful but has this fear of losing friends and relationships.

Sauce: Nagi no asu kara

16. Kamishiro Rize

16. Kamishiro Rize

Moving on and on, most of you will be familiar with Rize from Tokyo ghoul. I still remember her first date with Kaneki which totally left me speechless because what the heck!? She suddenly turned into a ghoul and showed interest in our main character. She is lowkey like a therapist and she gave powers to Kaneki too.

Sauce: Tokyo Ghoul

15. Saeko Busujima

15. Saeko Busujima

Now this fellow of ours is a warrior kind of girl actually she is something more than just a beautiful girl. She can for sure, defend herself and her mates and has much strength. She has long purple straight hair with bangs. Much interesting.

Sauce: Highschool of the dead

14. Yoruichi Shihoin

14. Yoruichi Shihoin

She gives some bad blair vibes and has two forms one of them is cat form and other is human form. She mostly prefers to be in the cat form and has a non-feminine voice and is okay with even being undressed as she is a cat.

Sauce: Bleach

13. Hitagi Senjougahara

13. Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi is pretty strong for someone misunderstood for being weak. She is an innocent looking yet busty girl with lively purple hair. She is anytime, ready to beat demons. Be careful of this strong woman. Hitagi is a unique anime girls with purple hair who is a crush to a lot of fans.

Sauce: Bakemonogatari

12. Touka Kirishima

12. Touka Kirishima

Another fellow from “Tokyo Ghoul” who is a nakama of Kaneki and is pretty skilled. She provides excellent teamwork and her short purple hair goes so well with her character.

Sauce: Tokyo Ghoul

11. Yuki Nagato

11. Yuki Nagato

Her short lavender hair looks absolutely great on her. Lavenders smell great, don’t they?

She basically likes to read and does not prefer social gatherings. She is unique.

Sauce: Suzumiya Haruhi no yuuutsu

10. Misato Katsuragi

10. Misato Katsuragi

Misato, I swear, has a vintage style as this anime is pretty old. She is rocking that purple hair with bangs swept from the centre. I find it really attractive. A good way to describe her is that she is friendly but distant, she is more of a mature or adult type. She is pretty calm and reliable which makes her a great addition to our list of anime girls with purple hair.

Sauce: Evangelion

9. Renge Miyouchi

Renge’s two tails with a light purple shade look so cute and the ribbons have special meaning and are precious to her. She is friendly, funny and adorable. She is mostly in her own world.

Sauce: Non non biyori

8. Toko Fukawa

8. Toko Fukawa

This girl is not just for everyone, she is hard to approach and become friends with. She likes to be treated as a princess. She is scared of less light and ghosts etc. She is good at writing stuff as well.

Sauce: Danganropa

7. Kyou Goshouin

7. Kyou Goshouin

She has good physique and she is a gamer girl. Basically, a perfect girl an otaku would crave. She has a small circle of friends and they play games together.

Sauce: And you thought there was never a girl online?

6. Lucy


Lucy from “Elfen Lied” led a truly hard life, she was experimented on and was tortured by everyone. She has DID which basically means split personality. Lucy is the perfect anime girls with purple hair that led a rather depressing life.

Sauce: Elfen lied

5. Hotaru Shidare

5. Hotaru Shidare

Because of her personality, she makes the anime fun and it is impossible to not laugh on her part. She is wild, passionate and wise. It would not be good if I didn not mention her in the category of purple haired anime girls.

4. Tohka Yatogami

4. Tohka

She has long purple hair with purple eyes, so dreamy! She is jealous towards the stuff that belongs to her but is caring and considerate as well.

Sauce: Date a live

3. Kagura Mizakuchi

3.Kagura mizakuchi

She is a young, slim and busted large woman. She is feminine and strong which makes her attractive. She is legit a warrior. She acts all tough but internally has a soft side to her. 

Sauce: Fairy tail .

2. Seilah

2. Seilah

This fellow right here has a “not giving a damn” expression on her face with purple hair and she can curse anyone she wants.

Sauce: Fairy tail 

1. Kirin toudou

1. Kirin toudu

As most anime girls, she is shy and soft. She does not have much confidence and would not believe in herself. She has a lovely shade of purple in her hair. She lacks confidence because she is treated hershey by her uncle. When it comes to fighting she is none other than any swordsmen out there fighting like warriors, despite being 13 years old she can fight really well with swords, making her one of the best anime girls with purple hair

Sauce: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk


For the blogpost, I have compiled over 41+ anime girls with purple hair. All of these girls are unique with an eye-catching appearance in the anime. All their superpowers go so well with their appearance.

So who is your most favorite purple-haired anime girl? Let me know in the comments.


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