Top 10+ Funny Hero Academia moments (With GIF’s) 2020

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1. When Midoriya meets Kota Izumi

(LOL!. No coomment.) Kota Izumi: is son of the deceased Hero’s Team Water Hose, and is also nephew of Shino sosaki. He is reserved but has quite a bit of pent up anger due to his parents being Heroes, and the fact they were killed on Duty, and that they left him behind. His anime debut, the first episode he appeared in was: episode 40

2. When All Might and Midoriya see each other after a while.

( I was dying at this moment, personally, I didn’t know what to say. It came out of nowhere, and BOOM! All Might Texas Smashes Midoriyas face lol. I love how much of a fanboy Midoriya is honestly. Is anybody else an All Might fanboy?)

3. When Bakugo and his mom (Mitsuki Bakugo) are introduced to the show

(Is it me or is Bakugo’s mom super hot, plus now we get to see where he gets his serious anger issues from LOL) Mistuki Bakugo: she’s married to Masaru Bakugo (Bakugo’s father), she looks a lot like Bakugo as well. She looks really young and is in her late 30’s. It’s pretty suggestive that Bakugo got his anger issues form her of course. But contrary to her aggressive attitude, apparently she be very calm when needed to be.  Her anime debut, the first episode she appeared in was: Episode 50.

4. When Mei Hatsume falls on Midoriya (Boobs)

(Gotta love the super PG 13 humor here, with Hero Academia, you can tell how Midoriya’s reaction is to Mei falling on him, that he’s clearly never seen boobs that up-close before, pretty funny, and a moment of laughter.) Mei Hatsume: Hatsume’s got a very assertive personality, as you might’ve been able to tell. She loves inventions, and creating things, and gadgets. She’s very blunt and goes straight to the point. She also has no fear of failure, which is an admirable personality trait. Her anime debut, the first time she appeared on the show was: Episode 15. Her favorite quote is: ” Thomas Edison once said… Just because a creation doesn’t work as intended doesn’t mean the effort is wasted.”

5. When Minoru Mineta tries to sneak up to the girls Hot Bath side.

(It’s amazing how Minoru Mineta’s whole character development is based of being pervy. He could be compared to Jiraya in Naruto for this. It’s a little different, because he seems to be even a level higher than Jiraya, because Minoru’s whole mission is to just get close to girls period. His whole dream and mission to even join the UA Academy was so he could see girls. LOL) Minoru Mineta: Minoru’s very short in height at 108 cm (3′ 6½”). He’s very unpopular with the girls particularly because he’s uber uber uber perverted. He freaks out all the time, and his main motivation for becoming a Hero has been his interest in women, and of which he is quite proud, and unashamed of. His anime debut, the first episode he appeared in was: Episode 5.

6. When Tiger (Yawara Chatora) is training Midoriya

(This is hilarious, in it’s own way. The way tiger dodges the Detroit Smash is one for the books, it’s hilarious due to several reasons we cannot fully fathom or express.) Yawara Chatora (Tiger): If you don’t know then, Yawara is actually a transgender man. He’s quite tall at 189 cm (6’2″). Yet he is very macho and strict, specially with his students. But he also carries a caring side to him, willing to protect his students and team at any cost. His anime debut was in Episode 41.

7. Class 1-A meeting Tamaki Amajiki for the first time.

(I put this on the list, because I didn’t understand what even happened here lol, but we know from watching the show that Amajiki is super scared all the time, and nervous of public speaking, and he’s very shy.. What’re your thoughts, on his power in the future?)

8. When Nejire Hado comments on Minoru Mineta’s quirk

(I think hands down Minoru’s the perviest anime character hands down, nothing else to be said, and i love how he turned it around on Nejire saying how she was being sexually harassing, meanwhile he has a big grin on his face.) Nejire Hado: She has reaaaaaaally long hair. She’s got more of “cute” vibe than a “HOT” girl vibe.  She seems to be quite talkative, and curious. She’s very eager to have met all the classmates, and can be blunt about what she loves about each of them. She’s very cheerful, and has a lot of enthusiasm, so she seems like a child-like innocent person. But apparently apart from all that, she’s known to be fierce in battles, and cane become supremely focused, and calm Her anime debut was in Episode 62.

9. Mei Hatsume touching up Midoriya’s body

(I love how handsy Hatsume gets here and how Uraraka doesn’t know how to react, honestly though, I wouldn’t mind Hatsume feeling my body up, to let me know how she could increase my power ;), jsut kidding. What’re your thoughts?)

10. When Camie Utsushimi says “Bye” to Midoriya

(This is sooo funny because Minoru Mineta and Denki Kaminari are super pervyy, and just think there’s an alternate reason, or some trick up Midoriya’s sleeve that he’s using, when in reality we all know there isn’t!. LOL. I think Midoriya’s just sought after by girls because he’s actually got a purpose in life (to become a great Hero), and women are just attracted to guys who have a bigger purpose in life, instead of just focusing on getting with girls.) Camie Utsushimi: Camie has a very high sex appeal, and is a very attractive and sexual character. She wear a catsuit, and is very bubbly. She is hard to understand at time because she uses a lot of slang to speak. Her anime debut was in Episode 53. Tamaki Amajiki: He gets super nervous and scared all the time. It’s because he’s very shy. He’s extremely socially awkward a lot of times, and is always trying to be perfect, but messes it up due to trying too hard. Hence, he’s insecure, and lacks self-esteem. His anime debut was in Episode 62.

Let me hear it, which ones did I miss?

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