35+ ANIME Like My Hero Academia (Recommendations)

anime like mha

My Hero Academia anime, MHA for short, has been criticized and sworn at, but look at it now. It’s one of the most popular anime of the year! The author exceeded everyone’s expectations with the airing of the newest season that was just on another level.

But every good thing has an end and soon we will go back to waiting for the 6th season to come out.

In the meantime, please distract yourselves with anime like MHA!


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Table of Contents

36. Yowamushi Pedal

yowamushi pedal

Sakamichi Onoda is an Otaku, like any other Otaku, he feels at home only when surrounded by others who share the same passion. During his school year, he decides to enroll in the anime club. Unfortunately, that club has been disbanded. He, therefore, takes it upon himself to revive it by scouting new members.

 After a day of searching and no results, he decides to clear his head by riding his old bicycle to Akihabara. On the way, he meets Shunsuke Imaizumi, a cyclist. He has been practising on a steep incline for a while only to see Onoda climb it with his antic bike without breaking a sweat.

yowamushi pedal

 Impressed and curious at the same time, he dares him to take part in a race against him. If Onoda wins, he will become the newest member of the anime club.

 The rush that Onoda experienced from the race opened new possibilities and a newfound passion that he did not know he had. A new goal is now appearing in Onoda’s mind.

 The protagonist Sakamichi Onoda is like Deku, a very sweet and hard-working person. The story is not about heroism but about putting all your effort into achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

35. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is not about becoming strong for the sake of somebody else, Hunter X Hunter is about becoming strong for your own selfish desires.

Gon grew up without a father. He started following in his footsteps and is taking an exam to become a Hunter in the hopes of finding some clues about his whereabouts.

On this journey, he meets Killua, a 12 years old kid like himself. A former professional assassin who wishes to surpass his father in order to free himself from the shackles his family binds him with. Then comes Kurapika, a descendant of a clan known for their crimson eyes.

His clan was decimated and their eyes were taken as trophies. His purpose is now to become a blacklist hunter to take his revenge on the monster who took his family. Finally, we have Leorio. Due to some past trauma, he is aiming to become a rich doctor to help any patient without needing any kind of compensation.

 You may ask why this anime is on this list, the answer is simple. They may not be Hero’s, they may not be aiming to save anyone, they may be just doing whatever the hell they want but at the end of the day, they are all ready to risk their lives to help a person in need in front of them. Isn’t that what Heroes do?

34. Yu Yu Hakusho

yu yu hakusho

Yusuke Uramechi’s time as a Hero wasn’t very long. He died struck by a truck right after saving the life of the little child that was going to be run over. His heroic act caught the eye of Koenma, the ruler of the spirit world.

 He was, therefore, given another chance. Brought back to the living world as a spirit detective, he became one of the earth protectors against the supernatural.

33. Mob Psycho 100

Slice of Life Anime - Mob Psycho 100

Mob, like anybody else, has that one thing he can do that nobody else can. It just happens that that one thing is protecting humanity from evil spirits since he possesses overwhelming Psychic abilities.

Even though he hates his powers and finds them bothersome, he puts them to good use by exorcising ghosts and other dangerous entities that are roaming the world. The only problem is that this omnipotent power keeps growing in strength. If it ever gets the best of Mob, he will become the worst calamity earth ever faced.

Mob Psycho 100 is an antithesis of MHA. While Deku grew up Quirkless, Mob was born with unique, overwhelming power. But both of them are working their ass off, one to control his newfound power, the other to keep control over it. 

Even though they are overpowered they do not use their abilities for themselves nor do they show it off to gain popularity. They are selfless characters that always have the greater good in mind.

32. Black Clover

Black Clover

The “Wizard King”, the title held by the most powerful mage. A title that Asta and Yuno, two children that grew up together, swore to compete with each other for.

As they grew up, Yuno blossomed into a magical genius due to his innate talent while Asta had no affinity whatsoever with magic. At only 15 Yuno received the honor to wield the Grimoire with a four-leaf clover, making the match between them even more unfair.

black clover

Everything changes when a mage named Lebuty tries to steal Yuno’s Grimoire. In order to protect the one he calls brother, Asta, who still cannot use magic, stands in Lebuty’s way. 

At death‘s door, Asta hears Yuno’s voice and in a fit of rage unleashes the dormant power within him, receiving at the same time a five-leaf clover Grimoire, a “Black Clover”. Defeating his adversary in a second, the competition for the title of Wizard King promises to be an interesting one.

Deku and Asta have the same mindset. They are also pushing through approximately the same circumstances. They both acquired overpowered abilities that are difficult to control and jumped from the bottom of the food chain to the top in a single moment. The stories may not have the same concept, but as you watch Black Clover MHA will surely come to mind.

31. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Tsunayoshi Sawada is a pathetic human. He has no strong point whatsoever but he still has the guts to fall in love with the idol of the school he attends, Kyouko Sasagawa.

The failure that he is about to be completely transformed after he meets “Reborn”. Reborn is a hitman, a hitman in the body of a baby. He was given the mission by the Italian mafia to prepare Tsunayoshi to become the next boss of the Vongola family.

A mission that should be an impossible task but is Tsunayoshi actually not a loser? From zero to hero, Deku started off just like that, it seems Tsunayoshi is following in his footsteps.

30. Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia

Atsuko Kagari, Akko for short, aims to become a witch who can put countless smiles on people’s faces. Even though her magic has yet to blossom, she still enters Luna Nova Magical Academy. However, just the trip they get there has been a perilous one. One thing made all the trouble worth it. She gets her hands on her idol’s wand, Shiny Rod, and claims it as her own.

After the challenging trip, she also has to overcome the trials of the Academy. To make up for her lack of magical ability, she has to work three-time harder than any other student.

Her determination and naiveté as well as her cute goal reminds me of a certain Hero. How about you?

29. Kill La Kill

kill la kill

Ryuuko Matoi is out for revenge, revenge for the murder of her father. Her only clue, the other piece of one of her father’s creations, the Scissor Blade.

Her journey brings her to Honnouji Academy, a prestigious yet abnormal academy. The academy is under the rain of the student council and its president Satsuki Kiryuuin, a person who seems to be deprived of emotions.

The students deemed special by the president are entrusted with clothes they call “Goku Uniforms“. Those uniforms grant the wearer abilities that make them transcend the state of normal humans.

It’s an action series that’s absurd, especially at first glance. As you can see from the outside, it is a very difficult anime and tries to break down a bit. I like Ryuko's sexy and stingy clothes at events and the "transformation scene" is very similar to Sailor Moon, the beautiful warrior. That's all that matters, as long as its use is on schedule and similar to fried chicken. it will be difficult to find an anime like this that’s best English dubbed. I have seen so many anime stories with action dubbing but few are of similar quality to Kill la Kill.

Overconfident in her strength, Ryuuko challenges one of the wearers of the uniform only to pathetically lose. In a depressed state, she goes back home, her tail between her legs. On the way, she meets Senketsu. Senketsu is a “Kamui” in other words, he is a God of Clothes. After receiving her blood he bestows upon her his unimaginable strengths and skills.

Now with adequate weapons, she goes against the student council in order to reach the president who holds information about the death of her father.

Yet another story where the MC acquires immense power from their benefactor. But Kill La Kill is not your ordinary anime. Incredible action scenes mixed with unbelievable art create a fantastic experience no other anime can match.

28. Flame of Recca

flame of recca

Rekka Hanabish is a self-proclaimed Shinobi. Following the way of the Ninjas, he will never ignore wrongdoers. He ends up in a lot of fights and declares that if someone can win a fight against him, he will become their devoted servant.

Upon meeting Yanagi Sakoshita, a girl with the power to heal injuries, he discovers that he is a direct descent of a legendary line of ninjas. What’s even better, he too has a secret power. He can manipulate and create flames.

But now mysterious people are his and Yanagi’s life. A race against the clock begins. He needs to understand and master his newfound ability before he kicks the bucket. Like many other anime, gaining incredible power out of nowhere automatically makes you become the one who will be responsible for the safety of the earth. As long as you take on that role you become a Hero.

27. Food Wars!

food wars

Ever since he was a kid, Souma Yukihira has been the sous chef at his father’s diner. Growing up surrounded by customers and smiles, he developed a passion for cooking, but Souma is nothing like your ordinary chef, he uses his creativity to come up with unconventional recipes that never cease to amaze.

In order to become worthy of taking his father’s place as the head chef of their Diner, his father sends him off to the most prestigious culinary school Totsuki Culinary Academy. This academy is so severe with their students and has such high standards that only 10% of them manage to graduate. The school also has a unique tradition. The students can take part in “Shokugeki”, a battle between chefs where each participant bet something of extreme value.

erina nakiri Food Wars

Souma, compared to the other rich kids that are attending, is already familiar with what it takes to serve customers, he has been nurtured by one of the best and he knows his value. As soon as he arrives after being the only transfer student to manage to pass the entrance test he makes a daring declaration. He will take the number one spot!

You might ask what brings this anime to the list. My answer is that chefs are bound by standards. They end up losing themselves, losing their own way of cooking to finally lose their passion. Souma is here to save those chefs from their fate by showing them that there is more than one right way to do things.

26. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist

Alchemy is the science that allows us to understand how to decompose and compose matter. But Alchemy has limits, it is impossible to create something from nothing. For anything that is acquired, you have to sacrifice something of equivalent value. In alchemy, it’s the fundamental law of the equivalent exchange. Human transmutation is the only taboo imposed on that science. No one, no matter who they are can break this interdiction.

However, two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, had the audacity to try what no human ever managed to do successfully. After losing their mother to sickness, they swore to bring her back to them. They gathered the elements that constitute a human body and tried to transmute their mother.

fullmetal alchemist

The experiment went terribly wrong and in the process the elder brother Edward lost his right hand and left foot while his brother lost his entire body. Edward, who saw the “Truth” during the transmutation, acquired knowledge no other alchemist possesses. He managed to attach his brother’s soul to an armour preventing him from dying and is now able to transmute without a circle.

The two brothers have a new purpose now, find the philosopher’s stone, a legendary stone that grants you the ability to ignore the equivalent exchange in order to gain back what they lost.

The story is nothing like MHA, the only similarity is the circumstances of the protagonist. They both got a new power that they are using to become stronger. And in Edwards’s case, even though it is not on purpose, he gets mixed up in some trouble that forces him to act in order to protect the world from the evil that is spreading.

25. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

In 1868, George Joestar, a noble, was saved by Dario Brando. He owes him his life, so when the opportunity arose to return the favor, George took it. He took in his son Dio and treated him as his own after his father’s death. But Dio didn’t feel grateful, not even one bit, and moved to his house with the intention of taking it over.

With the help of an Aztec stone mask that has dark mysterious powers, he plots the downfall of George and his son Jonathan, Jojo for short.

50 years later, we will follow the story of Jojo’s grandson, Joseph. He discovers what the stone mask really is and the destruction it will bring upon the earth. Pillar Men, ancient creatures with unimaginable power, are planning to unleash chaos on our world and the only one who can stand in their way is Joseph.

24. Gatchaman Crowds

gatchaman crowds

No matter how you look at her, Hajime Ichinose is just your ordinary girl and she actually was. But those days are now behind her. An unknown being going by the name J.J Robinson bestows upon her a book that he calls “NOTE”.

You guessed it, NOTE is no mundane book, it’s a transformation device that changes the bearer into “Gatchaman”, the guardian angel of Tachikawa City. She is also not the only Gatchaman around, a secret group is already operating from the shadows to protect the city from evil.

gatchaman crowds

The leader of the group finally reveals the purpose of their existence on earth. Aliens are invading and they are the only ones who can stand a chance against them. They are humanity’s only glimmer of hope. A war between the Gatchaman and the “MESS” is about to rage.

No one may be aware of their existence, no one may be aware of their sacrifices, they may never be thanked for their protection but the fact remains they are earth’s only true Heroes.

23. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

In Fiore, magic is a necessity for your everyday life. Hundreds of magic Guilds are dispersed all over the world and are competing for popularity. Their purpose is to fulfill job requests and get paid in return for their service.

One of those guilds is called “Fairy Tail”. Known for their crazy members, unbelievable strength, and their unbreakable bond, each person that wants to join knows that they will be joining their new family.

Lucy Heartfilia is a celestial mage; she is collecting keys that can summon the materialization of the zodiac signs. Upon meeting Natsu Dragneel, who is searching for his father, the dragon Igneel, and Happy, a flying cat, they invite her to become a member of their Guild, Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail

This will be the beginning of a never-ending journey of fighting evil, saving the world, solving conspiracies, you know, your usual.

Fairy Tail nurture their members into becoming their best selves. They encourage them to let go of all negative emotions to give the floor to their true natures. All of the members, even the weak ones, have put their lives on the lines for their comrades and for the world. Fairy Tail became the Guild of heroes.

22. Soul Eater

In that fantasy world, “Death Scythes” are nurtured by the Shinigami, Lord Death, at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. Their purpose is to stand in the way of the evil that is invading their home. The Scythe that looks like normal weapons is actually human hybrids who can transform their body at will. But to achieve the level of an actual Death Scythe, they have to eat 99 evil souls and the soul of a witch.

Soul Eater Evans aims to become one of those legendary Death Scythes with the support of his wielder Maka Albarn. Although Soul Eater is way darker than MHA, the concept of those two anime are very comparable. The side characters are also extremely interesting and they all put their maximum effort to protect their way of life.

21. Tiger And Bunny

tiger and bunny

In this timeline, some people possess a unique skill, those people were given the title “NEXT”. A TV show called Hero TV was created and features a group of NEXT that hunt down NEXT’s who are on the other side of the law. The more criminals you arrest the more Hero Points you accumulate. At the end of the show, the one with the most points has bestowed the title “King of Heroes

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi AKA “Wild Tiger” was one of the contestants for the title, but his performances rapidly started to deteriorate due to the fact that he is not a team player. In consequence, he is given as a partner a new arrival, Barnaby Brooks Jr. or “Bunny”.

tiger and bunny

Having literally opposite personalities, it is impossible for the two Heroes to get along. Will they put up with their differences for the sake of their dreams and safety?

The similarity between MHA and Tiger and Bunny is blatant. NEXT is like the Quirk holder, the good ones are fighting the evil ones to obtain the title of King of Heroes which is similar to the title of Number 1 Hero in MHA.

20. InuYasha


Kagome Higurashi is the modern reincarnation of an ancient priestess named Kikyo. Having inherited her soul, she also inherited a magic Pearl with immense power. That pearl is residing in her body. Of course, Kagome is not aware of that fact.

One day, she heard a weird sound coming out of the sacred well in her garden. As she was approaching, a demon sucked her into that well bringing her to the past. The demon ripped the pearl out of her body, increasing her power tenfold. As she was running for her life, she came across a demi demon, Inuyasha.

There is an anime that is integral as well as an outlier in the lives of some weebs and that anime is Inuyasha. This anime has contributed a lot to increase the number of weebs all around the world. Ask an anime fan what made them get into it and most of them will answer Inuyasha. While being a shounen anime, this one also incorporates chunks of romance in it which makes it a perfect watch for everyone. It does look simple at some point but there is so much more to this seemingly simple shounen. Inuyasha features consistent action that keeps you hooked to it (Literally every other shounen anime). The characters will make you burst into laughter because of their dorky personalities. The story progresses rapidly, doesn't let you get bored. The romance is also very cute and will make you warm all inside. All weebs love this anime and it's still relevant today. Kagome Higurashi is a 15-year-old girl who on her birthday gets dragged into a well by a huge scary-looking centipede(Talk about being unlucky). She keeps falling instead of hitting the ground of the well and BAM! she's suddenly in the Sengoku Era in the past. She basically gets transported 500 years back which is crazy. Apparently, where Kagome is transported, a demon is attacking that village and it is revealed that Kagome looks like someone that demon is chasing. As soon as the demon comes near her to attack her, she unleashes the half-demon, Inuyasha, and saves her. The demon was chasing a number of jewel pieces that were scattered all over in different areas of Japan and held tremendous power. Inuyasha and Kagome begin their journey to retrieve the pieces and their adventure gets interesting and intense as the story progresses.

Inuyasha was impaled to a three by a magic arrow cast by Kikyo. He woke up due to the presence of her soul near him. To save herself, Kagome broke Inuyasha’s imprisonment, setting him free, in order to defeat the demon. It took him no more than one single attack to defeat his opponent. But he also wants to possess the Pearl. In a power struggle between other demons and Kagome, due to a certain turn of events, the pearl gets shattered into hundreds of shards that get scattered all over Japan.

Kagome and Inuyasha end up teaming up in order to retrieve the shards and make sure they don’t end up in the wrong hands. The fate of the world as they know it hangs in the balance of their success.

19. Concrete Revolution

concrete revolution

Jirou Hitoyoshi is a spy. He was given the mission to record a meeting between a scientist hired by the government and an industrial spy. Little did he know that the industrial spy is actually an alien.

Due to the unforeseen event, he is discovered by that very alien. He then partners with Kikko Hoshino, a superhuman who wields magic. Together, they become humanity’s protectors against the alien threat.

In this world, superhumans are not uncommon, but they try to blend in with society and even they need protection. Like in MHA, gifted individuals decide to live like normal people and leave the superhero activities to those who fit the role better. They are being protected by those heroes regardless of the fact that they have power of their own.

18. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

An experiment that turned horribly wrong changed a renowned assassin into an oversized octopus that has the ability to move and fly at a speed of Mach 20. Threatening to destroy the earth, he asks the government to make him the teacher of Class-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School to give them a fighting chance.

Left with no choice, the government gave the crucial task of assassinating “Koro-sensei” to the students. The reward of USD 100,000,000.00

Koro-sensei will be nurturing his beloved student to become exceptional assassins with the power and intellect to stop his evil plan. In a way, they turned every one of those students into Hero’s giving them the task to save the Earth and all its population.

17. Boruto


Far from reaching Naruto’s excellence, Boruto is still quite popular. Following the story of Naruto’s son as he takes the torch once held by his father as the leader and the guardian of the leaf village.

Since the concept of how the village works haven’t changed, my reasons for putting it on the list are the same ones as Naruto’s.

16. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist

Assiah is the home of humans. In a parallel world known as Gehenna resides the demons. The demons have only one way to travel from one world to another and that’s through possession. For the possession to be successful, the body of the host has to be able to sustain the demon’s soul.

For that reason, Satan has been stuck in Gahanna for ions unable to find a suitable body. He then realized that instead of waiting for the perfect host to appear, he will create it. He then sends his son to Assiah to become his future vessel.

Blue Exorcist

Rin Okumura was then born in Assiah. He grew up like a perfectly normal human. Loved by his adoptive father and the other members of the church he lives in, his normal life turns upside down when Satan wishes for his return to his realm.

The disgusting truth of his existence hits him hard. Denying his father, Rin starts training to become the strongest of all exorcists, a Paladin to be the one to kill Satan.

Killing Satan means freeing Assiah from the biggest threat that it has been facing for ages. He will end up delivering all of humanity from the danger of possession as well. In another world not only will he become a Paladin he will also become humanity’s Hero.

15. Samurai Flamenco

samurai Flamenco

Masayoshi Hazama is a renowned model that hides an incredible secret. When the night comes, he tosses aside his former self to become the Superhero, “Samurai Flamenco“. Protector of his city, the enemy of evil, he will stop any criminal that crosses his path even without any superpowers.

Hiding his identity at all costs, he is busted by Hidenori Gotou, a policeman. Unexpectedly, they become partners. Little did they know that their days preventing petty crimes and kid’s fights would embark them on a journey to save the world.

It is not your level of strength, not the power you possess that makes you a Hero. Being Hero is about bravery, will and the desire to let justice prevail. Being a Hero comes from the Heart.

14. Charlotte


Yuu Otosaka has a terrifying ability. He can enter your mind and take full control of your body for 5 seconds. Thinking only of himself and his well being, he has been abusing his power by using it only to increase his grades.

Caught in the act by Nao Tomori, she blackmails him into transferring to Hoshinoumi Academy, a school for gifted individuals. The student council of this academy has been given the task to find and stop others like them that use their powers for their own benefit.



Coerced by Nao into joining the student council, Yuu discovers what is the real gift behind his power. It’s an omnipotent ability with unlimited possibilities. The fate of all gifted people suddenly falls on his shoulders.

This anime teaches you that no one is born a hero. The experiences you face throughout your life are what shapes you. As hard as it is, people can change. Even if you never had the qualities of a hero, you can acquire them. It all depends on you and on your actions.

13. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann

In this post-apocalyptic timeline, most of humanity is living underground due to the presence of “Beastmen” roaming on the surface.

Kamina and Simon may not be blood brothers but no one can deny that they are. Their personalities could not be more different. Kamina is a hot-blooded person who cannot hide his boiling emotions who wants to conquer the wasteland while Simon is a shy kid who is satisfied with his current situation.

tengen toppa gurren lagan

When they were mining they found a sort of key that turned out to be the activation device of a legendary weapon. Immediately leaving for the surface, they are directly attacked and only managed to survive due to the intervention of Yoko, a bold and beautiful sniper.

The three of them set off on a journey to stop the Beastmen’s from oppressing the remaining humans and free them from their life in the darkness.

The story is much deeper than it sounds, the goal that they set themselves will end up unravelling unimaginable secrets and in the end, the three of them will be remembered as Legendary Heroes, humanity’s saviors.

12. Hamatora


In this world, humans that were given the title “Minimum Holders” are people that can make miracles come true through the unique ability that they inherit. A detective agency known as Hamatora is composed only of Minimum Holders.

As of recently, they started getting requests that have some kind of connection to the case their friend Art, a police officer, is working on. He is searching for a serial killer on the loose. All his targets happened to be Minimum Holders. Because of this special circumstance, Nice and Murasaki, two detectives from Hamatora, decide to help since only Minimum Holders have the ability to kill another.

Hamatora was written by the author after he got inspiration from superhero comics made by Marvel and DC. The story is all about heroism and the true meaning of the word Hero.

11. The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

What is the definition of a Hero? For me, personally, a hero is a person that will act for the greater good without caring about being recognized or praised for their good deeds. The Seven Deadly Sins fits that description perfectly. They are the most powerful group of knights of all Britania, no one can hold a candle to them and yet they were labeled as traitors by the Holy Nights of the empire who took the credits for saving the country in the last war and therefore took over Britannia.

The seven Deadly Sins didn’t retaliate against them, instead, they went into hiding to see from the sidelines if the country would blossom

They finally end up taking up arms once more for the country that betrayed them to save it from the second disaster it was facing after the 3rd princess Elizabeth came begging them for help.

10. Dragon Ball

dragon ball

With Dragon Ball, we have the four legendary anime on this list. Like its brethren’s, Dragon Ball is well known throughout the world. No introduction is needed after the number of times Goku saved earth from calamity. I don’t think he can be called anything else than Earth’s one and only Superhero.

9. Bleach


Practically on the same level as Naruto and One Piece, Bleach is another iconic anime that everyone heard about.

In this story, Ichigo Kurosaki turns into a Shinigami after Rukia transfers her powers to save him from imminent death. Unable to give back what he took, he now has to take her place as the Shinigami protector of this sector and becomes a Shinigami Substitute.

Of course, the anime is not as simple as that but any more details would mean major spoilers.


With a new season coming out this year after the end of the airing in 2012, Bleach is rising in popularity once again for the delight of its many fans.

As for the similarity between MHA and Bleach lies with the artist. Kohei Horikoshi started drawing MHA characters by taking inspiration from Bleach. Bleach was MHA’s template.

8. Brave 10

Brave 10

Isanami is a priestess of Izumo temple. Targeted by assassins for the power dormant in her, she caused the death of everyone in the temple.

Now all alone and on the run, she meets by coincidence Saizou Kirigakure, a famous ronin feared throughout the land. Caught up in her problems and labeled as an enemy to be disposed of, he is left with no other choice but to escort Isanami to Ueda Castle. She intends to seek the help of Yukimura Sanada, one of the most powerful lords of the country.

brave 10

Sanadas takes her under his wing after witnessing the devastating power of darkness residing inside her and even manages to force Saizou to join their group.

Turns out that Sanada is gathering exceptional warriors under his command to try and prevent a calamity that will be engulfing the world. He intends to make those fighters into legendary Heroes.

7. Akame Ga Kill

Akame ga Kill

A cruel Prime Minister called Honest is governing the country from the shadows. Using his influence he manipulates the naïve King, making him follow all his directions to the letter. Reduced into a mere puppet, the King is just an instrument to commit evil.

The people unable to withstand this tyranny assembled the Revolutionary Army. A power that keeps growing in strength and influence in order to overthrow the Prime Minister. The Army is divided into branches and one of them specializes in assassinations, the “Night Raid”. The warriors of this branch wield legendary weapons called “Imperial Arms“, granting the bearer a special ability.

22. Akame ga kill​

Tatsumi, a village boy, left his home to become one of the Prime Ministers’ soldiers with the false impression that he was on the side of justice. His plans drastically changed when he became the new member of the Night Raid after some nobles tortured and killed his childhood friends under the approval of the government.

Realizing how mistaken he was, he discovered who the real Hero’s and protectors of the land are.

Akame Ga Kill is the embodiment of vigilantes. Heroes that go against the law for the sake of the citizen.

6. One Piece

one piece

Like Naruto, I believe that this never-ending anime needs no introduction. Our aspiring Pirate King is like Deku, a soft and gentle protagonist, in other words, they are like cinnamon rolls. But NEVER EVER dare to touch one of their Nakama’s, this mistake will wake up a dormant monster you don’t wanna face.

5. D Gray Man

Is there something more difficult to overcome than grief? Losing a person dear to your heart is the most painful experience a human can go through. It makes you weak, so weak and fragile that if the opportunity arises to bring them back to life, you won’t hesitate to take it, no matter the risk or the price to pay.

The Millennium Earl is a being who uses this pain to manipulate humans. He creates “Akuma’s” by using dead souls that are called back by their loved ones. But Akuma’s are not don’t have a mind, they are weapons controlled by the Millennium Earl and will kill anyone if ordered to. The only way to stop them is to exorcise them using an Anti-Akuma weapon known as “Innocence

d gray man

Allen Walker is an Innocent user. He has been training under the wing of General Cross and is now joining the Black Order. The Black Order is an organization composed of exorcists that possess Innocence. Their sole purpose is to defeat the Millennium Earl who is bringing chaos upon the world. But Allen’s Innocence isn’t his only power. He also possesses a cursed eye capable of detecting Akuma’s, a lifesaving skill on the battlefield.

Humans who are not aware of the Akuma’s existence have been protected by those exorcists since their apparition. They are noble Heroes who risk their lives not for recognition but for humanity’s future.

4. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado is a model son, a caring older brother and the caretaker of his family. Always positive, always smiling and hardworking, no matter how hard life would get he would perceive and even manage to help others along the way. Only good things should be happening to such a pure person but that is not how things usually work.

After a long day of work, he came back home to find his entire family dead, devoured and tortured by a Demon. On the brink of despair, the fact that his sister Nezuko was still breathing brought him back to his senses.

Demon Slayer

But she was no more the loving sister he grew up with. The Demon who attacked them turned out to be the first and most powerful demon on earth, the only one with the power to turn humans into his own kind and that was the fate inflicted on Nezuko. But, through her incredible mental strength, she managed to keep her sanity.

The siblings now embark on a journey to become stronger in order to find a way to undo the curse set on Nezuko and take revenge for their family.

Surpassing one’s limits is the common point between MHA and Demon Slayer. That mixed with awesome side characters that can be more loveable, the MCs and quests to save the world from demons or villains make those two series very similar. The timeline is the actual major difference, one set in a modern, futurist world, where the other just experienced the creation of the first train

3. Fire Force

Spontaneous Human Combustion, a phenomenon that started to spread throughout the world like a plague. It changes humans into creatures engulfed in flames with no reason, just rage. They started to be called the “Infernals”.

Internals are the first generation of humans that are touched by the calamity; the next generation muted into Pyro kinetics. Pyro kinetics have the ability to control flames, making them the only people able to face the Infernals. In response, the world came up with the idea to create the Special Fire Force.

Shinra Kusakabe is a third-generation, nicknamed the Devil’s Footprints for his ability to combust his feet, enrolls in Special Fire Force Company 8. His goal, save as many lives as possible from the Infernals’ threat and become one of humanity’s Heroes.

In this world, firefighters are considered the bravest of Heroes. They are humanity’s only hope for survival. With their special abilities, they put their lives on the line every single day to protect the population. Doesn’t it remind you of a certain plot, like MHA?

2. Naruto


The young ninja who wishes to become Hokage. No true anime fan hasn’t watched at least some episodes of the iconic anime. Naruto needs no introduction, its reputation precedes it.

What I would like to highlight is how much MHA and Naruto have in common if you carefully think about it.


Quirks that almost 90% of the population possesses, Hero’s that can go up in ranking and can be paid or hired to in the end unite to defend the population against Villains.

In a way, that is the same system that the Ninjas follow. Being a Ninja is much more than just a job, taking on that role means you become one of the many Hero’s that fight for their respective village.

1. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

Saitama was an average human, a person you would pass by without even realizing it. One thing that made him different from the others, was his perseverance.

Looking for a change and a higher purpose for his normal life, he begins training. A hellish kind of training that transformed him into another person. 

Through a considerable amount of sweat, work and determination he sculpted his body and became able to defeat ANY opponent with just one single overpowered punch

Yes. You heard it right. We're talking about one punch man here who's literally so strong that he can take out any enemy with only a punch. This anime is also one of those that are insanely popular amongst the weeb community and almost all of them know about it. The action in this one is jaw-dropping and coupled with pumped-up background music that has played a massive role in creating its hype. It does things like none other and we meant it when we say it. You'd find yourself enjoying every moment of this anime. It includes a very likable set of characters with a bit of fanservice. You're going to end up falling in love with a lot of characters. We're giving you a heads up here. Be prepared for that. The story is about an overpowered guy named Saitama who is so overpowered that he only needs to punch an enemy once and BAM!! He's gone! Sounds ridiculous, right? He lives in a city full of mutants and other monsters that roam around and scare innocent citizens. Saitama soon meets a cyborg named Genos who looks up to him and wants Saitama to train him. Saitama takes him in but is really not interested in training him. He's just plain bored of life because he's just too powerful and has never found a worthy opponent. The story will unfold a lot of other superheroes who save the city from troublesome monsters along with Saitama.

But with strength comes great responsibility. “Noblesse Oblige” is a French saying that can be translated this way: the strong have the obligation to protect those who cannot defend themselves. This is the Motto that Saitama lives by since he transcended his former self.

Therefore, the mundane Saitama became a superhero. A selfless protector that keeps searching for opponents worthy of challenging him.

Animes based on superheroes are weirdly scarce. One-Punch Man is one of the few gems out there. Even though the story is nothing like MHA, the values that both series are trying to convey are practically the same which is why One Punch Man got 1st place on this list.


Heroes can be born or fostered into one. They come in different shapes and colors and each one has its own unique way of contributing to society. A person with no power whatsoever, playing with fire to save just one person is much more heroic than an invincible individual that knows will never be defeated but saves millions.

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One of the top 3 strongest students of his class, Katsugi Bakugi is a haughty boy who takes too much pride in his power and explosive Quirk. We see him as an arrogant and selfish individual with a bit of a short-temper, of course (NOT A BIT BUT TOO MUCH). He's a childhood friend of Midoriya (The protagonist) and is always very competitive when it comes to him. We see a bit of a villainous strain in him at first but soon he mellows down and seriously thinks about becoming the No. 1 Hero (All thanks to Midoriya). Though he puts on a tough act at all times, we see him becoming vulnerable in some instances which makes us think that he's not really a jerk! Bakugo's Quirk Explosion literally lets him create explosions from the palms of his hands to attack his targets. His Quirk is one of the strongest among his classmates and he's very well aware of that. He can also control the size of his explosion depending on the opponent he's facing. Other than his fierce explosions, Bakugo's blessed with a keen intellect and natural leadership skills that make him one of the most formidable opponents for any enemy.
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