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There are some bullies and bad guys we just can’t hate because of the tragic past they had. However, Kiyomizu is not one of those guys. He’s plain out despicable and would do anything within his power to manipulate people into doing his bidding.

It’s good to know that such a character isn’t the spotlight of the show. For the most part, he stays on the sidelines, being dominated by the powerful gang superiors. Today, we’ll be discussing some of the key traits of this character you’d be interested in as an avid Tokyo Revengers fan. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Masataka Kiyomizu

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For someone his age, Kiyomizu is quite muscular. In terms of raw strength, he seems to be on top no matter where he stands. However, he’s far from a skillful fighter and usually relies on bullying the weak.

The key aspect that sets him apart from the normal crowd is the scar on his left eyebrow. It kind of makes him look cool, if I’m being honest. He’s usually seen wearing Shibuya’s uniform and loves to smoke

Masataka Kiyomizu


Gang information

Current Status


Positions in Anime

Tokyo Manji Gang (Former Member)
Kiyomasa’s Gang Leader (Current)

Character Info




January 18, 1991


182 cm


Past: 14

Present 26

Hair Color


Eye Color



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Affiliations with

Tokyo Manji Gang

Appearances in ANIME

Manga Debut

Chapter 2



As mentioned before in the introduction, this man has one of the worst personalities in the show. He constantly uses people to benefit himself and cares for no one, not even his close friends. As someone who doesn’t have many brains, he usually relies on strength to assert dominance and control over others.

The worst thing about his personality is that he’s a coward. Yes, you read that right. Behind the “tough” guy character he plays, he’s a weak and insecure person. When he was challenged by Takemichi, he resorted to using a bat even though Takemichi was a very weak opponent for him.

Furthermore, when Draken appeared, he was drenched in fear. This showed how he was a coward who’d never step up and fight with his superiors. And on the flip side, he enjoys looking down on his inferiors. It’s the prime reason we all hate him as a character (Chapter 3).

Strengths and Skills



His desire for dominance over his inferiors allows him to control them more effectively. He’s the tyrant boss and controls his subordinates with fear instead of kindness and empathy. It’s not something I’m a fan of, but it’s also not something everyone can pull off. I’d consider this a skill at the very least.


Another thing that’s worth noticing about the character is his fighting skills. It’s not something that stands out when compared to characters like Draken or Mikey, but he’s able to hold his own against most people his age. That’s because of his aggressive nature and muscular build (Chapter 2).


Ø  The word Masataka means “leader”, so his name Masataka Kiyomizu is quite fitting as he’s the leader of his small gang

Ø  His height is over 6’0 making him a very tall character as compared to a normal male in the series.

Ø  He has a scar on his left eyebrow. How did that scare come to be? That hasn’t been answered in the anime or the manga as of yet.

Ø  He loves to smoke cigarettes. He’s one of the few characters in Tokyo Revengers who’s a chain smoker.

Ø  As a side character who doesn’t have a lot of screen time, he doesn’t have an official date of birth. This also means that his zodiac sign is unknown. However, he’s more likely to be a Scorpio, as they’re known to be dark and unpredictable



Not much is known about his past life, but it’s pretty clear that he’s always been the dominant bully his entire life. Picking on kids weaker than him and using them for his benefit is what he’s always done for a living.

He’s also shown to be a former member of the Tokyo Maji gang. However, he was soon evicted. How that happened Is a mystery but it’s pretty clear that he didn’t get along with them very well.

When Takemichi mentioned the name of Mikey’s in front of him, Masatake instantly snapped and started beating him to a pulp ( Chapter 2). After beating Takemichi, he told him to never mention Mikey’s name again. This pretty much proves that he didn’t have good relations with Mikey.


Tokyo Manji Gang

Tokyo Manji Gang

He was previously affiliated with the Tokyo Manji gang. This is the gang that is destined to soon take over Tokyo as one of the influential gangs of the city. However, Kiomizu was evicted from this gang well before it could reach its glory days.

Kiyomasa's Gang

After being evicted from the Tokyo Manji gang, Kiomizu forged his little gang that had members from the third years of his mid-school. This gang was known as the Kiyomasa’s gang. The gang had a reputation for bullying the weak and making them do their bidding. This gang itself wasn’t very powerful, but it asserted dominance over anybody weaker than them.


As of the time of writing this blog, this man wasn’t shown to have any love interests. He didn’t have anyone special, which makes sense since he is a despicable person. The only people he had with him were his friends from his gang.

Now that I think about it, the closest relationship he had was with his cigarettes. He is seen smoking a new one as soon as his screen time starts.


Masataka Kiyomizuu

Overall, despite being a side character, he does play a very important role in shaping Takemichi’s character. As we all know, Takemichi is initially shown to be a very introverted and weak person. Instead of fighting people for his right, he’d usually nod his head and apologize (Chapter 1).

The weaknesses we see in Takemichi’s character are because of the childhood trauma that was caused to him by none other than Kiyomizu himself. Kiyomizu would regularly bully and physically abuse Takemichi, which would eventually turn him into a scared and introverted person.

After traveling back in time, the first thing that Takemichi made was to stand up to Kiyomizu. Takemichi knew that not standing up to him was the biggest mistake of his life, and he was willing to set this right.

Voice Actors

The voice actor of Kiyomizu was none other than Satoshi Hino himself. He’s quite a popular voice actor known very well in the anime industry. Some of the more popular characters that he’s done voiceover for are Ainz, Sai, and Daichi from the anime Overlord, Naruto, and Haiykuu respectively.

Fun facts about Satoshi Hino are as following:

Ø  He is married and has two children.

Ø  He’s married to Saka Nakajima.

Ø  His height is 170cm, which makes his height slightly below average.

Ø  He was born on August 7th, 1978, making him a Leo with great leadership and empathic qualities.

Ø  Even though Satoshi was raised in Tokyo, he was born in the United States of America, where he lived till the age of five.


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