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The news of the deaths of Naoto and Hinata Tachibana shocks Takemichi as he watches the news on television. The news included a gang named the Tokyo Manji Gang and a dispute which involved several victims but only the two passed away.

As Takemichi walked to the station from yet another terrible day having to deal with his neighbor who always complains and gets scolded at work, he scratched a black car while telling rich people to go and die.

Takemichi asks himself where did everything go wrong as he waits on the station platform. Suddenly, someone pushes him and he falls onto the train tracks. The train looms closer and as his death becomes inevitable, the only thought that popped up was the only one that loved him, Hinata Tachibana.

Tokyo Revengers Time Travel

Table of Content

Takemichi’s Past

 Takemichi’s eyes widen as he suddenly sees his middle school friends telling him to hurry up and get off the train. He introduces them one by one. Makoto, Yamagishi, Akkun, and Takuya were all part of his delinquent group in middle school. When he looks at the mirror, Takemichi is shocked to see that his appearance turned back to when he was a delinquent. He checks his phone and the date is July 4th, 2005, exactly 12 years from the present.

Takemichi’s friends then tell him that they’ll start a fight against the second-years at Shibuya Middle School and use his cousin’s name Masaru if the third-years show up as he was supposedly the leader of Shibuya Middle. Takemichi gets scared when he realizes that he’s going to fight. Akkun remarks that the Shibuya Delinquents are just “whipped and trendy city boys” which sparks a bad feeling inside Takemichi.

The third-years of Shibuya Middle show up and tell Takemichi’s group that their second-years are on a supposed “school trip” and they’ll be the ones to beat them to a pulp. When Yamagishi told them that they’ll explain the situation to Masaru who was the third-year boss, the group of third-year delinquents lets out a wild laugh and they soon show Takemichi and the others that Masaru is just their gofer. Takemichi remembers this moment and that Masaru lied that he was the third year’s leader just to show off. Kiyomasa’s group proceeds to beat up Takemichi and his friends, forcing them to kneel and ask for forgiveness with bloodied faces. A third-year then tells them that they’re now underlings of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Takemichi recounts everything that’s going to happen next. Every day until he graduated, they were abused by Kiyomasa and his hooligans until he escaped and lived alone. As he lived his life, he remembered all he did was apologize and cursed the heavens for reminding him of the worst parts of his life. As he screamed to the sky, Hinata’s inspiring words suddenly slipped in and Takemichi remembered the incident that involved Hinata’s death. He realized that her death was because of the gang that beat them up, the Tokyo Manji Gang 12 years into the future.

The First Time Leap

Time Leap Info


July 04, 2017 (July 04, 2005)


1 Day

Arc in Manga/Anime

Toman Arc


Takemichi saved Naoto in Toman Fight


Hinata Tachibana Dies

Tokyo Revengers Time Leap - Plot

Time Travel Mechanics

Takemichi asks himself what Hinata looked like. He ran through alleyways and the street while wounded until he got to Hinata’s apartment building. Takemichi rang the doorbell and Hinata opened the door asking Takemichi if he got into another fight. Tears stream out of Takemichi’s eyes and he tries to walk away until Hinata grabs his cheeks. Hinata tells him she wants to know everything because she is his girlfriend.

 Takemichi left and reminisced his love for Tachibana on the playground swing when he heard shouting. Takemichi gets annoyed and confronts the boys bullying a child. Takemichi punches one of them, grabs a bottle, breaks it, and threatens them. The bullies run away and the kid thanks him. He gives the kid advice and asks his name to which he replies that he is Naoto Tachibana. Takemichi realizes that he is Hinata’s younger brother. 

The two sat on the swings and Takemichi told Naoto how he loves his sister so much. Without having second thoughts, Takemichi tells Naoto that he leaped through time and that Naoto and Tachibana would die on July 4th, 2017. Takemichi proceeded to tell Naoto to remember the date and protect his sister. As the two shake hands, Takemichi wakes up in a hospital bed.

How Can Takemichi Travel TIme?

Takemichi Time Travel

 Takemichi looked around and saw that he’s back in the future. A man in a black suit approached him and introduced himself. He is Naoto Tachibana and continues to tell Takemichi that Takemichi traveled through time and saved him but he was unable to save his sister. Takemichi changed the future. With that in mind, Naoto asked Takemichi to use his power and save Hinata.

Characters Involved

l  Takemichi Hanagaki

l  Naoto Tachibana

l  Hinata Tachibana

l  Makoto Suzuki

l  Kazushi Yamagishi

l  Atsushi Sendo “Akkun”

l  Takuya Yamamoto

l  Masataka Kiyomizu “Kiyomasa”


Takemichi unexpectedly leaped through time and saved Naoto Tachibana from his supposed death. However, Hinata Tachibana still died in the incident with the Tokyo Manji Gang, but Takemichi as well as Naoto, now have a way to save Hinata and change the future.


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  2.   Tokyo Revengers Anime: Episode 1

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