Flect Turn – The New Villain in My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Revealed

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My Hero Academia fans are stunned to see the first looks of this smurf-looking villain known as ‘Flect Turn.’ Even since the company revealed the new movie, no one knew who was the villain or antagonist in the movie. But My Hero Academia World Heroes’ didn’t disappoint us. 

The official site revealed that Kazuya Nakai will play the role of Flect Turn in World Heroes.

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Table of Contents

The Plot of World Heroes’

This is what we know about the trailer so far.

The story of World Heroes’ follows the mysterious group that’s trying to annihilate people with quirks. In order to do that, they decided to plant bombs all over the world, making it hard for even the pro heroes to catch up. Now, this world of quirks is confused about how to approach this situation. Now, our heroes are all uniting together to find a solution, and that’s when Deku and Bakugo come across a guy named Rody, an interesting lad who lives in Oseon and all of them start working together. Now, everyone has to find this organization called ‘Humanize’ that wants to threaten the world and destroy heroes.

When Will The Movie Release?

My Hero Academia World Heroes’ will be released on August 6th in Japan. However, it’s not confirmed when it’ll be released internationally. In addition to that, people who’ll go and watch the movie in the theater will get a free copy of MHA Vol. World Heroes manga, but it’s only limited to 1 million copies.

Flect Turn


With the successful launch of MHA Two Heroes and Heroes Rising, we have high expectations for the movie itself. It’ll be super interesting to see how it turns out, and especially when I look at the plot, this is going to be a fun watch-time for everyone out there. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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