24+ Best Anime VAMPIRE GIRLS Of All Time (RANKED)

I’m not gonna lie, we all love a beautiful Vampy Anime girl at least every now and then. No matter how dangerous they are, there’s always just a feeling we get from them that just can’t be gotten from the normal anime girls and to be honest, some of us would want to have our blood mercilessly sucked out by one of these gorgeous girls, wouldn’t we? 

And we can’t forget about the priceless vampire puns. Those glorious jokes that make me cringe in my seat, yet also makes me choke on my own laughter at the very same time. Now, without further ado, here are the TOP 25 BEST VAMPIRE GIRLS OF ALL TIIIIIIME!


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Genre: Vampire
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Table of Content

25. Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu)

Miyu is a dhampir, and is a daughter of a human and demon god. As the Female lead in this series, she hunts down stray demons, known as Shinma. This is her main job as Vampire Princess Miyu, and she also has a companion called Larva, who’s also a Shinma.

24. Almaria (Ange Vierge)

Portals called Hairou portals which bind five different worlds suddenly appear in the world where our story starts. Many teenage girls around the world then began to get strange, supernatural-like powers and abilities, right after these doors were opened.

Unexpectedly, these doors granted access to these worlds to quite a few horrific monsters, wreaking absolute havoc in all five worlds. On Seiran Island, a school was constructed to educate these girls with powers and help them develop their powers in order to protect their worlds from these monsters.

Ange Vierge is about a group of girls, and this is the group Almaria is then part of, who band together to protect the world. Seen as one of the hottest and most attractive vampire girls in history, (which I completely agree with btw) Almaria is just one of those vampires that you can’t tear your eyes away from, even if you wanted to.

 Even if she hasn’t fed on anyone yet, and sees it as pure absurdity, she’s still incredibly powerful, usually using blood as her weapon.

There’s no question as to why she’s the protagonist, and she has more than definitely earned her role in the animated masterpiece. Ange Vierge, as the focus of everyone’s attention (including ours), is a stunningly attractive girl.

23. Leticia Draculair (Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?)

Being one of the most profoundly powerful vampires I’ve ever seen, controlling the power of shadows and darkness itself, Leticia seems more than deserving of being named Draculair, after the widely famous Count Dracula.

Having a dark and saddened past, she had been lonely for nearly thousands of years. That was, until she met the NoName community and then started working for them as a maid.

Alongside her impressive abilities and heartbreaking backstory, her naturally pretty appearance is also most definitely one of her best qualities, fitting to her personality pretty amazingly, and she could easily be one of the cutest vampire girls on this list.

The competition between her and the next girl, the cuteness levels are neck-and-neck. (Heh heh)

22. Shinobu Oshino (Bakemonogatari)

This loveable donut-loving girl is definitely an epic addition to this spectacular ranking, and is a funny, precious character of one of my favorite animes ever, Bakemonogatari.

With her hairstyle, her personality, and her freaking adorable smile, she totally deserved her spot on the ranking of the Best Anime Vampire Girls of All Time.

And she’s not any less attractive in her true form, making her a double deal, with both of her variations. Even though she might not be a protagonist, that doesn’t make her any less awesome.

21. Seras Victoria (Hellsing)

Having those piercing eyes and naturally stunning looks, her intensity is easily one of her best qualities.

In this series, she was a normal human policewoman at first, and was later sent to investigate a village’s recent problems. Her police squad is then entirely wiped out and she’s almost brutally murdered by a crazy vampire priest.

Luckily, the main character for this series, Alucard, saves her by transforming her into a vampire. Later on, she joins Hellsing as one of Alucard’s subjects.

20. Shalltear Bloodfallen (Overlord)

An online game called Yggdrasil had just finished. Momonga, our protagonist, decided to log in one last time to enjoy and remember the game he’d loved and played so many times before.

It was soon that Momonga learned that he couldn’t log out of the game. He then finds out that he was transported into his avatar’s body and couldn’t get out. Shalltear was created by Peroroncino and had become a loyal ally to Ainz.

Shalltear is extremely strong despite her delicate nature, and can complete nearly any task that’s given to her by Ainz. Shalltear can become a true vampire, her form, offering her stunningly strong power.

Shalltear is more than just power, though. She has piercing crimson eyes I could stare into forever, making her another one of my favorites.

19. Youko Shiragami (Actually I Am…)

Shiragami Youko is the main vampire protagonist of one of the most epic anime series of all time, Jitsu wa Watashi wa. As a demi-vampire, Youko joins a human school, but under one condition. This condition is to hide the truth of her being a vampire.

Still, her secret was still revealed to Kuromine Asahi, who was actually meanwhile preparing himself to confess his love to her.

Then he, a while later and to his ultimate surprise, sees her in an empty classroom unfolding her wings, which just makes Youko’s story even better, and I’m sure many of us (or maybe just me) feel exactly the same as Asahi, even if she is a vampire.

18. Yuuko Tamaru (Devils Line)

Tsukasa Taira is a student attending college who’s pretty much happy with her. life. Tsukasa’s entire life, though, changes for what seems like the worst, when a vampire kidnaps her. Tsukasa is later saved by Yuuki Anzai, a half-vampire half-human, just before the vampire can kill Tsukasa. 

Yuuki thought that Tsukasa might still not be safe, because of the attack, so he decides to protect her. During the time they then spend together, the two of them get closer and start to gain feelings for each other (and I can’t blame them). Yuuki then has to find a way to keep his friendship with Tsukasa, without succumbing to his vampy thirst for her blood.

17. Hikari Takanashi (Interviews with Monster Girls)

Tetsuo Takahashi, is a biology teacher at Shibasaki High School, and is curious about the Demi, half-human and half-monster hybrids. Takahashi believes that talking to them might be the only way he could finally understand them.

Takahashi later decides to interview three specifically chosen girls from his class: Hikari Takanashi, Kyouko Machi, and Yuki Kusakabe, who are a dullahan, vampire and snow woman. (a few interesting breeds, I have to say)

Hikari is a strange girl, kinda unlike any of the others on this list. Except for her fangs, you wouldn’t be able to tell that she was a vampire. This is why she stands out from the others, even though being a vampire is such a big part of her life, she’s still more invested in the human community and is more than able to fit in perfectly.

16. Agatha (Sirius the Jaeger)

It was the year 1930, and the Jaegers, a bunch of vampire hunters, travelled to Japan to help with the war against vampires. Although their main goal was to find the vampires, they decide to also search for a magical object called the Ark of Sirius.

Yuliy, a member of the Jaegers, has made it his life’s goal to kill all the vampires who destroyed and murdered the people in his village. The story of Yuily and the Jaegers in their epic fight against the vampires is the main plot of Sirius the Yeager.

Agatha comes from an entire family of royalty, but being really different from the other royal vampires, she wants to be, is very involved with, and interested in the hunt for the sacred artifact, the Ark of Sirius.

Agatha, having over hundreds of years of experience, is a great help during this war.

Agatha has the typical vampiric characteristics, like most of these other girls, like amazing strength, for example. But that does not mean that she doesn’t have her own unique powers as well, like her extendable razor-like claws. 

Even though her death rather early throughout the show might be tragic, and we couldn’t get to know her character as much as we would’ve wanted to, she’s still a perfect vampire girl.

15. Moka Akashiya (Rosario + Vampire)

She is the female lead in Rosario + Vampire. She might seem like a gentler, pleasant girl, but her true personality ( and hair color )  is hidden by a cross necklace that she wears. 

When she ever needs to take part in a battle, the male protagonist Tsukune can take away the cross and unseal the white-haired true personality, who is a powerful fighting vampire. She helps Tsukune deal with being the only human in a school full of monsters.

14. Arcueid Brunestud (Lunar Legend Tsukihime)

Arcueid Brunestud is the White Princess of the True Ancestors. Arcueid is a beautiful vampire princess from Lunar Legend Tsukihime. Her main role is to assist the protagonist in fighting and killing the evil vampires, and the fate of the entire human race may be resting in their hands.

Now, who doesn’t love a hot vampire girl who can fight?

13. Carmilla (GeGeGe no Kitarou)

Carmilla is a powerful member of Blackbeard’s army. She mostly uses her profound intelligence and vampiric powers to fight.

Compared to many of the other girls here, Carmilla definitely looks more like a typical vampire, with black hair, pale skin, always looking for her next victim. Other than looking like a vampire, she has very vampy powers, like being able to turn into a bat. Carmilla is overall a pretty cool character.

12. Saya Otonashi (Blood+)

Saya Otonashi is pretty powerful compared to the others, especially compared to the other girls on this list. She’s a purebred Chiropteran, a creature similar to a bat, that needs human blood in order to survive. 

But even though she’s a Chiropteran, she looks almost exactly like a normal anime high school girl, and, turning against her own kind, she uses a katana to fight and hunt other Chiropterans.

11. Maaka Karin (Chibi Vampire)

She is the protagonist of the Chibi Vampire series, Maaka is actually a vampire that produces blood instead of feeding on it.

Yep, she makes blood, which is very different from the other girls on this list. Adding to her strange powers, when she senses danger, or even when she’s humiliated, her blood-flow increases rapidly, leading to lots of nosebleeds.

10. Toya Rima (Vampire Knight)

As a pretty hot model vampire girl, Rima Toya is part of a bunch of young students who’re all part of the Night Class. She has a relationship filled with mystery, passion, doubt and curiosity, with a boy named Shiki Senry.

We also later find out that Rima has a fiery love for acting, even though she has a job in modelling.

9. Mina Tepes (Dance in the Vampire Bund)

Mina Tepes is a cute vampire girl, who has the majestic role of the queen of all vampires, and similarly to many other vampire stories, Mina and her species have been in hiding and kept secret from the humans.

Ever since then, she’s been looking for a way to end the quarantine. Later on, she got permission to build a special place called The Bund, where the vampires can live peacefully.

Mina then decides to tell the vampires about her dream for humans and vampires to both live together, adding to her sweet personality that we all love.

8. Yuuki Cross (Vampire Knight)

Yuuki Cross is the main female lead of the Vampire Knight series. Yuuki used to be a student and Guardian of Cross Academy. Though she might not have many extreme qualities that stand out for her especially, she’s still a really lovable character and deserves so much love.

7. Yue (Arifureta: From Common Place To World’s Strongest)

Yue was unable to get out of a Labyrinth called the Great Orcus Labyrinth for 300 whole years, which seems unbearable. After she was captured by her very own family because of her amazing, supernatural powers. 

Yue has incredible strength, even compared to other vampires (which is saying something), which also eventually led to her imprisonment. She is later freed by Hajime, and she then decides to accompany him on his mission. 

She might be somewhat immature, but when it comes to combat and defense (and not to mention her appearance) she is very serious and focused. Yue has a strange but kind of amazing power to regenerate her body, which is clearly something not everyone can do.

Imprisoned in the abyss, Yue was once a princess, before she was betrayed by her peers as well as her own uncle, because of her godly power and her being very close to immortal.

Their jealousy along with her trusting personality were her downfall, at least that’s what they want us to think. Yue was of course added to this list, not just for her exceptionally written story, but also for her breathtaking appearance, both of which got her the astounding number 7 spot on this Anime Vampy Girl lineup.

6. Seraphim (Is This A Zombie?)

She’s a hot girl, a ninja, and a vampire, she is…Seraphim. She’s part of the harem girls that live with Ayumu and is one of the main protagonists in this series, which is already impressive on its own.

As a Ninja she’s amazingly strong, and standing out from other vampires, she only periodically requires blood to stay alive. As another vampire with… strange powers, she can anesthetize only girls with a kiss in order to numb pain from neck bites, since kissing a boy according to their cult’s rules means marriage.

5. Sunako Kirishiki (Shiki)

Sunako is the leader of the vampires and the eldest of them all, in the series.

She is intelligent, mature and sensible and doesn’t kill because of anger or rage, only for the survival of herself and of others. All she wants is to have a safe place for all the vampires in order for them to live happily, and her motives as well as her looks, makes her almost a perfect vampy girl.

4. Otogiri (Servamp)

Otogiri is one of the hottest anime vampire girls on my list, she is spectacularly calm and scarcely even speaks. Hardly ever showing any emotion, she could easily be difficult to read.

She is basically stoic and stone-cold when it comes to expressing herself, but she’s also always careful and extremely smart, especially compared to Tsubaki’s sub classmates.

Though Otogiri might not be as powerful as some of the vampires, she can easily make up for it with her intelligence. Tsubaki uses her skills and strengths to help herself with anything she might be useful with, especially with war.

During war or preparing for it, Otogiri orders puppets and people to fight instead of herself. Otogiri is a pretty awesome character overall and is definitely one of the best girls on this list.

3. Redcurrant (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)

This vampy girl on my list is a bit stranger than the rest. Redcurrant has spent her whole existence drinking men’s blood without even a second thought.

She kind of has a thing for artsy men and mainly drinks only their blood. With her breathtaking beauty, Redcurrant (a.k.a. Chitose Hatori) is definitely one of my personal favorites, especially with her adorable pointy ears!

Her personality is really just mild and pleasing, especially fitting to the choices she makes. This carefree and lovable gentleness is one of the many reasons she has rightfully earned her place on this list.

There’s just something about that amazing long blonde hair and piercing red eyes that’s just so pretty.

But even with those looks, she leads a lonely and pretty sad life, which we find out about when she meets a man named Joel. She grows fond of him and soon they form a bond unlike any other she’s ever had before.

We see her side of the story, and later on, ends up getting him killed because she unknowingly sucked all of his life force out of him, devastating Hatori more than ever.

2. Megumi Shimizu (Shiki)

In the Shiki Anime Series, Megumi Shimizu is a gorgeous girl who comes from Sotoba. She was the first person to get harshly killed by the Kirishiki Vampire family. (Oof)

Still, she’s actually the one who caused the main plot of the series, because she was the first person ever known to rise up after death, as a vampire.

1. Krul Tepes (Seraph Of The End)

Krul Tepes is the third vampire progenitor and queen of Japan. Japan’s Mikaela Hyakuya had previously been transformed into a vampire by Krul.

Because of her being a witch, she is much, much stronger than any human. She can basically stay on her own path, without having to follow other peoples’ rules, as she can create her own vampires as well.

She sees humans as pets, just like all the other vampires (except for Mikaela of course). She simply vies them as idiotic beings that do everything selfishly.

Being nearly completely the opposite of Redcurrant, you might want to be careful around her, if you want to ensure your own actual safety.

Even though she might be a bit of a pain in the neck (I really apologize for the horrible puns, I couldn’t help myself) she’s still an amazingly well-written (and good-looking) character, responsible for one of the most unexpected plot twists of the entire series.

Still, even with that stunning appearance and character background, there’s still many more girls to come that might just upstage her looks.




These are the top 25 BEST anime Vampire Girls of all time. I hope you enjoyed the list we made! Do you have your waifu in this list or maybe you have someone in mind that wasn’t included? Whatever it may be, let us know in the comments about your thoughts!

You know why Vampire girls are the best waifus? Because they’re not afraid to bite in the middle of the night! Now comment you beta!

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