Top 10 Fights In Dragon Ball Z (High-Quality Images)

Top Ten Fights In Dragon Ball Z

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Dragon Ball Z is one of the most famous and most loved anime series in the entire world, even though it ended over two decades ago. Part of this is because it has some of the best fight scenes that anime has ever had.

Everyone remembers a few fights from this series and with so many memorable ones it’s hard to count. So we’ve put it on ourselves to put together a list of the top ten fights in all of Dragon Ball Z.

For this list we are purely going to be focusing on Dragon Ball Z, so no Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super Heroes or Dragon Ball Super. We also aren’t going to be including any of the Dragon Ball Z films on this list, as while they are cool, we are going to be solely focusing on the TV show and what is considered canon to the series.

With that being said let’s get to the list of the top 10 fights in Dragon Ball Z!

10. Goku And Piccolo VS Raditz

Goku vs Raditz

Starting off the list top 10 fights in Dragon Ball Z with the very first fight in the series. While by comparison, especially with what we get by the end of the series, but this is the fight that did introduce us to the style and ideas that would become central to the new series.

On top of it being important for setting the tone and feel of the show, this fight is still good to watch even if its not as “powerful” as the others that we are going to see. on this list.

This fight is brutal and shows a surprisingly solid amount of teamwork between Goku and Piccolo who were still enemies at the time. Raditz also came off as very impressive, despite how weak he would look by comparison in the shows next big fight.

This fight was so good and it even ended in the death of the shows main protagonist, which still is very shocking, even though he does come back.

9. Android 17 VS Piccolo

Piccolo Hellzone Grenade

The next fight on our list of the top 10 fights in Dragon Ball Z is one that is overlooked and underrated by most fans but this fight is great. The main reason that its overlooked is probably due to the combination of it not involving any saiyans and it is sandwiched between so many interesting fights in what is generally considered the best saga is the series history by most fans.

This fight is arguably one of the more creative in the series, or at least in the Cell Saga. This fight was interesting not only due to the Androids being very dangerous on their own, but also Piccolo would have to fight the other two if he won.

This fight also gave us the debut of Piccolos Hellzone Grenade, which is one of the coolest moves in the series, at least at the time it was showed.

8. Future Trunks VS Future Androids

Future Trunks vs Androids, Top 10 Fights In Dragon Ball Z

We aren’t talking about the first time that Future Trunks faced off against the Future androids and lost brutally. We’re talking about the fight that happened after Trunks returned to his timeline following the events of the Cell saga. Now that Trunks was lightyears stronger than he ever was before he left to the past, he was going to have no problem with the Androids in his timeline.

That, plus all of the punishment that Future Trunks was put through by growing up in a world dominated by the Androids makes this fight all the more impactful.

This fight was quick and dominant by Future Trunks, basically putting in no effort, but you could easily tell how much this moment meant for him, being able to avenge his world and his mentor.

7. Vegeta VS Cell

Vegeta vs Semi-perfect Cell, Top 10 Fights In Dragon Ball Z

It seems that the old saying “Like father, like son” kind of applies to this fight, as like Future Trunks fighting the Future Androids, this fight, at least in the beginning, is an absolute stomp for Vegeta.

This also shows us the debut of Super Vegeta, where Semi-Perfect Cell basically just gets dominated, before he’s able to take advantage of Vegeta’s ego to grow into his perfect form.

From then on its still a dominating fight, but now its in the favor of Perfect Cell, who just completely overpowers the prince of all saiyans. This is also the fight were we get to see the Final Flash for the first time.

6. Gohan VS Super Buu

Buu vs Gohan, Top 10 Fights In Dragon Ball Z

Moving on from the Cell saga for this next entry with Gohan returning to his stride in his fight against Super Buu. This fight is cool for so many reasons, the first being we get to see Gohan return as one of the strongest Z Fighters.

We also get to see Super Buu, who more or less had the upper hand against everyone he faced up to this point, even Gotenks, but Gohan shows up and immediately starts giving him a tough fight.

There’s a ton of good back and forth in this fight and it probably would’ve gone Gohan’s way if Buu basically didn’t cheat.

5. Vegito VS Super Buuhan

Vegito Fight, Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Fights

Keeping on track from our last entry, we are going into the fight immediately following it. Fusion was a really interesting concept that was introduced in the third of Dragon Ball Z and when we got to see series rivals Goku and Vegeta fuse, it was awesome. Kind of like the fight between Future Trunks and the Androids that we talked about earlier, this fight is an absolute stomp for Vegito.

Even though Buu had absorbed Piccolo, Gotenks and Gohan, Vegito was still playing around with him, even in his base form. Seriously while you may not be able to consider this much of a sight, it was still great to watch.

4. Goku VS Kid Buu

Top ten fights in Dragon Ball Z

Moving on to the last significant fight in the series between Goku and Kid Buu. While Kid Buu is significantly weaker than his Super counterpart, he is still a force to be reckoned with just because of how chaotic he is.

This fight takes Super Saiyan 3 and even some help from Vegeta, so that Goku can use the spirit bomb on Kid Buu, because nothing else will work. The fight leading up to that moment is still great, with Goku trying literally anything to stop Kid Buu, including biting him at one point.

3. Goku VS Vegeta

Goku Vs Vegeta First Fight

This is fight is a lot of fans favorites in the entire series. This fight has so much going on, the suspense from the death of more than half of the Z Fighters, The first one on one fight between saiyans we ever see and the frist time that we ever get to see Vegeta, prince of all saiyans in action.

This fight is an amazing back and forth battle, we get to see the results of all of Goku’s training, as well as get to see just how cool the Kaioken is. We also get to see Vegeta’s power, not only in his normal humanoid form, but also as a great ape.

All that without mentioning the epic beam fight between the Kamehameha and the Galick Gun the first of its kind that would become a staple in the series and make this one of the most iconic fights the series has ever had.

2. Goku VS Frieza

SSJ Goku vs Frieza

Speaking of iconic fights in the series, this is probably the most iconic the series has ever had and probably one of the most iconic in all of anime history.

This is the longest fight in anime history, taking up 19 episodes and over 3 and a half hours of screen time. The funny thing is that somehow it manages to not drag on, at least too much. This fight goes through so many phases, from Goku and Frieza fighting in their different forms, to fighting on a planet that is about to explode, totally in only five minutes.

This fight is also the debut of Super Saiyan and it was epic, from that point on we knew that the rest of this fight was going to be amazing. So if this is the most iconic fight in the series, why is it the only second the list of the top ten fights in Dragon Ball Z?

1. Gohan VS Perfect Cell

Gohan VS Cell Dragon Ball Z

The best fight in the series is hands down Gohan vs Perfect Cell. While Goku VS Frieza might be the most iconic in the series to the broader anime community, hardcore Dragon Ball Z fans know that this fight is the best in the series.

This fight was supposed to cap off the whole series and it really shows, with just how much is on the line in this fight. We also get to see all of the character development that Gohan has gone through come to fruition with him finally stepping up to take on the greatest threat to the entire universe.

We not only get a great fight with a ton of twists and turns but also solid character moments for a ton of the Z Fighters. It all culminates in that epic beam struggle at the end, where even with only one arm, Gohan is able to triumph over Cell and save the whole world and everyone in it.

All that plus the great animation throughout, earns it it’s place as the best fight in all of Dragon Ball Z

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