33+ ANIME Like Castlevania That You Must Watch! (Recommendations)

Anime Like Castlevania


Castlevania has blown our minds with its aesthetically pleasing dark art style, great writing, and stellar fight sequence with exquisite animation. The story feels like an embodiment of a classic tale of heroes like in the legends.

I know you are looking for an anime that gives you those same dark vibes with some demons going around terrorizing people, while our heroes do their best to subdue them. Apart from that, maybe you are a fan of the wonderful dynamics between the characters.

Regardless of the reason for falling in love with the show, I have compiled a diverse list with the goal that every type of Castlevania fan at least picks three or four anime that he loves. So, you can expect to see some of the best dark fantasy shows anime has to offer!

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34. Blood of Zeus

Blood of Zeus

This is the best choice of anime to watch if you like Castlevania. The art style and the vibes are pretty similar, but that’s to be expected since both are Netflix’s originals with the same producers. We have magic, demonic creatures, gore, and legendary non-human beings.

Judging by the name you can probably already tell exactly what this show is going to be about. It’s an anime about the son of Zeus, Heron sets in ancient mythical Roman times. Although, Heron is not part of real-world Greek Mythology. But the anime portrays him as one of the forgotten heroes that goes on a journey to save the world!

33. Hellsing Ultimate


If you loved the vampire lead in Castlevania, you are going to like this one for sure. I mean come on, the main character in the show has the same name, Alucard. The most overpowered vampire of all time that fights other vampires and monsters to save innocent lives and a particularly important family.

It is kind of like a mixture between Castlevania’s Dracula and Alucard, both in similarity and actuality. In Hellsing, Dracula and Alucard are the same. The story goes that the vampire named Dracula was defeated by a human named Abraham Van Helsing, so he swore to serve his family and his name was changed to Alucard.

32. Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust It can’t get any more awesome than this, Vampire Hunter is one of the best classic anime of all time. The main character D is a Vampire hunter and has been killing these things for years, but one Vampire is causing him trouble, watch the anime to find out why. The animation though being old still manages to capture great moments and the fight scenes are filled with gory action scenes.

D. is the name of a half-human, half-vampire called ‘dhampir’ just like Alucard from Castlevania. He is hated by everyone around him just because of his existence. Although, he is insanely strong and works as a professional vampire hunter.

The story follows as he accepts the job of finding a noble lady. Things are not as simple as they seem, and there may or may not be a guy pulling the strings from behind this whole time.


Blood C

Saya Kisaragi is like the Batman of her village. She is a cute anime schoolgirl by the day, but at night she lurks in the shadows to defeat monsters that may cause harm to her fellow village mates.

Life is going as per routine until one monster mentions something about a covenant, a broken one. This starts a chain of events that makes her question everything around her. 

It’s a great show, although it’s also a pretty decisive one among the fans, either you love it or hate it, nothing in between.

30. Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy

Some thousand years ago there was the end of a world kind of situation on the planet. Now in the devastated city of Romdo, the last human civilization on Earth is still surviving. Humanity is living under domes as it is impossible to live outside.

All hope is not lost, as to accelerate mankind’s recovery, humanoid robots called AutoReivs have been created to assist people. However, there is a virus going around that gives self-consciousness to these robots.

29. Devil May Cry: Anime

Devil May Cry

Another anime that is part of a video game franchise where you slay hideous monsters. It’s a mostly self-contained show that can be enjoyed without already being familiar with the franchise. Although, in the end, you may wish you knew more. 

Anyways, the anime is best suited for people who are already familiar with the insanely popular Devil May Cry franchise. Judging from the timeline the anime takes place somewhere between Devil May Cry 1 and 2.

28. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

It’s about a guy that slays every goblin he can find!

Something is extremely captivating about his persistence in killing goblins. It’s pretty understandable when you find out about his tragic back story. These are not your typical looting and attacking kind of goblins. In this story, goblins truly are disgusting savage creatures. And as you may expect, the show goes to some pretty dark places to show you, just how depraved these monsters can be. After that, it’s easy to see the reason behind the guy’s actions. 

Although, our protagonist is not some brute that goes berserk on goblins. He is a pretty calm and calculating guy, fit to be called the best professional goblin exterminator.

27. Fate Zero

Fate/Zero is not the first part of the Fate Series as Fate/Stay Night was released five years before Fate/Zero. The events in Fate/Zero take place 10 years before the story of Fate/Stay Night. This part of the Fate Series is quite important because it leads towards character development and makes the viewers understand the further parts easily. Also, the emotional attachment with the characters will be quite strong if you watch Fate/Zero first.

Each installment of the fate series focuses on the Holy Grail War. Seven pairs of Battle Mages and Heroic Spirits, i.e. masters and servants, that fight each other in an epic royal rumble to claim the Holy Grail that can grant any wish. You may think that the setup is pretty cliché, but the character base and story are anything but that. The production value of Fate Zero is good as it gets, as the anime has multiple contenders for the best-animated fights of all time.

The thing that sets the anime apart is the portrayal of contrasting ideologies and goals of the characters. Did I mention that the servants are ancient legendary warriors, for example, we fight freaking ALEXANDER THE GREAT AND THE LEGENDARY KING ARTHUR with Excalibur who also happens to be a cute anime girl. I swear it doesn’t get better than this.

26. Attack on Titan

Attack on titan

Who doesn’t know this one right?

It’s an anime set in a pretty depressing world where the humans live surrounded by gigantic walls. No one dares to venture outside the wall except the scout regiment, as the world is infested with mindless humanoid titans that call humans their food. People are living under a rigid hierarchy but they are pretty much safe.

But everything changes, when a Colossal Titan attacks!

Along with an Armored titan, that breaks through the front gate of the wall. This allows hundreds of titans to pour inside the walls and start massacring a significant portion of the population. Our main character’s mom is also tragically killed by a titan in front of his own eyes. So, he vows to rid the world of all the titans!

The story is pretty much complete as the final season will complete its airing soon, making this one of the best anime to binge-watch over a week or so.

25. Psycho-Pass

The anime is set in the not-so-distant dystopian future when the technology is advanced enough to evaluate and quantify a person’s mental state and personality. The authorities use this information to decide if a criminal or a potential criminal can be returned to normal with some therapy or not. 

To put it simply, the system decides who lives and who needs to be executed even before they do something horrible. Essentially preventing crime before it happens, but is it even an ethical thing to do? Or another question, since the system is not infallible, is it even worth it?

24. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby Devilman Crybaby is a remake handled by Netflix, and they have done a great job at animating it. The show has one of the most gruesome and horrifying plots where unknown creatures are killing off humans. After attending a rave party, our main character becomes a devil-human hybrid and from there on it is only violence and murder galore. The use of techno music and psychedelic visuals put this show in a class of its own, though the animation may seem different than usual, when you watch the first couple of episodes, you’ll start loving it. The almost dystopian feel that this show brings to the viewers is spooky, to say the least.

Maybe the most critically acclaimed Netflix’s original anime. The show is among the best of the best when it comes to style and aesthetics. I don’t mean in the sense that the characters are drawn realistically. What I am getting at is the sense of expression with trippy and colorful frames that form fluid animation that is mesmerizing to watch.

23. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Fairy tail is a bright and warm guild of wizards that houses a non-blood-related family of characters that face different problems together. We get epic magical fights between wizards that don’t just cast spells from the distance, instead, they are not afraid to come close for a good old-fashioned fist or sword fight.

Honestly, the list has a lot of serious titles so I decided to add one of the most popular Shonen anime that is filled with great comedy. The similarity with Castlevania is related to the main party of characters going on a quest to fight bad guys and also with the fighting style of characters.

22. Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy plot

Saichi Sugimoto goes treasure hunting with a girl that had previously saved her life. Where is the treasure map you ask? It’s divided and tattooed on the bodies of some inmates that have escaped from a prison known as Abashiri Prison(which is a real place in Japan btw).

Sugimoto is not just another greedy guy though. He is a badass veteran soldier that was not paid anything for the service in the war as he got into a fight with an officer. Also, he wants to repay his friend Toraji somehow.  He is alive only because Toraji had sacrificed himself while protecting him.

21. Claymore

Claymore Claymore is similar to Redo of Healer in a few ways. It depicts the controversial theme of rape just like Redo of Healer. It also leans more towards gore than actual fight scenes that include some hardcore action. The dark fantasy elements are really impressive in this one so if you liked Redo of Healer, you're definitely going to love it! The story takes place in older times when Yoma (Demons) spread chaos everywhere. Those demons can easily blend in with other humans by taking the shape of those whose memories they've eaten. The only creatures Yomas are truly scared of are Claymores who are half-human and half-demon women. The Claymores are fully fated to become Yomas eventually. Our main character Clare shows a bit of humanity and saves an orphan Raki who swears to help her retain her humanity till the end.

The story is set in a kind of medieval world, where the land is plagued with night creatures like beasts called Youmas. And to exterminate these Youma we have knights in shining armor with silver eyes named Claymore. Who are insanely powerful because they are hybrids between a human and a Youma.

As the anime progresses, we get to know more about these demonic creatures and the organization that has created Claymores, including our main character, Clare. We also have a guy protagonist named Raki, who accompanies Clare on her journey going from town-to-town slaying Youmas.

20. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist

A tale of two brothers that have taught themselves how to use Alchemy. The elder one named Edward thinks he can probably bring his dead mom back to life with this new thing they have learned. Anyone would have told them it was a stupid idea, but they were just lonely abandoned kids that had to fend for themselves. However, truth spares no one, and in this attempted resurrection, Edward loses his arm and a leg. While the younger one Alphonse loses his whole body, but his soul is attached to hollow metal armor.

After recovering, they get pretty good with Alchemy and travel the world to recover what they have lost. It is the highest-rated anime on My Anime List, having the perfect proportions of popularity and critical acclaim.

19. Kingdom


Ancient China is a warring mess, where many different factions are fighting to get the throne. Amid this chaos, two orphaned boys named Xin and Piao dream of being among the Great Heavenly Generals.

One day, Piao comes to Xin on the verge of death. It’s revealed that he was serving as a body double to the legitimate prince of the Qin dynasty. Now the throne has been overthrown and the prince is desperate for help.

Xin vows to continue the work of his sworn brother Piao to reinstall the rightful prince as the new King. To do that, he starts his journey as a foot soldier until he gets recognized for his bravery time and again. Until he finally starts moving up in the military ranks.

18. Jojo's Bizarre Adventures

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Jojo is not an anime, it’s a mood.

We have the flashiest characters in a very over-the-top storyline fighting the most menacing of villains. It’s about the adventures of the Joestar family, more accurately each season focuses on a specific generation’s Joestar protagonist. The family is eternally locked into a battle with the infamous Dio and enemies that are somehow related to him.

17. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

I know it’s an easy show to recommend, but it’s a great one to watch if you are new to anime. Writing is great but where the show shines is the God-tier animation that has captivated the heart of anyone that has watched even a single episode.

The premise is that one day our main character Tanjiro goes to town so he can earn some money by selling some charcoal. But when he returns his whole family has been slaughtered by a demon, while his little sister, Nezuko is turned into a blood-thirsty demon herself. A demon slayer comes and tries to kill Nezuko to rescue Tanjiro. 

But, she is spared as her brother pleads for her life. Perhaps it’s the only thing that keeps Tanjiro sane. As he goes out in the world to find a cure for his sister who has been turned into a powerful Demon.

But at some level she still has some level of humanity that resides deeply in her, which in itself is quite impossible of a feat as no demon in the past has been able to do so. Will she be able to control it? Watch Demon Slayer to find out as they go on this adventure to save Tanjiro’s sister.

16. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebeop

This gem of a show is set in a distant future where interplanetary space travel is nothing special. We have a crew of four highly skilled ‘Cowboys’ with contrasting personalities. The term cowboy is slang that refers to bounty hunters. The carefree and chilled-out main guy’s name is Spike Spiegel. Not an episode goes to waste, as each one is used to develop the characters to the fullest.

It’s a slice of the life of the group doing bounty hunting. But the main moments of the story come from Spike’s animosity with a member of the Red Dragon Syndicate named Vicious.

15. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

Set in Japan’s Edo period two ronin, Jin and Mugen are at a tea stall. The waitress of the tea stall Fuu is getting harassed by some thugs, so they go and save her. But for some reason they start to fight each other, destroying the stall while accidentally killing some big shot’s son. Now their life has gotten pretty bad. But fortunately the waitress Fuu seeing their strength in action, hires them as her bodyguards. As the three embark on the journey to find a samurai warrior that smells of sunflower seeds.

The plot may seem random but the show has brilliant storytelling. The humor is on-point with fantastic pacing that does not have a single dull moment. This will defiantly be one of the anime that you will be rewatching for a long time.

14. Death Note

Death Note

Certainly, an anime that needs no introduction. It’s a must-watch if you call yourself an anime fan. But for the general audience let me give you the plot.

A sociopathic high schooler named Light Yagami finds a book called the Death Note. If you write someone’s full name on it, he or she dies without fail. At first, Light starts as a guy taking care of dangerous criminals around the world. But then he goes on to form a God-complex and starts killing people for petty crimes too. He warns people against crime while hiding under an alias, Kira.

The world decides to catch this Kira and assign the smartest detective L on that case. It’s a cat and mouse game from there on!

13. Death Parade

Death Parade

It’s an episodic anime about the process of deciding if the deceased soul gets a reincarnation or not. Nothing heavenly or divine about the process though, the souls are sent to bartenders that work with arbitrators in a tower to pass judgment by putting people through some tests. This is done to draw out the real nature of the defendants.

12. The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

It’s a fun anime that does not takes itself too seriously all the time. But that said, the anime does not compromise when the stuff gets serious.

Seven Deadly Sins are 7 powerful members of a squad of the same name. Each member has a specific sin associated with him or her as their title. Sadly, the order disbanded and members were spread all across the world. Until one day when Princess Elizabeth goes on a journey regroup them. So that they may return and save the kingdom once again.

11. Berserk


The anime is often crowned as the Best Dark Fantasy anime of all time. We have our protagonist Guts, the most badass anime character ever. However, his life is as tragic as it can get, he is an orphan born from his mother’s corpse who has no one. The story follows as he joins a mercenary core under its leader Griffith and travels to fight in wars.

Do keep in mind this series is much darker and disturbing than Castlevania. So, if you thought Castlevania was too edgy, then please skip this one. Just go and watch the original 1997 anime, no need to waste your time with the horrible CGI messes that have come after that.

10. Darker Than Black

Darker than black

An action-packed thriller that has some Hollowood style action. The story is set on earth where superhumans exist, known as contractors. Many different organizations employ these superhumans, the most notable ones are MI6, the CIA, and the Japanese government. 

The protagonist Hei is an especially well-known contractor codenamed, the Black Reaper. Who is on a mission to uncover the secrets behind the anomaly known as the Hell’s Gate.

The anime has a slow start, and that’s the main reason people refuse to give it a chance. So, please bear with it, the story gets gripping after some episodes.

9. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki suffers a lot in this show, but his suffering managed to make him one of the most loved anime protagonists of all time. In a world plagued with ghouls, who devour humans, Kaneki is a normal kid. But one incident changes his life forever. After that incident, Kaneki has become a ghoul and can’t eat human food, the psychological trauma that Kaneki goes through is really hard to see. Tokyo Ghoul is a classic and should be watched by every weeb regardless of their taste.

Tokyo Ghoul is set in a fictional Japan where man-eating ghouls are hiding in the shadows. These monsters die can’t survive without eating humans. Kaneki is turned into a ghoul when gets operated on after an accident. Unfortunately, the doctor transplants some ghoul organs in him by mistake (or did he?).

Kaneki is now starting to lose himself living all alone turning into a monster. Although, his life takes a stable turn when finds a group of ghouls that teach him to control himself. And thus, begins his journey, he learns about different factions among ghouls as well as a government-based ghoul exterminating institution. It’s a mess and there is not enough space to explain all of it. Just go watch it!

8. Magi

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi is an anime about the adventures of Ali Baba and his magician friend Aladdin. In the world of this show, many dungeons appear out of nowhere. Conquering a dungeon is difficult, but the rewards are immense! You not only get treasure but also a personally extremely capable Jinn.

Ali Baba is a very brave dude, who is kind of forced to enter the Dungeon to pay his dues. Surprising everyone, he conquers it, but that is only his first step in an epic journey that takes him around the world of Magi.

7. Vinland Saga

Focusing mainly on the themes of betrayal and revenge, Vinland Saga tells us the story of a boy who gave up on everything just to take revenge. He becomes the part of that very tribe that killed his father and wishes to destroy them with his own hands. He sees nothing but blood and has sacrificed everything for vengeance. This anime revolves around Thorfinn who lives in an icy village in Iceland. He’s greatly impressed by the tales of the old sailors that have witnessed a beautiful land that is warm and fertile, unlike their own village. They’re also at war with Vikings that know nothing but bloodshed.  Thorfinn’s father is killed after being betrayed before his own eyes and that makes his blood boil. He then joins the Vikings and travels with them, hoping one day he’d get to kill the man, Askeladd, who killed his father. 

The anime is set in the times of Vikings. In an era that is certainly not a great time to live. The land was infertile and cold, moreover, the war and death are pretty much routine. Despite that the Vikings are eager to make a name for themselves, pillaging villages and fighting England.

Among all this, we have our main character Thorfinn who wants to take revenge for the murder of his father from a guy named Askeladd. In the process, he matures and learns more about how the world around him works.

6. Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill is a crazy anime that take you along the ride with the Night Raid, an assassination group that wants to topple the corrupt imperial empire. 

The show is set in a grim fantasy world, where our protagonist Tatsumi travels to the capital. There he gets a reality check on the injustice faced by the peasants in the kingdom. So, after a series of fortunate/unfortunate events he gets to join the Night Raid.

Be warned that this how is famous for having many major character deaths. Making it especially famous among the edge lords on the internet. That said it is very interesting to watch for everyone. The anime does a great job of making you understand what war is actually like!

5. Inuyasha


Kagome Higurashi, a cute anime girl goes south when a demonic creature takes her into a well near her family-owned shrine. The well is said to be cursed but as she falls, instead of hitting the well’s bottom she ends up traveling 500 years back in time, to Japan’s most violent Sengoku period. There she enlists the help of Demon and Human hybrid to counter the evil plan of a resurrected demon.

4. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter Hunter X Hunter is also a classic. The story focuses on Gon, a 12 years old “gaki” that’s searching for his father. And the only clue he has is the fact that he was a Hunter. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, he starts by taking the Hunter exam and ends up meets a lot of different people wielding different abilities. To be able to pass the exam, physical ability, intelligence, integrity, refined techniques, and a strong mental are needed. The story doesn’t even end here, the next step is to learn how to use an ability called “NEN”. A special powers and heighten physical abilities. A necessary technique that will prove your worth as a Hunter. We will follow the adventures of Gon and his friend Killua as they learn how to use this strange power and how to master it. It’s an extraordinary anime that you will try to teach you different morals at each stage of every character development.

Hunter x Hunter is a battle shonen that is drastically different from your classic titles like the big three. The show has a superb plot, a beautifully balanced power system called Nen, and magnificent animations. Perhaps the best thing is world-building, which is on another level. Furthermore, when something major happens in the world, all the characters feel the impact.

One of the things I loved about Castlevania was the spotlight is shared freely among other characters. Similarly in this, the main character, Gon ss not given all the attention in the story. I mean the manga author himself confessed that he purposefully made Gon a bit bland compared to the other prominent characters. Which is the total opposite of what Bleach does with its main character Ichigo.

3. Code Geass

Code Geass literally screams BETRAYAL. The main theme of this anime is rebellion and is a political thriller. Our MC is betrayed by his father and he thinks betraying his friends and the ones close to him would help him with his motive. Everyone in this anime is betraying someone close to him and there isn’t one single episode when we don’t see the strings of betrayal being pulled on! The story starts with the Empire of Britannia invading Japan, naming it Area 11. Lelouch is our MC who’s a Britannan, living in Japan at that time. He promises his Japanese friend Suzaku that he’d destroy Britannia. Years later, he’s caught up in a battle between Area 11 and Britannian Rebel Armed Forces. Luckily, he finds a girl named C.C., who grants him the “Power of Knights”, also known as “Geass”.  Lelouch creates a new identity and goes by the name of “Zero”. Now, he will go on and slaughter anyone who comes in his way to take revenge against Britannia.

It’s set in an alternate reality with cool Mechas that loosely depicts Britain’s occupation of Japan in the past. It’s an apartheid state that strips natives of equal rights. So, there is a resistance, and our main character Lelouch who wants to take revenge on the empire.

Just like both sides in Castlevania, nobody is truly right. You will be sympathetic to all, but in Castlevania, characters like Isaac had the luxury to go rogue, to find their path forward. But, it’s fairly impossible in Code: Geass.

2. Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Avatar The Legend of Korra

The Last Air Bender can also be a solid recommendation here, but I feel that the Legend of Korra is a show intended for a more mature audience. So, I conclude that it will resonate more with the fans of Castlevania.

The main character Korra’s personality can be compared to Sypha along with her abilities. As both utilize basic elements in brilliant ways to fight the enemy. In both shows, the characters had to fight legendary immortal beings and win to save the world. Also, it seems like the people of both worlds have similar attitudes too, nobody cares who you are, no matter how powerful you may be.

1. Durarara


A slice of life anime about what’s happening in the day-to-day lives of people living in the underbelly of Ikebukuro

The charm of the show is pretty hard to describe. The greatest strength of this anime comes from its huge main cast and its perfect ending. Durarara has 11 main characters! and each one of them unique. One of them is a headless Dulahan, that rides a sick black heavy bike.

None of these characters feel disposable or underdeveloped at all. They all have small groups interacting with each other in pretty interesting ways. All of them are somehow connected to the city’s criminal underworld.


Castlevania is such an awesome show that’s available on Netflix right now. With the new season out, fans are loving it, and I’m no exception. And if you’re into shows like Castlevania, this list will provide you all the series that you can binge-watch right now!

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