Dr. Stone Petrification Theory

Dr.Stone Petrification Theory

This has been something that has been very interesting to me from the beginning. How not just a whole society of people but every person in the world became Frozen as a stone in a matter of a flash, literally (a Green Flash).

Now let’s go somewhere over the facts about the petrification process so we can make some real hypotheses and deductions.

Facts that we know from Dr.Stone?

1. The First fact we know is that there was a green light when the petrification started.

green light petrification

2. The second thing we know is that people are alive even after being petrified, they are unable to move but their brains are still functioning and they are still conscious.

3.  Is that you become petrified no matter where you are on the whole planet.

4. The fourth fact being that birds specifically the swallow we’re actually petrified the day before any of the humans were affected. does this mean they could selectively take the species they wanted to petrify?

swallows petrified first

5. The only known cure to the petrification is nitric acid so far.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d94W5ZpJb20[/embedyt]

6. The Awakening from the petrification heals all your injuries and illnesses which means that the petrification has healing as a side effect, or maybe is it the main purpose of it?

7. There were people in space who are not affected by the petrification, and those people who are the people like Senku’s dad and the other people with him that established the Ishigami Village later. 

senkus dad byakuya ishigami still alive on spaceship in dr.stone

8. What are the craziest things about the petrification is that once you get petrified you don’t need to eat and sleep anymore, on top of that you also don’t age at all.

9. When Tsukasa murders and breaks one of the stone statues, it turns out that the statues are stone inside, and when they’re depetrified, it happens from the inside out, and a rejuvenation of molecules at some level occurs. Hence, This would provide the reasons for the healing properties of de-petrification, because the cells are literally being brought back to life in a way from being stone. But even in all this petrification, the hypothesis is that the brain never turns to stone, only the body apparently.

tsukasa breaks statue

10. That when petrified you are unable to see anything other than darkness, because I guess even the eyes turn to stone.

11. Energy Consumption

It takes around 2 trillion joules as mentioned in the anime, as deduced by Senku, to stay alive during the petrification.
So Senku concludes that something from the stone MUST BE consumed from the stone, in order to have the brain still function, as the law of conservation of energy says that energy can never be created from nothing. It can only be transferred from one form to another.

Dr. Stone MAnga Senku and Einstein - Law of conservation - energy can't be created from nothing.

Given the fact that the petrification process has so many benefits it makes us think:

This something that was purposely done or was it an Accident?
Was it not intended to kill people?
Were the people supposed to awaken, was that the intention?
Was this all done in order to reset, and restart Society?

Some More Possible Deductions that we can make:

1. There was no real sound that was associated with the petrification process.

2. There also hasn’t been any mention of machines or anything of that sort.

3. Coincidentally, they do not get any weaker. Because when we are actually in a state of hibernation like an animal, or humans when we are bed ridden for some reason, or even when humans go to space. Our muscles actually atrophy.

bear hibernation weakness

Do we really know if the matter that petrifies is actually stone? I mean it looks like stone, but can we confirm?

THEORY of Dr.Stone Petrification

So now, just to be clear, I originally found this theory on source: Reddit. So I dug into it a bit deeper, and that’s when I found all these things. And so after reading that, and doing a bit more research.

So here’s what I think:

The petrification is not a light but is actually a Virus.

So basically someone released a virus; a microbial germ that makes people reduce their metabolism artificially through an external factor of a broadcast radio wave along with a Flash of light.

green virus

Now how is that possible you ask?

One Word: Cryptobiosis.. What’s that?

1. Cryptobiosis is a physiological state in which metabolic activity is reduced to an undetectable level without disappearing altogether. It is known in certain plant and animal groups adapted to survive periods of extremely dry conditions.
So basically microscopic organisms do this. They’re able to suspend and reduce their metabolism to the point where a ‘Tardigrade’ can drop its metabolism levels to less than 0.01% of its original metabolism.


2. A tardigrade, also called ‘water bears.’ Now these cute little moss piglets are microscopic animals, but they’re basically almost indestructible, given the fact that they can even survive in outer space. The reason they can do this is because they can and have the ability to reduce their metabolism to 0.01% of what they normally use to survive in extreme cases of anhydrobiosis (lack of water);cryobiosis (low temperature);osmobiosis (increased solute concentration, such as salt water); anoxybiosis (lack of oxygen).

Since Dr.Stone is actually based on real-world science, it is actually more feasible that this is the case

tardigrade pokemon card

 (hibernation: They seem to be in a stasis, where the only thing that is working is their brain, and cognitive abilities, which I believe also is a huge reason to the decrease of energy expenditure, and sustainability of the body over thousands or years. But it still doesn’t explain the fact that they heal from it as well. 

So it basically seems like that the person or organization tries petrification, and the birds are infected with the virus, and nothing happens to humans. Bu then this person/organization makes tweaks and re-releases the virus, and it affects all the humans this time. Almost as if someone was running an experiment.

They tested on the swallow birds the day before.

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