Cagaster Of An Insect Cage Review: Stream or Skip?

Review: Cagaster Of An Insect Cage

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Netflix has been building up the amount of anime that they have on their site and they don’t stop with just adding well-known series to their catalogue. Netflix has been making a ton of high-quality original anime like Kengan Ashura and Levius and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

On that note is Cagaster another hit for the streaming platform or is this a rare case of Netflix missing the mark.


The story takes place decades after the emergence of a virus that turns those infected into giant, carnivorous insects that are really hard to kill.

Cagaster of an insect cage review, Kidow and Cagaster

This leads to a massive break down in society, with most countries and cities being destroyed. Humanity now lives in smaller more isolated cities with letter and number designations. While these cities are much safer than living out in the wasteland, there is still the risk that at anytime a someone can transform into a Cagaster.

The story takes place in the city of E-05 that seems to be somewhere in the middle-east, due to names and other context clues. The city is located close to an abandoned city that has become an Insect Cage where a massive amount of Cagasters gather and nest.


The series focuses around Kidow, a Cagaster exterminator from the “Far East”, presumably China or Japan and Ilie, a young girl with a mysterious past who was saved by Kidow in the wasteland.

Other than those two there are a few side characters but the only one that really leaves their mark is Ms.Mario, the owner of a restaurant, which is also the place where Kidow and Ilie live.

Ms.Mario Cagaster of an Insect Cage Review

Ms.Mario is probably one of the most interesting side characters, as most of them are pretty forgettable, mainly due to just being a collection of character tropes.

This is probably one of the biggest draw backs of the series as most of the characters are just the average mix of military and politial tropes, with Ms.Mario being the only one to really break that mold.

I find that the interaction between characters to be a bit rough in the first part, but that’s because they are mainly between Kidow and they other characters and in the first half Kidow is a bit standoffish for no reason. We do get to see a lighter side to the series main protagonist and we also get an acutally good reason (reasons acutally) as to why he doesn’t like to interact with others so much, but the best reason does come at the end.

Art Style

This anime mainly uses CGI, as is standard for most Netflix original animes. There are some traditionally draw scenes and characters sprinkled throughout Cagaster.

I’ve never found this art style to be too bad or annoying and in some animes I think that it helps add to the fluidity of the motion but that’s just my personal opinion and I can definetly see how some people can be turned off by it.

The character design in the show is pretty basic, with Ms.Mario once again being the only human character that really stands out among the rest of the cast. Kidow has a pretty basic black attire up until the last few episodes where I feel like he gets an upgrade.

The best design in the show definitely has to go to the Cagasters themselves, mainly the standard type that we mostly see throughout the show. The main Cagaster has the body of an insect, similar to a Dragonfly, but their heads are actually human skulls with giant red eyes, showing that these monsters were once human.

Cagaster of an insect cage, Cagaster Monster

Action Scenes

The main reason most people are gonna watch this show is to see some cool fight scenes and this show definitely has some, it’s just too bad that they seem to be spread out pretty far from each other.

The fight scenes are well done, especially when Kidow is fighting against more humanoid creatures, as we get more fast paced action and you can really see the strategies and instincts that Kidow implements come to fruition.

Cagaster of an insect cage review, Kidow Fight

The fights with the Cagasters themselves are usually more strategic affairs with the use of more equipment and trapping techniques. The fights themsselves are very sparse, which makes sense in this anime, as these things nearly destroyed the world, so it’s probably best to avoid them.

However, this is contrasted heavily when Kidow fights Cagasters and takes them out with ease with his sword. I get the that he’s supposed to be a Cagaster exterminator from the far east, where exterminators are apparently much better than others from different places, but still it can be a bit much, especially near the end.

Final Thoughts

I personally really enjoyed Cagaster of an Insect Cage’s story and overall think that if you’re a fan of action anime you should watch it. I can definetly see why some people wouldn’t enjoy it, as it brings together a lot of factors that many people aren’t fans of.

If you don’t like the Netflix original CGI style or really hate anime cliches, mabye give this one a pass, as it probably wont blow you away. But if you’re looking for a fun time and love Monster movies, stream it.

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