God Of Highschool Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

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This past summerGod of High School seemingly came out of nowhere to become one of the top anime series of the year. Being a part of Crunchyroll’s line up of original shows that they have done in collaboration with webtoon, the show has taken off. 

There is a ton of hype around the budding young series but does the show live up to it. In this God of Highschool review, we are going to be answering that very question!

Story (No Spoilers.) 

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The story of God of High School season 1 revolves around the titular God of High School tournament. The series revolves around three principal characters. The story focuses on these characters’ journey through the tournament, all the way from its preliminaries to its completion. 

The story starts off with an over the top but still simple premise of a standard martial arts anime but there is always the feeling that there is more going on behind the scenes. Slowly the mystery unravels as we get to see all of the different groups at play during the tournament. The viewer quickly begins to realize this is about so much more than the tournament itself. Dynamics shift and questions are answered but the season still ends with so many left open that you can’t help but be excited for the next. 

Also despite being named God of High School there is no high School in the series. The only thing close to it is that it seems like the fighters need to be in high School students, but events in the show make it seem like even that isn’t the case. 

Fight Scenes

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The fights in the show are great. At the beginning of the show, there is a nice mix of real technique and over the top action. Later in the series, Charyeok powers are introduced to the series and add another layer to the action. 

The only gripe that this writer has with the fight scenes is that the fights near the end become more about the fighter’s Charyeok and less about the martial arts techniques. While that might be slightly disappointing to some, it’s nowhere near enough to ruin it. 

Charyeok itself is also a really interesting concept. Charyeok allows it’s users to tap into the powers of ancient gods, demons, monsters and heroes. This makes for some really great and unique fights that you can’t see anywhere else.


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The story is set in what looks to be at first modern-day South Korea. Later as the story progresses, it’s shown that this isn’t the version of Korea we have in the real world. There is not only super-advanced healing technology but also magical powers. 

The tournament itself also offers the winners one wish, Dragon Ball style and this isn’t a shocking revelation to anyone. More so the series shows that basically, all mythologies are not just stories but actually in someway history. This is what makes it possible for powers to access those ancient powers with their Charyeok abilities. 

The world itself does feel alive. The only problem that this writer noticed is the world is that the tournament doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal in the world of the show as it should be. The main characters don’t feel like they are recognized as much as they should be. This is shown most with Daewi, who works multiple jobs and somehow nobody recognizes him, despite him being one of the top fighters. The worst part is that some people from his high school still try to bully him, despite him you know, being a top competitor in a fighting tournament.


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As mentioned previously, the series focuses on three primary characters, those being Jin Mori, Han Daewi and Yoo Mira. The three meet in the preliminaries and are then placed on a team together for the real deal.

Jin himself is a very obvious homage to Goku in obvious ways and in ways that would spoil some of the ending of the season. The most obvious is that Jin and Goku pretty much have the same personality. Jin loves eating insane amounts of food, getting stronger and fighting for the sake of fighting. Daewi is the straight man of the group. He fights to simply earn money to help his friend. Mira fights to help restore her family’s martial art and is generally the brains of the group. All three of them share a strong desire to fight and improve themselves and they have a great dynamic and rivalry between themselves. 

On top of the main three, there are other characters that make their appearance. The most interesting being Park Mujin. Mujin is someone that is very hard to pin down in terms of what his motivations are. Aside from him, the other characters we meet are passable but generally not amazing. They still add to a good overall story. 

Art Style

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The art style in God of High School is pretty well done. Whatever the Manhwa artists at Webtoon are doing it really works because the art here is great. The main thing that stands out is the character design is pretty simple, in a good way. This is a refreshing change from having protagonists that would stand out, even at raves. The main cast all have very simple and normal styles for the most part, aside from Mori’s eyes but that’s important. This simple design really helps bring out the movements of the characters. 

The simple design also does a good job contrasting with the Charyeok powers. Most Charyeoks are over the top and powerful techniques that sometimes change the appearance of their user.  This makes them extra special to see. Overall the art is really good and maintains a good flow during fight scenes. 

Does It Live Up To The Hype?

With all of that said, does God of High School live up to the hype, this writer says yes. The show definitely deserves all of the praise and love that it has been getting. The comparisons to Dragon Ball are also definitely deserved with the fact that the show is basically paying tribute to its predecessor. The characters, story and fights will have you waiting for season 2 just like so many other fans, so if you haven’t already, check it out!

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