29+ Best Anime With a GENIUS MC (MUST WATCH!)

So far, we have seen different anime that bring into play genius, intelligent, and smart-ass characters, especially as their main characters. This even cuts across the different genres of anime ranging from Seinen, Shonen, Josei, Isekai, Yuri, Fantasy, and the likes. 

You might think it’s pretty absurd watching an anime where a protagonist could figure out his/her antagonist’s fiendish master plan, in a matter of seconds, but that’s what we like!


That usually is the beauty of these anime as the hero/heroine gets known as very smart and formidable, which would, in turn, inspire most people to want to be like them, or at least admire them heavily. Isn’t that right? 

One more thing, did you know that a large majority of these Main Characters usually have really great strength profiles to match their intelligence? Hahaha, let me hold off here, before, but I’d get into a more concise discussion about them, right about now!


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Genre: Genius
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Table of Content

30. One Outs

One Outs

Just as the name might’ve had you guessing, this anime is all about games, and even our guy, Toa Tokuchi was part of a baseball gambling game named “One Outs”. His loss in a game in One Outs, he became the star pitcher.

He’s well known for using wits and whatever means necessary to get whatever he wants, and there was this one time he pitched a vicious ball to the batter all so he would be removed from the game alongside the Eagles.

29. Tenchi Muyo

Tenchi Muyo

I have to say, the producers of this anime really did go out of this world to create the plot of this amazing character whom they claim is “older than this world”. Imagine having powers so extraordinary to the point where you are called a scientific genius in the world.

But Washu Hakubi actually prefers to solve problems with technology or reason, despite the variety of innate powers she possesses. Prudence has actually made her more wide-eyed and wary, so much so she doesn’t fall into enemy traps easily like Tenchi and the other girls.

Regardless of the size of her laboratory, she builds another one with inter-dimensional properties in a closet at Masaki’s house.

28. Legend of The Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

When talking about smart anime guys, Reinhard von Lohengramm comes to mind too. Born into a noble but poor family, Reinhard joined the army school with his friend Siegfried and rose through the ranks so fast due to his high intelligence and diligence.

Emperor Friedrich IV, who’d wanted to buy Annerose, his older sister gave him the title of Lohengramm, as the highest award a soldier could ever get.

This guy is a die-hard serious fellow, with few fun moments, as he’s always on and about his career, and how to scale obstacles with his mental and physical prowess.

27. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

This 17-year-old is what I’d call a “boy genius”. He was named Megane in real life, and The Capturing God in gaming circles for his streak at winning over gal games and virtual games in the dating sims he plays.

He ventures into different virtual games, trying to capture gal games, all the while studying the difficulties in the games and also intuitively scaling through them all. Oh! Look at me, I even forgot to mention that Keima Katsuragi is his real name.

But never forget this, this cute bad boy is a gentle ladies-man, just not in the real world. Maybe he’s just not up for some real-life game, uh?!

26. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost In The Shell

Now this lady here is different from the usual streak of heroines we’re used to. Do you know why? That’s because she’s a cybernetic robot designed to look like a human! I guess that explains the outstanding intellect, military tactics, and hacking skill set she has.

I didn’t even tell you her name, did I? Well, her makers did name her Major Motoko Kusanagi. And I do have to chip this in, this anime really did hit it off so much so Paramount Pictures made a movie version of it, starring Scarlett Johansson, our famous Black Widow.

Just one thing, she is always confused about her true origin, sometimes wondering if she was a human before her brain was put into a robotic body. The thought alone often makes her sad.

But well, moving on…

25. Log Horizon

Log Horizon

This anime has some tough explanations. There are actually two main characters, but while one has remarkable physical strength, Shiroe is a man of great intelligence. This does make him stand out from every other character in the anime.

His figure, look, and manner of approach speak highly of his level of confidence, without forgetting how kind and friendly he is towards the needy.

If you’re a lady, I wouldn’t recommend this anime to you, because I know when you start looking into his eyes for too long, you might get lost in them and end up falling in love with him!

24. Overlord


Nicknamed Momonga, this guy is the Ainz Ooal Gown’s guild master and is also the top dog among the 41 Almighty Supreme Beings in the anime. These are people with exceptional powers, and imagine a character being at the top of them all!

And unlike most protagonists in anime, he is a villain, I mean like a very bad person, feared and hated by those that aren’t up to him in terms of mental or physical prowess. But his personality is pretty okay and fun to emulate too.

23. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

Gankutsuou The Count of Monte Cristo

Ever seen an anime set in the future but also in the past at the same time? Like, how’s that possible? Well, the structures in the anime depict the year 5053, while the dressing of the characters tells us they’re in the 1800s.

This guy’s dress sense really is a combination of Sherlock Holmes and Michael Jackson, and sometimes he does hold his hat like when Michael Jackson wants to moonwalk, Hahaha! Ooh! Did I even mention his name? 

Well, that’s one more thing to even suggest to you that he’s an intelligent fellow, for his name is Edmond DantèsBut seriously, he is a one really smart guy, and he’s without a doubt, cute too.

22. The Perfect Insider

In this anime, the smartest guy is an architectural associate professor at a University. Sohei Saikawa has zero regard for fashion, doesn’t socialize, but well, I guess these are signs of a highly intelligent person because he really is a genius.

But I don’t like him all that well, for the fact that he broke Moe’s heart by not reciprocating her feelings. Imagine if that happened to you, you’d be sad, won’t you?

21. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

If I can recall the Japanese name of this anime, I think it is “Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru”. Is that a smile on your face, uh?! Alright then, picture this, okay? A young stoic loner, cynic student filled with pride, who also is a lone ranger.

What picture and name could you just give from your own imagination? I can’t read your mind, but allow me to just give you a quick heads up, his real name is Hachiman Hikigaya. Shizuka Hiratsuki once described him as a loner-prone and rebellious, and he also blames other people and society for his attitude.

And would you believe this kid has a “Death Note”, where he wrote a list of people he didn’t like? And funny how Yukinoshita Yukino, the first of his list of People to Kill, later became his close friend. But I suppose he would’ve removed the name by now!

20. Kakegurui


Now permit me to move on to a very much adored and loved smart, beautiful, gorgeous lady with a large and attractive bust. If you need an anime character to fall in love with, just go see Kakegurui, and see for yourself how amazing Yumeko Jabami is, and how beautiful her eyes are.

She is also known as a Compulsive Gambler, and her smartness, long-styled black hair, brown eyes that glow red whenever she’s excited, and her happy nature is one thing that endears a lot of people to the anime.

She is one of the “genius on the walk” types of persons you should most definitely run from.

19. Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance

Lisa really isn’t even worth being the main character in this anime. I don’t even know if it’s her gloomy look or being adrift in the anime that’s made a lot of fans not like her as much.

But on some note, Lisa Mishima is also rather cool too, being a smart and intelligent introvert. But she is a victim of constant bullying, and she always keeps her problems to herself, without bothering anyone with it. 

18. Gosick

Here’s something interesting for you, an anime with two main characters, a lady and a guy! So, ladies first, yeah?

Victorique de Blois

Who would’ve ever thought, at first glance, that Victorique would be a geek when even her frail, doll-like small appearance doesn’t preach that? But she’s rather mean and blunt but in a funny way.

I remember this one time she spoke about her half-brother, Grevil being “the owner of the weirdest hair in all of Sauville”, and even he did look the part, with his hair packed like the twisted horn of a unicorn. That really got me cracking Hahaha!

One more thing, even as a die-hard unfriendly lady, she actually does care for Kazuya, later in their travels together, but she just covers it all up with harsh words and looks.

Kazuya Kujo

Just look at this guy that ran away from an unappreciative family to study at St. Marguerite, and yet was cast away by an irrational student body. As if that wasn’t enough, they attached the name “Black Reaper” to him, all because he had dark brown eyes, black hair, and they had a stupid campus myth in school then.

After becoming friends with Victorique, who didn’t like him at first, she saw the good in him and got to know that he really is “a good and honest individual with a soul that is pure and lovely enough to be proud of”. His love story is one I truly wish for, though.

17. Spiral: Bond of Reasoning

This Shonen anime is quite old, to be honest. Started in 1999, it portrays Ayumu Narumi as very clever, but yet introverted with lots of self–doubt. But unlike most smart guys I know, he does have a sad story to tell.

Asides from his perpetual fear of not being able to surpass the “flawless Kiyotaka”, he lapsed to the point where he now thinks he’s incapable of doing anything without imitating Kiyotaka, his older brother. Sometimes whenever he’s like that, I’d just wish I could get into the screen and motivate him!

And yet guess what, he is an absolute and talented cook, and really adores Madoka, whom he had affections for up until the time she married Kiyotaka.

16. Alderamin on The Sky

Alderamin On The Sky

Personally, I think everything about this anime is really underrated, as even its plot and main protagonist, Ikta Solork’s intelligence is really out of this world! Like, you’re just going to love him.

I know he lacks vigor and has no skill with the gun and sword, but he is a remarkable planner and tactician.

Ikta was also known as the Lazy Invisible General because you’d never see him at the war front, but no matter the odds against him, he would always defeat his enemies, even while sitting relaxed at the foot of a tree!

15. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

This mathematics prodigy reminds me of my High School days when I used to get all A’s in my calculations. But Norman’s intelligence is one that just can’t be compared to, as it far outshines that of the people around him, adults included.

You would never catch the guy in a situation or problem he can’t get out of, no matter how technical it is. Imagine a little kid solving a puzzle that took adults years to make, in a matter of minutes! Amazing, yeah?!

And if you think you’re strong enough to take anyone on in the game of tag, you should probably not think of competing against Norman, because that’s a sure loss for you…Hahaha.

14. The Irregular at Magic High School

The irregular at magic highschool

With his sister, Shiba Tatsuya attends the First High School and is known for being austere and his confident looks. I know he is analytical and intelligent, and he merely skews his emotions in a certain way, with one-half being especially sensitive.

We can especially notice that he has dark black hair and dark blue eyes which is similar to his sister’s. But his sister’s eyes do make her a cynosure for all eyes, as she often gets complimented all through the series.

Shiba’s unyielding impassive demeanor hardly ever portrays enthusiasm or bewilderment, and whenever that happens, it is usually at a minute level.

13. Psycho-Pass

Psycho pass

Talking about proficient detectives, Shinya Kogami is another guy that can help with solving tough cases. As the Tactical Advisor of his department, he amazes me with how quickly he solves cases while being casual.

Though we could say he was relegated to becoming a supporting character in Psycho-Pass 3, he is an excellent Silat fighter, andsmokes an average of about 30 cigarettes per day, which he later reduced to 20.

But uh! He’s also a lover boy but was quite helpless at that because Tsunemori wasn’t on the same level as he is.

12. Un-Go

I’m even starting to think detectives in anime are better and smarter than our real-life detectives. Shinkuro Yuki, to me, is a detective among detectives, a quick-witted, smart guy that solves really complex cases with seeming ease.

Aside from the Police and Joint Coordinating Department, Shinkuro has really earned my respect right from the time I saw Un-Go.

I’ve heard people joke about him being as sharp as his face is, for he really does have a pretty pale face with a sharp-pointed chin.

11. Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate

The protagonist here goes by the name Okabe Rintaro. And like most intellectuals, he is an eccentric individual. Aside from that, he calls himself a mad scientist, sometimes called Hououin Kyouma.

I guess you could literally just call him a mad man, considering that he talks to himself most of the time, laughs maniacally, and just acts paranoid and delusional. Even though Kurisu and Daru often mock him, that doesn’t deter him from his ways.

But who would’ve thought that he’s actually a nice and kind-hearted person that helps others in trouble? And he did actually start talking to himself on the phone and acting delusional to make Shiina Mayuri happy.

10. Hyouka


Often coming off as sluggish, Houtarou Oreki is a passive, apathetic, calm, and cynical person. He’s absolutely conservative, as he never exerts energy on anything except it’s absolutely required.

Sometimes his manner of approach to some mysteries is usually funny and lazy, and even to the amazement of most fans, he solves them effortlessly, even though that’s usually in a bid to satisfy Eru’s requests.

Mr. Houtarou mostly wears a forlorn, tired look on his face, which would immediately pass on a message that “this guy must be a tired or lazy person

9. Kaiji


In Kaiji, Sakazaki always referred to this guy as “Human Scum”, but the name did actually fit, at the start of the anime! Kaiji Itou was a really carefree, gambling lazy bum with no dreams or aspirations whatsoever. But all that changed when he got onto Espoir with Endo.

But if you really want to see another side to Kaiji, just put him in an extreme situation or threaten him, and watch how he fights back with great insight, courage, and logical thinking, all of which he’d actually use to take control of the situation.

Personally, I really wish I had a loyal friend like him, one would never betray me in any situation.

8. Detective Conan

Detective Conan

Try not to laugh at how funny his name is, Shinichi Kudo is known for being a persistent and incessant reader, highly observant, intelligent, and very intuitive right from his childhood, and he was known as “Detective of the East

But he does have an uncool side, as he often comes off as rude and arrogant, and is used to calling others “idiots”, thereby ending up with only a few close friends, despite his outgoing nature.

7. Umineko: When They Cry

Staged in Japan, in Rokkenjima Island, this anime centers around the Ushiromiya family and one of their sons, Battler. Despite being the main protagonist, much of the plot revolves around his battle with Beatrice, a Witch, in his attempt to make her understand that the killings going on at Rokkenjima could have been perpetrated by humans.

One thing you have to know about Battler though, he’s an 18-year-old compassionate, intelligent, and stubborn young man. But he’s also a badass player and flirts among young ladies. When caught in a difficult situation, he’s quite fond of saying that “It’s useless, it’s all useless”.

His intelligence really came to the limelight when he helped unravel the identity of the culprit that’s been killing people on the Island.

6. No Game, No Life

No Game No Life

The anime has this interesting, smart, confident, and extremely outgoing character called Sora. He often calls his manipulative skills “diplomacy and negotiation skills”, and expresses no fear in playing people face to face.

There’s not much to say about him anyways, as even remembering scenes of him manipulating people and games to satisfy his own desires and he just gets away with it every time, proves he’s a genius.

5. Moriarty the Patriot

Moriarty The Patriot

When looking for the future challenger of Sherlock Holmes, I’d suggest you take a look at Ref. William James Moriarty. This guy is a crime consultant, and he uses that to his advantage by setting up crimes, in a bid to reform society.

He’s just the perfect undercover criminal/detective, as he helps high-class victims get revenge by making their own victims kill each other, completely in the absence of evidence.

But William’s life as an orphan was rather pitiful, up until the moment he was adopted by Albert. One more buster…his IQ is between 235-250, so guys, he’s a complete genius!

4. Dr. Stone

This spectacular anime which falls under the Shonen genre really had me going with all its groundbreaking scientific explorations, experiments, facts, reactions, and the likes. I remember a lot of people looking stupefied at their screens while Senku, our hero casually explains how to make glass, bombs, and a cure-all drug! In a stone-age world! Like, how is that ever going to be possible? Hahaha!

Even from the moment he got petrified, this guy had literally been counting every single ticking second, to the moment he got out of the stone, which took over 3,700 years, that’s a whopping 116,683,200,000 seconds! I’d bet that no normal human, not even you or even Einstein could do that!

And it was with this show of intelligence that he was able to cure Ruri of Pneumonia with his Sulfa drug! Like, not even Penicillin was made with such crude materials then.Another one;

3. Classroom of The Elite

Classroom Of The Elite

Without a doubt, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is someone I really adore and fear at the same time. Why not? Your thoughts aren’t yours whenever you’re around him, as he would see completely through anyone and read your thoughts.

This first-year student in the Advanced Nurturing High School intentionally sets his grades on average, while being known as unobtrusive and inconspicuous. He neither trusts anyone nor does he make friends with others.

Do you want to be like him? All you have to do is stand out, be incredibly cunning, don’t trust anyone, and never give yourself credit.

2. Code Geass

Code Geass

If you’re looking to exceed the expectations of everyone around you, and come off as being highly intelligent, I’d suggest you take after Lelouch vi Britannia. I would personally spend long hours watching this guy and trying to learn from him.

Sincerely, Lelouch does make Code Geass stand out from all other anime I’ve seen so far, and it’s just a completely amazing anime that has drawn the love of a lot of fans to the Dark Fantasy genre of anime.

1. Death Note

Death Note

Even though Light Yagami is a really smart and formidable opponent, L Lawliet still beats him to it with his deduction skills, scheming and great eye for detail, and overall mental performance.

One other fantastic fact about my buddy L is that he never actually reveals his identity to the world, as he only communicates through Watari, his assistant. The saying that “don’t judge a book by its cover” really does apply to our buddy. His languid appearance does disguise his intelligence.

And he does use that to his advantage, as he masterfully deceives his opponents. And he never sits on chairs, he would rather just squat on top of a chair, as he feels more comfortable doing that.



A True Gentleman Will Comment Below!

Overall, with this list above, if there is any anime you’ve not seen among those above, then you truly are missing out on a lot of intellectual shows and thrills. But it’s all okay, this is just a brief into what they’re about and mainly about their main characters. 

Comment now to get high grades in your studies! If you don’t, the spirit of stupidity will possess you in your sleep! Just like what happened to me…

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