16+ Anime Where MC is an Overpowered Transfer Student


Overpowered main characters in anime isn’t a unique concept. We anime fans love this overpoweredness and over-the-top action. This fuels our inner child. The most common plot for overpowered MC is one where the MC is a transfer student. These students, at first glance, seem to be your regular run-in-the-mill student. But once they get into action, you can’t imagine their power level. you could say once in a fight their power level becomes OVER 9000‼‼‼

A transfer student’s newness makes them stand out at the start, and their skills and talent help them make a name for themselves. They exceed the expectations of their classmates and their teachers. This trope of being overpowered is not a new concept, but it is an acceptable one. The simple reason is no matter how mainstream it gets; it’s a concept that we love.

That is why the number of anime that utilize this plot is innumerable. It can be a tedious task finding the actually good ones. Among all those overpowered transfer students, the best 16 anime that feature these characters are as follows.


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Table of Contents

16. Misfit of The Demon King Academy

The Misfit of Demon King Academy has the most overpowered transfer student in the history of anime transfer students. Well, that is in my opinion. The MC, Anos Voldigoad, is not just a transfer student but also the Demon King. A reincarnation of the demon king, to be precise.

Though he is a demon king, he sacrificed his life for the sake of saving the world. And by doing so, he had to be reincarnated in the world after 100 years. This world forgot all about the actual demon king. But this was not a problem for Voldigoad. He is so overpowered that he started high school just one month after being born. If this doesn’t define his overpoweredness, then I don’t know what does.

the misfit of the demon king academy

15. Code: Breaker

Sakura Sakurakouji, a skilled martial artist, is fair and has a strong sense of justice. One day while returning home, she finds an arsonist who lit a handful of people on fire and, due to her sense of justice, calls upon the police. But after the police’s arrival, they find no sign of such fire or evidence of anyone being burnt. Thinking that she might have been hallucinating, she leaves the premises.

The next day when she goes to her class, she finds that a new transfer student, Rei Oogami, is joining them. To Sakura’s surprise, Rei is the same guy who she thought to be the arsonist. With his kind and sweet persona, Rei quickly became the loveable character in the class despite Sakura’s accusation. While investigating, Sakura finds out that Rei is a Code:Breaker, one who doesn’t exist and believes in the form of justice that dictates “an eye for an eye”. Determined to correct Rei’s line of thought, Sakura starts keeping a close eye on him.

Code Breaker

14. Noblesse

Based on a Webtoon, this anime is one that didn’t flop as everyone expected. The story revolves around Rai, also known as the “Noblesse” Cadis Etrama di Raizel. He is a transfer student of the school Ye Ran High where he stays under the disguise of a student to hide from the Union which is a mysterious organization. To blend in, Rai tries his utmost to act as a high school student and acquaints himself with the classmates.

But things don’t go as planned, for Union took notice of Rai and abducted those who were close to him. During the rescue, M-21, one of the rouge Union agents, joins Ye Ran High as security staff. This further complicates Rai’s wish to stay hidden. Now Rai has to avoid the Union, who is in a constant manhunt for agent M-21, and protect the ones dear to him.

Noblesse is probably the most popular Manhwa in South Korea currently. It involves vampires and we all love vampires because they’re… ahem… Hot! We’re torn between a lot of characters because they’re just too charming for our weak souls. Overall, Noblesse is definitely a must-read if you’re looking for some vampire-filled action! The story involves a vampire, Rai, who wakes up after an 820-years old long slumber just to find out the world has changed from the one he lived in. He wants to learn about this new World and ends up joining a high school with his loyal servant, Frankenstein, supervising it. He made a bunch of friends there who started being the target of a mysterious “Union”. Now, Rai must protect his friends from the attackers at all costs!

13. The Asterisk War

Invertia, an unprecedented calamity, changed the world a century back. This changed the power level that the existing nation held, causing the formation of the Integrated Empire Foundation

Moreover, the invertia caused the rise of Genestella, a new breed of humans who are capable of phenomenal physical capabilities. The elites among them are hand-picked to attend the six top schools.

Now that doesn’t seem that much of a problem till you introduce the concept of the schools dueling among themselves in a tournament-style battle called Festas. Ayato Amagiri is a student who is transferred to one such academy and with a scholarship nonetheless. 

The school he is transferred to is one that has been performing poorly in the recent Festas, and they brought in Ayato in hopes of changing it. But little do they know that Ayato has no interest in the tournament but wants to find his missing sister.

The Asterisk War

12. Myriad Colors Phantom World

Ghosts, youkai or more commonly known as Phantoms, are superstitions that adults use to scare children. But they become a reality when a virus infects the brain and spreads throughout the society. This infection allowed people to realize that these superstitious beasts were living around them the entire time. Moreover, the infection affected a generation of students who developed extraordinary abilities.

Two such individuals are Haruhiko Ichijou and Mai Kawakami. The first has the ability to seal and summon phantoms via drawings, while the latter can incorporate the elemental power with martial arts to defeat the phantoms. With such skills, they form the Team E of the Hosea Academy. The academy is one dedicated to dealing with mischievous phantoms. The anime follows the daily adventures of this group in this phantom-filled world.

Myriad Colors phantom World

11. Tenjou Tenge

High school, it is the representation of a new start—a start where you can make a new life. But for Souichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara, this is not the case. For them, high school is the stepping stone towards becoming the top fighter within the entire student body. But the problem is Toudou Academy is not your regular old school. This is a school that aims to revive the lost martial arts in Japan.

Due to this, Souichiro’s dream to become the top dog becomes one that can’t be achieved easily. The upperclassmen easily crush the dream of the duo. But this doesn’t stop the duo but instead makes them that much more enthusiastic in fulfilling their dream. Will the duo be able to overcome their limits and beat their upperclassmen? You will have to watch this anime to find out.

10. Unbreakable Machine Doll

The Walpurgis Royal Academy is like the mecca for those who call themselves Puppeteers. These Puppeteers are tasked to control automatons, which are developed using machinery. Each of the automatons are developed via magic and engineering, and each of them possesses immense power. So much so that the puppeteers are tasked to join the military to incorporate Machineart into the armies.

After failing in the entrance exam for the academy, Raishin Akabane and his humanoid automaton Yaya now have to climb their way to the top. They must do so to take part in the event known as Evening Party, a showdown between powerful puppeteers and their automatons. The winner of this showdown will be bestowed with the title of “Wiseman” and will also be granted access to the forbidden arts, which is the true aim of Raishin.

Unbreakable machine doll

9. Trinity Seven

The destruction of Arata Kasuga’s town was inevitable when the bright red sun, which was bright, stopped shining. This triggered the “Breakdown Phenomenon.” 

But all hope wasn’t lost as the world was reconstructed with the help of Hijiri Kasuga, Arata’s childhood friend. Arata utilized the magical grimoire which he acquired from Hijiri. To investigate such a strange phenomenon, Arata enrolls in the secret magic school called Royal Biblia Academy.

In this school, he encounters six other magic users. Together with them, he forms the “Trinity Seven”, a group of elites who hold exceptional skill and power. With the help of his group, Arata now sets on a mission to protect his hometown while trying to find a way to bring back his childhood best friend.

trinity seven

8. Tokyo Majin

Tatsuma Hiyuuu, a talented martial artist, was recently transferred to the Magami Academy in Shinjuku. Due to his talent, he was soon acquainted with other gifted individuals in the academy. They had a normal high school life till Ryumyaku, the flow of arcane energy was disrupted. This triggered the awakening among the five teenagers, including Tatsuma. Each of them acquired a supernatural ability.

But this sudden disruption also caused the city of Tokyo to get infested by demons. For this, the Magami students take it upon themselves to protect the town with their newfound power. The anime is based on the manga, which in turn was based on a game. So yeah, you can expect some hardcore action and overpoweredness in this anime for sure.

Tokyo majin

7. The Fruit of Grisaia

A school, which other than the principal has only five other students, and all of them are girls. This seems like the plot of a typical Harem anime, but that is not the case. The MC Yuuji Kazami joins the Miham Academy as a transfer student hoping to have an ordinary and simple high school life. But little did he know that he is the only male in the entire school of seven people.

As the only male, he gets acquainted with the rest of the students over time and learns about their personalities. In short, he “socializes.” But while doing so, he finds out the secret behind such a small group of students. 

He finds that each of these girls has their own traumatic past. The academy is a home to them as they are referred to as the “fruit” which started to decay. It is up to Yuuji to help the girls save themselves while saving himself.

The fruit of Grisaia

6. World Trigger

Gate, a pathway to another world. This is not a new concept. But several of such gates started appearing on various spots on Earth. Makido City was no exception. The only difference between the regular isekai gates and this one is that this one brings in destructive beasts known as “Neighbors.” Due to their destructive potential, humans grouped together to form the Border Defense Agency and use “Triggers” to defeat the Neighbors.

Osamu Mikumo is one such trigger user and a high school student nonetheless. But he is not the MC because the MC is the transfer student Yuuma Kuga, a short boy with no prominent external features. But when the school was in a bind due to a sudden neighbor attack, he showed his ability as a trigger user. The best thing is, he is not even a registered trigger user of the border defense agency.

World Trigger

5. Full Metal Panic

In a world filled with terrorism, a group of individuals takes it upon themselves to preserve peace. This is the private military organization known as “Mithril.” They use cutting-edge weapons and specialized troops to carry on their tasks. The entire organization is powered by specific individuals known as the “Whispered.” They are believed to possess intuitive knowledge and remarkable ability to create powerful machinery.

But the MC of the show is 17-year-old Sousuke Sagara. He is a mere sergeant under the organization. He is tasked to safeguard a potential Whispered candidate, Kanama Chidori. And to do so, he had to join the high school to keep a constant watch on Kanama. Sousuke, who was raised on the battlefield, now has to adapt to the high school student life while protecting Kanama.

Full metal alchemist

4. food Wars

Now, before you start rioting about how there is an overpowered MC in this anime, hear me out. Overpoweredness doesn’t necessarily mean the MC is super strong in fights. It simply means someone who can defeat the best of the best with their skills and abilities. And in my opinion, Souma Ykihira satisfies all those conditions.

Souma is a 15-year-old, and he loves cooking. For that, he joins the Tootsuki Culinary Academy to better his skills. This is the academy that is famed to produce the leading chefs of the culinary world. Once he goes to the academy, he is looked down upon by all, even the infamous God-Tongue Erina Nikri. But all are shocked when Souma surprises her with a simple dish made of Egg.


food wars

3. Chivalry of a Failed knight

In a world filled with supernatural phenomenons, a few humans can harness the power of their souls to form powerful weapons. These individuals are known as Blazers. They are the most critical asset of human society to fight off calamities. All these blazers are to be trained in the prestigious Hagun Academy. Once they graduate, they become the Mage-Knights.

One particular Blazer, Ikki Kurogane, is the sole F-rank Blazer in the entire academy. He is a shame to the Blazer community, but his life starts turning when he meets Stella Vermillion, an A-rank Blazer. It is not like he becomes one of the best Blazers in an instant. But he trains and sharpens his skill and manageability of his soul manipulation. Doing so, he not only beats an A-ranker but sets on making a name for himself. A positive one nonetheless.

Chivalry of a failed knight

2. Wise man's grandchild

In the kingdom of Earlshide, Shin, an orphan, had an everyday and peaceful life in the forest. There he lived with his grandfather, Merlin, and trained in the mystic arts of magic and also swordsmanship. 

But on his 15th birthday, he had to leave his grandfather and join a school to get formally educated. His social awkwardness made him stand out alright, but the thing that made him well known was his skills.

He was on par, if not better than his grandfather, in every aspect of magic. And to the people Earlshide, there was no greater magician than Merlin. 

The secret behind Shin’s overpoweredness is not only his upbringing but also the fact that he is actually a normal Japanese salaryman who got isekied into this magical world. His imagination and ability to comprehend magic with modern knowledge make him an unbeatable magician.

Wise Man's Grandchild

1. Classroom of the elite

Ever wondered what a class full of elites would be like? Well, Koudo Ikusei Senior High School is a utopia that is filled with such classes. Among all the elite classes, class D is where the worst of the worst are dumped into. 

But there is a way to upgrade your status in this school, and it is to get better merit than the other classes. Now no one expects much from the D class as they are the worst of the worst. That is until Kiyotaka Ayanokouji comes into the equation.

He, at first glance, seems to be an unmotivated and harmless guy. But with his giga brain power and intricate planning, he wants to change the standing of his entire class. And this triggers a series of events that shows how OP the MC really is.

Slice of Life Anime - Classroom of the Elite


It was really hard for us to choose only 16 characters out of thousands for the OP Transfer Students. We can’t help but fall in love with them because their vibe is just so cool. We hope you liked this list and we’ll come back with more soon!

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