29+ ANIME Like Rising Of The Shield Hero (RECOMMENDATIONS)

Anime like rising of the shield hero

The rising of the shield hero is not your average cookie-cutter isekai anime with a concept of Legendary Heroes. It has a rather refreshing and unique take on the concept of a Fantasy World with Heroes. The lighter tone in the start soon shifts to a darker one, and we’re left wondering where the hell did things go so wrong?!

Unlike most of the isekai anime out there, our MC, Naofumi,  is not an overpowered one but an ostracized individual with zero powers. He was an average and laid-back college student before coming to the Fantasy World who got a sudden 180-degree shift in his personality because of the unfortunate mess he got himself into. Now, he must take his revenge against the kingdom who treated him like shit by forming a group with a demi-human girl Raphtalia, and a Filolial named Filo

The rising of the Shield Hero was able to create a massive amount of hype when it first started airing. People loved the idea of a dark and rather controversial issekai anime with a lesser-used trope. 

If you loved watching Rising of the Shield Hero, we have some recommendations for you that you’re definitely going to love checking out. Read on to know more about the anime that are similar to Rising of the Shield Hero. 

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Anime Similar to
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

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30. Chaika- The Coffin Princess

Chaika- The coffin Princess

Just like Rising of the Shield Hero, this anime is also not an average Fantasy Adventure anime. It involves a cynical twist to the story. However, the main similarity between the two anime lies in two of the characters that are blonde and are lolis. The way they act violently in hopes of solving most of the problems is very comic throughout both the anime.

The story revolves around a 14-year old mysterious sorceress who carries a coffin wherever she goes. She has no memory of her past and the only memory she carries with her is that she’s supposed to gather the scattered remains of Emperor Gaz. She soon meets Toru and his adoptive sister Akari who decide to help her with her goal. They set on a long and strenuous journey, unaware of the deadly threats waiting for them.

29. Plunderer


Both Plunderer and Rising of the Shield Hero share similarity between their main characters in many ways. For example, Both Naofumi and Licht are looked down upon and are ostracized from society. They’re only pursued because they have some sort of Legend within them. On the other hand, the female protagonists Raphtalia and Hina are extremely naive and helpless until they meet the series’ main characters. 

Plunderer takes us to the World named Alcia where every human is given a “count” on their body.  The count can go up or down based on how the person lives his life. For Hina’s mother, it drops down to zero and she gets sucked into the abyss. Her mother’s last wish was for Hina to look for a Legendary Ace. Now, Hina must go on a quest to find the Legendary Hero, Licht Bach.

28. Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Cautious Hero

The main characters of both Rising of the Shield Hero and Cautious Hero share the same fate of fighting monsters and then levelling up. However, Cautious Hero is more towards the lighter tone and Rising of the Shield Hero towards the darker one. If you loved watching Rising of the Shield Hero, then you’re definitely going to love Cautious Hero as well!

This anime tells us the story of Seiya Ryuuguuin who got summoned to the Fantasy World of Gaeabrande as a Hero by a super-cute goddess, Ristarte. Our MC shows an abnormal amount of cautiousness that gives the anime a comical touch. He’s obsessed with muscle training and even buying high-quality armour before setting out to fight with low-ranked monsters. He’s OVERLY CAUTIOUS!

27. Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage


Both “Rising of the Shield Hero” and  “Reikenzan Hoshikuzu-Tachi No Utage” share the theme of “empire building”, focusing more on the MC’s training to get stronger. However, the latter is more light-hearted than the former. 

The story revolves around Lu Wong who decides to take part in an examination that is looking for a child fated by the Falling Comet. That comet apparently is going to bring great destruction upon mankind. Lu Wong is blessed with a soul that is so special that it is only available once in a thousand years. He wishes to become a knowledgeable and extremely powerful mage after getting selected. 

26. Radiant


Just like Rising of the Shield Hero, the enemies in Radiant come from mysterious waves or unknown sources from the sky. Both the MCs are similar in the way that they face hatred from some religious frauds who question their existence. Their dependence on weapons is also quite similar. They’re really not over-the-top strong or geniuses but get through everything somehow.

Radiant tells us the story of some mysterious enemies descending from the sky and vaporizing everything they come in contact with. Sorcerers are the only ones who can fight those monsters and demons. Seth is our MC who sets out on a journey to destroy the enemy monsters along with Doc and Melle. They wish to create a world where they’re not seen as infected but as normal sorcerers.

25. The Irregular At Magic High School

The irregular at magic high school

No issekai is a TRUE issekai with some degree of “Harem” involved. With both these anime, we see a visible Harem of pretty girls forming around the MC. Both our MCs are also similar because they’re underestimated but they prove everyone wrong by unleashing their true powers. The Irregular At Magic High School is sure to entertain you if you loved watching Rising of the Shield Hero!

The story opens in 2095 where Magic has become very normal. It has become another form of technology. The siblings Miyuki Shiba and Tatsuya Shiba are ready to start their first year at the prestigious First Magic High School of Japan. Miyuki ends up entering the brilliant Course 1 and her brother Tatsuya getting Course 2 because of the difference in their abilities. This is just the start of their trouble at the Magic High School!

24. Dog Days

Dog Days

Both the MCs in Rising of the Shield Hero and Dog Days share the same fate of getting summoned to a weird Fantasy World where they’re given the responsibility to defeat monsters with the help of some Legendary Weapons. Dog Days has similar “Animal Girls” that you’d definitely swoon over. There’s a difference in the tone of both the anime but THAT’S IT. Everything other than that is quite similar. 

Dog Days tells us the story of Shinku who is an average middle school student and ends up getting summoned to a Fantasy World where there are animal-eared creatures all around. Princess Millhiore from the region Biscotti was the one to summon her and we got her desperation, it was much needed!

Shinku finds out that unfortunately, he won’t be able to return back home. He has no choice but to train his ass off to train to fight for the honour of Biscotti. But the kind-hearted animal people in this new world help him find a way to go back home.

23. Mysterious Play

Mysterious Play

Both Rising of the Shield Hero and Mysterious play starts off with the MCs getting sucked inside a book to a Fantasy World where they’re summoned to fulfil some kind of prophecy. They’re supposed to form groups with people they find during their quest and fight evil off.

Mysterious play starts with two best friends, Miaka and Yui, get issekai’d to another world while they were peacefully reading “The Universe of the Four Gods”. Upon their arrival, Miaka is made the Priestess of Suzaka where she’s supposed to be their saviour. The story involves a lot of heartbreak and betrayal just like in The Rising of the Shield Hero.

22. Stigma of the Wind

stigma of the wind

The only similarity between Kaze no Stigma and Rising of the Shield Hero is that both the MCs are abandoned and betrayed by those they trusted the most. That very betrayal became the fuel for them to be better and stronger than before. And that’s how they come back 10x stronger.

Kaze no Stigma revolves around Kazuma who got banished from the Kannagi household after he failed to use their fire magic. He returns to Japan and finds out that the Kannagi Family is in danger. Kazuma trains and becomes a Contractor, gaining immense wind magic. He demands a massive amount of money in return for helping the Kannagi Family along with his little brother, Ren. The red-haired Ayano, who is also the heir to the Kannagi family also joins them in their quest to save her family. 

21. Cross Ange: Rondo of Angel and Dragon

14. Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo The life of a princess was a rewarding fairy tale, especially if her princess had the same talent as Princess Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi at the age of 16, she had it all. Sports talent is talented in everything she does and she is loved by the Misurugi Empire, a place of peace and prosperity. However, this community relies on the use of magical energy called mana. Those who can't use it get a “norma” and are forced to work as soldiers and flying robots called Paramail. Angelica is the same as Ernesti but she comes from a completely different location and requires a mecha to fight giant beasts called dragons.

Cross Ange involves the awful betrayal of the MC quite early in the anime and that makes him do a 180-degree shift in his personality just like Naofumi did in Rising of the Shield Hero. Both the MCs become suspicious of everyone who tries to get close to them, finding it very hard to trust anybody. The main focus of both the anime is on the scumbaggery of society and its discrimination towards certain people. We also find similarities with the theme of “Loli-Harem” that is pretty evident in both the anime”.

The anime shows us how certain people from the Misurugi Empire are outcast just because they are unable to use “Mana ” which is considered a very noble ability. The individuals who cannot use MAna are called “Norma”. Angelise is the first princess of the Empire and despises Norma with all her heart. However, on her 16th birthday, it is revealed that she is in fact also a Norma. She is exiled to Arzenal where she has to live under extremely difficult circumstances. She must pilot robots called “Paramails” to fight large monsters called “Dragons”.

20. Is It Wrong to Try To Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls at a dungeon - Having amazing artwork and animation, this anime is very similar to Seven Deadly Sins. We notice both the MCs chasing after girls and showcasing their perverted sides with 0 SHAME. The plot of both the anime is also quite similar with MCs possessing exceptional powers and abilities.   The story follows the life of a young and naive boy, Bell Carnel who aspires to become the greatest and the strongest adventurer. He soon encounters a goddess named Hestia and with her support, he finds himself very close to his goals. Though, his journey is not as easy as it seems. He has to break his way through dungeons filled with blood-thirsty monsters and mysterious creatures in order to prove the honor of his familiar!

Just like ”Rising of the Shield Hero”, this anime also follows the “Hero-to-Zero” path. It is also filled with demi-humans, elves, weird monsters and demigods. They’re also similar because of a “Harem” forming around the MC. 

This anime is set in the World of Orario where adventurers group together to explore the dungeons in order to look for treasures. Our MC Cranel inclined more towards finding girls than the treasure itself which we find really weird. He soon realizes that the Dungeon situation he’s getting himself into might even cost him his life!

19. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Imagine working so hard for a game that you end up dreaming about it. Wait! This is not a dream, it's reality. That's what Ichirou Suzuki thought to himself when he wakes up in an RPG Isekai world. While debugging the game, he fell asleep. I guess some bug pulled him into that fantasy world. In this new world, he is known as Satou. Being the younger version of himself, he instantly faces adversity. Lizardmen attacking, weird creatures all around that world, Satou realizes that he is in the RPG world where magic is the most important thing. That's where the master of this RPG game decides to play along and become the most badass guy this world will even see. Becoming a high-rank adventurer of 310, the world becomes too rough for him to handle on his own. The series is a great portrayal of what an Isekai Anime should be like.

The same tropes of levelling up by fighting monsters or “calamities”, raising slaves, travelling, and cultivating lands are shared by both Rising of the Shield Hero and Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody. They have literally THE SAME vibe. 

The story revolves around Satou who gets issekai’d to a Fantasy world one day. He sees a menu screen of some screen before him. Now, Satou is a total beginner as he attempts to play that game. Suddenly, a bunch of lizardmen come in front of him. He uses an option of “Meteor Shower” and his level suddenly jumps from 0 to 310. This is only the beginning to Satou’s journey in this crazy bizarre world. 

18. Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo

Their MC’s weapons are also similar. They fight using shields and their fighting style is also very unique. They throw away their humanity in order to protect those who are dear to them. 

The story revolves around Tooru Kokonoe who lost his sister and a friend in a tragic accident when a mysterious man killed them. He then enrols in Koryo Academy in order to attain more power. At the academy, every student possesses a weapon as their soul manifestation. Tooru is seeing nothing but blood and is all up for taking revenge. Now, Tooru has an irregularity and gets a shield as his weapon. He must get used to fighting with the shield if he wishes to attain more power.

17. Redo of Healer

This anime involves some dark themes that might not be suitable for some viewers. The abuse our MC faces in this one is really brutal and is something constant in his life. He throws away his humanity and comes back even stronger, taking brutal revenge against those who did him wrong. The story involves a healing magician, Keyaru, who is sexually abused repeatedly by others. His class is the strongest amongst other classes but he has no idea about it. By the time he realizes his potential, it’s too late for him as he has lost everything. He somehow manages to go back in time and decides to set everything straight, including kicking some asses of his abusers.

Redo of Healer is a pretty new anime and it gives pretty much the same vibes as Rising of the Shield Hero. The theme of “Betrayal” and “Revenge” is pretty evident in both. Not to mention how both our MCs take a 180-degree shift in their personality. On a lighter note, we can say that Redo of Healer is Rising of the Shield Hero if it was on STEROIDS

Redo of Healer tells us the story of Keyaru who was repeatedly abused and even “raped” just because he was a “Healing” mage. He saw nothing but a grim and dark future for him and when he finally realized how amazing his powers were, it was too late for everything. Keyaru somehow managed to rewind time and decided to take revenge against everyone who did him dirty. There’s nothing that can stop him from doing the same awful things that were done to him in the past.

16. How NOT To Summon a Demon Lord

How not to summon a demon lord

We have with us the kind of MC that is considered more as a villain than a hero. We see something similar in Rising of the Shield Hero as well. There is also a Harem of beautiful girls forming around the MC, each getting too much attached to him, just like we witnessed in Rising of the Shield Hero. We would recommend you to not drop the idea of watching How Not To Summon a Demon Lord just because it’s interesting. It’s pretty good story-wise!

The anime revolves around a socially inept guy who finds himself in a fantasy world as Diablo, the character of the game he played a lot. In the new world, he decides to pose as a Demon Lord and gets some pretty slaves, including a cat-girl and an elf. It’s just the beginning of their adventure, struggling with their relationships as well as battling monsters every day!

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15. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins and Rising of The Shield Hero share the same corrupt political system that brands both the MCs as traitors and villains. They both get stronger to get their revenge AND to protect those who they hold dear. Though, our MC in Rising of the Shield Hero is more bitter than that of Seven Deadly Sins. But, we find both of them super cute!

Seven Deadly Sins opens with a setting similar to the European Middle Ages. Princess Elizabeth is the adopted daughter of King Barta Liones who wishes to look for the Seven Deadly Sins in order to protect her family and the kingdom. 

She soon meets Meliodas on her journey and it is revealed that he’s the Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. They both continue the quest to find the rest of the Sins while also fighting the corrupt Holy Knights who want to capture and imprison Princess Elizabeth.

14. Spice and Wolf

Ookami to Koushinryou- Spice and Wolf The street vendor Lawrence Craft travels around the world to sell all sorts of things. After visiting the city, he found a girl sleeping under a haystack in his car. With ears and a coyote tail, Wolfgirl describes her as being called "God," but her name is full and nothing else. Lawrence frustrated the young woman a little. But after she heard more about her, she decided to move and chase north. During their journey, they experience all kinds of adventures and are often in trouble. But little by little, their bond grew stronger.

One of the most similar things in Spice and Wolf and Rising of the shield hero is the presence of “Human-Demi-Human” romantic relationships (Uhhhh Illegal?). There’s also some kind of trade going on in a Large-scale Fantasy World. The Medieval setting is also kinda similar in both the anime. Not to mention, there is a stark similarity between the female protagonists Raphtalia and Holo. They look exactly the same!

Spice and Wolf tells us the story of the Wolf Goddess who blessed the village of Pasloe with fertile harvests and was worshipped by the villagers. But as humanity progressed, they started finding their own ways to produce fertile harvests and soon started disregarding the Wolf Goddess

She then took the form of a human and found a passing merchant named Kraft Lawrence and asked him to help her get to her home in the snowy forests. Both begin their journey and learn a lot from each other as they travel towards the Goddess’ home.

13. Sorcerous Stabber Orphen

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen

Our poor MC Naofumi got branded as an anti-hero as soon as the anime started and that is exactly what happened in Sorcerous Stabber Orphen. The concept of goody-two-shoes MC changing his ways after getting betrayed is evident in both the anime. 

The story revolves around Orphen who is desperately trying to find the Sword of Baltanders and a human-turned-dragon named Azelie in her human form. He travels with his apprentice Majic and partner Cleao to free Azelie from imprisonment. Now, Orphen must unlock the secrets to the Sword of Baltanders or else he’ll lose everyone close to him.

12. Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill

We have one of the best Dark Fantasy anime with us that is very similar to Rising of the Shield Hero. In both the anime, we have a very crappy political system. Our MCs are true rebels that will take no shit from the royalty and will take it down no matter what. If you enjoyed watching Rising of the Shield Hero, you’ll definitely love Akame ga Kill as well.

In Akame ga Kill, we have our happy-go-lucky BUT naive MC who leaves his village and travels to the Empire to earn some money. Little does he know what grim horrors wait for him there. As soon as he reaches the empire, he unfortunately gets involved with a secret assassin group called “Night Raid” who take him in. Now, with the members of Night Raid, Tatsumi must fight against the corrupt ways of the Empire.

11. Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense


We have “Shield Heroes” in both the anime that are more about defence than offence. Both anime feature an MMORPG-like world where they have to fight monsters in order to level up. Rising of the Shield hero is obviously more inclined towards darker themes and the other one is literally just MOE.

We have a female MC in this one who ends up playing a very famous VRMMO game where she names her character “Maple”. She’s pretty new in the gaming world and gives her character maximum defence as she doesn’t want to lose. 

This surprisingly works very well and she ends up claiming third place in a server-wide event. She gets pretty popular with a lot of followers in the game. Despite being OP, Maple still has a lot to learn. She meets a lot of new people in the game who help her with completing events and levelling up.

10. No Game No Life

No game no life

We have another anime with MMORPG features and rules just like we have in Rising of the Shield Hero. Both the MCs despite being treated like shit must sacrifice their ego and save the fantasy world they’re in. The only difference we have between the two anime is the difference in their tones. If you want something like Rising of The Shield Hero BUT a little less depressing then we recommend you to check out No Game No Life.

The anime revolves around two siblings, Sora and Shiro who happen to be massive NEETS. They get invited to play a game that will apparently transfer them to a Fantasy world only if they beat it. Being exceptionally good at gaming, both the siblings win the game without even breaking a sweat. As promised, Sora and Shiro get transported to a world where everything is decided by games and competitions. Now, both of them must take on every obstacle that comes their way in order to restore humanity.

9. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

Both Goblin Slayer and Shield hero are not you AVERAGE Dark fantasy anime. They are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats with what’s coming next. Both involve fighting and killing monsters in order to level AND an obvious “Harem” around the MCs. We have some very nice plot in both the anime as well. 

Goblin Slayer is literally just about slaying Goblins. Our MC has some traumatic experience with the goblins in the past and as he grew up, his only goal was to kill each and every goblin. He forms a guild that includes a priestess, a half-elf, a dwarf and a lizardman. They go on different missions to get rid of not only goblins but also other dreadful monsters.

8. Log Horizon

30,000 Japanese gamers got trapped into an RPG game called "Elder Tale." As if life wasn't already hard enough for these gamers, after its new update, no one could log out! Among all of the 30,000 gamers, we have Shiroe who is a socially awkward guy like Reudeus from Mushoku Tensei. Being Isekai'd into the video game, he was considered to be a weakling. However, with the power of his expert brain and strategizing, he becomes an essential part of his team. Similar to Mushoku Tensei, both characters were sore losers in the past. However, getting reincarnated changed their life as a whole. If you are willing to watch the finest animation with great action, Log Horizon is an ideal one!

We have a very similar drama/comedy balance in both these anime. The MMORPG features like forming parties, levelling up, trading and stuff like that is also the same in both Rising of the Shield Hero and Log Horizon. 

Log Horizon tells us the story of a socially awkward college student named Shiroe who gets transported inside the game, Elder Tale. Now, as a veteran of the game, he does not face much trouble exploring new places. 

A lot of other people also get transported to the world of Elder Tales along with Shiroe. Now, all of them must accept their fate and get used to their new lives in Elder Tales. They must avoid getting killed by some deadly monsters that they will face while exploring the game. 


7. Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Let’s start with the one where our MC becomes OP and takes his revenge mercilessly by the end of the show. It also resembles the game ‘Among Us’, if you’re familiar with that, where we have to identify the traitor and eliminate him. The anime features a group of six heroes who are summoned when the god of Evil awakens. Each hero is granted some superhuman powers that will lead them to defeat the evil god. Our MC Adlet is chosen as one of the heroes to go against the Evil god. However, at the point of meeting, the heroes find out that there are seven heroes when they’re supposed to be only six of them. Now, they must find out who the imposter is to avoid further complications.

Rokka no Yuusha and Rising of the Shield Hero both feature an MC that gets framed for something that he didn’t do. They both get extremely bitter after being ostracized and take a sudden shift in their personalities. We also have a similar kind of “loli-harem” in both of them. Not to mention the way our MCs for parties fight off monsters, everything is very similar in both these anime. 

The anime tells us the story of Adlet who claims to be the strongest man on the Earth. He wants to be chosen as one of the six heroes who are supposed to defeat Evil God. He does end up getting selected as one of the “Brave Six Flowers” but at the point of the meeting, it is revealed that there are seven heroes when there are supposed to be only six of them. Now, they must be careful of each other as there could be a traitor among them, noting all their moves

6. The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is set in an issekai world, it shares the same sort of story with Seven Deadly Sins. Both of them are set in medieval times. The MCs of both the anime are happy-go-lucky but can be very serious when needed. Both these anime have a bunch of interesting and likable characters. even the color schemes of both anime are quite similar. The story is about a 32-year-old corporate slave who's tired of his monotonous life. But after dying at the hands of a thief, he wakes up to a whole new fantasy world.... but as a SLIME! He enjoys his life as a slime and discovers exciting powers within him. He befriends a bunch of monsters and embarks on a journey full of adventures and of course, predicaments!

Both Rising of the Shield Hero and The Time I Got Reincarnated as a slime has done justice with the issekai settings and are loved by fans all around the World. Our MCs in both the anime are considered weak with low status initially but become OP gradually with great analytical skills as well. 

The story of this anime starts when our MC Satoru Mikami gets transported to a Fantasy World where he’s a literal SLIME. In his real world, he hated his job and was a very lonely and boring man. Now, in this brand new world with interesting creatures and places, Satoru has all the time in the world to explore it and gain some wonderful experiences along the way.

5. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

The legend of the legendary heroes

Rising of the Shield Hero and The Legend of The Legendary Heroes share the same setting and also feature an MC who finds it hard to control his newfound powers. The MCs are treated like trash because of one reason or the other. The presence of their loyal partners is also quite similar in both anime. We also have a number of gorgeous secondary female characters that will make you swoon over them!

The Legend of The Legendary Heroes follows the story of Ryner who has some mysterious power, the Alpha Stigma, that is treated more like a curse. The people around him treat him like a monster. Ryner pairs up with Ferris and sets out on a journey to find the Hero Relics to end political corruption. They have to be very careful of the people around them because their one move could get them on their bad side and they, in turn, will suffer serious consequences.

4. Overlord


Overlord is a pure Dark Fantasy Anime just like Rising of the Shield Hero. Here’s another example of Overlord being like Rising of the Shield Hero BUT on Steroids. It is even darker and grimmer than Rising of the Shield Hero. Overlord is sure to amuse you if you enjoyed watching Rising of the Shield Hero. 

The anime starts with Momonga being transported inside his favourite MMORPG game called Yggdrasil. He finds himself in the body of Ainz Ooal Gown. The character he possessed was EXTREMELY strong. He had nothing better to do so he decided to take over the world he was in. He started looking for some tough opponents who could beat him and started enjoying his new life as the powerful mage Ainz Ooal Gown.

3. Konosuba


Though both of these anime have opposite tones, the concept of a fantasy world where our MC gets stuck in both these anime is quite similar. You will find out how the “Harem” forming around both the MCs gives very similar vibes!

Konosuba tells us the story of a NEET and a SHUT-IN, Kazuma,  who gets issekai’d to a fantasy world after getting hit by our very own “Truck-Kun”. In that world, he finds an air-head of a goddess, a dorky mage, and a weird lady knight who add to his troubles whenever they’re with him. 

Sure, our MC must look like the luckiest man in the universe with all these gorgeous ladies around him. But unfortunately, the ladies are GOOD FOR NOTHING. Kazuma must live his everyday life with these trouble-making dummies and also complete some quests for money in return.

2. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

The hatred both the MCs get from the masses is pretty similar in both Sword Art Online and Rising of the Shield Hero. They’re both an outsider in the new world and desperately want to protect those who are dear to them. They also feature an MMORPG-like world where battling with different monsters is the only way for them to level up. 

The anime opens in 2022 where gamers are desperately waiting for the most popular MMORPG game, Sword Art Online, that will let them experience a whole nother level of Virtual Reality, Kirito is one of those gamers that signed up for its beta testing

Now, Kirito, along with a bunch of other people find himself inside the game, unable to find their way out. Kirito must try his best to survive the game, fighting monsters and beating some extremely powerful bosses. 

1. Re: Zero

Although, Re: Zero does not have a bunch of delinquents with some nasty tempers, the one thing that both Tokyo Revengers and Re: Zero share in common is the ability to travel back in time to save their loved ones. Re: Zero revolves around Natsuki Subaru who got hit by our famous Truck-kun and was issekai’d to a completely different world. As soon as he gets to the new world, he meets a silver-haired half-elf, Emilia, and gets killed while saving her. He finds himself alive again after a few hours just to die again. After experiencing death a few times, he realizes he has this mysterious power to return back to life and turn back time whenever he dies. He finally succeeds in helping her and out of gratitude, Emilia takes him to her palace and lets him stay there as a butler. Subaru slowly develops feelings for Emilia and decides that he’d help her become the next Queen no matter what. However, his journey is full of pain and suffering as he comes across a lot of deadly villains that are after Emilia. Now, will Subaru overcome all the suffering while having a bunch of good companions by his side and be able to make Emilia’s wish come true?

The way both the MCs have to go through conflicts after conflicts before they actually get things done is very similar in both of these anime. They also have some people to protect no matter what. The way they have depicted the theme of Dark Fantasy is also the same. We’d definitely recommend you to watch Re: Zero if you loved the darker aspects of Rising of The Shield Hero. 

Re: Zero takes us to a fantasy world with our ordinary high school MC, Subaru who ends up getting involved with a beautiful white-haired half-elf, Emilia. She saves his life and he tells her that he would like to stay in her mansion as her butler which she approved. Subaru started developing feelings for her and decided to help her with becoming the next Queen of Lugnica. 

He soon finds out that it’s not as easy as he thinks. With his power of returning back from death, Subara continues to help Emilia no matter how many times he’s getting killed in the process.


Rising of the Shield hero urged the anime community to love the Dark Fantasy genre of anime. Fans definitely want more anime like Rising of the Shield Hero because of its phenomenal storyline and a bunch of likeable characters. With that being said, we hope you liked our list of Anime like Rising of the Shield Hero. Comment down below if you know more anime that are similar to Rising of the Shield Hero!

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