15+ Anime Where MC Is A GOD (MUST WATCH!)

In anime, some label characters as Gods for being overpowered and above all others. Well, I define a God when he is actually a real God, as simple as that. If you are looking for an anime to worship, look no further. I offer you a list of the best Anime where the MC is an actual God!


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Table of Content

16. Sword Gai

They prayed and prayed and prayed even more but the Gods did not answer to humanity. Desperate, they put their faith in a demon instead. He came down armed with Zsoltgewinn, a sword like no other. Unable to control the unlimited power, the demon killed everything in its wake, even the very people who summoned him. 

The sword was finally sealed but found again by an organization whose sole purpose is to gather cursed artifacts. Corrupted by its power, the organization is slowly turning into chaos.

Gai Ogata is also dealing with the curse of a demonic sword called Shiryu. His entire family suffered tragically because of its influence. The father was assassinated and then the mother took her own life after bringing him to the world. Left in the woods, the sword by his side, he was found and adopted by Amon, a blacksmith.

While growing up, Gai follows in his adoptive father’s footsteps and works day and night to hone his smithing skills. But misfortune still follows him and he loses an arm in an accident. However, a new one appeared in its place and took the form of Shiryu

Gai now has to try and tame the demonic sword or turn into a rampaging killer. As time passes, the sword will slowly become one with its master turning him into something that transcends the heavens and the earth. 

15. Kannagi

Jin is an unfortunate guy. Bad luck seems to strike him and everyone around him everywhere he goes. For a school project, he had to carve a statue. He used a weird material: the trunk of what turned out to be a sacred tree. There are hundreds of millions of trees around him and he just had to pick the wrong one!

As soon as the finished statue gets into contact with the sunlight, it begins absorbing the energy around it. It finally transformed into a real flesh and blood girl or more precisely a deity

The deity who is the essence of the sacred tree, more pissed than ever that she is now stuck with Jin, lashes out by squashing all impurities without caring who might be looking.

14. Saiyuki

Dying of boredom is actually a real thing. Konzen, a god living in heaven, is stuck in an infinite routine loop that he knows will never end. The curse was broken by the arrival of Son Goku, a being that was born from a rock and possesses immense power. A simple-minded dump monkey who doesn’t seem to know what malice and hatred are.

In a world where everybody fears and despises him, he still finds the will to defend the oppressed and at the same time offend every influential figure in Heaven. Starting a brawl during the celebration dedicated to the Ruler, Konzen and two other lower god

Taking Goku’s side, the four of them were banned and reincarnated on earth with no memory of who they were. Earth is being populated by both humans and demons alike. Living together peacefully, the worshiper of the Demon Lord Gyumaho disrupts everything. 

After unleashing a powerful miasma, all demons lost their minds and became bloodthirsty beasts that attack everything in sight. Genko Sanzo, the reincarnation of Konzen along with Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai were given the mission to stop the return of Gyumao and restore the harmony between races.

13. Kamigami no Asobi

Nothing is better or more frustrating (since it won’t be happening to us) than Isekai anime! We all wished that the creepy mysterious objects in our house did more when giving us goosebumps. Well, the strange sword that Yui Kusanagi found managed to exceed her low expectations

It transported her to a fantasy world where she was greeted by five gorgeous men and the king of all Gods, Zeus. Zeus, concerned about the almost nonexistent relationship between the Gods and the humans, decides to open an Academy and educate his kind about the other race

Yui was appointed as a teacher for this one-of-a-kind school. Her job description: teach the stubborn and egocentric deities about the norms and values of humans. She has 1 year to do so or all of them will be trapped in this realm for all eternity!

12. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows

Dweeb Otaku by day, “God of Conquest” by night. Keima Katsugari is famous online for his ability to conquer ANY girl, but just in the Dating Sim Game.

One day, he receives a challenge demanding that he proves how good he is. Unable to back down, he accepts the condition stated and ends up aiding a demon named Elucia or Elsie in her quest to catch spirits who escaped from the bowels of hell

What’s even worse is that he is now bound to her through a deadly collar that he obviously cannot remove. In order to retrieve the spirits and set himself free, Keima has to face his biggest fear, conquer the real flesh and blood-living girls of the actual world.

11. Kamichu!

The mundane Yurie Hitotsubashi is a mundane middle school student that spends her mundane time worrying about tests, friends and of course boys! On a mundane day, Yurie drops a not-so mundane bomb on her friend Mitsue and announces that last night she became a goddess. The news spread in the school faster than a disease and finally got to Matsuri’s ears.

Her family owns the Shinto Shrine protected by good for nothing god Yashima-sama. On the door of bankruptcy, Matsuri decides to make Yurie the new God of her shrine and she, therefore, becomes her trusty manager.

Yurie’s mundane life now consists of blessing worshipers, making wishes come true, exorcising curses, attending god conventions and at the same time, living the daily life of an average middle school student.

10. Ah! My Goddess

Ah! My Goddess

The Goddess Help Hotline is a service dedicated to granting the wishes of humans. A service not to be underestimated although it’s too good to be true. Keiichi Morisato accidentally summons the Goddess Belldandy and asks her to remain by his side forever

His demand that was actually intended as a joke became a wish, a wish that was granted by the Goddess. The dream of all teenage boys became reality, living alone with an outrageously magnificent divine being. One problem, Keiishi is expelled from all male dormitories because of her presence. 

They find solace in a Buddhist temple where they finally have the freedom to bring their relationship to another level. An awkward yet beautiful romance is about to blossom.

9. Saint Seiya

Long, long ago, when Gods still walked the earth, Saints devoted their lives in order to protect them.

The most loyal and brave ones were the Saints of Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom. Those Saints held special power, through their ability to manipulate “Cosmos”. With just a flick of the hand they could destroy mountains or split the oceans.

Seiya is an aspiring Saint aiming to obtain the bronze armor of Pegasus. After 6 years of hellish training, he finally succeeds and becomes one of Athena’s protectors.

But the powerful Goddess is targeted by many, with each arch enemy more powerful than the other. They aim to take her life and finally Hades, the God of death will make his appearance. Athena’s faithful Saints will acquire power comparable to the Gods themselves to keep their Master safe.

8. Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas takes place centuries before Saint Seiya. The previous reincarnations of Athena and Hades are still fighting a Holy War to take control over the earth.

Tenma, Alone, and Sasha all grew up together in the same orphanage during those disturbed times. They share unbreakable bonds, bonds incomparable to even those shared by members of the same family.

One day, Sasha was taken away by a mysterious man and the other two never heard of her ever again. Many years passed and Tenma made the acquaintance of one of Athena’s Saints. Impressed by his bravery and unshakable will, he gives him the opportunity to become stronger by going to the Sanctuary and training to become a Saint as well.

Leaving Alone behind with the promise to accomplish each of their goals before reuniting, he heads out only to meet Sasha who turns out to be Athena herself. 

In the meantime, Alone was chosen to become the Vessel of Hades and got lost in the darkness. After finally obtaining the Armor of Pegasus, Tenma has now to face his brother in a bloody war.

7. 07 Ghost

07 Ghost

Zaiphon” is a power that certain humans can use. A powerful weapon used by the soldiers of the Barsburg Empire. Teito Klein is an aspiring soldier training at the Military Academy. Having lost his memories, his past is shrouded in mystery

A few days before graduation, he meets Ayanami. Some flashes of memories appear in his mind, memories of Ayanami killing his father. In a fit of rage, he attacks him. Immediately overpowered, the higher-ups lock him up to decide his fate.

With the help of his best friend, Mikage, he escapes and is taken in by the bishops of the 7th District Church. During his time at the church, he plans his revenge while uncovering secrets that could shake the entire country

His own identity as a higher being is also uncovered and even the bishops of the church are much more than what meets the eyes.

6. Kamisama Kazoku

Samatarou, even if he doesn’t look the part, is the son of a God. He along with his family live on earth among the humans to learn about the creatures they are a blessing.

Tenko is the guardian angel of Samatarou and they have been together since birth. Their relationship started to develop until a transfer student by the name of Kumiko entered their peaceful life.

Samatarou fell for her at first sight. He decides to make her love him as well but without relying on his godly powers. This decision will put him in awkward situations and even maybe endanger his bond with Tenko.

5. Utawarerumono

Eruruu found an unconscious man on the brink of death in the forest. Unable to just abandon him to die, she brings him back home with her to treat his injuries. After waking up, the man turned out to be a huge mystery. He doesn’t remember a single thing about himself, not even his name. 

Compared to the people of the village, even his appearance is odd. In this world, it is normal to have some animal traits, pointy ears or a tail but the man has nothing of the sort. He just has a weird mask that he cannot remove no matter how hard he pulls.

The villagers gave him the name Hakuoro and he quickly became one of them. Living in times of continuous conflict, the village faces many dangers. To repay his debt to them, Hakuoro swears to do whatever it takes to keep them safe. He demonstrates immense power and wisdom that are all related to his true identity.

4. Campione!


First of all, let me start by saying how impressed I was by the Harem and Fan service in this anime! How unexpected it is that all the beautiful, powerful warriors suddenly fall in love with the newly awakened Campione

Kusanagi Godou was entrusted with this honorable title after stopping the rampage of the God of War and ultimately becoming a God Slayer. The responsibility of defeating the heretical Gods that are planning on destroying the world now rests on his shoulders. 

The Demi-God, joined by the all-mighty Sword-Mistress Erica Blandille and other female worshipers of his kindness and power, will embark on an impossible war-like adventure against the Gods with the odds stacked against them.

3. Misfit of Demon King Academy

Misfit of Demon king Academy

A war between humans and demons was turning the world into a bloody battlefield. To end the conflict, the two rulers of each side decided to magically create walls that would separate their respective domains. A spell that powerful came at the cost of the life of the Demon King Anos Voldigoad. The walls stayed in place for hundreds of years before dispelling and they brought peace.

But the humans, ignorant about Anos’s sacrifice, feared the day of his return. Each side created academies, one to train humans to fight the demons, the other to train demons to be worthy of welcoming their Demon King.

Two millennia passed and Anos was finally reincarnated. He woke up in a world where history was tampered with and drained of all kinds of powerful magic. The demons forgot the name of the true ruler and replaced it with that of an imposter. Something was terribly wrong.

To uncover the truth and claim his title, he enters the Demon Academy and starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together to reclaim his throne as the one true God of the demons.

2. Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss

Nanami Momozono has nothing. Poor, homeless, no parents and on top of it all, accumulated a huge debt because of her father, she is in a dire situation. Wandering around aimlessly, she stumbles on a man harassed by a dog and saves him.

As thanks, he invites her to live in his house, as house he meant a dilapidated shrine. After entering, two spirits and a demon fox named Tomoe appear and mistake her with the land God, Mikage, because of the mark the God left on her forehead. That mark is proof that she is the new land God of the shrine.

Tomoe, the prideful familiar, immediately leaves after understanding the situation. There is absolutely no way a powerful being like himself would serve a lowly pitiful human. But that’s not gonna make Nanami abandon her new home. As a Goddess, she starts to learn how to accomplish her heavenly duties but the fox’s help is indispensable

She follows him to the red district and forces him to make a contract with her, making him unable to refuse her orders. Together they will face countless enemies, and their intertwined past will start to get tangled together once again.

1. Noragami


Gods need to be worshiped to keep on existing. A minor deity and self-proclaimed “Delivery God”, going by the name Yato is seeking to increase his number of worshipers to become rich.

He teams up with Hiyori, a human girl who now has a loose soul because of him and the soul of a deceased boy, Yukine, who turns into a katana that exorcises evil spirits.

Having the task to fix his partner, try to comprehend the fits of his weapon, and become a reliable and popular God isn’t going to be an easy feat for the goofy God, who doesn’t even know why he hasn’t disappeared yet.



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Gods are not perfect, not all of them are overpowered or wise. But it’s god damn fun to see them trying to adapt to human life and screw up magnificently from time to time. This was our 15+ BEST Anime Where the MC is a literal God! 

If you have your own ranking or want suggest something, comment down below! Your thoughts matter!

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