25+ Anime Like Tower of God (HQ IMAGES)

Anime like Tower of God


The Tower of God anime made honor to the Manhwa it was based on. Pleasing all the fans of the series and hooking newcomers to the amazing plot, Tower of God is growing in popularity every day. The first season has now ended and the second one is on its way. In the meantime, I propose to you similar animes that will help you make the wait more bearable.

Please ENJOY!


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Table of Contents

26. The Ones Within

Iride Akatsuki plays an online game called “Nakanohito Genome” while advancing in the story and unlocking levels after levels he ends up discovering some sort of special content that turns this virtual reality into real-life events.

 Right after, he is kidnapped along with other players and transported to an unknown location. Upon getting to know each other, the kidnapped ones realize that, like members of a raid, each of them has unique skills that complement each other during battle.

A llama-headed ‘teacher’ makes his apparition to explain the reason for their kidnapping.

They were in fact chosen to clear the game. Their success on their quest will determine if they can go back to their normal lives or stay in the game forever.

 Having no choice but to trust people that were put in your group and rely on them is what Ban had to do when he teamed up with Khun and Rak.

 In the end, there is nothing that can be really compared to Tower of God. This anime is way too unique, complex, and elaborate. It is a very new concept, even for us anime geeks. But I hope that that list will be satisfying enough since most of them are different kind of MasterPieces.

25. Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage

A long time ago a prophecy was made. The prophecy says that a comet will collide with the earth absorbing all spiritual energy in its wake. And this will be the beginning of the age of Chaos. Fortunately, the prophecy didn’t happen, instead, a boy was born in the village of Sokei. That boy’s name was Ouriku.

 Twelve peaceful years passed, and now the Reikenzan clan is searching for disciples that they will train to become sages. When Ouriku heard that an examination will be held for that purpose, he presented himself at the examination site. And this is where his journey to become a legendary sage begins.

 This anime is like a light, comic version of Tower of God.


24. The Future Diary

`           Yukiteru Amano is a shutout in school as well as in his everyday life. He spends most of his time writing on his phone diary and chit chatting with his two imaginary friends. One of them is the God of time and space, Deus Ex Machina, the other is Murmur, the loyal servant of that God.

 Amano himself thought that they were the product of his imagination until the God gives him a “Random Diary“. That diary gives him a detailed description of what will happen in the future. Because of that diary, he is forced to enter a battle royal with the 11 other holders of diaries.

 Each diary shows something different, they do not have the same power. The goal of that battle royal is to choose the next God of time and space. But Amano is a coward and wants nothing to do with this battle.

 Left with no choice but to participate, he is forced to team up with Yuno Gasai, another diary holder. But Yuno is a stalker and a psychopath and she has a crush on Amano. Her diary holds the power of revealing the future of Amano and no one else. She has great combat skills and an insatiable bloodlust that she uses to protect her loved ones.  But is she going through all this trouble in the name of love or does she have an ulterior motive?

 Yuno and Amano’s relationship is very much like Rachel and Ban’s. Two powerful women manipulating and using the one they hold dear to their own benefit.

The Future Diary

23. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kyuubey is a cat, but not a normal one, it is also a Magical Familiar. The familiar of the transfer student Akemi. Kyuubey offers to two girls in Akemi’s school, Madoka and Sayaka, to grant them one wish if they agree to become magical girls.

 Not only a wish will be granted but they will acquire enough power to stand above all human beings. An offer way too good to be true. And their suspicion only grows when Akemi, a magical girl, urges them to refuse his offer.

 Having your wish come true and realizing all your dreams come with an immense price that not all can handle to pay.

 In that anime also, it is the concept of a wish that will be granted after a trial that makes it related to Tower of God.

Magical Girl Madoka Magica

22. Danganronpa

Hope’s Peak Academy is a school that only accepts the elite of the elite. Makoto Naegi was the last student enrolled this year but he has absolutely no special talent except his overflowing luck. Each student gets a title upon entering the school, a title that reflects their abilities and talents. Naegi has bestowed the title of “Super High School-Level Luck”.

 Every student was excited and honored to be part of the Academy but their happiness does not last. t

 Treason, false friendship, manipulation, as in Tower of God, to reach their goal the characters will use every dirty method they can think of to come out on top.

21. Darwin’s Game

Kaname Sudou is a normal, happy high school student. Living a satisfying life and looking forward to a bright future, everything turns upside down when he gets an invitation from his friend, on his phone, to play a game called “Darwin’s Game”.

 Right after accepting the invitation, a green snake materialized out of his phone and bit him in the neck. He woke up on the floors thinking it was a hallucination or just a bad dream. He didn’t give another thought to the matter and moved on.

 On his way home, his curiosity gets the better of him and he opens the application once more. He gets an invitation to enter a fight with another player and accepts it. Little did he know that his opponent would appear in front of him armed with a knife and would start hunting him down.  Escaping miraculously, he then discovers that the game is no ordinary game, all the fights are real and your life’s ACTUALLY on the line. That’s not all, all the players from the game get a special ability known as “Sigil”. An extremely powerful weapon to help you survive the game. Also, you do not have the option to quit, once you download the application you are in and have no way out.

Kaname had now to find a way to outsmart the game master and destroy the entire platform to save his life.

 Like Tower of God, the main characters are up against a mysterious power and they need to find a way to beat the system that is trapping them.

Darwin’s Game

20. Yuu Yuu Hakusho

This anime is probably the oldest in this ranking. An anime is so well written that it stayed very popular till now.

 It tells the story of Yusuke Uramechi, a teenager that died struck by a car while trying to save a child’s life. He was brought back to life as a spirit detective and this is where the adventure begins.

 The story is a lot more interesting than meets the eye, but if I give you any more details they will be major spoilers. But on deck, we have one major tournament that you will never forget, unexpected character developments, and an unbelievable revelation that will change the whole course of the show.


As Ban (from TOG) did, Yusuke has to team up with people he knows nothing about, people that might turn their back on him or even try to kill him. He has to build a strong relationship with those people, a relationship of trust so they can face the challenges ahead of them.

Yu Yu Hakusho This anime is probably the oldest in this ranking. An anime are so well written that it stayed super popular till now. It tells the story of Yusuke Uramechi, a teenager that died struck by a car while trying to save a child’s life. He was brought back to life as a spirit detective and this is where the adventure begins. The story is a lot more interesting than it might look on paper. But if I give you any more details they will be major spoilers. But on deck, we have one major tournament that you will never forget, unexpected character developments, and an unbelievable revelation that will change the whole course of the show.

19. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

The City of Oratio is famous for its many Dungeons. Adventures from all around the world gather in that city to have the chance to explore and conquer one of them.

 Among those adventures, Bell Cranel, the only member of the Hestia Familia earned the nickname “Little Rookie” due to his ability to gain experience as an adventurer at lightning speed and the fact that he came back alive from the deepest levels of the Dungeon. Bell’s determination and bravery come from the desire to bring honor to the Goddesses he serves.

 Like the Tower, in Tower of God, each Dungeon has many floors and each floor has a specific challenge, the hero has to overcome. It’s a life-threatening situation that helps the Adventurers grow in strength and intelligence.

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls at a dungeon - Having amazing artwork and animation, this anime is very similar to Seven Deadly Sins. We notice both the MCs chasing after girls and showcasing their perverted sides with 0 SHAME. The plot of both the anime is also quite similar with MCs possessing exceptional powers and abilities.   The story follows the life of a young and naive boy, Bell Carnel who aspires to become the greatest and the strongest adventurer. He soon encounters a goddess named Hestia and with her support, he finds himself very close to his goals. Though, his journey is not as easy as it seems. He has to break his way through dungeons filled with blood-thirsty monsters and mysterious creatures in order to prove the honor of his familiar!

18. My hero Academia

In this world, three kinds of people exist, heroes, villains, and common people. At the age of four most humans get a “Quirk”, a special ability. The Elites get to enroll in the UA High, an academy created to train their students to become full-fledged heroes.

Midoriya’s dream is to become a hero just like his idol, the number one hero “All Might“. His dreams shattered when doctors found an abnormality in his body making him Quirkless. Bullied for his weakness, Midoriya still had the mentality, altruism, and bravery of a hero. Qualities that All Might himself found in him when he witnessed Midoriya sacrificing himself to save his friend.

 All Might saves him from the dire situation and bestows upon him his own quirk, the most powerful quirk, the “One for All”. With this power, as he is trying to figure out how to use it, he is accepted into UA High. New possibilities start building in front of the newly born hero.

 Both Midoriya and Ban have the same personality, their weakness was just another obstacle that they will have to overcome.

18. Boku No Hero Academia Movie 3 (World Heroes’ Mission) Boku No Hero Academia started off strong and is not slowing down. Their third movie is in the making. There’s a piece of news that took us by surprise and that instantly put smiles on all the fan's faces since the author previously announced that the second movie would be the last. The first trailer is already available on Youtube and will literally give you goosebumps as you watch it. Release date: August 6, 2021

17. Noblesse

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Noblesse is probably the most popular Manhwa in South Korea currently. It involves vampires and we all love vampires because they’re… ahem… Hot! We’re torn between a lot of characters because they’re just too charming for our weak souls. Overall, Noblesse is definitely a must-read if you’re looking for some vampire-filled action! The story involves a vampire, Rai, who wakes up after an 820-years old long slumber just to find out the world has changed from the one he lived in. He wants to learn about this new World and ends up joining a high school with his loyal servant, Frankenstein, supervising it. He made a bunch of friends there who started being the target of a mysterious “Union”. Now, Rai must protect his friends from the attackers at all costs!

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16. Attack On Titan

Mankind is on the brink of extinction, monsters called Titans appeared out of nowhere and started eating everything in their sight, including humans

 To survive the remaining population built a wall and they have been living inside those walls ever since. Their safe and peaceful life lasted for about a hundred years until a Titan that was named the Colossal Titan destroyed the first barrier protecting humanity. Titans, end up devouring nearly every living being living in the first barrier. One of the victims was Eren’s (MC’s) mother, she was killed right in front of his eyes.

 Since that fateful day, Eren swore on his mother’s grave that he will eradicate every single Titan from the face of the earth. To do so, helped by his best friends Mikasa and Armin, they enlist in the Survey Corps. A troop of warriors trained to kill Titans, the only people allowed to leave the borders. A war between Titans and Humans began. Who will turn out victorious in the end is still a mystery.

 The similarity with Tower of God is the location where the story takes place. They are unfolding between a set of walls and the entire anime is a huge mystery. The appearance of the Titans, the existence of the Tower, strange powers that the main characters discover within them.

Attack on titan

15. Deadman Wonderland

The school of Ganta Igarashi organized a field trip for the students to a prison restructured as an amusement park called “Deadman Wonderland”.

 Instead of imposed labor, the convicts perform acts for the visitors just like a circus. The trip didn’t go as expected since the entire class was murdered in cold blood by a man in red and Ganta, the sole survivor, was framed for it. He was incarcerated in “Deadman Wonderland” to wait for his execution.

 When you think things can’t get any worse, that is when life throws you a brick. Ganta is sharing a cell with an inmate who has strange abilities. If the fear he held for that person wasn’t enough, the prison also made him wear a collar that will explode if he does not participate in death games organized by the prison.

 He also discovers that his roommate isn’t the only one with power, all the participants have special skills and him as well. Ganta, with no other option, struggles to stay alive in isell while trying to find the man that massacred his classmates to clear his name.

 The strange setting of Tower of God and Deadman Wonderland are what they have in common. Also, the main characters try to solve the mysteries in those strange places by way of acquiring power.

Deadman Wonderland This show is crazy, to say the least, the scenes in this anime are really disturbing. The slaughter in this show is so gory and unpleasant to watch that horror fans love this show with all their heart. A normal high school student gets prison time for murdering his classmates when in reality he didn’t do it. So he’s sent off to a facility where borderline crazy freaks who only have murder on their mind. This anime isn’t for the faint-hearted.

14. Alice in Borderlands

Ryouhei Arisu often hits the bars to try and escape the harsh reality that is life. After a night out with his best friends, as they were waiting for the train to arrive, rays of light started flashing before their eyes like fireworks and rendered them unconscious.

They wake up in the bar they just left covered in sand. When they go outside, they find that their city has turned into a wasteland. When most people would normally panic, Arisu felt relieved to be finally freed from the lifeless, boring city he was stuck in.

 They started wandering around and entered a festival where people were dancing, singing, eating, and having fun. But the second they entered the venue, marked the beginning of the first of the deadly games they will have to participate in. They soon learn that this place is called “Borderland”. The rules of this mysterious country are simple, play or die.

  Like Tower of God, the challenges are represented in the form of games that the heroes have to participate in, if they want to live or reach ‘THE destination.’

Alice in Borderlands

13. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Edward and Alphonse Elric’s father was an alchemist, like their father they had a strong affiliation to the field since their young age and they grew up absorbing all the knowledge they could put their hands on and polishing their skills.

The world of alchemy is ruled by the equivalent exchange. It’s a principle, a concept saying that you cannot create from nothing, in order to make anything you must give something of equal value.

 When the father of the two brothers left them, their mother who they adored became ill and died soon after. Filled with grief and sorrow, the brothers tried to resurrect her using alchemy. The experiment turned terribly wrong and Edward lost a leg and an arm in the process while his brother lost his entire body. Edward managed, after seeing something called the “Truth” during the experiment, to bring back this brother’s soul and put it in an armor metal Body

 The two brothers then set on a journey to find the Philosopher’s stone. A legendary stone that helps alchemists ignore the equivalent exchange in order to retrieve what they have lost. To facilitate their search Edward became a state alchemist working for the government and was given the title of “Fullmetal Alchemist” in reference to his metal arm and leg.

 The dedication that the main character gives to their goal is an inspiring thing that makes Fullmetal Alchemist a series worth comparing to Tower of God.

Fullmetal Alchemist

12. Akame Ga Kill!

In this storyline, the world is governed by a greedy Prime Minister called Honest. He uses his power and influence and manipulates the young and naïve King into following each and every “consult” he gives. The King is known throughout the land to be his puppet.

  As consequence, the Revolutionary Army rose with the only goal of overthrowing him. One of the branches of the army, specializes in assassinations and was given the name “Night Raid”. All of their members are expert murderers wielding weapons called “Imperial Arms”. They are legendary weapons that attribute to their bearer’s special skills and there are only 48 of them.

Tatsumi, a boy that left his village with two of his friends, became the newest member of the Night Raid after he witnessed the depravity and cruelty of the nobility who follows the Prime Minister.

 The story follows the challenges he has to overcome,  to acquire the necessary strength to use one of the Imperial Arms and stop being a burden to the other members.

 This anime is also very different from Tower of God but is a straight-to-the-point series with no fillers and extreme fights.

Akame ga Kill

11. One Piece

I believe that none of you needs an introduction to this iconic anime. Famous to be endless, One Piece is a must-see masterpiece. Living up to the hype till now, the series never seems to disappoint by coming up with arcs that become better and better as the story unfolds.

  If the length of this anime is what is stopping you from starting it, please think again and don’t waste any more time. You will be hooked from the get-go and start asking for more in a matter of seconds!

  The story itself is nothing like Tower of God, but both main characters share the same mentality. A strong desire to get what they want, the will to never give up, and their unwavering loyalty towards their friends.

10. World Trigger

One day, a strange gate made its appearance on earth. That gate linked our world to another dimension and a race of monsters called “Neighbors” started invading. What’s worse is that they are immune to traditional weapons.

 To defend themselves, the humans created the Border Defense Agency that developed weapons called “Triggers” capable of hurting their enemies. This war between both species has been going on for many years now.

The defense agency has to constantly find new blood to join them so they do not fall behind in terms of power. They train new members to handle Triggers but one rule has to be met. The apprentices do not have the right to use their trigger outside of headquarters unless given permission.


That rule was never broken until a new student, Osamu, bullied by his classmates entered a forbidden area. There, they were attacked by neighbors. Osamu activated his trigger. His action, apparently turns out to be unnecessary when Yuuma, a transfer student, saved their lives in a matter of seconds. The secret behind Yuuma’s strength is the fact that he is a Neighbor, disguising himself as a student.

 The question we now ask ourselves: did he betray his kind to help humanity or is he setting up a trap?

 The biggest similarities with Tower of God are the graphics and art styles, the action scenes, and character developments.

World Trigger

9. Fate/Zero

In tha]is world exists a Holy Grail with the power to grant ANY wish. The existence of that omnipotent power triggered three great wars that were left with no clear victor.

 A fourth war was on the verge of starting and the Einzbern family were confident that this time they would come out on top since they acquired a vessel of the Holy Grail. That vessel is called Magus Killer, despised throughout the world and also known as Kiritsugu Emiya. Now starts a battle royal between the six seekers of the Grail. All of them possess great power by owning ancient familiar that act as weapons during battle.

 Emiya’s familiar is Saber and together they take on the challenge of winning the impossible contest.

If you manage to reach the last floor of the Tower in Tower of God you will be granted a wish. Just like Fate/Zero, you can wish for absolutely anything even if it’s the destruction of the entire world.

Fate/Stay Night is the last part of the Fate Series and instead of getting an anime adaptation, it was made into a trilogy by its creators. The three movies have stunning visuals and a great story. If you've gone through the visual novel, you'd know how amazing it is. The three parts of the movies exceed each other in many ways!

8. Made In Abyss

The Abyss: A gigantic crater that stretches to the heart of the earth. In its domain resides majestic, unfamiliar creatures and lost relics from our past. A strange place covered in mystery. No one knows how it came to be, how it was created, why it was created, and what lies at the very bottom of that endless pit.

 Letting their curiosity get the best of them, many brave but foolish people ventured in its dent, those people are now called Divers.

The White Whistlers are Divers, the ones that went where no one went before, they explored the deepest, darkest places of the abyss and are treated like legends.

 Riko’s mother was one of them and as she dived into the Abyss, she one day never came back.

Because Divers are the only ones allowed to enter the Abyss, Riko’s goal is to become one so she can go search for her lost mother.


On the first floor of the Abyss, Riko meets a robot who could be mistaken for a real boy and named him Reg. Reg has no memory whatsoever of his past or anything that happened before Riko found him. The only certain thing is that Reg was created using technology that can only be found in the deepest levels of the Abyss. Taking this new purpose as an excuse. Riko and Reg started heading towards the bottom of the Abyss to find clues about Regs existence. But what looks like a beautiful place hides terrible secrets, secrets that can shatter one’s mind.

 Instead of traveling upwards to reach their goal, the heroes of the story, as opposed to Tower of God are heading downward but the voyage is still the same.

another misleading anime, Made in Abyss will make you feel like you're about to get into a cutesy world of fantasy with adorable little girls. It's not the case with anime. It's the exact opposite to it! Though, it will be impossible for you to guess what you're getting into. It serves the themes of gore, death, violence, blood, sadistic villains, and much more. It's definitely not your average cute chibi anime! The story revolves around an orphan girl named Riko who is determined to find her mother in a giant hole called "The Abyss" near her orphanage. The Abyss is filled with mysterious creatures that are so disturbing that you might not forget about them for a while!

7. The Promised Neverland

Grace Field House is an orphanage where all the kids live happily waiting for the day of their adoption. The orphans never saw the outside world and don’t know anything about what’s beyond the forest and the walls surrounding it. The family of kids is being looked after by Isabella who they call “Mama”.

 Except for the daily tests they have to take, the orphans have the freedom to spend their time however they like, most of the time it’s playing tag outside. One rule they have to follow though, no matter what is to, never to approach the gate at the end of the forest. As time passed by and multiple children got adopted, none one of them ever wrote or replied to the letters that were sent.

 The kids didn’t give another thought to the matter until two of the oldest siblings witnessed the adoption of one of the members of their family, destroying everything they ever believed in and the only thought left in their minds is how to escape this hell disguised as a paradise.

 Just like the desire of Ban (from Tower of GOD) to get out of the darkness and start his life in the real world with the one he loves. The goal of the children is desperately fighting against all odds to save themselves.

The Promised Neverland This anime might look wholesome and nice on the surface, but it gets real dark real fast. The show introduces us to an orphanage where kids live with their mother Isabella, they’re having a great life, but all of this changes when they discover the grim fate that is awaiting them. The main trio tries to get out of this messy situation, but fails many times, the anime follows the struggles of these younglings as they battle to save their lives! Though the anime has started deviating from its original material, season 1 still is one of the best.

6. Angels of Death

Rachel Garner woke up one day in what looks like a basement, a place completely foreign to her. While she was wandering around, a man covered in bandages and carrying a scythe shows up in front of her. He is, in a way, the guardian of this floor and immediately attacks her. As he gazed into her eyes, lifeless eyes that desired death he lost all interest in killing her.  But death is Rachel’s wish. So she proposed a bargain with the killer, who introduced himself as Zack. She will help him escape this place where he is also a prisoner in exchange he will take her life.

 The building is composed of many floors which they have to clear in order to leave. Each floor is protected by twisted guardians who, like Zack, have a penchant for murder.

 The similarity with Tower of God is represented by the challenges they have to overcome at each step, using Rachel’s wits and Zack’s brute strength.

5. The Tower of Druaga

In the Country of Uruk, a strange tower filled with demons stands tall. Impossible to defeat under normal circumstances, humans wait some years for the “Summer of Anu” to start.

 During this time, the Sky God Anu grants his protection to the children of the earth by stripping away the demon’s power. When the third Summer finally came, the people of Uruk waited for their chance and started invading the tower to reach the last floor where Druaga, the master of the tower resides, while exterminating every enemy in their path. But the Uruk’s army isn’t the only entity trying to clear the tower. A city called Meskia is living on the first floor and is waiting for the perfect time to attack as well.

 The people of Meskia are a diversity of common folks, soldiers, and adventurers from all around the world. Their common goal is to get their hands on the legendary treasure called the “Blue Crystal Rod”. A chaotic competition starts between the different conquerors of the tower. Each of them has their own agenda and everyone is getting in the way of the other.

 The Tower of Druaga can be considered a cousin series of Tower of God. The concepts are very similar. The climbing of a Tower, the treasure waiting on the last floor, the trial they face on each floor.

The Tower of Druaga

4. Sword Art Online

MMORPG’s are role-playing video games, and with the huge progress made by the gaming industry another level of gaming experience was create. It was the birth of the “NerveGear” technology that lunched a game called Sword Art Online. What makes that game special is that it transports your mind into a virtual world so you can play in the body of your avatar.

Kirito and ten-thousand other players in total are now in the world of “Aincard”. After a few hours in the game, the player realized that they do not have the option to log out, that’s when they were all got teleported to the plaza by the game master. The hard truth comes out, they are trapped! The only way to wake up and leave Aincard is to beat the game and clear all the levels. A pretty simple task except for the fact that if you died in the game, you will die in real life as well, the same is true if someone on the outside removes your NerveGear while you are still in the game.

Kirito is one of the most talented player, the other participant started referring to him as the “Black Swordsman”. His only problem is that, due to an incident, he refuses to team up with anyone and he has been leveling up and clearing floors on his own. But there are limits to solo player, and as he cleared floors after that floors, the bosses became stronger and stronger, to the point that he could not beat them without a party. He is now forced to cooperate with others. With the help of Asuna Yuuki, the second in command of the strongest guild they fight bravely to go back to the real world.

Clearing floors with the help of your comrades, like Tower of God, Sword Art Online is following the same concept. Each stage becomes harder as the heroes climb their respective Towers.

Sword Art Online

3. The God of High School

“The God of High School” is a Martial Arts tournament held in Seoul. People all around Korea participate to earn the title of the number 1 martial artist. But that’s not all, the winner is granted any ONE wish of their desire.

  Jin Mori is one of the participants of this year’s tournament. But it turns out that the competition is a façade for something much greater.

  The final wish aspect is what makes this anime so similar to Tower of God.

God of The High School sets the bar high for shounen manhwas because of its amazing artwork and a great storyline. The characters are also very likable and will make you fall in love with them instantly. We also get to notice phenomenal character development in this one. The artwork is very fluid as you’d be experiencing great fight scenes! The story involves Jin Mo Ri who had been practicing taekwondo under his grandfather and aspires to take part in the competition called “God of High School”. The winner of the competition will have his or her deepest desires fulfilled. He meets Han Dae Wi and Yoo Mi Ra along the way and befriends them. The tournament is not as simple as it seems. Will Jin Mo Ri be able to face all the hardships that are yet to come for him?

2. Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic

One day, strange labyrinths started appearing all around the world. Those labyrinths were called Dungeons. If you dare to risk your life and challenge the tests the dungeons put you through you can acquire great treasures as well as the power of Kings. A power bestowed upon chosen ones by the Djinns guarding their respective Dungeons.

  Aladdin like many before him, dreamed of traveling around the world. He leaves home with Ugo, a Djinn he can summon by playing his flute. On the road, he meets Alibaba and gets into trouble with some merchants. To pay for the damage they caused Alibaba suggests that they conquer a dungeon to get the treasure. Aladdin, eager to explore new territories, even the most dangerous ones, embarks on his first quest. Upon successfully conquering the Dungeon, Aladdin was chosen as the master of this Dungeons Djinn. An epic adventure starts to unfold, an adventure that will determine the fate of the entire world.

  This anime, like Tower of God, follows the development of two main characters that are risking their lives to have their wish come true. The conquest for Dungeons is similar to the trials Ban and his friend are facing.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

1. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is a classic. The story follows Gon, a 12 years old “gaki” that’s searching for his father and the only clue he has is the fact that he was a Hunter.

 Deciding to follow in his footsteps, he starts by taking the Hunter exam and ends up meeting a lot of different people wielding different abilities. To be able to pass the exam, physical strength, intelligence, integrity, refined techniques, and a strong mentality are needed.

 The story doesn’t even end here, the next step is to learn how to use an ability called “NEN“. A special power and heightened physical abilities. A necessary technique that will prove your worth as a Hunter.

 We will follow the adventures of Gon and his friend Killua as they learn how to use this strange power and how to master it. It’s an extraordinary anime that will teach you different morals as the characters develop.

 The system used to evaluated candidates in HxH is technically like ‘Tower of God.’ By putting the participant’s life on the line and challenging them to overcome their limits.

Hunter x Hunter Hunter X Hunter is also a classic. The story focuses on Gon, a 12 years old “gaki” that’s searching for his father. And the only clue he has is the fact that he was a Hunter. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, he starts by taking the Hunter exam and ends up meets a lot of different people wielding different abilities. To be able to pass the exam, physical ability, intelligence, integrity, refined techniques, and a strong mental are needed. The story doesn’t even end here, the next step is to learn how to use an ability called “NEN”. A special powers and heighten physical abilities. A necessary technique that will prove your worth as a Hunter. We will follow the adventures of Gon and his friend Killua as they learn how to use this strange power and how to master it. It’s an extraordinary anime that you will try to teach you different morals at each stage of every character development.
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Tower of God Quotes. Rachel Quotes. “Never betray anyone. No matter what happens, especially not girls. Because betraying a girl is the same as making an enemy of the entire world.”
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