Kazushi Yamagishi

Kazushi Yamagishi is a middle-schooler, he’s a friend of Takemichi. He appeared in the first chapter of the manga when Takemichi figured out his ability to time travel. Kazushi Yamagishi belongs to the squad of Takemichi and some of his other friends like Atsushi, Makoto Suzuki, and Takuya Yamamoto. Let’s find out a bit more about Kazushi Yamagishi.

Kazushi Yamagishi

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Kazushi’s hair is mid-length and of chestnut color. He ties his bangs back and leaves some of his hair down. He has grapeshaded eyes and wears orange square-shaped spectacles. Kazushi wears the standard school uniform of Shibuya Middle School. 

Kazushi Yamagishi
Character Info


Nickname: Gang-Dex
Birth: February 9, 1992
Blood Type: A
Height: 158 cm 
Weight: 52 kg
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Grape
More Information
Gender: Male

Rudeus Greyrat (Husband)
Lucy Greyrat (Daughter)
Sieghardt Saladin Greyrat (Son)
Lily Greyrat (Stepdaughter)
Lara Greyrat (Stepdaughter)
Christina Greyrat (Stepdaughter)
Ars Greyrat (Stepson)

Elinalise Dragonroad (Grandmother)
Rawls (Father)
Unnamed Mother

Affiliated with: Tokyo Manji Gang
Appearances in ANIME/Manga
Manga: Chapter 1
Anime: Episode 1

Voice Actors

Japanese: Shota Hayama



Takemichi describes Kazushi as a “dumbass” as he believes that wearing glasses would actually make him smart. However, he’s not as dumb as he looks as he can easily learn the topics that are of his interest. He’s helpful and helps his friends whenever they’re in trouble. Kazushi is an extroverted person who gets excited by meeting new people but at the same time, he’s just as much scared too. Although he stands tall beside his friends and makes sure to take their sides whenever needed. 

Strengths and Skills

Kazushi Yamagishi

Information about Gangs

Even though he’s weak and isn’t much smart yet he has so much information about gangs. Atsushi or Akkun calls him Gang-dex as he holds so much spicy information about different gangs. 


  • Kazu means “one” and Shi means “boss“. 
  • Kazushi’s surname Yamagishi means “mountain
  • His nickname is Gang-Dex
  • He doesn’t like fighting 
  • He wears glasses to “look smart” 
  • One of his special abilities includes “glib talker” 
  • The only person he respects is Takemichi Hanagaki
  • He dreams of controlling the delinquents from behind the scenes
  • His favorite place to chill is Takemichi’s House 


Kazushi Yamagishi

Toman Arc

Kazushi, along with his friends, leaves the train and decides to eat hamburgers. While they’re sitting at the restaurant Atsushi says that he’s surprised because Takemichi’s cousin is the leader of Shibuya Third Middle School. Kazushi says that if the third year comes, Masaru’s name will drop. All of Takemichi’s friends want to avoid the Third year students as they seem very intimidating and it would be better to not mess with them. Takemichi is in a dilemma since he doesn’t know what’s going on as he leaps through time. So, his friends remind him that they gotta fight the second-year students and hype themselves a bit more. 

When they reach school they’re unable to find the second-year students. Takuya wonders if they are avoiding them then Kazushi guesses that they probably ran away after knowing about this plan. After some time, third-year students under Masataka Kiyomizu appear. He finds out that the second-year students are on a trip. Kazushi drops Masaru’s name and the third-year students laugh since he’s their errand boy. Masataka’s gang continues to beat Takuya and his friends into a pulp. After the fight, they all go home, however, Takemichi leaves to see Hinata. 

Takemichi Hanagaki

The very next day Takemichi is defeated in the fight with Masataka Kiyomizu. (Chapter 2) Takuya approaches him and gets curious as to how he lost. Takemichi keeps on apologizing while the rest of the gang meets in the bathroom. Atsushi reveals that there will be another fight and Takuya will participate. Everyone gets surprised as Takuya is fragile but he can’t just deny Mastaka’s orders. Takuya is determined to win and tells Takemichi to treat him and then leaves for the fight. 

Takemichi tries his best to stop the fight by challenging Masataka (Chapter 3). Kazushi and the rest get super surprised by his audacity to challenge him. Eventually, Manjiro Sano and Draken show up and beat him to a pulp (Chapter 3). Manjiro Sano or Mikey starts liking Takemichi for his guts and both of them become good friends. 


Mikey and Draken

Moebius Arc

After Toman’s conflict with Moebius, Takemichi spends some time in the hospital; however, Kazushi and his other friends visit him at home. Takemichi’s friends get surprised to see Manjiro and Ken visiting Takemichi. Manjiro and Ken end up fighting as well. On the 3rd of August during the festival, Kazushi calls Takemichi and informs him about the conflict between Mastaka’s Gang and Ken. Basically, Takemichi was supposed to avoid any conflicts between them to save Ken.

Atsushi gets a call from Hinata who informs him about the conflicts between Ken and Masataka’s Gang. Atsushi gathers everyone (Takemichi’s friends) and heads to the festival. Ken gets hurt on the head after a member from the Masataka gang hits him with a rod. However, Masataka’s Gang was all beaten up too but due to Takemichi’s challenging spirit, they didn’t back down and stood there until the ambulance came. (Chapter 21)


Tokyo Manji Gang

Tokyo Manji Gang


Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi Hanagaki and Kazushi have been friends for a long time. Both of them are very kind to everyone and help each other during rough and tough times. Their friendship is super legit and cute. 

Voice Actor

Japanese – Daisuke Ono

English – Coming Soon

Final Verdict

Although Kazushi Yamagishi is one of the major supporting characters in the anime yet we can tell a lot about him through his presence. He’s a good friend to many and is wanna-be smart guy. 


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