Top 10 BEST Waifus Of Summer 2020

Top 10 Waifus Summer 2020, anime quotes

With summer slowly coming to a close for most of the world and despite how different this summer was for most people it still brought us some amazing animes. While some people are going to miss the nice weather and heat that we had, at least we have some new anime to look forward to coming in the fall months.

And with new anime always comes the anime fandom’s favorite thing, new waifus. While fans are excited to see the new ones we are going to get, let’s take time and look back on the best anime waifus of summer 2020.

10. Yoo Mira - God Of Highschool

Yoo Mira God Of Highschool, Summer Waifus 2020

Yoo Mira is a fairly late entry to the list of summer 2020 waifus, being from a brand new series that released in the last month of summer. Despite coming in late, she she’s so good she still joins the top 10 of the summer. Mira is a girl who can hold her own in a fight, with or without her sword. She’s not only strong but she can improvise well too. 

She’s a great fighter with or without her sword, having techniques to use both with and without them. She also has her own rapid fanbase of muscular Judo players. This means she has people calling her their waifu in her own universe. 

9. Nico Robin - One Piece

Nico Robin, Waifus summer

Nico Robin has been a top waifu for a lot of fans for a while. Being a part of the longest running anime and manga series is bound to make you people’s favorite waifu. 

Robin isn’t just an attractive (slightly) older woman, she’s smart too. Robin acts as the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is also the only person in the world that can read and decipher Poneglyphs, which is illegal. Being the brains to a team that desperately needs it definitely makes her a top summer waifu. 

8. Maki Oze - Fire Force

Mika Oze, Waifu, Fire Force

Maki Oze is a young, second generation fire soldier (fire fighter) in Fire Force. Only being at the age of 19 and being a fire fighter, let alone a top one, is amazing. In order to be taken more seriously by her crew despite her young age, Maki has to act calm.

Despite her cool, attractive and calm exterior, she is a true hopeless romantic at heart. Maki also does her best to act courteous to new people that she meets and to her teammates. Being strong and athletics she is a great contribution on her team and a very respectful choice for a top waifu this summer. 

7. Rindo Kobayashi - Food Wars!

Food Wars Rindo, Waifu

What is a list of waifu’s that doesn’t feature at least one catgirl. While she isn’t a true catgirl like some other waifus, this next entry at least has some cat-like features. Rindo Kobayashi might not be a literal cat girl but she at least has the fangs and the eyes of one. 

Rindo also has some cat like characteristics when it comes to her personality.  Despite being a cheerful person she likes to hang in the background when things happen. She also really enjoys teasing other people, especially Terunori Kuga.

Also who would like to have a care-free waifu like her. Instead of participating in the tournament, she chooses to go around getting samples, despite her decent chance of winning the thing. Doesn’t that sound like more fun than waiting around for her to finish cooking. Also she can cook for you, instant top tier waifu. 

6. Sakurazawa Sumi - Rent-A-Girlfriend

Rent-A-Girlfriend Waifus

Rent-A-Girlfriend is probably one of the biggest fantasies for most anime fans. The ability to literally rent a girlfriend for most sounds awesome, especially at a time like this. That fantasy plus the actually solid story and characters, it’s no wonder why the series took off. 

Sumi is one of the various girls working of the rent a girlfriend service, Diamond. She is a shy college student. Her introverted nature made the job really hard for her in the beginning. She gradually got better at expressing herself after spending time with Kazuya.

5. Yukinoshita Yukino - My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Yukinoshita Yukino maid,

Yukinoshita is basically the epitome of the prep girl in every high school anime. She is an intelligent student in school and serves as the president of Sobu High’s service club. To be fair it was pretty easy to become the president when she was the only member of it. This was before Hachiman joined.

Despite being a fairly quite and even person, she still remains popular. Due to her looks and skills alone, Hachiman, a character who fails to recognize people in his own class, instantly knew who she was when he saw her.

Now that sounds like the kind of presence anyone would want in their life. 

4. Chizuru Ichinose - Rent-A-Girlfriend

Chizuru Ichinose Rent-A-Girlfriend, Anime Waifu

Chizuru is another character from Rent-A-Girlfriend who works for the Diamond app, aka the titular Rent-A-Girlfriend service. Chizuru acts as a mentor figure to Sakurazawa who we mentioned. On the surface Chizuru comes off as kind and considerate but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to her. 

Chizuru is actually a very cunning, brash and calculating person who produces that personality to receive high ratings. Despite hiding a somewhat colder persona, she still has kindness in her true personality. she apparently used to be a clingy crybaby. It is unclear if this aspect of her personality is completely gone or if it is another personaility that she is hiding. 

3. Erina Nakiri - Food Wars!

erina nakiri Food Wars

If you’re into rich girls then this is probably your top summer 2020 waifu, heck she might even be your top waifu of the year. Erina is one of the main characters of Food Wars and is one of Soma’s biggest rivals. She comes from the legendary Nakiri family, is a top prospect of the 92nd Totsuki Generation and is a former 10th seat of the Elite Ten Council.

Ernia had a very rough upbringing as a result of the abusive training at the hands of her father. This made her closed off from others until she joined the Polar Star Dormitory. Joining the new dormitory changed her perspective on food and she was eventually able to make friends. Once again who doesn’t love a girl who can cook and one who is high class to boot!

2. Emilia - Re: Zero

Emilia Re:Zero

Taking the silver place medal for top waifu of summer 2020 goes to the original Re:ZERO best girl, Emilia. Emilia is a half-elf and is a candidate to become the 42nd King of Lugnica. Despite being a good natured person who gets enjoyment out of helping others, she will never admit it. She prefers to pretend that she somehow does these actions out of her own selfishness. 

She also receives an unfair amount of discrimination due to her resemblance to the witch of envy. She also is unfamiliar with most of the world as she was raised in the forest with Elves but still is trying her best to beocme a good king. 

So you have a shy sweet half-elf girl who wants to do right by people, even if she wont admit it, what could possible top that?


1. Rem - Re:Zero

Rem: Re:Zero, Best Waifu summer 2020

It seems that the only character that can top Emilia from Re:ZERO is another character from Re:ZERO. Taking first place on our lest of best summer 2020 waifus is Rem. Rem is a  girl who anime fans around the world love both ironically and unironically, regardless of whether they have watched the show or not. 

Rem is a character the personifies the “always a bridesmaid, never the bride” saying. She will stick by series protagonist Subaru, even if he rejects her. While Subaru may not fully appreciate Rem, the boarder anime fanbase does. Rem has become so popular with the fanbase that even people who have not watched a single episode of Re:ZERO have her as their waifu due to all the hype and memes about her. If that doesn’t scream top waifu of the summer then we don’t know what does.

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