70+ Cursed Anime Images You Wish You Never Saw! (so FUNNY!)

Cursed Anime Smiles

Animes seem all normal and intriguing. Have you seen what happens when the anime characters get intermixed with some worldly things? Today, you will finally get the answer to this question!

You will feel like it’s Halloween since we are going to discover some cursed anime images. Most of these are probably going to be funny, some will be disturbing and some will make you cringe instantly! But that’s the point, we’re gonna have some fun! So let’s jump right into it. 

Here’s a list of 70+ Cursed Anime Images that You’ll Wish You Never Saw! 

Table of Contents

71. Tsumugi from K-On!

71. Tsumagi

Oh boy! No wonder Anime girls do not have realistic eyes. She scared the hell out of me. Also, is that our naive Tsumugi high on the stuff. I only remember her eating strawberry cake though… Look at that murderous smile though, I hope you all will sleep well after watching this cursed image.

70. Hinata from Haikyu

70. Hinata

Is this Hinata the crackhead from Haikyu? Are you kidding me! I get that he gives very orange vibes but this is unfair!! You guys made him into a round orange. To be honest this one still looks normal as compared to other cursed anime images!!

69. Giorno and Bucciarati from JJBA

I know you all are probably Giorno never smiled, especially not when Bucciarati is licking his face! Though, is there a way I can unsee this? I feel uncomfortable, save me! Though, I lowkey wish I was Giorno

68. Kirby from Pokemon

68. Kirby

Not sure if it’s Kirby or KirBUFF! OH MY GOD! I did not know Pokemons could be muscular. That’s not a good idea, I prefer their cute and fluffy side. This! is a nightmare… I have never seen Kirby in this form and I would not like to see it!

67. Sakuta Azusagwa from Bunny Senpai

67. Sakuta

Is this a potato with small eyes? No! But is this Sakuta from Bunny Senpai? I cannot believe it! They ruined his good looking face. I will never forgive whoever edited this. Indeed, this is a cursed anime image.

66. Naruto

66. Naruto

His head is brighter than my future and is harder than any walnut! For some reason, those yellow eyebrows are bothering me since he has no hair! But, I guess he isn’t looking THAT bad? Tell me your opinion on bald Naruto!

65. Anime Compilation

65. Anime compilation

Okay, everything about this picture feels wrong! What is this group planning on doing? Naofumi looks so done with everyone. I am surprised by what Chika is reading! Zoom into the picture and look for yourselves. Your dreams have been shattered.

64. Umaru chan from Himoutu! Umaru chan

64. Umaru

Umaru’s face x Yanaraika pleasure face. I have never seen anything cursed to this level of extreme evil! Umaru chan is a small, innocent girl but this pleasant face made her look so evil. Give me a break! how can such a face be a pleasure face?

63. Kirishima from My Hero Academia

63. Kirishima

Kirishima meets mean girls in a hero school! A typical girl who’d bully you over materialistic things. Better stay away from Kirishima! He surely has been cursed badly by these clever meme makers out there.

62. Nezuko from Demon Slayer

62. Nezuko

Is this the Nezuko we all know? Oh damn, look! her pretty eyes are no more! Disaster. She is ready to spank you all with those small hands! I’m sorry to tell you that you cannot unsee this cursed image unless you wash your eyes with Bleach, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

61. Chika from Love is War

61. Chika

Love is… surely war! I mean, just look at Chika she seems all ready to kill anyone getting near her love. Such an Unholy picture exists! She would look good saying “Pew Pew” but not with that face. Oh God, no!

60. Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter

60. Hisoka

Your handsome boy meets James Charles! Exclusive makeup and WOOSH! Enthralling beauty. I like my OG (original) Hisoka better. Whoever cursed this image, I can forgive you but can’t forget.

59. Senku from Dr. Stone

59. Senku

What is Senku doing in Minecraft? Do you have any answers to this? I don’t have any answers either! First of all, Senku has been cursed very badly just look at how they ruined his face with that evil smile. Secondly, he builds things, and that’s the point! No wonder he is in Minecraft.

58. Boa Hancock from Fairytail

58. Boa

I’m so sorry for what you all have witnessed at the moment! It is a good thing if you laughed and a bad thing if this image is still lingering in your brain. I am sure Boa would like to die after watching this!.

57. Light Yagami from Death Note

Okay, these kinds of face swaps scare me so much! This is a terrible nightmare and I know Light Yagami is noting down the name of the person who did this swap.

56. Gon and Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter

56 Gon and Hisoka

I mean how worse can things go? Just wait and watch, scroll down, and these swaps will give you nightmares! Now I understand why do they portray an anime character according to their physique but oh boy, Gon needs his features back!

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55. Miya Atsumi from Haikyuu

55.Miya Atsumu

Here Miya meets “The Bee” not gonna lie he seems sweet like honey! This swap is not that bad. I like it! Do you guys consider this image one of the Cursed Anime Images you wish you never saw? Let me know in the comments below!

54. Charmander from Pokemon

54. Charmander

Why even bother cursing Pokemons? Those fluffs mean no harm! Anyway, here Charmander is swapped with Kaito. I would not like my pokemon to look THIS creepy! Those teeth and hair, so unsatisfying.

53. Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui

53. Yumeko

I can see the cringe in your face right now… I am so disappointed. You just destroyed men’s hope and wishes to get Yumeko as their waifu. Too bad, fellas she is gonna give you a nightmare! 

52. Okuyasu from JJBA

52. Okuyasu

Despicable me meets Jojo World! New adventures, oh yes! these minions will be useful. Wait a minute, what just happened here? He isn’t the Okuyasu I know! I can imagine what’s going to happen in JJBA next.

51. Yato and Hiyori from Noregami

Close your eyes! what we’re about to witness is one of the cursed anime images you wish you never saw. I know Yato is kind of charming but what the heck Hiyori? What is she looking at?

50. Naru from Barakamon

What happened to you my adorable Naru? Such an innocent child turned into Kim Jong Eun in no time. Just saying, that she kind of resembles him. I am just as surprised as her sensei right now.

49. Spike from Cowboy Bebop

49. Spike

He did not deserve this okay? I cannot stand my favorite characters getting this weird curse! Can you handle it? Spike can be your handsome guy and this clumsy lad. Do let me know if you can handle Spike getting ruined like this in the comments below!

48. Sailor Venus from Sailor moon

48. Sailor moon

Your day must be going well until you witness this cursed image of your Sailor Venus who just turned into an old hag! Look at her mustache, do you have such a swaggy mustache?

47. Shoto from MHA

47. Shoto

Shoto meets “Mean Girls”. Look at how sassy he looks! But those realistic and plumpy lips… what about them? He did not deserve it, that’s what you all are probably thinking.

46. Rem from Re Zero

Subaru must have seen this side of Rem and rejected her. Poor Rem, it is not your fault. I hate the fact that they ruined this pretty girl’s face and now it seems like she is glitching! 

45. Goku from Dragon Ball Z

45. Goku

Stop! Don’t look at this image unless you want to destroy your wonderful day. I swear to god, Goku used to be my favorite hero of all times but whoever did this to him, you pest, you will pay the price!

43. Gojou from Jujutsu Kaisen

43 Gojou

Get yourself a man who can do both! Gojou senpai what the heck! why did you put on a girl’s uniform? This, too, is a cursed image from Jujutsu Kaisen.

42. Ichigo from Bleach


Ichigo. I feel like puking *Blurgh*. This image makes me uncomfortable. Do you agree?

41. Sakura from Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun

41. Sakura

I am not sure if this is a bull or even SAKURA?! What even is that image trying to portray? I am so creeped out right now and hope this thing won’t appear in my dream.

40. Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs

40. Dazai

Dazai meets Squidward and becomes him? This is so weird! why even would someone in this huge world think of doing something so unholy!

39. Koichi Tenmura from The Blooming Colors

39. Koichi tenmura

This is wrong. Oh god! why is Koichi wearing Meiko’s clothes? I wonder what goes inside of the minds of the people who create these cursed images. This image might be better than the others visually.

38. Natsu and Happy from Fairy Tail

38. Natsu and Happy

This one is very cursed so brace yourselves! They just copied the style of “My Neighbour Totoro” and now. Happy looks huge. Thank you! for ruining my wish of getting a small cat who could fly.

37. Jin Mori from G.O.H

37. Jin Mori

Jin Mori is a Lolli now. Oh great! again they shattered my dreams of being together with a grown-up Jin Mori. Everything feels wrong about this picture.

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36. Ash from Banana fish

36. Banana fish

This image has been cursed, to an inappropriate level. You wish you never saw it, I know. I feel you because same! Who even comes up with such lewd imagination. Phew.

35. My Hero Academy's characters

Special entry of Squidward and Spongebob in My Hero Academy! Who knew these two clumsy people were this powered? Also, this swap suits them for some reason.

34. Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club

34. Monika

Monikachow! Okay, good try but did Monika EAT that car!? And became one? Woah! But at the same time, Whew… I am witnessing weird things today.

33. Hyasaka from Love is War

33. Hyasaka

This image shall keep you up at night. Imagine sleeping and when you open your eyes you witness this! I am not trying to scare you all but this is another cursed Anime image you wish you never saw.

32. Rin from Kodomo No Jikan

32. Kodomo no Jikan

Close your eyes if you do not want eye cancer! Oh, damn it, another image that is wrong to an inappropriate level. I wish I never saw this and so do you!

31. Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club

31. Yuri

Imagine someone saying that to you! My brain is spinning right now after witnessing such creeps. Now I understand why Anime characters do not have human features. And, I know you all are probably feeling the same as me, hang in there buddies. There’s much more to see.

30. Kenma from Haikyuu

30. Kenma

At this point, I am speechless! KENMA is that you?! This is also one of the cursed Anime Images you wish you never saw. But, It’s too late you have seen it now. There is no going back.

29. Johnny Joestar from JJBA

29. Johnny Joestar

Now, this smile resembles Jeff the Killer. So creepy, I know right? Sleep well, my buddies! Although, Johnny Joestar looks exactly like him which makes his image even more cursed. jeff the killer

Can you tell the difference? I can’t!

28. Luffy from Fairy Tail

28. Luffy

Luffy already looks so withered. This cursed image made him look drier and weird. Oh man, I can’t stand his face but I am feeling like him. They did curse Luffy super hard, not an appealing sight. 

27. Levi Ackerman from Attack On Titans

27. Levi Ackerman

They ruined his handsome face. Just look at, how creepy and unpleasant he looks. I get it, that is why Anime characters do not have real teeth.

26. Kujo Jotaro from JJBA

26. Jotaro

This is beyond my expectations now! I never imagined Jotaro looking like a girl with this much anger. This is wrong. So, wrong.

25. Kagura from Gintama

Ever seen an Anime girl who’s so sophisticated picking her nose? Well, now you do. This image makes me feel cursed more than her! Whoever did this, shall burn in hell.

24. You Watanabe from Love Live

24. Watanabe

I need to wash my eyes clearly with soap because of this image. Why bother attaching a nose to an Anime girl? She looks awful because of that and now I can’t unsee it.

23. Koichi from JJBA

23. Koichi

Next, we have Koichi, I swear JJBA has the most cursed images as compared to other anime. Therefore, Koichi is cursed big time over here.

22. Ochako Uraraka from MHA

22. Ochako

I pretend I do not see it but you guys sure do! I am sorry if you are eating something while reading this blog. Someone with a very creative mind did this.

21. Kuro from Haikyu

21. Kuro

I understand you guys cannot take it anymore. It’s Kuroona Virus. Stay safe fellas! I can see the regret on your face right now. Hang in there.

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20. Yashiro nene from Jinaku Shounen Hanako-Kun

20,. Yashiro

Yahiro, a little innocent angel cannot be suspicious in the game “Among Us”. Also, she did not deserve this! Her eyes disappeared because of this curse! Little one can’t even see now.

19. Trunks from Dragon Ball Z

19. Trunks

The person who did this is going to burn in a special place in hell! This realistic makeover on anime characters does not look good! Therefore, this is also one of the cursed anime images you wish you never saw.

18. Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion

18. Rei

Don’t have a girlfriend? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Just use Photoshop! Rei herself looks half dead. I feel you, I would not leave the Anime world and come to this cursed world. That was a bad decision, Rei.

17. Tanjiro from Demon Slayer

17. Tanjiro

This is kind of scary but I would not mind if I get those Cheetos. Tanjiro feat. Mean Girls! He surely is horrified by his appearance.

16. Mikasa from AOT

16. Mikasa

Okay, it is the facepalm moment. Take a moment and do it! Still, can’t unsee it? Too bad, you can’t unless you wash your eyes. If not even then, Alas! you’re welcome to the cursed world of Anime.

15. Shoto from MHA

15 Shoto

Introducing Shoto Siwa! A pop star who will win your hearts. Poor Shoto now wears a bow and a tacky ponytail.

14. Bakugo from MHA

14. Bakugo

My Hero Academy’s characters have also been cursed to inappropriate levels. Therefore, this your Oink Oink, Bakugo Pig! No offense though, my eyes have been cursed too now.

13. Gaara from Naruto

13. Gara

The real anime image was not THAT bad! It’s like they compressed Gaara. Had enough of these cursed images? Don’t worry you’re almost there to the number 1.

12. Sasuke from Naruto

12. Sasuke

All my ladies, I feel bad because you are not going to see Sasuke as you used to after seeing this cursed image. Do you think you will be able to see him how you used to? Let us know in the comments below! 

11. Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter

11. Hisoka

Hisoka is no more a bad villain and is a sweet fairy! Oh god! no, that is not how Hisoka should be. I miss his original appearance. What is this? A curse!

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10. Pain from Naruto

10. Pain

Ironically, Pain seems in severe pain. Also, is that supposed to look like a face? Give me a break! How badly did the person even curse this image for him to look like this?

9. Jotaro and Dio

9. Jotaro and Dio

Only JJBA fans will get this. They swapped Dio with Jotaro and named him “Jio” and the same for Jotaro! This is also one of the cursed images you wish you never saw.

8. Levi from AOT

Levi turned into a beautiful woman! Attack on Titans meets Mulan. Since the new series of Attack on Titans is out I think you won’t be able to look at Levi as you used to. Your eyes, too have been cursed, my fellows!

7. Deku from MHA

7. Deku

after researching for a lot of time, all I see everywhere are these cursed images from My Hero Academia. Therefore, this is also one of the cursed images of Deku you wish you never saw.

6. Death the Kid and Black Star from soul eater

6. Soul eater

They both look tired of eating souls! These kids look dry as if someone snatched their souls from them. I feel bad for them. This is also one of the cursed anime images.

5. Yami and Noelle from Black Clover

5. Yami and Noelle

I know you never wished to come by this face swap. If you’re in the top 10, you made it through the most cursed anime images but that’s not where the craziness stops! Here we have Noelle swapped by Yami. I have successfully hurt my eyes.

4. Zoro and Luffy from One Piece

Some very indecent person swapped Zoro with Luffy. Honestly, it does not look that bad but not good either! Therefore, it is just as cursed as the previous ones since there is no way, Luffy’s precious smile could look good on any other character.

3. Kousei from Your lie in April

3. Kousei and Kaori

Moving on, we have Kousei from Your lie in April replaced by some random person over the internet who I am assuming is obsessed with Kaori. I understand your desperation for 2D waifu but this seems cursed.

2. Erza from Fairy Tail

Look. this is SO WRONG! Even if someone did it for fun, but this is not funny. They have put a strong curse on my Erza. I thought she was a queen until this happened, and now she looks like some macho man!

1. Pokemon compilation

1. pokemon compilationm

Now everything is wrong with this picture, and that is why I put it at the top of the list. Why are their faces swapped with one another? Especially, look at that giant pokemon who’s swapped by Brock. This is also one of the cursed anime images you wish you never saw.


I have come up with a list of 70+ Cursed Anime Images You Wish You Never Saw. These images will keep you up at night or randomly pop up in your mind at anytime of the day! I hope you liked my list. Tell us about your favorite cursed image in the comments below!


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